All posts must be either requests for personal advice, OR for theory clarification. Else you will be banned. (self.asktrp)

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  • No field reports. Those go in TRP.
  • No theory ideas. Those go in TRP.
  • No suggestions. Those go in TRP.
  • No starting debates as to whether TRP is moral or useful. Those go in PurplePillDebate.
  • No questions about TRP theory for debate purposes. Those go to PurplePillDebate.
  • No polls or surveys. Those don't go anywhere. They are beaten to death with a shovel, then thrown headfirst into a swamp.

This place is only here for people to ask for advice, and get answers. If it's not being asked for your personal benefit, it doesn't belong here.

Note: this is a modification of the old "Personal questions only" rule, which was inappropriately excluding requests for clarification of principles or concepts.

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Thank you for the clarification good sir.

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Sounds good...when is this going to actually happen?

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What exactly do mean by “Frame”. Can someone please define a person’s frame. What is a Frame? And how does some one construct their Frame?

If there is somewhere on this sub, redirect me to the “Frame” conversation.

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Frame = stress resistance/world view.

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I just posted hope I phrased it right thank you

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what about update to a situation previously posted in asktrp

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What about the replies to posts?

Half of them are dick contest "I'm more alpha than you". That's not productive.