Why do 9's and 10's seem nicer and more down to earth than 6's and 7's? Am I crazy or has anybody else noticed this? (self.asktrp)

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They seem way easier to get along with. What's odd is I wouldn't consider myself a 9 or 10 in looks or personality. But I do very poorly with 6's and 7's and seem to get along with very attractive girls. In some ways it's almost like they are bored of people hitting on them so if you're just a normal person they're generally nice to you.

But the 6's and 7's seem bored with regular people just having conversations. Just some observations. Has anybody else noticed this or am I insane?

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Because their lives are incredibly easy

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This right here.

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You beat me to it.

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I don't really understand this. Because their lives are so easy they become laid back and easy-going? But the 6's and 7's are living life in competition and fighting? like life in constant worry and turmoil?

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    6s and 7s get pumped and dumped pretty often so they're bitter. 9s and 10s know they can use their looks as an advantage in life so they're generally nicer to people knowing they will do favors for them.

    I have nothing to back that claim up, just my 2 cents.

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    IME, 9s and 10s are only nice to high value guys.

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    Not really, they can be nice to everyone. In school, I saw a 9 sit with an Indian immigrant in the bus who really was on the one of the lowest rungs of malehood and entertain genuine conversation with him for hours. No onve gave a shit about that guy and she befriended him.

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    Her status is safe regardless. But not all hot women will be like this.

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    there are some very hot girls who are not aware of their hotness and power.

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    a myth, playing innocent to gain even more advantage

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    My LTR is like this - she's a solid 9 and was a 10 in high school. She befriended many lost souls and was an all around great friend to many people that were down and out on the SMV scale

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    An objective 7 is a subjective 9 to a thirsty 5.

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    You don't know me bro why would u suggest she's a 7? Jealosy? Envy? Go work on yourself and hit the gym. Lift heavy bruh. And go fuck yourself.

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    Sorry, I meant a defensive and easily offended 4.

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    I saw what you did there.

    {slow clap}

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    Maybe the gold diggers. Most of my better looking female friends actually fit OP's assessment.

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    The lower the girl's status, the more guarded she has to be.

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    9s and 10s have self confidence and are relatively at ease with themselves.

    7s-8s are bitter angry jealous creatures that need ridiculous amounts of validation and re-assurance

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    it s a sad thing but seconded by psycho studies. the more love & attention you get as a child, the more social self confidence you get as an adult

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    In a world where every guy is staring at a HB9’s tits when he speaks, it’s a nice change for a guy to strike up a casual conversation. The HB8’s and HB9’s of the world are used to the constant attention and free drinks.

    A guy who ignores their charm and beauty not only has a better chance of befriending her, but also sleeping with her.

    Keep pushing your SMV to boost your chances. Aim for the HB10’s and if you miss, you’ll land among the HB8’s.

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    I've noticed this as well. I think it's because I've changed the way I interact with girls. Before TRP, I was the usual supplicating beta guy, showering compliments, being nice, etc. This actually does work to some extent on girls lower on the scale because it doesn't happen that often (or didn't before the start of social media). But hot girls get it so much that it's a turn off.

    Now though, I'm not intimidated by women, and I approach them like they're a dude. That is, I'll joke around with them, tease them, swear, etc. Even if I flirt with them, it's not in a supplicating way. And they eat it up because they have the self confidence to enjoy that type of verbal sparring. In contrast, if I playfully tease a girl lower down the scale who has confidence issues, they get really hurt. I have to walk on eggshells to make sure they don't take things personally.

    For example, if I meet a hot chick wearing some sort of sportswear (baseball cap, jersey, whatever), my first instinct is to go up and tell her her team sucks (with a mischievous grin). If she's hot (and interested), invariably we have a great flirtation insulting each other's favorite teams and players. OTOH, if I do this with a 5/6 girl, she actually thinks I'm really insulting her for liking this team and takes it personally. For these girls, you have to go in by telling them you're a fan too, and build up their confidence before teasing them. Without that initial reassurance that you're an okay guy, they can't handle playful aggression, and even then, you have to be careful to not overdo it.

    Bottomline, talking to hot girls is very different than talking to so-so girls. After doing both, I too find it way easier to talk to the hot ones. They're not as fragile, and they carry less baggage of guys that have hurt them or been mean to them in the past. In many ways, it's actually easier to just be yourself around them because you don't have to constantly worry about how they're interpreting your words and actions. Plus they're generally just more fun and outgoing, since the world doesn't beat them down the way it does less attractive women.

