Why do women these days collect mental illnesses like they're fucking scout badges. (self.asktrp)

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Sometime I stumble upon an r/askwomen or r/twoxchromosome post through the front page. I view the comments briefly just to check how mamy confirm TRP which is most of them.

What I dont get is these women who spout off their mental issues like they're fucking ribbons they won st the athletics carnival.

"I have PTSD, depression (from the time I got raped), trust issues amd abondonment issues (my mother ditched me)."

Like its a fucking competition to see who can be the biggest victim. I can take anyone seriously who managed to get PTSD not in a war.

What is the ressoning. Isnt it a bad thing to be this fucked up?

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Thats a good explanation actually. Like how fat people use thier "conditions" to excuse themselves from losing weight.

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    You seem to have a pretty good understanding already, some people have been here for months and srill spout bs.

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      That's what you think.

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        Might be bullshit, might not be. That's why you test the shit out. That's why we do field reports.

        If the theories and principles are solid, you can make them work for you too. Don't shortchange yourself by automatically assuming you can't pull a 10 because you're not a millionaire. Whether she's a 10 or a 2, she's still a woman. AWALT, motherfucker.

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          The hb scale is completely objective. To a guy who never gets any girls what you consider a 6 on the fuckable scale is probably a 10 to him because of the halo effect.

          Dudes swoon over whoever sucks their dick all the time.

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          Pretty sure nobody is claiming they pull 9s and 10s every night either.

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          I agree most field reports are probably exaggerated. Ive never been with a perfect 10 probanly an 8 is my highest.

          I like red pill because om every thread there are people disagreeing with eachother which is what we need. This community needs to be self critical less it become like everyother feel good circlejerk.

          Also I can go my whole life and be hsppy never having a 10. I mean 8's are pretty fucking good and you get to show em off to your friends.

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              Remember there are egos at play here. Always subtract 2-3/10 from a story or FR.

              I'm known by my friends as "picky" but realistically this is how I see it: 1= hideous, 5=average pre-wall girl , 10=insert favorite model/porn star here. So many guys throw 7s and 8s at 4s and 5s that the rating essentially means nothing.

              Every guy has their own scale for rating, with guys you know in real life you can guess what the girl probably actually looks like, the internet you really can't.

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              lol for real. Every chick here is a super model just like how everyone on /r/fitness benches laamo3plaets! no problem

              It's e-stating and people would take it more serious if it didn't come off as so try hard. Just say the chick is hot or not.

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              Another point to make here is that not all of us find the same looks hot.

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              I was reluctant to post photos of girls for doxxing reasons. I'm not going to publicly show the internet what my house looks like. I'd have to edit her identity and all her surroundings so by that point it loses legitimacy.

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              I just feel like TRP stories are often bullshit or exaggerated

              That's mostly because of the 80/20 rule applying to TRP also.

              If we assume 80% of the posters are still learning, and 20% have internalised it to a sufficient degree, you'd probably notice that the 20% (who will be getting HB8+ girls regularly) post the majority of the field reports.

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              Statistically you're comment is false. There are too many men, too many women, and society is too fucked up for an HB10 to not fall for our wiles.

              Source: I've had an HB10 at a point in my life or another. Getting them isn't hard. It's keeping them.

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              Could you elaborate a little more on the maintenance of a HB10 ?

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              It's the same theories applied to frame and your frame must be tighter than when maintaining an HB6-9.

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                It's basically selective bias. Nothing special about picking up a 6; no reason to write a field report. When you do pick up an 8 or 9, that's something to talk about.

                Subreddit of 120k people and there are a few reports of 8s or 9s? That's believable.

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                I just feel like TRP stories are often bullshit or exaggerated. But the theories and principals are solid

                My thoughts exactly. They should also include body pics of the OP. That's actually where a lot of the people who hate TRP go wrong is because they take the stupid field reports and the worse comments as a basis for all of TRP.

