Casual convo with a class mate... "Dam I want a nice dinner tonight, Let me jump on Tinder real quick." (self.asktrp)

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Nothing earth shattering here, new, or remotely interesting. Just having a casual convo with a chick at school.

Plain as day, she comes out with dam I want to eat out nice tonight, I need to jump on Tinder real quick. Beta billy sitting across from me, sat there with his mouth dropping open, thinking "how could she do this!"

Just a subtle reminder of what we are dealing with. I say this because I too have moments of weakness where I want to lead with my wallet, statements like this remind me how lopsided the game can be.

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It's up to men to stop enabling this Tinder meal ticket shit.

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Play your cards right and a small investment of pool and cocktails ends in head and sodomy.

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Play them more right and you get head and then her buying you dinner.

Fuck paying for women.

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Following a social script does wonders.

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No, it doesn't

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Play your cards right and you can do her in the butt and mouth and save your cash.

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HAHA more like she ends up using you for a buz then says she has work early then gets an UBER to my house.

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Sounds gay.

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pays off almost never. Some other dude swoops in and takes the girl

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Or just treat them as they are--whores. The dinner for this chick and the resulting three-holing would cost a lot less than a pro. Just remember to leave a load on her face and in her hair to remind her just what she means to you.

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They aren't going to give you sex though. You are used to pay for the meal and then they ditch and ghost you.

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That's why you treat them like whores; expectations are appropriately set out of the gate.

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No such option. They will eat and leave no matter what.

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You are doing it wrong.

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No I am not: it's EVERY man, not "me".

There is no such option. They entered with the desire to get food free and leave. They chose ahead of time which men are not fit for sex but are fit for paying. If you weren't on the list the date wouldn't even happen at all.

For men who are fit for fucking it's not a date, it's a hookup at her place or a motel or whatever.

Not one man AT ALL EVER gets to control this. You are delusional to say otherwise. She literally has the fuck-hookup scheduled to meet her 30 minutes after meeting you and will walk out the door with him right in front of your face.

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Fat chance of this ever happening matey!

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It rankles me a little bit, because I don't want a ton of girls to sleep with. I want an LTR, and knowing this means I'm reactively likely to refuse to pay for girls who are better quality because of the abundance of girls like this.

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It's just a reminder to never assume a chick is a good woman no matter how cute or innocent she looks. Just like you have to show yourself as a good worthwhile man they have to prove to be good worthwhile women .

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Unfortunately, they have to prove (or convince as best as possible) that they're on the far end of the AWALT spectrum.

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Don't see them again if they don't make a real effort to pay. If they absolutely won't let me pay, I downright insist grabbing it next time as well as covering the tab if we go somewhere else after dinner. I don't like owing anyone anything to try to use as leverage over me.

You do realize that all these shallow bull shit mind games attracts the "branch swingers" and emotionally disturbed type of women, don't you? And it makes you look insecure AF.

It's a self fulfilling prophecy. You people need to stop trying to attract toxic people by being toxic, and then bitch and moan about how it's not your fault that you're obviously being used. No sane woman is really going to care about a toxic, emotionally abusive knuckle dragger.

See how many toxic replies I get bc the truth is threatening.

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You do realize that all these shallow bull shit mind games attracts the "branch swingers" and emotionally disturbed type of women, don't you? And it makes you look insecure AF.

What are you talking about? What mind games?

You people need to stop trying to attract toxic people by being toxic, and then bitch and moan about how it's not your fault that you're obviously being used.

Again, what do you mean?

No sane woman is really going to care about a toxic, emotionally abusive knuckle dragger.

Who exactly here is toxic and emotionally abusive?

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Avoid taking them to dinner on the first date. Or split the bill or have them buy the drinks and you buy the dinner. Point is, don't make it free for them

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girls who are better quality

You're not going to find those women on Tinder in the first place. And probably not on a regular dating site, either.

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True, didn't mean to insinuate I'm looking for those girls on Tinder, just that the fact that some girls do this shit.
I mean, the only thing stopping them from doing it socially is consequences - if you'd do it in a place without consequence, consequence is what's stopping you at all. I'd rather have someone who thinks this is deplorable behavior in any case.

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knowing this means I'm reactively likely to refuse to pay for girls who are better qualit

Good. Statistical heuristics (stereotypes) are something your brain's evolved to identify incredibly well - with good reason: 8 times out of 10 or more, they work, which is good enough of a return ratio to make up for your losses.