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    This, is great explanation. Long, but it works.

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    The 9's and 10's just put you in the orbiter frame immediatly.

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    Well this made me wonder, did the OP actually fuck all those 9's and 10's? If he's being the friendly guy, this thread holds no value.

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    No, he didn't.

    Very hot bitches are not nice to men they like. They shit test them from the very beginning to the very end when her face is splattered with vanilla.

    If hot bitches are being overly nice, you're probably in the orbiter frame.

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    well thats where you come in. if its not working in your fav move on...if you stick around and get offended you are just like the 6's and 7's

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    Give me an example.

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    I've found 9s and 10s to shit test the hardest. But some may be so unused to being approached that they may also just want some human interaction. I think this depends on the woman and situation. Some women seem cold due to their bitch shield, melt it and they'll be more pleasant.

    I think 9s and 10s are usually happier since their lives are better than most. People act nicer towards them and they in return, they get invited to better parties, have better quality boyfriends and go on better vacations. Studies show attractive people also usually get selected more often for job interviews. Being an attractive woman, a 9 or 10, is the closest you can get to living life on God mode.

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    Being a 9 or 10 is the closest you can get to having a penis.

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    Wrong, next

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    They've got nothing to prove.

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    I can't begin to explain how frustrating it is to look through the comments and not find a single answer highlighting the fundamentals of TRP, holy fuck, have you not read up on anything?.

    It is rare for HB9's and HB10's to get approached by guys. They don't have a shield because they haven't really had a use for one. It's simple psychology. Guys don't go for HB9 and HB10's because they think that they are way out of their league and that TONS of guys have approached them already, which, of course, is not the case.

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    Do you really believe this? Hot girls are not approached, are you serious?

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    Yes, I'm serious. If you don't believe me you've never spoken to a solid HB10

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    Female entitlement. Always aim at 9s and 10s. No man likes average women that much.

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    No man likes average women that much.

    You'd be absolutely surprised at the amount of men who are willing to settle for average women. I've read quite a few forums recently of guys somehow finding average women "hot". When I ask them why they say her personality makes it worthwhile to which I say "I guess?" If everything being equal in personality I'd take a hot chick any day over an average one.

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    willing to settle for average women.

    I don't disagree. My point was though that they still would prefer a hot chick over an average chick if they could choose.

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    I guess my question or puzzlement with this comes at the fact that both receive validation but one doesn't react the same way. Why? I never thought this would be the case but it's turned out the best girls I know are 9's and 10's. Not just looks but personality. They're really nice to me.

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    But did you smash

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    He didn’t answer, so there’s your answer.

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    9 and 10's know they are beautiful and sexy, so when you tell them that they know it already.

    6 and 7's don't think they are beautiful and sexy or may see themselves as lower, so when you tell them that they get self-conscious and not trusting in you thinking you are BS'ing them. You may very well be BS'ing them but they don't have the game to go along with it. Also some chick don't understand beer or love goggles make a plain woman even hotter.

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    I've never EVER told a girl she was beautiful or sexy. Not because of TRP or anything, I never have in my life because I always felt corny saying it. I think it could be done well but I can't pull it off.

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    The Illusory Nature of the 'Nine' and 'Ten'

    Subpoint - 1:

    They get less attention than the 6 or 7's from 'normal' guys.

    Yes they get their pick of guy on Tinder but most will use Tinder for validation anyway.

    Then in person the same dudes that fiendishly and hornily swipe right on don't even have the thought of going up and talking to those girls because subconsciously they see them as way too out of their league. However some really depraved or guys way too out of bounds who don't know how to act around girls and cat call them is all the daytime interaction they get from guys on a sexual level.

    I used to think all 'attractive' / buff dudes were confident af and then I got really close to a buddy who could be a german model with how chiseled his cheekbones and jawline are but still thinks he's a 5 or 6 because of how he used to look when he was fatter. Then along with myself who people have told me looks like the stereotypical gymbro-douchebag and fuckboy which took me a while to come to terms with visually and there remains cognitive dissonance between how I look physically and how I dress as well as what others say about me and then how I view myself internally and so also hesitate like a mofo to this day to go up to a """"10/10"""" on a regular day just walking by her somewhere.

    Myself, horny Tinder dudes, and my buddy will approach the 6's and 7's because they are at first pass seen as more in their league.