                But I digress. I feel like most of the people saying they are fucking or dating 7's and up are bull shitting themselves.

                IE. "Last night I met this 8/10 in my group of friends. After lifting for 3 months I was able to win her over the tall, musclebound 'alpha' of the group. Thanks TRP!"

                lol sure thing bud.

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                It's not that unbelievable. People are more likely to post about their experiences getting lucky with an 8 or 9 than they are picking up a slutty 6.

                I feel like most of the people saying they are fucking or dating 7's and up are bull shitting themselves.

                Where do you live? It's all regional. Liberal college town on the beach where the guy girl ratio is 2:3? Then 7s are easy.

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                I always tend to look at HB ratings as subjective, cause in the end that's all that matters really.

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                A 6 at 10pm looks a lot like an 8 during last call.

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                Take the time to proof read what you type and people will take you more seriously.

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                Try to take people seriously despite their minor mistakes and people won't think you're a fedora tipping pedant.

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                You're right. I'm not helping but nit picking the situation.

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                I'm also on my phone.

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                Don't think your Bloonz username went unnoticed. High five.

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                  I don't know what Bloonz is

                  That's probably a good thing.

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                  Women get social points for complaining. It's what they do. Whoever can make their generally easy life seem the most difficult is queen of the social circle.

                  It starts young. Those high school girls complaining about how tired they are because they were up late studying, but it doesn't matter because the teacher hates her and she's still failing, and how big of an asshole her boyfriend is, and how she needs to lose 10 pounds to fit into her cheerleading uniform better, but all the cheerleaders laugh at her anyway because they're all bitches and she should just quit yet she never does because she secretly likes the popularity, and her parents don't understand her because they make her do her homework and won't let her stay out until midnight with boys, and she thinks she's depressed because her social life is so shitty because of it.

                  The specific complaints vary based on the girl, but they all do it. Fast forward to college years, then adulthood, and the complaints have to grow in severity along with their age. Many are about men, sexual in nature, about actual mental illnesses, etc.

                  Complaining is how women solve problems. Look at your typical marriage. The wife complains about a problem until her husband fixes it. You'd think that the husband would then be appreciated for fixing the problem, but that's not how things work in girl-world. In girl-world, the person who first notices the problem and complains about it is the one who fixed it. In this case, the wife noticed the problem and utilized one of her resources - her husband - to get the job done. So she fixed it, and her husband is a bigass loser for not having fixed it first before she had to.

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                  Good point. My girlfriend often goes on about how she "found the washing machine" so it's hers. Bitch I fucking paid for it.

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                  That's cute and retarded at the same time

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                  You generally understand women

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                  You should seriously reconsider being committed to this person. Plate her if you want, but if that's how she thinks, it's a bad idea to be committed.

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                  Na. She wouldn't stick around as a plate. If I broke up with every girl that did something "female" I wouldn't have very long relationships.

                  Like I said, I literally say "bitch I paid for it" and that shuts her up. If women respect one thing, they respect money.

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                  Lol whut

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                  But you need her to spend the money, because you don't know how to spend the money.

                  It's a give and take.

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                  Best thing I've read all day.

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                  Ive had my mom and my sister both claim and try to take shit I buy for myself. The fucking nerve.

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                  Hey, I found your house and everything in it when you let me in as guest. They are mine now.

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                  Hey I found a penis in your shorts. Minesies!

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                  Good mindset there, just don't ever cave

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                  The wife complains about a problem until her husband fixes it. You'd think that the husband would then be appreciated for fixing the problem, but that's not how things work in girl-world. In girl-world, the person who first notices the problem and complains about it is the one who fixed it. In this case, the wife noticed the problem and utilized one of her resources - her husband - to get the job done. So she fixed it, and her husband is a bigass loser for not having fixed it first before she had to.

                  This is because women live in SocialWorld, and men live in PhysicsWorld. In SocialWorld, anything that effects the physical universe is not an actor, it's a tool. The actor is the person who took Social action to make the tool do its job.

