Have you fucks just ruined every romantic film ever made for me? (self.asktrp)

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The Rational Male should state this at the start "enjoy rom coms while you still can cuck"

Do you realise how many god damn times I've watched The Raid it's great but a man needs variety

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Been watching Friends and holy shit Ross Geller is beta AF. Never realized how pathetic he was.

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I have the same feeling for Ted from How I met your mother, such a fuckin cunt jesus

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    Well they don't want to depict that dude as happy. That would send the wrong message if being rich and sleeping around was actually a source of happiness.

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    First five seasons he definitely is. After that the writers wanted character growth so they butchered his persona, it happens in real life too though

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    Many men fall down the same path irl

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    yes it's actually a great show for showing what path's people naturally follow without any other guidance

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    He had some severe oneitus for Robin (beta), his Play Book's ultimate end goal was for getting with Robin (the beta trap of using Game just for one girl) and despite sleeping around he would drop any chick he was with for her (oneitus despite following GFTOW)

    When they got married he followed her around as she was going from country to country for her career like some beta house husband (Robin was always his mission and now he's taking a backseat to hers), and robin ultimately divorces him because he kept whining about her valuing her career more than their marriage (at this point, barney would no doubt be a deadbeadrooms regular).

    While all of that's going on though? Robin is pining for Ted, she admits in PG terms that he Alphawidowed her, and they begin dating after she and barney divorce. He got CUCKED by TED. Let that sink in for a moment.

    tl;dr: Barney was a seddit tier "alpha", and completely dropped trp as soon as he got the girl, who ultimately got bored of him and branch swung for Ted.

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    I love that show because it shows the true nature of dating. She only went for him once she was in her 40's and fucking attractive men was no longer her life goal

    The writers dropped red pills without even knowing it

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    Unwatchable show other than Jennifer Aniston’s hard nips

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    The nips are key

    Lucy Lue ain't bad

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    One of the hottest trannies of all time

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    I still watch this show. Y’all remember that episode of the guy who was going to replace Rachel at her job. She expressed how much she hated him and proceeded to make out with him at her balcony. That guy is alpha.

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    Reminds me of what Bill Burr said about Friends on his podcast, something like "All I wanted from that show was to see an episode where Ross got the shit kicked out of him."

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    Same with Ray Romano's character in his sitcom. Most men in this Rom Coms are weaklings with the maturity of a little boy. Think of King of Queens or Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends etc. These shows are designed for women. I'm guessing women just love the fantasy of "the woman wears the pants in the relationship" and enjoy seeking dorky weakling dudes get dominated by the mature female counterpart. But in real life, nothing would disgust them more than to be in a relationship like that.

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    Most of those shows at least attempt to be funny but Everybody Loves Raymond is just an explicit tragedy about the most emasculated dad known to man. Utterly soul-deadening.

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    He was the highest quality male in the group as well...except for his personality.

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    Welcome to the REAL world.

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    Lol, I still enjoy watching 40 year old virgin, even though it's BP af.

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    There some hidden trp principles in there imo, but uea it goes full bp in the end.

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    Same with crazy stupid love, hated the ending.

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    Yup there's some truth in there, but the happy ending is cancer.

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    " You're putting the pussy on a pedestal man"

    "What does that even mean, I dont get it"

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    If you wait long enough, that special someone with a old ass vagina and several kids will be waiting for you!

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    Omg that's so me

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    Seriously... and then there's Brad Paisley

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    Definitely true. Top 40 in our country exists 90% with BP lyrics, makes me think why all these songs get so popular.

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    What kind of music do you usually listen to?

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    Omg my gymchain plays THE most bp music on loop. Imagine that!

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    I'm ok with chick flicks. I already know how bad the world can be and sometimes I want to forget that for 90 minutes.

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    50 first dates

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    Mean girls is should be on the sidebar.

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    Okay so after the Raid and Raid II. Watch Dredd, John Wick 1 & 2, Elite Squad (Brazilian move with subtitles), and Sicario. I also have Drive on my list but haven't gotten around to it yet.