    I am getting a lot better at understanding that as a man I actually provide more value to those around me than 95% of these "10/10s" and am internalizing abundance more and more so when a 9 or 10 gives me attention I'm relatively unfazed by it which makes a lot of other concepts come together. Before I got attention from the hotter girls I would imagine that I'd be so happy when one would. And now that it happens on an increasingly more frequent basis I see how empty and stupid that prior goal/ideal was and am taking it as a lesson; some guys make the pursuit of girls and fucking and threeways and partying their dream and then when it actually happens they feel empty inside and realise it was an illusion all along. I'm taking this minor lesson as a reminder to always be working on myself and side projects so as to never go too deep into this.

    To back off that tangent ... Ergo, the 9 or 10 is actually surprised and feels special when a normal guy approaches her but the 6 or 7 might even be slightly annoyed by the 2nd or 3rd guy stopping her that day.

    Subpoint - 2:

    Now that I've entertained your view on the world of there being 9's and 10's I now outline why there's actually no such thing as a 9 or 10.

    You've been being deluded by makeup and inadvertently your hind-brain (lizard/reptilian brain/etc) for longer than you realise. When you end up in a girls bed and then fuck and wake up the next day with her makeup being off or reduced/smeared around, because you've already fucked her, the bonding chemicals in your brain are making you ignore most of the "lie" you were shown. This happens subconsciously and you're not aware of it. The fact of the matter is that sex causes oxytocin to release in the synaptic clefts between the neurons in your brain and skews your perception of the girl. You know how when you jerk off to some questionable porn of a really thotty/raunchy girl and bust you go from thinking "this is fucking wild" to "bruh wtf did I just look at and jerk my load to" and then instantly close the tab and go about your day trying to forget what just happened (or maybe that's just me), well that's your prolactin spiking, oxytocin does the inverse of that and makes you more "forgiving" and less of a dick towards a girl basically.

    Make an active effort to walk around the city and imagine what each girl you walk by would look like without makeup, after just one day of this you start to see the illusory nature of western society and our western sexualised culture that pedestals women and programs men and boys to do so. You then realise that all girls at a similar BMI hover around a 5 with a standard deviation of 0.5 to either side and a 2SD of 1. In other words 95% of girls if you saw without makeup would fall between a 4 and a 6. Let that sink in for a bit. Go google a photo of VS Model Miranda Kerr, and then look at a photo of her without makeup. You can also go on Google and search "Pornstars without makeup" and watch the 7-8min video in its entirety and you see that out of an entire 8 minutes of video where the photo of the girl switches every 7-10 seconds, around 48 girls by my math: only 2-3 max FOUR girls look super fuckable and hot without makeup.

    What separates the 9-10 from a 6-7 in your mind is that the 9-10 knows how to dress better, knows how to do her hair better, knows how to do her makeup better and then that's when you realise that because that changes day to day, the 9-10 you bumped into on Saturday at the mall or the boardwalk of your beach looks like a 5-6 on a Monday morning at Calculus lecture.

    Thanks to those of you that read this wall of text, I tried to keep it as short as possible to communicate the ideas and this is what came out. Let me know your thoughts


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    Waw bro. Text book explanation of really how I get that same effect from oxytocin, all good and then wtf moment. And other things are right to the point too. That really show the reality you explained how it is and why it is like this. Good post.

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    So that's why I feel shame when I fap.

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    5’s and below don’t even play the game. High 5’s to low 8’s will always auto reject high value men that don’t reciprocate interest. Low to high 8’s will likely give you aggressive IOI’s. 9’s and 10’s will give submissive IOI’s even if you don’t acknowledge them and rarely bitch faces. America is horrible because the only thing that works with a 100% success rate is aggressive chad dread game. Move to Seoul and you won’t regret.

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    Can you explain a little what you mean by"aggressive chad dread game"?

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    Being a sexually aggressive male thot.

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    Interesting. Would you care to elaborate with some anecdotal examples?

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    What's in Seoul?

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    Korean submissive beta women?

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    I'm not a fan of the Asians. Latinas are my thing.

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    Lots of tight bodied babes, especially in Gangnam. America compared to Korea is like Pruno and Jack Daniels.

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    Assuming your SMV is a 7, the 4 and 5s who treat you badly wonder why you are bothering with them, while the 8s know you want to use them.

    Btw, I don't trust your ratings so I modified the numbers for you.

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    I don't know if it is. Lately I have had very very attractive women talking to me, and dating me. They are at least 9's. I have posted here before mentioning that I didn't understand why women liked me as I don't fit the traditional rules that are laid out here. i.e. I'm a musician/artist type and not very outgoing and I'm a bit moody and dark. I'm just as confused why they like me really.