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                  Fuck me...

                  That explains why SJW are so intense and vigilant. They think convincing someone else to change the world is as good as if notbetter than actually making a difference themselves.

                  They literally think they're doing the world good while they're wasting away behind their computer screens letting any semblance of social conciousness rot away.

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                  Well I didn't think I had an ounce of SJW in me until I read this. I certainly spend a lot of time talking and not enough time doing.

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                  I used to do the same thing when I first joined Red Pill. I'd spend hours on purplepilldebate trying to argue and strengthen the stance of Red Pill. In the end fuck it, fuck people, fuck the majority.

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                  Complaining is how women solve problems. Look at your typical marriage. The wife complains about a problem until her husband fixes it. You'd think that the husband would then be appreciated for fixing the problem, but that's not how things work in girl-world. In girl-world, the person who first notices the problem and complains about it is the one who fixed it. In this case, the wife noticed the problem and utilized one of her resources - her husband - to get the job done. So she fixed it, and her husband is a bigass loser for not having fixed it first before she had to.

                  ♂, flair updated.

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                  That's annoying as fuck. I would have very hard time not calling her out. But because she is using the guise of depession, PTSD, etc. it seems like it would be hard to call her on her shit without being crucified by white knights and SJWs alike.

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                  " In girl-world, the person who first notices the problem and complains about it is the one who fixed it." This is the missing piece of the puzzle that I was looking for...

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                  Your observation is spot on. Bravo. By noticing a problem first and whining about it to the closest responsible adult, they fix it.

                  Very eloquently put.

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                  Like its a fucking competition to see who can be the biggest victim.

                  You answered your own question. It's a competition for attention and validation.

                  "Look at me, my life is sooooo horrible!"
                  "Oh yeah? Well I was raped!"
                  "Well I was raped AND abandoned by my mother!"
                  "Well I got PTSD from being raped by my abandoned depressed mother!"

                  and so on. Whoever has the worst sob story wins the attention award of the day hour.

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                  Racking up a hefty list of "disorders" give you a sense of entitlement. It makes them feel like they've got it the worst so no one else can even compare. Because they're broken, they are allowed to get away with things because of their "condition." Plausible deniability.

                  Women are never taught to suck it up like men do. Must be nice.

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                  Victimization 101. X happened to me, so this is why I have Y behavior. It provides them with a lack of agency for when shit hits the fan.

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                  Ding ding ding. We have a winrar.

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                  Your 30 day trial expired 9,234 days ago.

                  Register now?

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                  What makes you think I will register after 9K days? Funny stuff.

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                  Don't assume reddit is the normal, specially those subreddits. Remember the picture of the reddit meet up with all the whales showing their saggy tits. That's the type of woman you are reading about.

                  Sure women like to play the victim but reddit is an extreme.

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                  Sauce? I need to see this.

                  For science.

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                  Just search for "reddit Baltimore meet". Best to do it three hours after a meal.

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                  This actually looks like an average cross-section of the midwestern US.

                  Still, gross.

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                  I just spit water all over my fucking desk when I read that title!!! If I could give you gold, I would just for the title alone. But yeah, women wear their victimhood like a badge of honor and anything to help bronze that badge is wonderful to them. I saw a meme on facebook joking about how 25% of all women are suffering from some mental illness or another. The punch line was, "Just think, 75% of women are walking around undiagnosed!"

                  [–]pinstrap 2 points3 points  (0 children)

                  a) for some reason mental illness is some sort of fucking badge these days (I have no fucking clue)
                  ...But most importantly because:
                  b) being a victim allows you to not take responsibility for your actions

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                  I suck.....BUT IT'S NOT MY FAULT. All the people that don't suck are just mentally healthy.

                  [–]MentORPHEUS 4 points5 points  (2 children)

                  From a sociological point of view, they are aiming to assume the reduced responsibility and caretaking of the "sick role." That is one main motivation.

