Anyone else get fucking irritated by listening to girls just so you can fuck them? (self.asktrp)

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I swear the prettiest girls just irritate the fuck out of me. Their stupidity, the fact they live in their own bubble as if they have figured everything out and everythings perfect. Its just irritating. I actually like talking to fat girls cause they are more down to earth. To bad i aint fucking them.

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You literally just kiss them while they are talking. That’s it. Works every time to shut her up about her stupid girl problems

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Have done this many times. Can confirm.

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would try it.

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Ofc fat girls are more down to earth, they also look like planets sometimes lmao

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top kek

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B-b-b-ut fat girls are round, not flat like the Earth /s

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With food crumbles orbiting as asteroids

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Learn better social skills. Skills like "how to change the topic gracefully" or "how to bring up interesting topics and generate discussion". You can squeeze a good conversation from anyone if you're the one controlling the direction of the conversation.

If you contribute nothing, you can't really complain about the outcome.

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Open ended, thoughtful questions, are where it's at

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For me it's like talking to a little child. If a young girl is sat there chatting shite you are not shocked, of course she lives in a bubble.

Instead it's enjoyable to entertain this and be playful with the young girl. She has a great time, you're in control, you're enjoying it for what it is.

You don't hold her to any expectations of having a deep conversation, or even being self aware of her ignorance because she's just doing what a child would do.

Instead you enjoy watching her mind go, teasing her and enjoying her getting annoyed etc.

The same goes for women.

I honestly enjoy my time spent with girls. I've mixed with many different types and it is very rare that I meet one who I can't have a fun and be playful with.

One of the reasons I'm so successful with almost any girl is precisely because they are able to fall into the role of being silly and carefree within the safety net and boundaries provided by me.

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i just try to have fun with them, why i have to take them serious damn

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Yeah. To add to that, only hang with them when you're in the right mood. When I'm in a mood to be mentally stimulated, I don't hang with the hotties.

I have two plates that are 7's or so, and they're my main ones. I actually like their company, sex is also intense. That's where I go when I want to unwind from the rigors of my daily life.

I make time for the annoying ones when I want ravage a hot chick.

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Cut her off; change subject. Bring the talk where you want it to go.

Side note if you can stand to talk to a fatty might as well let em suck you off. As long as it’s from a woman - a bj has no face.

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Totally disagree on the bj has no face. Men are visual the sight of that gorgeous innocent face looking up at me gagging on my cock focusing on pleasing me, and ass and tits wiggling away way hotter than not.

My last ltr got fat and I had to work too damn hard to enjoy her sucking me off.

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Would you rather get bj from fat ass bitch who can suck or a fine ass bitch that can’t?

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No fatties allowed.

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So you’d rather beat your dick? I’ll take the bj from either. But that’s just me. Love gettin head.

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thats how they process their shit in their head. while we men are able to do this quitely by thinking, they do it by talking. they know they talk a lot of shit, but they need it. especially after a "hard " work day..

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"OMG, I actually had to sit in that cube for 8 hours today! Don't know how I'm going to struggle thru months, let alone years of this. It's really hard working in this climate controlled office where I have to punch out an email every other hour. The only way I can stay mentally healthy is by distracting my coworkers with pointless bantar. Ugghh, can't wait to get married to a rich guy." - Tiffany in Accounts Receivable

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You don't get that from women that have experienced real strife.

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I honestly know just as many dumb shithead men as a I know women so, no, not really. You can expect most people to be dumb as fuck woman or man.

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But he's not talking about men, he's talking about girls. It doesn't make it less annoying.

You're just creating a strawman here.

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    I try not no enter to /r/asktrp because is like asking for a price of an expensive car: if you have to ask, you can't afford it. And I think it's actually one of the rules of /r/TheRedPill

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    I have no idea what you are talking about. If you like fat girls more then go for it. TRP isn't here to tell you who to like.

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    No Neo, what I'm saying is when you're ready, you won't have to.

