1 month and 1 week. (self.asktrp)

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1 month and 1 week.

That's when I found The Red Pill. I had just finished "The Game". I began reading the sidebars. I was hungry. I was on a rampage.

On the first week I ended a relationship. Read the top posts. Read the sidebars again.

On the second week I approached a lot of chicks. Met HB7.

On the third week I got 2 dates. On the first I got my first kiss. On the second I got head.

On the fourth week had more dates. More kisses. More kino. More head.

On the fifth week we went on a trip and slept at a hotel. There, I lost my virginity. That was 2 days ago. Self-confidence going through the roof.

Thank you TRP. Thanks everyone.

P.S. Read the fucking sidebars.

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Glad youre with us. A couple things though: 1) this belongs in the main sub. Asktrp is for questions. And 2) Stay humble. Youre riding the high we all get when we first discover this shit works. Just try to keep the momentum by lifting, reading and improving. Welcome aboard.

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I doubt that I have enough karma for that.

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This reads like Genesis

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I'd say better. It mentions blow jobs.

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I couldn’t help but smile through this, good stuff. This is a refreshing break from the usual horse shit in asktrp although this wasn’t a question. Keep up the good work bro.

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This should be a field report on the main redpill page but either way congrats

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Man good job keep it up, good stuff man, same days since I found the trp as well but I haven't jumped as much as you. good shit man any tips to share ;)

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On the first week I ended a relationship

On the fifth week we went on a trip and slept at a hotel. There, I lost my virginity.


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How old are you? Wish I had the success you are having

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I'm turning 17 in late May.

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Be grateful that you found TRP that early in life. Many of us struggle till they are much older. One thing - you mentioned you ended a relationship and only got your first kiss later on? How is this possible? But anyway, great job.

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This girl I was dating was blue pilled af. She wanted a orbiter boyfriend, and for nearly 3 weeks I was that guy.

She kept teasing me verbally (mostly on snapchat), but that was about it. In real life, things were totally different. She just wasn't what she claimed she was. She wasn't receptive to anything (thus I never kissed her) so I decided to stop wasting my time on her.

After filling my social media with pictures of me and all the girls I've met, dread is starting to happen since yesterday she hit me up saying that "She is sorry and that she wants a real relationship now".