                  The other factor, which I cognitively understand but cannot for the life of me empathize with or relate to, is the tendency of women to complain about their problems but not fix them. I don't try to understand this behavior anymore at my age, just avoid once identified, and wherever possible cut it short once it starts in my presence.

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                  Because if the problem is "fixed" then they have to find something else to complain about.

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                  my understanding is women don't actually care. they like feelings. unlike men, a woman wants to experience the full gamut of emotion. including anger, frustration, fear, sadness, giddiness, happiness, etc. you can surmise as much from watching a single episode of a soap opera.

                  what they hate and can't stand is void. if one thing doesn't meet their complaining quota, they'll find something else.

                  for a (real) man, void is next to divinity.

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                  It validates how fucked up they are.

                  [–]Brian_Official 1 point2 points  (0 children)

                  It's a diagnosis they can use to skirt off moral agency in their decision making faculties

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                  Thank God I don't know the bitches you all know, I don't know many women that claim to have mental illness. There are a few I know that need to acknowledge the fact that they're a little fucked up but none go around announcing it.

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                  Well. You can get PTSD from a lot of things. I worked in a pretty rough spot in nonprofit work in Southeast Asia and saw a lot of things that messed with me for a few months after I got back. I couldn't work, got a new job and had to quit because the stress caused flashback episodes.

                  It's a real thing. Have some grace. But I got over it after a few months and it was really rough. Took counseling and a lot of introspection. I'm much stronger now that I'm through it.

                  There's a lot of the human experience we aren't meant to see. I definitely think rape, seeing people die, stuff like that can mess with your psych a whole lot.

                  But it's something that should be worked through not used as a crutch. When I was in the muck and the myre the only people that knew were my parents and like, maybe a few closest friends. Not broadcasted online for everyone.

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                  I am a disabled vet. I have a tight group of fellow veterans that know my issues (and I know theirs). Outside that I rarely share any of it.

                  If someone tells me they have this condition or that one, my first thought is "sooner or later they'll use those conditions to justify bad behavior".

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                  Thank you for serving. What branch were you in?

                  [–]LaV-Man 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  I was in the Army. Field Artillery. You are very welcome.

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                  I guess my idea of PTSD is quite extreme. I think back to shell shocked soldiers in ww1 who upon returning home where so traumatized that they where unable to function. Constant shaking, total loss of speech, loss of bodily functions and needed full time care. Not when they where triggered, but 24/7.

                  Then we have snowflakes getting 'triggered' everytime they have a panic attack. So my idea on what PTSD is probably misguided, as they're constantly dumbing down diagnosis.

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                  I was in an abusive relationship for 5 years.

                  After, when someone tries to hug me, I would jump like I was startled. It was almost imperceptible, but a new girl I was dating noticed it happening whenever she tried to touch me, kiss me, etc.

                  It was so subtle I didn't notice until she pointed it out.

                  I share this to illuminate that sometimes, trauma to the amygdala over extended periods of time can cause issues similar to warrior battle trauma. Not as severe most times, but it's possible.

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                  Women don't do this.

                  Creepy losers do this.

                  Don't mix the two groups up.

                  [–]user6580[S] 7 points8 points  (3 children)

                  One of the highest post on 2x... serms it's normal for women. ..

                  Although tbh most women on reddit are low smv

                  [–]abdada 8 points9 points  (2 children)

                  2X isn't normal women.

                  [–]srtor -3 points-2 points  (1 child)

                  There is no such thing as 'normal' women. AWALT.

                  [–]abdada 4 points5 points  (0 children)

                  I've been dating low energy women specifically, for 28+ years of my life.

                  Not one of the women I've dated, casually or LTR, complained of these issues. Not then, and not since then.

                  Don't confuse AWALT with the insane loser sluts out there.

                  Bipolar attention whoring is NOT AWALT.

                  [–]1TopTRP 1 point2 points  (1 child)

                  I love when people do this as it's a perfect time to Black Knight them.

