After discovering the pill I've gradually noticed a colossal influx of beta women-worshipping testosterone suppressing music, television & advertising. It's just fucking everywhere. (self.asktrp)

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I don't even know how to begin. Just the potent dumbing down of men in movies and TV to make them resemble fumbling dumb fools who love to provide for the lady who he loves till death unconditionally. And music now is like this worship of women no matter what they do, just the guy chasing her as she puts him through the shit test trials and eventually settles for him. Cant even drop a deadlift bar now without someone looking at you like your keen to rape them from overflowing testosterone or something primal you cant stop because your a man.

Just a bit of a ramble guys, feel free to contribute.

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Most media is shit. Netflix is absolutely filled with cuck-perspective shows and movies. Even shows that have strong male figures (MadMen) have a way of 'mystifying' the character's success and therefor making him an object of distant worship instead of character-insertion. No, of course, they save the character-insertion and forced perspectives for beta male provider cucks.. the alphas are just out of reach and only come in to magically win the day and make the cucks feel uncomfortable

Get outside and live real life instead. You'll be better for it

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    The only strong men allowed in the media are non-whites. This just proves that point (though it's usually black men that fill this role).

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    and thugs because you can paint them as evil and any woman that fucks them as 'damaged', not 'real women'

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    Or the more likely response for women self-inserts: 'she didn't know' or 'he played her'.

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    Jon Snow?

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      That's just a girl fighting her feels, like "what, Chad? No, he's an asshole!". He's the epitome of Alpha. She's melting in front of him. Him calling her "His Queen" after having established how much higher he is in status doesn't take anything out of it.

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      That's true man, Escobar dump a huge empire and get killed just "for the love of his wife" I don't know if the history is true, but if Escobar would have read RP theory...

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      The Ozarks is pretty neat too.

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      Give Rake a try on netflix. It's Australian but its funny as shit. The main character is a prime example of how to not give a fuck.

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      Like Henry Francis the cuck. Cant stand that loser. No respect for himself. Adopts 3 kids and marries a mess of a woman (betty)? Everytime I see his scene come up, I fastforward.

      And Harry Crane the beta tryhard spazz.

      And that guy with the weird brown dog

      and Don's creative director replacement in the last season.

      and Peter before he became partner.

      It's filled with beta guys in power with no frame. I've seen it enough where I just watch the Don and Roger scenes.

      One thing that always pissed me off was how the writers had don banging sub prime women. No joann or any of those hot models that came in for ad photoshoots. Just post wall hags and skinny drama queens.

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      Considering the show was an allegory for the decline of the post war nuclear family, no one seems to notice that amidst who has 'game'

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      Don Draper rocks

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      Even shows that have strong male figures (MadMen) have a way of 'mystifying' the character's success

      that's because most of the writers are women and BP betas. they know Chad exists but the reasons for his success ARE mystifying to them.

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      true but still fuck that I don't need that shit on replay in my head when I'm out trying to score

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      Your comment sounded interesting, but I didn't understand it.

      have a way of 'mystifying' the character's success and therefore making him an object of distant worship instead of character-insertion.

      What did you mean by this exactly?

      they save the character-insertion and forced perspectives for beta male provider cucks

      And what did you mean by this?

      the alphas are just out of reach and only come in to magically win the day and make the cucks feel uncomfortable

      Lastly, what did this mean?

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      have a way of 'mystifying' the character's success and therefore making him an object of distant worship instead of character-insertion

      In MadMen they set up Don Draper as a super successful alpha male, but never explain the roots of his success.

      Women magically approach him

      He was always married to hotblonde Betty

      He was always a bigshot in business and just got bigger

      The only thing they do somewhat show is him being a smooth talker / salesman, and constantly putting his peons back in their respective places while taking credit for their work (real life truth right here)

      The net result is that the average viewer is unable to identify with Don Draper, because he leads a 'charmed life' where good things just happen to him because it's in the script. You are left wondering 'how he does it' and cannot identify.

      they save the character-insertion and forced perspectives for beta male provider cucks

      Character insertion is identifying with a character on the screen. You sort of project yourself into the situation, and identify with whatever the character is going through. This is why watching heroic movies can leave you feeling awesome.. inspired.. strong.. etc. It makes you feel good.

