Am I a beta faggot? An askTRP FAQ (self.asktrp)

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First if you haven't read /u/tepper2's wonderful post stickied to the top of askTRP do it now!

Am I a beta faggot? An askTRP FAQ

I've been on askTRP a lot lately helping you budding alphas out and giving advice where I can. And I feel like I'm answering the same old shit or seeing other people answer the same old shit over and over again. And I'm fucking tired of tippity-tap-typing the same old shit and I'm guessing some of you are too.

It seems like many of you haven't bothered to read the sidebar, lurked for maybe only a minute, or have the memory of a goldfish. I'm not really sure. But it's ok though.... DarkisKnight is here for you. And if you read this and forget all of it a minute later well, I don't know what else to say....I guess I'm just going to have to come over there and beat this shit into your beta fuckin' asses! You've been warned.

This FAQ is by no means exhaustive. I would appreciate some of you RP veterans input, feel free to comment/critique as you see fit. I'll edit and add/subtract as necessary.

Are you ready to unplug?


Am I a beta faggot?


But what if she is this... [special case]?

There are no special cases. AWALT.

I'm a whiney beta bitch [uuuhhh] why is this so hard?

If it wasn't hard everyone could do it. Man the fuck up and quit your whining.

My parents suck and my Dad's a beta bitch or absent.

Congratulations, you are 99% of TRP members. Work on TRP's basic tenets and make some guy friends.

I'm new to TRP what should I do?

Read the sidebar. Lurk more. Start applying TRP tenets.
(What are those?? Read the sidebar again. What are you a goldfish?)

Is this a shit test?

Not everything is a fucking shit test but probably...
Regardless... ignore, agree and amplify, or amused mastery. Can't hurt either way.

People call me a "nice guy" what do I do?

Read "No More Mr. Nice Guy." Apply.

Do I tell my guy friends about TRP?

Is your name Morpheus and your friend's name Neo? Then no. Lead by example. You can only unplug yourself.

If my gf/plate/prospect says this... what does it mean? what should I do?

How the fuck should we know? Watch what they do, not what they say. When in doubt, escalate.

My gf/ltr/wife is not fucking me or not fucking me the way that I want.

Increase SMV. Apply dread game.

I think my gf/ltr/wife might be cheating or is making me suspicious.

9/10 your right. Demote or next.

Girl isn't texting me back what do I do?


Girl is acting suicidal/crazy/insane what do I do?

How much do you hate yourself?
Don't stick your dick in crazy. Next!

Girl rode the CC is she a good candidate for an LTR?

Nope. You have ONEitis.

How do I not lose my gf/plate?

Don't be afraid to lose her. Abundance mentality. Dread game. Also, oneitis

Should I fuck girls I work with?

Are you a pornstar? Then never.

Help me analyze my texts.

You probably texted too much. Text for logistics only or if they text you first and even then only 2/3 the amount they text you. Don't try to be cute. Never send pictures of yourself.

What should I do if...?

What do you want to do? Do that.

Tinder, OKc, PoF....

It's a crapshoot and skews smv in favor of women. Work on your in-person game. When you're proficient with approaching and closing use online dating as supplementary.

...anything that involves your "wife."

We might be able to help but those guys over at /r/MarriedRedPill probably have a lot more to offer.

*Ok, I think that about covers it. I'll add more as they come up.
Stay Frosty.

Edit: Re-worded and some formatting changes. Hope this is easier to read. Glad you guys find this helpful.

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"But I'm a special snowflake who shouldn't have to read the sidebar and you should all just give me my quick fix so I don't have to learn shit".

  • 90% of all askTRP posters.

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One of the first steps to becoming unplugged is owning your shit and taking initiative in changing it. Unfortunately a lot of guys won't make it off the starting line until they realize that.

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Sorry, I know the formatting sucks...reddit formating is the bane of my existence. We'll come back and improve it, but need a break atm.

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Love the application of Occam's razor in all the responses. Nice and clean.