    That's why I said I just talk to them like a regular person and it seems to work out well. They're just great people really. Attractive, work in the community, etc. I met one girl while she was planting flowers in a garden downtown. Nicest girl ever and at least a 9. We've been out on dates already.

    What I do know is when I have approached 7's in the past it has gone poorly for whatever reason. I'm a bit eccentric to be honest and it seems to alienate the 6's and 7's but the 9's seem to welcome it for whatever reason. The truth is, I don't know what I'm doing right.

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    Maybe you're a fun change of pace from the regular guy who has confidence to approach a 9 or 10 (what you have going: refreshing novelty), whereas you aren't that unique amongst the men who approach your 6s and 7s.

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    I noticed the same thing while sarging. The 9s were the most approachable, whereas the 6s shit-tested the hardest, when I couldn't care less. Confused me.

    Heath cliff in one of his posts has a great explanation for this. When you're low SMV, 9s and 10s treat you really nicely, like a kid or friend, because to them you're not on their sexual radar. For all intents and purposes, as a man, you don't exist. 6s and 7s shit test you because you're "in their league" and they're interested. Remember, shit-testing, atleast some, is a good thing. Too much is annoying and not worth it, too little makes for a boring social or insubstantial sexual interaction, basically boring. Shit-testing is what makes flirting, and subsequent sex, fun. It's all psychological stimulation before physical.

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    9&10 are not approched that much by people because people are afraid of their looks and make up shift about them and can't make real firends.

    where as the 6,7 and some 8's have inflated ego thanks to low/high staus men who can't get girls in their come down to pump and dump them, which course there stock(egos) to inflate thinking that they are are above their league and starting to deman high men instead of men in their league

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    In the age of Tinder and social media any 5 or 6 can easily feel she’s a solid 9 due to validation, and she thinks she deserves a 10.

    Just think about it, if you were a fat slob all of your life and out of the sudden you get a bunch of chicks orbiting you. You’d probably feel entitled as well.

    In my experience 8+ chicks are more down to earth regarding what they want. If they’re interested it’s actually pretty easy to pull unless you’re retarded. I’ve had to run more game with 6s than with 8s.

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    Had plate who was ok looking. Maybe around 5. She worked in gas station and had lots of male "friends". Since she was so open and she didnt give usual bs like most of the girls she opened my eyes how easy a girls life can be. One guy brought her to eating. Another fixed her car that she got for free from some other guy. Then there was sone it guys who gave her phones and laptops or fixed them. Then there was guys who just commented and like every lost she made in social media. And she wasnt even that attractive. Wouldnt you be all nice and carefree and love all the people in the world when everyone are fixing all your problems? Life is like butterfly then.

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    Ew that's gross really. How could you hang out with that chick? And she's only a 5? Why bother?

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    Easy lay. And on my scale 5 is still fuckable on bad days. And i never hang out with her.

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    6's and 7's get smashed all the time and ghosted because they're perceived as easier (or they're just actually easier) than 8's and 9's. .

    There are no 10's.

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    this is what you say to 6's and 7's. works every time:

    "your face is ugly i wanna cum on it"

    you're welcome

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    From my perspective, its social skills. As a social retard recovering, ive noticed some things.

    1. I can now identify other abused socially retarded men from a mile away. Just their posture or.the way they walk screams lack of social skills.

    In terms of wwomen, I notice thatthe hottest girls are easiest to talk to. They are confident, do not fear eye contact, will express themselves freely. Girls who arent as.good looking always seem.more self.conscious to me, and.thus are harder to talk to.

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    RSD Tyler explains why in about 20 seconds


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    That's a first, from him I'd expect a 3h rant

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    I took dive in and watched to the end of video. Thanks bro. He explained and showed good moves to make with video examples.

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    They only date within social circles, so if you aren't hitting on them, they don't even consider you

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    9's and 10's hear the best game a man can offer. Plus they are always offered free stuff. 6's and 7's do not hear a mans best game. This actually upset the 6's and 7's because it confirms to them that they are just average women.

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    My take is that the vast majority of guys see 9's and 10's as beyond their league. In my observation, most guys just gawk and stare at the 9's and 10's without approaching. 7's and below get hit on daily because guys believe they can get these girls (despite the fact all women secretly crave the top 20%). I think the 7's and below get desensitized to the constant thirsty betas trying to approach and therefore act colder.