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    How in the fuck are those movies redpill? Testosterone action packed. Yes. But not redpill.

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    No one said they were, they're just good, well made/choreographed action films

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    That is true.

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    What are red pill movies though?

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    Fight Club

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    American Beauty

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    Isn't that more like MGTOW? Spacey doesn't even have sex with the girl while his angry wife cheats on him.

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    Maybe. I think him deciding to change his life and pushing through obstacles is the trp part. What he uses his newfound power for might be mgtow. Who cares? The movie is great.

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      I must say that movie was way better than it had any right to be

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      Fast times at Rosemont high --> game 101 and overall good film

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      Nightcrawler. Dude creates his own business and operates with abundance to keep the woman news anchor in line so she’ll keep paying him/fucking him in return for him supplying the footage she needs to save her job.

      No comeuppance for his actions either - just goes from strength to strength and his company gets even bigger as a result.

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      most of the fast and furious films are imo

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      Mean girls

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      Fight Club

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      Your life

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      Oh shit I haven't heard of Elite Squad thanks mate

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      Dredd with Karl Urban is fucking awesome.

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      all that time you could be spending watching Adam Sandler fall in love with Drew Barrymore you can now spend making yourself into a man of distinction.
      Aka - why not just go and fuck these girls yourself

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      I'm still in the transitional period I haven't finished the book, only been lifting 2 months and haven't a game yet

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      Game is something you only get from practice. Get the sidebar as a foundation in your psyche. Then go and push your boundaries with women. Just keep doing stuff that make you feel like you are going to cross a line. Work on keeping frame. Repetitions in the gym and repetitions in any area you want to grow in.
      Go git yours brother.

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      As a German, I used to watch some Indian movies with subtitles. After reading the book, it completely makes sense why all of the Indian men are BP.

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      True, Bollywood has ruined everything. Fucking hate that shit.

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      Not all is lost my friend.

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      (500) Days of Summer is an interesting watch with a trp lense. It's almost realistic too, being a movie about getting over oneitis

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      Ya I have to say I got the same feeling from it. It's playing into BP fantasy, but showing you how unhealthy and pointless it is. Not a movie you walk away from feeling "oh wow, that was great! I believe in true love!". I don't know if that was intentional but...

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      Good ones are enjoyable no matter what mindset. Vicky cristina barcelona is fantastic for instance.

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      Vickey Christina Barcelona is RP as fuck.

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      Penelope Cruz is fucking smokeshow lol

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      For the opposite effect watch house of cards, you will really relate TRP wise with the main character

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      How? Even in the show he’s a gay married cuck

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      Lol it's more Machiavelli than TRP

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      Fucking pissed they cancelled it because of #metoo

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      it wasn't because of metoo lmao it was because he dude was a criminal

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      I thought some chick from years ago spoke about how she got "raped" while drunk together with Spacy

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      just looked it up, I think you're more right than I thought I was lol

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      (please don't take this 100% seriously)

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      And haven’t you guys realized the songs whining about their significant other left them and how they can’t live without them are written and presented by those BP male? Most songs are so stupidly blue pilled.

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      those songs are all shit though so it doesn't matter not missing much

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      Watch Blue Valentine.

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      Mad men is pretty good

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      How about The Office lol?

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      Oh god yeah. Roy is a big faggot. And as far as characters go, I actually think Jim has good Frame, but man..when he’s chasing Pam in the early seasons...ugh. Where before it was a cute love arch, when I watch it now it’s just like wtf lol

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      How about Angela being engaged to Andy (beta provider) and cheating on him with Dwight (farmer hunter alpha), with no shame. Classic AF/BB.

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      Holy shit. Dwight is Alpha.

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      You complete me!

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      This is a very interesting comment. Rom coms are advertised for women, but it's quite clear it is also sold as fantasy for betas. They feed those fantasies that the ONE is real and you can have her, that women can love unconditionally, that you just have to be yourself.

      As a newly unplugged man, it's difficult for you to watch them because they feed you your own pre-existing blue pill delusions.