                  A few of my bros do this kind of thing too. Instead of talking about mental illnesses, it's in the form of how busy they are with stupid tasks at work etc, in an effort to demonstrate their value.

                  I respond with an amused laugh and say something along the lines of

                  "Ahaha gross, man your job sucks!"

                  or for the chick who's just given a laundry list of how many illnesses she's battling

                  "hah wow you are really fucked up. your life sounds awful!"

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                  Yeah Agree And Amplify, it's a wonder how it's efficient and it's so fun and brazen. I wish we saw more of that done in the political field against SJWs.

                  [–]AVWA 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  Well, I think it's always happened. The only difference is that now with technology they can broadcast louder and to more people.

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                  This is a great observation. I would love to hear some of the more seasoned RPs chime in and flush this out a bit more. There are a few good answers here but this topic deserves more discussion. This is indeed a relatively new (10 or so years), where mental illnesses (professionally diagnosed or not), rapes, family dysfunction etc are used as badges. They are worn proudly and brought up constantly. Like the army supply soldier with a ton of medals but has never seen the frontline. He brags for attention but with women there is more to it than that.

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                  Word. Growing up, I had to hide anxiety and depression because no one took them seriously. Now I brute force my way through them out of fear of being lumped in with the snowflakes.

                  As much as I hate to say it....it's mostly worked. Learning how to navigate these problems by pretending they're not there has, over time, become a self fulfilling prophecy.

                  I really feel for the folks that never found, or for whatever reason, can't find that strength from within. They're shambling corpses and it's not their fault.

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                  Don't even get me started. Some months ago a friend and I tried to see if we could turn our relation into a LTR. It broke apart because I was too beta (she was awesome about it all though and she thinks the red pill is an awesome concept and is helping me get there). That's fair enough, but she had some issues too.

                  At one point she was like "this and that happened in the past so now it's hard for me to commit, and I know I'm gonna push you away sometimes". I told her that's fair enough if she was willing to work on it.

                  On a different day we were talking about it again (after we decided we weren't gonna be doing the LTR thing) and she said "I just need to meet a real man, he'll pull me out of all my issues". "That's not how it works" I said. "You gotta work on it yourself and stop living in fairytale land". She got pissed at me. I didn't mind though, and neither did she. No problem the next day.

                  It's just the whole "it's not working cus you're so beta" vs. "what about your issues? - nah, not gonna work on that". What the hell?

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                  Because "bitches be crazy"

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                  So we know which women to avoid, seriously run from these girls.

                  [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  Victim complex

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                  It doesn't matter. The best advice I ever got, courtesy of Doc Love, some ten years ago was this:

                  Rule #1: Do not date any woman who is not clinically sane.

                  They advertise it? Great, you avoid it.

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                  Why are they posting on a ->public<- forum? Attention.

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                  Simply the endless results from generations of poor parenting and poor role models.

                  When we have a culture that discourages good family values, and instead of working towards mutual respect and happiness, endlessly blaming, and attacking each other as the cause for their problems.

                  Of course it's fucked up.

                  If you have parents who treat you like shit, instead of dealing with their own problems, it creates this endless cycle of self-destruction in relationships and in life.

                  Those who are abused, eventually but not always become abusers themselves.

                  And thus the cycle perpetuates itself.

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                  That's an interesting way to put it. It's one of those things where something you see every day is described in such a way that it really clarifies things.

                  Fabricating victimhood is big business these days. It's like companies and advertising... It's almost easier and cheaper these days to trick people into buying junk than it is to find a market for a truly quality product. So employers will often times hire the best advertising team before they even think about hiring the best design/engineering group.

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                  What do you mean?

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                  Don't respond, he's trolling you.

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                  Link me proof of these kinds of posts.

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                  Im on my phone but literally go to r/twoxchromosomes and find the one called "my boyfriend left me for mental issues" I quoted that off memory.