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A while back you guys said I should start recording a LTR that was threatening me with a lot of false accusations in order to lock me down.

Well, after recording over 60 different conversations I got a few gems including:

"When I lie to the police about you, I won't feel bad at all"

"If you don't let me see your phone, I will break it" (I had nothing to hide but I knew she would say some stupid shit like this)

and many more including threats of physical violence. After sending 3 of them to her and those plus the other 50 something to my dad, she had a huge breakdown crying at my doorstep begging me to delete them.

I told her I would rather just delete her from my life.

Thank you so much ATRP, I feel so much better than I did last January.

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Post a fun remix on YouTube.

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Women like that deserve to be locked up in a looney bin.

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Guys need to focus less on petty revenge and more on tactics.

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The idea was to get the fuck away from her, OP achieved this. Going to an attorney does nothing for that and just racks up bills.

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I meant in general. I agree, lawyering up is a little overkill here. However, filing a police report would establish a record that may prove helpful later if she tries this on some other guy.

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I already sent them to her, and 2 other people, the are on cold storage in a USB, and we broke up already.

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How did you covertly record her?

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Bought a pocket recorder, turned it on any time she started getting emotional and angry.

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I'm already gone brother, I just showed her a couple.

They are audio recordings, in my state in person recordings are legal even if only one party knows about it.

Also I showed her a few so that she wouldn't pull some bullshit story creating a huge ordeal in which I actually had to use them.

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Congrats on your new-found freedom

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Reunited is more like it

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This is such a scary reminder how willing women are to lie no matter what the consequence.

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you're welcome.

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Should of just let her do something stupid then show the police your recordings. Let that bitch rot in jail.

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There's a possibility he could get charged for shit like illegal wire tapping without consent.

I don't think its worth the hassle to file documents and get involved in court, and she seemed to have backed off with his threats.

Edit: never mind.

I was thinking about recording sex from another question asked on here.

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Illegal wire-tapping yourself by secretly videotaping your own conversation? Yeah, you're not a lawyer.