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Don't pay for someone you don't already know. So don't do dinner for a first date.

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Post this to the main sub. The content here is solid, and you've asked no question.

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Because she considered the men around her losers. Irrelevant.

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    it's high school

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    She probably does but not from the guys she did this in front of. It is a bit too brazen, shitty, and impersonal.

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    Bingo. When a bitch finds you irrelevant, you'll hear a lot more of the truth like this.

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    This is also high school, she being edgy to get attention.

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    Or the exact opposite of losers, though probably not applicable to this very example. As in "they feel the same about those losers as I do".

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    Usually they will include the male if they think there is pariety. Include you making fun or something. To full on display shit qualities in front of you without regard (like golddigging) usually requires lack of respect for the audience. If she gave a shit she would want to put her most attractive face forward.

    Doing this shows about the same consideration as you taking a shit with your dog in the room. It is too far beneath you to consider.

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    But stuff like this is attractive to some, don't forget that. I also knew someone from the military who later got thrown out and was dumb as a brick, and apparently one of his ways of picking up girls was to tell them how he used to beat up his girlfriend and stuff. And telling others how impressively you "abuse" others a "technique" that works for both genders.

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    True. Also reverse engineering, you can tell if a girl considers you a candidate.

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    Had a neighbour who I talked to about online dating. There was no chance in hell that we were going to sleep with each other, were actually pretty close to being friends considering I usually ignore my neighbours.

    Anywho, she was more than happy to say things like the above casually in conversation because there was no fear of disqualifying herself in my eyes. If I had to guess, the same goes for OP and the other dude that jaw-dropped.

    They don't see what they're doing as wrong in any way, shape, or form. You couldn't convince them otherwise if you tried.

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    Honestly they also see it as signalling worth. "I'm so hot thirsty fucks will line up to buy me food!"

    Which is why I used to just meet up with girls for the first date at a local event or for a hike in one of the local state parks. Kinda filtered a lot of this sort of thing.

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    starts with an A and ends with TTENSION

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    The thing is she can play it off as a joke if anyone calls her out on that shit, but its not a joke, and she probably had a few fucking losers lining up as she said it.

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    Who goes to dinner on a first Tinder date? I thought drinks was more common.

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    the beta fools who think tinder is for dating, not sex, will not even comprehend

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    Man, this doesn't even piss me off that much anymore.

    Beta Billy is buying himself a couple hours to have a shot, but he still gets a shot.

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    He has no shot. He could have stopped himself from 10 of those tinder-dinners and paid for 2 hours of guaranteed hot sex with a 10/10 hooker.

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    I never had a problem paying for the first date. But if I decided on another, I always ended the first saying something along the lines of, "So where are you taking me next week?" It worked pretty well.

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    Tinder dinner

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    I will never forget it. Girlfriends are expensive and so are dates. No more. Just hot bitches that want to fuck, nothing else.

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    Nice dinner: Bring her to Woolworths, purchase 3 tuna cans in olive oil along with a bag of spinach ($8 total). Make her watch you eat it all. "Im making gains, you have little testosterone, so it will be a waste, you can have the drained oil, its healthy fats i promise".

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    I have absolutely never understood buying drinks for girls.

    I have bought one drink for a girl in my life and that was a close friends, GFs friend and she was handed to me on a plate.

    To be fair she was eating my face before I even had a chance to order the drinks but that's another story.

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    After she said that, you say, "Give me your number. I'll text you during your dinner as an excuse to get out of your date with Mr Tinder Guy. I'll be out at an event downtown near [McCoolPlace] on [O'Fun Street]." As soon as you get her number, while standing next to her, text her "I'll promise not to send too many flirty texts while you're on your tinder date [winky face]." She'll read it and laugh while blushing. You look her right in the eye and smile. Kiss her on the cheek and say you gotta go. Don't text her at all after that, go out with another woman that night. I'd bet money there's a high chance Tinder girl will text you that night.

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    Does writing scripts out beforehand help you? Or does it turn out as awkward as the shit I just read?

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    I've said similar stuff off-the-cuff in real life and it works. That's why I posted it, to share my knowledge with the OP. I find it amusing that you think the contents of my reply was some sort of carefully-crafted material I poured over. I'll take it as a compliment.

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    You do that bromeo

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    Will do, Billy-Bob.