      Rom coms are works of fiction. They are enjoyable this way. Just like sci fi movies. If you feel like RP ruined your watching of them, it's because you didn't watch them as works of fiction as you should have.

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      There's a reason that rom-coms and sit-coms are filled with pussified betafags, who are a danger to themselves and others, but happily can live under the supervision of their on-point wife and their precocious kids.

      There's also a reason that the wife it HAWT and the guy is a schleppy guy.

      Think about the guys who wind up writing these things. They're nerds and nebbishes 'wif no game who got to watch Chad Thundercock nail all the quality tail in their HS...and college. So they're basically writing their "Walter Mitty Fantasies" where THEY Get The Girl.

      The rest of it is structured so they don't get picketed. NOW isn't going to picket because you show the wives as way smarter than dumb hubby, and nobody is going to protest on behalf of the guys. They will, occasionally bitch that chubsters Kevin James and Jim Belushi are cast opposite that hot woman who hates Scientology and the blonde girl from 90210, because the men are thunderchunks and the women are eye candy.

      That's how that shit goes. Better to be out in the world, working on yourself than watching TV anyway.

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      Knowledge brings sorrow. To the red pilled, blue pill swill is nigh unwatchable. about a good 75% of protagonists make me want to punch em in the face. Titanic still holds up, Rose got Alpha widowed so hard that even 70 years later no other man can compete with Jack.

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      How no one suggested The Matrix is beyond me. Not TRP in the literal sense, but it is the movie this reddit based its name on

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      I still watch rom coms shamelessly

      I just pretend it could be real or I pick out all of the mistakes the guy makes or all of the awalt things the girl does.

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      Now when I watch movies I get a chuckle when some beta shit happens and than the dude dies or gets jammed up. Most movies will have some beta dude and his downfall is supposed to be a tragedy but you just end up going, "well he got what he deserved".

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      Well now hang on there. I have done my due diligence and have a LTR who understands family dynamics, never rode the cock carousel, and my SVM is stable as I have a good career and implement trp into my daily lives. The shit test and comfort tests are never-ending but I manage to pass 90% of them and salvage the 10%.

      To me it's entertainment and some of them kind of adorable. But movies are entertainment nothing more nothing less. As a man who is trying to apply the laws of TRP it us your duty to correctly identify what it what and keep a clear head. Movies are a great conversation starter and a lot of women will watch these movies. I see these movies as a resource for future use. Some of them are kind of funny. I loved 50 first dates.

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      Rom coms are fine, but as a red pill we you see through the bullshit super easy and the cliches

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      Enjoy your new Nightmare Vision Goggles.

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      I wouldn't say you no longer enjoy them. You just find yourself rooting for the "bad" guy and laughing at the beta cucks.

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      Honestly you can watch rom com but you just have to know it not based in reality just a fantasy

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      Not at all. I enjoy BP media more than ever (HIMYM, 40 year old virgin) especially when the crutch of the jokes is on the blue pill behavior.

      I fucking love watching The Big Bang Theory especially for this, and I think most of reddit hates that show because they relate too hard to some of the characters

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      I mean, I love sci-fi, but that shit is just fantasy... rom coms are no dif

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      You could always watch Brazzers for romance

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      Romantic films, rom coms = boring people living their boring lives. Meh to that.

      Rick and Morty was kind of fun. Esp. if weird humor is your thing and you can identify with the deranged, yet harsh truth-spitting misanthrope archetype. Although they say the show got infected with SJW bullshit, in the second or third season (didn't get so far).

      Silicon Valley. I watched a few episodes - that Canadian satanist and the fat, chill slacker landlord were interesting characters to watch. But the main protagonist - the scrawny, annoying, naive nerd - I couldn't watch that. I'd have puked my guts out. Then, I checked out the fourth season or so, to see whether it got better. Ironically, it got even worse (if that is even possible)...

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      What self respecting man watched a romcom?

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      I'm man I do what the fuck I want dog

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      You pussy fucks never seem to stop being pussies

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      sorry ard