      Forced perspective means following a specific character more than others.

      Man A enters the room first. You hear his story first. The entire scene is dedicated to Man A's experiences. But then Man B enters the room, higher value, more dominant, women magically wet for him. Man A is uncomfortable beta. Forced perspective cucking

      the alphas are just out of reach and only come in to magically win the day and make the cucks feel uncomfortable

      Whether by nefarious design or because the writers simply have no idea how alphas actually do what they do in real life, in movies and media, alphas simply "Are". They rarely earn their status. People's positive reactions to them is rarely explained. Women's eagerness to respond sexually and seek approval is lathered on thick but without seeing the alpha do any kind of 'work' for it.

      As such the alpha remains an outsider, an inexplicable but exciting bad boy mystery, without showing any of the nuts and bolts that goes into it

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      Are "forced perspective" and "character-insertion" standard terms in film/TV?

      The former seems to be a photography term that means something different than the concept described.

      "Self-insertion" is a literary device that seems different from what was described as "character insertion."

      Your criticism is that TV/films:

      (1) fail to show things from the alpha's perspective

      (2) fail to show the alpha's backstory and the work the alpha put in to get where they are

      (3) fail to explain why people react positively to alphas

      I don't quite understand (3) very clearly; how would that be shown, without turning it into a psychology documentary that basically goes into psychology and TRP concepts and so on?

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      You must study economics

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      All this shit has always been around, you just put on your red pill "They Live" glasses (look up the movie).

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      Upvote for "They Live."

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      Watch "big little lies" on HBO and you will through something at your TV set. Spoiler Alert; the women gang up and kill the Alpha male (date raper, dominant in bedroom, beats wife). And best of all, the beta provider who looked the other way when his wife cheats on him gets to keep beta providing.

      At the end the women are on the beach together relishing in the extinction of masculinity in their lives. Fuck that shit!

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      Don't watch any kind of shit like that.

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      : shrug:

      Never seen women laugh at getting a clit chopped off.

      But I've seen many laugh at a guy who got his dick cut off and thrown in a garbage disposal

      There is no sympathy. Life's not fair. It's fucked up. Trp teaches us how to deal with it. (Then turn it to our advantage!)

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      Some chick wacks off a guys junk and she gets probation. If a guy were to wack off some chicks boob, probably get the death sentence.

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      Calm down. Jail probably. And any source for your probation quote?

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      Newsflash, it's been that way since the 80s. This is a product of making 'dad' the goofball idiot in every movie and television show. Advertisements are geared toward women since they are almost entirely the consumer market. Music caters to the biggest consumers again - ~13 year old girls. Just cut it out from your life and move on. Also, stop dropping the bar in the gym, you're just being a tool.

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      Not literally dropping it, just placing it back on the ground with a bit of force. You go deadlift 245kg and let it lower quietly.

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      Most guys don't lift heavy. They have no idea what its like to pull 400+, the grip strength that it takes. Yeh, the bar gets slammed once in awhile BFD.

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      I do while not looking like a tool. If I can't put it down slowly with all that tension I shouldn't be at that weight. Legs is easier than bench for me.

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      Predates the 1980s, goes back much further.

      Pop culture has always been targeted at young women. An example I heard, most pop music before recording in 1800s was in the form of sheet music. Only young women were encouraged to learn instruments like piano, so they were the only ones who played pop music, so pip music had to be targeted at them in order to sell.

      Same goes for clothes before mass manufacturing. Women made the clothes, so designs had to appeal to them.

      Same goes for food....

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        Is it? I'm not sure. Things like this come in ebbs and flows over time. Good example is the perception that grocery store items are getting smaller, things like Hirshey Bars are though to get smaller now than they used to be. I looked this one up, they simply change and have varied from .75 Oz to 2 Oz with time, depending on market forces and supply costs.

        An argument for pop culture becoming more feminine, there is simply more of it. Pop culture used to be a rare luxury and now the 24x7 online pop culture phenomenon has resulted in more total exposure. Another argument for pop culture becoming more feminine is social media.

        But, an argument for old pop culture being more feminine is during war time, the hen network which remained homeward largely dictated pop culture. More frequent wars would have meant the equivalent of white feather societies ran the roost.