Also, here's a tutorial for Markdown, the typesetting language on which Reddit's formatting is based. This style of typesetting (as opposed to MS Word) has a steep learning curve but is much more powerful in the end.

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Thank you. Law of parsimony in all things.

Thanks for the tutorial. Only had time to skim through but look forward to digging into it more as I have time.

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No, it's good. We should sticky this somehow, you nailed all the shit I'm sick of listening to.

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I'm a little OCD about formatting but it's getting there.

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Should be good now.

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This comment has been overwritten by an open source script to protect this user's privacy.

If you would like to do the same, add the browser extension GreaseMonkey to Firefox and add this open source script.

Then simply click on your username on Reddit, go to the comments tab, and hit the new OVERWRITE button at the top.

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That's what FAQs are for. Thanks man.

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There should be a way to force people posting on this sub for the first time to read this.

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Maybe make this posting to this sub private until you've taken a test on this type of material and passed? I'm not sure how complicated that would be.

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Page routed to a multiple choice test lol

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Would be nice.

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If a girl is acting suicidal call the cops.

A fun trip to the hospital for a (probably much needed) psych check, arriving via police escort will help motivate that girl to never pull that on you again.

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I've been lurking only for the past couple weeks. If you come on TRP or askTRP and ask these questions, you're just fucking lazy. Just from lurking and reading through the top ~50 posts all time, you can get answers to all of these questions.

By the way, this one is gold: Should I fuck girls I work with? Are you a pornstar? Then never.

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Thanks, I like that one too.

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sidebar this shit

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Might as well remove the sub and just put this on TRP's sidebar. The amount of trolls that have been seeping into askTRP is ridiculous as well, sub's going to shit a bit honestly. Will still visit and put my 2 cents in whenever I feel like it though.

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Agreed. Hopefully we can stem the tide a bit here.

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Thank you! It's fucking annoying seeing yhe same damn minute question that could have been answered 5 minutes into the sidebar

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Please update formatting and make this the new sticky.

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Formatting updated. I think MODs need to sticky right?

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What should I do if...?

What do you want to do? Do that

Trust the gut!

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Thank you for this. You hit it on the head with the typical questions people ask. Going to direct people to this post now and try to focus on helping people not asking these generalized questions.

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That was my aim. Glad to hear it connected.

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Solid post

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Pretty alright post.

I have one issue though.

Forgive me for being PC or whatever but I feel like the use of the word "faggot" is a bit much. It's essentially only ever used as a homophobic slur and trp is many things but I don't think homophobic is one of them.

Probably not your intention to come off sounding homophobic but by using that word instead of another you have essentially given the red pill haters ammunition.

[–]1anonlymouse 5 points6 points  (0 children)

It's essentially only ever used as a homophobic slur and trp is many things but I don't think homophobic is one of them.

No, it really isn't. It's used to refer to faggots 10x as much as it's used to refer to homos.

[–]DarkisKnight[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I think you're right. I'll edit a few out. Thanks. Definitely not homophobic. /r/altTRP is on the sidebar for a reason.

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Thanks for being mature and reasonable about it. Takes integrity. Much appreciated.

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    I'm not offended, but I bet someone somewhere, after this is posted on the blue pill or shit red pill says under the heading "the red pill is homophobic" will be, and then what?

    The red pill's name will be tarnished even more than it currently is.

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      Could have been avoided by simply using a different word. I don't know whether you guys have simply resigned to the demonization of the red pill or if you actually want it to be demonized.

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      You said it. Then what?

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      Then the red pill is viewed with increasing hostility, it is further associated with hate and bigotry, which leads to it becoming less popular, which keeps the world blue pill.

      This kind of talk, if it remains unchecked, could even result in this subreddit being completely eradicated, in the worst case scenario that is.

      I personally wouldn't want to see that happen.

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      I am not interested in popularizing RP. I am not a missionary or evangelist. I am trying to be my best me. Saving the world is not only impossible but requires next level hubris to become one's life goal.