How do you handle a random stranger woman who is creating a dramatic scene and yelling at you in public? (self.asktrp)

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I was travelling in a crowded train today and I didn't even realise a young woman had come to stand behind me and I accidentally fell on her.

Even after I apologised to her, she was just stuck in a loop that I am a pervert and trying to harass her. She created a big scene out of it and started yelling and abusing me in front of everyone. The crowd too began to side with her even when they didn't know what had actually happened. I just froze amidst all that yelling and chaos when an old man came to my rescue.

The woman escalated the incident so much that the authorities had to get involved and they watched the CCTV footage to resolve the matter. Even when I was proven innocent she was made to walk away with just a suggestion by the officers to be a little tolerant of such things and one of the officer even praised her for being a fighter.

I just want to know how can a man handle situations like this without losing his frame and not getting affected by the chaos.

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Very hard to "win" on a situation like this. Just say as little as possible. By defending yourself you are effectively using logic... And we all know how the logic works out...

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crowded train? So subway? I would get off next stop and keep walking. 100% she can't run as fast ya you. I would NEVER wait around for the police. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/man-falsely-accused-of-sexually-assaulting-actress-feels-like-he-has-undergone-mental-torture-a6867366.html

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The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) were found to have deliberately slowed down the footage, which made it appear Mr Pearson had more time to assault the alleged victim.

They really gotta send prosecutors to jail over crap like this, and for the longest sentence the victim would have been on the line for.

Only way to clean this shit up.

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Sometimes Im considering we should all wear body cams

I wonder how much they cost n how stealthy they are.....

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Walk away as soon as you can. Waiting there long enough for police to show up (when you committed no crime) was a mistake.

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Walking away would just make him look guilty.

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guilty of nothing, you aren't obligated by law to remain somewhere where you committed no crime. In the event they go over the footage to find out who the alleged "criminal" is and see that he did nothing wrong, nothing will come of it.

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Walking away would just make him look guilty.

To random strangers. Not much to lose there.

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so what

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You just accidentally fell on a feminist. Let her yap and call the police, call an attorney and she'll back off.

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Just as loud: "Bitch don't flatter yourself. You couldn't pay me to touch you". Then leave at your earliest oppourtunity.

Or something to that effect.

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this is actually the best advice. anyone else saying otherwise has never been in these kinds of situations.

ive had something similar happen, and its certainly common in big metropolitan areas. the train halted for a second so i tripped forward into some lady. same exact thing that happened with the op, except that i used my big bad bronx accent and YELLED at that bitch, she was trying to make me look like a kiddy diddler so i adamantly stated my case and told her to shut the fuck up. i lied that my ma just got stage 4 lung cancer and my best friend died 3 days ago. that shut her up.

had i been silent, i wouldve had guilty written all over my forehead. being "calm and collected" or "stoic" in this situation will put you on a sex offender registry. i wish some of the people here talked outta experience and not theory.

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I imagine you as a big black guy, and not everyone is a big black guy

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hah, doesnt matter what race you are, just dont look like whatever youre being accused of.

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Exactly. Letting her talk the whole time has her controlling the frame, especially the people who never witnessed it and just hear the rumors.

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Obviously always hold frame, always maintain your innocence, and always stay calm unless things physically escalate. Remaining silent makes you look guilty.

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*Remain calm especially if things physically escalate.

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So if someone starts hitting you you’re just supposed to sit there and take it?

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No. Losing your cool when things get physical is a sure way to get KO’d or for things to get out of hand.

A martial artist should be trained to think clear and not panic when shit hits the fan.

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Just as you don't talk to the police, I also do not recommend you talk to these supremacists.

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Look up up and down, say "Sorry Madame, but I have standards". Turn around and pretend nothing happened. If she does not stop, be calm while you get the authorities before she does.

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Another hilarious one would be turn on sass mode How about no umkay? snap lips im gay okay ughhh roll eyes And then hit her with "I dont appreciate the fact that you're making me a monster while im a marginalized trans non binary homosexual guyyyyy" You want to put the icing on top? Start crying with hella feminine hand gestures

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We don’t battle with fists. We battle with perceived social disadvantages!

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Lol. Play the game of the Western world in big cities.

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This is what I would say. Or a simple “you wish”

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Yeah if cctv shows her physically assaulting you while also proving you committed no crime I would think to press charges on her. Just saying

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Never act like you're in the wrong cause you aren't, but there are many white knights you'll almost never win a crowd over

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Just stare at her in the eyes intensely and dont say anything

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Where did this happen so I know where to avoid?

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Don't react. The more animated and ridiculous they are, the more sane you look.

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"Whoa, relax. I only fell on you by accident. Lost my balance." Then if they continue look at them like they're crazy. "Are you done now?" She's just a child. You're the world's daddy, keeping things in order.

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Be stoic, make sure you look like the reasonable person and she like the fool she is, and don't over apologize which always risks being taken for an admission of guilt.

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First of all, can you share where did this incident took place.

There's a lot of factors here. Don't tell me this is India.

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If it were India OP would've been killed by the mob. Fucking white knight Indians.

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The average Indian is uneducated and a sheep in regards to social interaction. And yes, Indians are the most white knight people you can encounter because of the very same reason.

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....Walk the fuck away? I don't understand what other options you have, unless you want to be attacked by white knights

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Never talk to the police. Remember that.

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    They have more power than you. And you dont know the law.

    For instance. I threw a house party once. 300 people came and the music was LOUD. Someone reported to the police days later and we were called to go talk to them. We did, we said it was just a one time thing and never would cause problems anymore. Thry didnt give a fuck. Law says you cant make loud noise, so you are guilty if you did. After that we had to go to the court! Pretty stupid, considering nothing would have happened if we said "A need a lawyer." And never talked to the police directly as we did.

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    She's the one assaulting you. If you apologized and she kept yelling. She's irrational. Don't say anything more and just move away from her. If she gets physical and/or tries to involve a third party: call her out. Calmly. In one sentence. Once. If she keeps going, walk away asap. The calmer you are, the better you will walk away from it. Oh and it goes without saying if she pursues you and/or tries to corner you; call the police and report her.

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    The lesson is - "Pussy overrules dick every time"

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    Get out of there. I've had a couple of women flip out like that in public and I just walked off. It's like they had a seizure of insanity and just kept getting louder and louder.

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    If a woman attacks you never push her off I made that mistake and had a similar incident in a club once just bear hug her worst case or run honestly