        Fun question is, if pop culture is feminine, is mainstream culture more masculine? Or, are both feminine, and masculine culture is some kind of undercurrent, different level, or only functions in isolation.

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        Most mainstream media is intolerable these days. Part of the reason why I don't have a TV.

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        You're missing out on no tv. Just dont watch network television. There's plenty of good shit out there

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        Yeah that's what I meant... not that I don't watch ANY tv shows

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        Its god awful honestly..I don't really watch the news except for Tucker Carlson for a reason..and thats only to get a laugh.

        As for TV shows, its so rampant but I take it with a grain of salt. There are some tv shows where its less frequent in like the sopranos. But I suggest stick to reading

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        You aren't the target, and it's not made to appeal to your sensibilities.

        If normal guys would spend money, they would encourage this shit. Unfortunately, they are usually cheap, and let their wives spend their money. So they get the distractions they deserve

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        I watched several episodes of twin peaks and have no fucking clue what to think about it

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        I just saw 13 reasons why with my missus.

        All I took out of it was the beta orbiter couldn't seal the deal with a 6,while she kept going back and back and back to the Chad's on the cock carousel.

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        If you need to come down a bit, start paying attention to how Stepfathers, the archetypal Beta Male, are treated on television shows and in films.

        With perhaps a handful of exceptions, the Step Father acts as a placeholder for the much more Alpha "Bio Dad" to get his shit together and reclaim his family. Or he just rapes the teenage daughter.... or the adolescent son.

        Signing up to be a Step Father in the west is like volunteering to be a second class citizen.

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        Listened to Justin Bieber's new song "Friends" which is the embodiment of LJBF & beta male sniper approach.

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        I had the same feeling.

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        You should not watch movies or TV. Don't listen to radio (no-bullshit podcasts are ok).

        Don't read news. They are brainwashing. Get your information from first hand sources.

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        Like travel to the Middle East to get the information?

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        Rebel media ftw

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        (((Rebel media)))

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        On youtube. Check out gavin mckinnes

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        Gavin is funny but rebel isnt reliable info

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        Nothing IS reliable info. That s why we have brains to analyze what we hear and see.

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        He's leaving Rebel apparently.

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        They are all biased and they all have hidden agendas that the general public know nothing about. You just choose who you want to be brainwashed by.

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        Discovered this as well. I just consumed TRP recently but I always had this sick feeling about movies and TV in general. Now, I physically throw up when I see this. Sometimes I have the feeling this has been done on purpose. There is a hidden agenda. Don't know. It's simply sick.

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        I haven't through up in a long time. Weird.

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        Just the potent dumbing down of men in movies and TV to make them resemble fumbling dumb fools who love to provide for the lady who he loves till death unconditionally

        Yes. Gynocentric society. The above is universal, because any media that represents society gets a backlash of "sexist! wrong! stop this filth!" on social media.

        Although it was happening before this too. Simpsons: males are faithful buffoons, women are intelligent and patient and exasperated with the men.

        Just a bit of a ramble guys, feel free to contribute.

        Look at it this way: you see through the lies and can benefit from the real reality that most people hide from.

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        dafuk is a beta woman?

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        Oddly enough, I just wrote a post on the negative effect that entertainment can have on the quality and quantity of your relationships.


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        Songs, films and romantic stuff is mostly BP. It was BP at old times and it is BP today, nothing changed. Providing and getting provided are boht good feelings for men and women but it dont end well, especialy in this era.

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        The Baader-Meinhof phenomenon.

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        What character insertion shows/movies are there of Alpha male roles? House Of Cards?? I would love some ideas. Someone posted a while back about watching western media before the 70s/80s to get an example(Dirty Harry)

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        dropping a deadlift is a failed rep and disrespectful to the equipment boyo

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        That's funny. I discovered I didn't have to consume any products I didn't care for.

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        It's been like that for as long as I can remember. My early years coincided with the rise of The Rolling Stones. Lucky me. Here's the 100 top hits of 1967:

        Of the lyrics about relationships, they're nearly all BP, it's what sells.

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        So don't watch Sherlock,is full of crap.