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    They are like children, pure and simple. My girlfriend is a fucking moron. Her hobbies are stupid and her ideas are fucking retarded but she takes my cock like a champ. I honestly just bring up philosophical ideas I have read about or anything science related and she shuts the fuck up.

    I need to find a nice intelligent girl who swallows my loads like a champ.

    Don't settle bruv.

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    Lmao, real talk

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    My GF is quite smart with a PHD and a job in a large tech company, and when she's not in the mood she behaves like a 12 year old throwing a tantrum out of a whim. It's funny how she can twist fact and reality just because she's smart.

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    I can relate to this so much. Listening to them drone on about celebrities’ relationships, Kardashians, make up, and other shallow bullshit is unbearable at times. I find myself annoyed at the way they’ve spent their entire lives avoiding building any type of individuality or becoming passionate about anything besides themselves. The way they post daily selfies with that stupid smile where they stick just a little bit of their tongue out really irritates me. It’s like they’re not even hiding the fact that they’re behaving like children.

    I’ve passed up on so many HB8s because I was unable to feign even a slight interest in their mindless drivel.

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    Get past the anger phase bro. There are many gorgeous chicks out there that are smart and intelligent. It is about recognizing how they think and operate sub consciously though

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    That's totally not sexist at all.

    We get it, you have a 150 IQ and are miles ahead of them in terms of intellect. Sometimes being more humble can serve you well.

    This type of attitude is not what TRP is about. Can't believe this got upvoted so much. Scary, in fact.

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    I feel the same way

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    steer the conversation, you know what you are supposed to be doing anything. And when they complain about something that isn't remotely interesting nor a big deal give them a sarcastic answer

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    Yeah that bubble is a good way to describe it actually. It is like they are in their own little fantasy world, like they are in a fog. They are the main star of their movie, and you, well... you are merely an actor in their production, or worse an extra.

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    Get them to tell you things you want to hear. Stop passively listening. Bust their balls about asinine shit they say.

    Women are social chameleons. If you're boring, they'll bore you in return. Garbage in, garbage out.

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    You'll see the humor in it once your not mad at them anymore.

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    Rule #1 of The Red Pill: FRAME IS EVERYTHING.

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    Woman is relaxation to a warrior and frustruation to an idle mind.

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    If you get irritated that easily you have a long way to go

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    Your so right. How can i not get so irritated? What are some good tips?

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    I do

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    It’s like they have Aspergers and notice the smallest shit and always have to say something about it.

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    Girls like to talk about nothing. If we're just chilling and she insists on flapping her gums and I don't feel like guiding the conversation somewhere more interesting I'll just get my dick out and stick it in her mouth for a while. That usually leads somewhere more interesting than what Becky did at work.

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    you aren't fucking the pretty ones either

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    I don't see how that is related to OPs post?

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    This is the exact comment I would expect a man with a 10 million dollar apartment to make


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      Haters make you know you're living your life the way you're supposed to. Humblebrag in my eyes is male shaming tactic. Brag how much you fucking want if that's your prerogative.

      We are men we are meant to be competitive. It's why we talk trash on the court. It's what builds camaraderie and helps push us to be our best. So continue pulling off your Dicaprio bro.

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      Just interesting that someone so successful spent most of their years playing video games

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        If you where just a lucky recipient of the good life then fair enough. I just always imagine successful men being more actualized.

        Although being made in the shade would explain your lack of

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          So that means family money or something? Makes me think of Dan Bilzerian (yes he is an antihero IMO).

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          Unfortunately your life hasn't bought you a secure personality🤷‍♂️

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          Very few on TRP have great personalities anyway.

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          Don't you run into a perceived BB image with the ladies this way?

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          Ah the good old coke and whiskey dick ruined many a night .

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          People downvoting this are just envious and haven't fully realized their potential enough to know that this is a thing. Keep doing you, bro.

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          Time to play bad troll or humblebrag!