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    9s and 10s live in a different world. It's a world where every guy looks at them with sexual hunger, girls are jealous of them, and no one will them the truth and guys will line up to do them favors in the hope of getting some pussy. They think life is easy because nobody tells them no or rejects them. On the flip side, it must be exhausting constantly rejecting hordes of betas, but I doubt they get approached by that many guys... most guys would be intimidated to do more than gawk.

    As a result, if you end up dating a 9/10 be prepared for having to maintain her fantasy world.

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    Are you talking about polite conversation or attraction ? When we're really attracted to a woman its a different energy we give out. She's responding to this.

    [–]Self-honest 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    A 9 or 10 that thinks you're trying to fuck will act differently than a 9 or 10 who thinks you're just being friendly/orbiting.

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    You must not be from New York

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    The real reason is because most of the 9s and 10s are born into rich families with a good father figure. A lot of them in my state are also religious and are high functioning. They go to the gym to get those 9 out of 10 looks. With a good father figure and being high functioning they usually turn out to be really cool people with little to no mental problems. Meanwhile the average girls are gonna have mental problems and be bitchy little sluts cus daddy left them at the age of 3 and didnt teach her not to be a bitch.

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    Honestly, I've never noticed this before. Huh.

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    Cause it probably happened once and now it's the basis of a 5 hour lecture on this sub reddit...

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    If they are nice to your, they are not shit testing you. You are grouped in with puppies and children. 9s and 10s will shit test the F out of u if they think you have a chance with them

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    Hasn't happened to me. They've been nice and I've been on dates with them and even had sex with one. Although it was a weird thing with the one girl. We were both immediately attracted to each other and it was one of those weird things. People don't seem to believe me here but she's at least a 9 and one of the nicest girls I've ever met. I mean A REALLY GREAT girl. She is involved in the community, just a great person AND shes hot.

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    All the more power to you then!

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    It's true.

    I've noticed the same thing with strippers and hookers too, strangely. The ugly girl who you'd think would be super enthusiastic and eager to please ends up being a total dead fish. The smoking hot chicks end up having the best attitude and being the most enthusiastic and accommodating.

    I think it has to do with the quality of their previous interactions. Having good experiences creates a positive feedback loop which leads to even more good experiences. Same thing but opposite for ugly people.

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    I've always found that 8 and 9s (10s don't exist) are always the most self conscious about their appearance and generally have less self esteem. And the 6s and 7s are more confident about themselves. But yeah definitely agree 6s and 7s are more bitchy.

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    If you’re high value ugly girls automatically assume pump and dump and get defensive. Hot girls have the power so aren’t nasty like that

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    Everyone has always been nice to them and by virtue of their solipsism, they believe that the world is a nice place, so they act nicely.

    A 9 or a 10 is automatically at the top of the hierarchy and has no need to overtly compete with other bitches, like most 6s, 7s and even 8s do. Their nurturing instinct kicks in with the masses and they cultivate a wholesome image; better to be a hot, perfect angel than an evil witch who is hot. They will get attention, so they ensure that it is mostly positive.

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    Average people have problems, exceptionally attractive people tend to be highly optimistic and driven by those looks to be more extreme and settle for less crap.

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    Small Sample Bias.

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    This is because they know they can lay back and enjoy the life to fullest potential, just as successful men can. They have the safety that they can do almost whatever they want and no matter how you behave, they can go somewhere else (to get what they want).

    Beautiful women are nice because they are "above" the competition, they know they are hot so why stress yourself? People are nice to you mostly.

    Successful men are nice because they are "above" the competition, they know they can always rely back to their money so why stress yourself? People are nice to you mostly.

    While 6's and 7's are somewhere inbetween life struggles (they didnt give up like 2's and they cannot stop fighting for the guys because they are a lot of other more beautiful looking women out there who could fuck your social life up) , poor men have a lot of problems as well and thus are instable (low money, payment problems, lack of education, no sex, no workout, shitty food, alcohol and so on ...)

    The nicest people you know are the one who feel the safest.

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    Successful men are nice because they are "above" the competition, they know they can always rely back to their money so why stress yourself?

    Really? Does money impress any girl nowadays

    [–]dongpal 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Money is the currency of success.

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    Because your SMV is high

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    That's the thing, I'm not really on the social radar in any substantial way. I really am just an eccentric weird dude who plays guitar and does art and shit.

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    Your perceived SMV is high. Spend enough time then and it will drop.