TRP Quarantined??? What is this shit? (self.asktrp)

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Lol not only did they quarantine it, they are even giving us a redirect on what they deem masculinity really is; reddit thought police on duty.

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That doesn't seem like normal behavior for quarantining a sub. Clearly the admins have their panties in a bunch.

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Okay so who fucked a woman Reddit mod and didn't call her back.

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implying any of the losers who mod around reddit are fuckable in the slightest

lol this is more likely the real reason

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The more than likely real reason is anger out of it beginning to look likely that the powers that be won't be able to stop Kavanaugh getting appointed, so they are trying to attack something they think is in the same sphere, which they actually have power to effect.

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What the fuck. Do not tell me that it actually got banned

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Doubt it, this seems like reddit trying to find a middle ground for what they deem “Toxic” subs without going full ban hammer. It’s still blatant censorship and it really hurts the community though, just so some little bitches can get a trigger warning.

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I'm maintaining a full list of banned subreddits here

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This is a very sad day for Reddit and freedom of speech. I have never understood why you had to ban anything. Just fucking ignore what you don’t like and get the fuck on with your day. I am absolutely baffled right now.

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Feelz before realz. It'll get worse, then the Lefts will start banning each other because they aren't extreme enough.

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And here we have it... redpill was ruined by extreme alt right idiots like you. Truth is mods were compliant in not cracking down on this shit. Mainly because most of them were actually supportive of this movement and failed to cut a clear line. I raised this issue several times ever since gaylubeoil started posting videos of him doing focus groups for trump pre election and slapping redpill doctrine on them. On how he owned the liberal agenda. Then blatantly uses it as a pedestal to market his crappy t-shirts.?Then if you mentioned anything, theredpill actually mass banned people they felt were not redpilled enough. Similar to the shit tumblr ad two chromosomes does. It has been coming a long way off and the mods were too narcissistic or intellectually honest to see this. Lift monk mode improve.... instead all redpill sub became now is a bunch of hateful alt right dudes leaking from the_d and incels who talk tough and use this as a podium and the fucking mods didnt do shit

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10/10 for the relevant buzzwords.

You just missed out on "gatekeeping" and "toxic" to go for the Quinella.

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That's the leftist way of thinking.

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It’s not about that at all, homes. They see it’s in their best interest that the word not spread. It’s about containment.

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Wtf is this shit? They're litterally trying to censor and brainwash people.

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You are thinking incorrectly. Please report to your nearest correction centre for testicular removal therapy.

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That website pretty much says everything about why trp is getting targeted

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It's Leftoid Mind Control.

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It's SJW Mind Control. They've just infected the left. Sanity will only be regained when the left can shed these zealots.

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Left has no desire to do that though. They'd rather go after "reactionaries and bigots".

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Once I saw "Men of the women's movement", that was enough to know its all bullshit.

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What in the fuck is this bullshit?

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The only truth there is. Accept it or be quarantined.

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More cucks on the way more women for us :)

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Men. In no way shape or form will this be the end of TRP. Whether it’s on reddit or elsewhere, TRP will continue to thrive

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Is this confirmed to be a permanent ban or temporary? Are all the posts from TRP reddit archived on this site?

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Generally it is the precursor. And yes, TRP.red is like our Noah’s Ark.

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But is all our stuff there, or just some old stuff, or just top stuff?

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none of your bookmarked comments are here...get em while I can on a desktop

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Faster to go look than type out that question

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Faster to just answer than write that comment, mate. I can't open that website rn as I'm with people that are nosy enough to make me cautious.

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I believe they have been archivinng posts there

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Hope you're right.

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r/redpillright ? Is that a good sub to move to?

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That’s likely to going to be far behind.

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Unc. Where can I find your articles on dgaf times one thousand and abundance mentality.

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The seed has been planted, and us and our influence has reached all of western society

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They can kill the men, but not the idea.

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The dominos are starting to fall - V

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TRP is just a modern day collection of historic truths. They will never disappear, just become more difficult to find.

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So basically the red pill is going to be known by The Giver and that’s it

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It's the end of days

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Man, it almost reached 300k subs! Was looking forward to that day :(

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Which factored into the decision, no doubt.

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What the fuck is negative masculinity?

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Do they have a definition for negative femininity?

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Of course they don't, because women can do no wrong in their eyes.

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Wouldn't be surprised if they think being a supportive loyal wife with 10 kids is negative femininity.

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For information on “positive” masculinity, wha even?

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I guess i will never make a field report and thank the community for the advice. Feels bad man

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What the fuck is happening....no this can’t be true right.

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Well. I've been expecting this but its still shocking.

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Feminists got their way. Now we can all go back to hugging trees.

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I have a leggy oak outside my house.

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"Angry white men" Wow, not only reddit is actually in fact literally racist but also a disgrace to humanity claiming angry black men and brown don't exist. That's the epitome of nonsense in truth. This is a joke, right? Even rocks laugh. 🤣🤣

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Fuck TRP! I'm heading over to Stony Brook's to learn about positive masculinity! Who's with me?

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better put /s in there

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Look it up guys

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It's sad. I though that today would be another day of working on myself and exchanging ideas with men around the world how to be better and stuff, and we get censorship like that. If being better you isn't nice according to femoids, then what is ?

Kind of expected it 4 months ago, but though it's going to take years to get there.

Hmm nothing else just disappointment, guess time to move to another platform.

It'd be nice if Rolo and other TRP leading figures got together and make universal TRP platform, with mobile app. Make fundraiser or smh.

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Big brother is watching you

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Quarintine is basically blocking people who don't directly search for it .

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I mean... ..I cant surf it on mobile anymore. And I was subbed. It's not JUST for keeping normies away.

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I know fucking beta reddit moderators.