Do you troll your ltr? (self.asktrp)

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How much do you troll your ltr? (so she sees you as a jerk)

Last time I bought a small gift box, put it on the table so when she comes home she thinks "omfg itz a gift".. But when she opened the box she saw printed pic of my biceps...

She called me jerk.

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This is golden. You have to keep doing this shit all the time. Sparingly, but never stop. In an LTR you got comfort to establish as well, that's why sparingly, but you keep going.

Nice job OP. I'll steal this for my next LTR.

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Coming up with new ways to fuck with my LTR if I'm in one, is one of my favorite hobbies.

It's basically like playing pranks on your little brother all day.

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In an LTR you got comfort to establish as well

This sounded interesting. Can you elaborate on what you mean by this?

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I bet that made her wet.

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Sometimes I give her a box then she opens the box and it's my dick in a box

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Step 1. Find a box

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Step 2, perform a duet with Justin Timberlake.

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Step Que: Excuse Justin and your gf for a good hour while they discuss private matters.

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Sometimes I give her a box then she opens the box and it's my dick in a box


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Lonely island

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Relentlessly. They are ridiculous creatures.

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Read this is Drax's voice

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They are ridiculous creatures.

In what way? Do you mean that it's ridiculous how they enjoy being trolled/teased/challenged?

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love the idea gonna might give it a go

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Find right Balance between push&pull that's the glue. Build comfort break it. Repeat.

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That's actually fantastic. I love it.

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All the time, I laugh when she cries (when it's not a serious matter like death of a relative, of course)

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needs to be front page, laugh in her face

"I know what your tryna do"

"you know I know what your tryna do"

instantly starts laughing because its all for manipulation

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Best is if you're arguing you subtly take your dick out and keep arguing until she notices.

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How much do you troll your ltr? (so she sees you as a jerk)

when she opened the box she saw printed pic of my biceps

haha very nice.

Well, I don't LTR any more. But trolling girls I'm with? Yeah, quite a lot. They love it and hate it and it makes them more attracted.

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I just realised how much I dislike the term "troll".
When I read your title, I thought "fucking neckbeard". Then I read your post waiting for the cringe. When I got to the end I thought "huh, dude's pretty funny. I bet she loved that".
Realised that one man's "trolling" is another man's "practical joke".

Still hate the word, but I suppose it's just as accurate. Also, yeah I love pulling stunts like that. Got it from my dad (who once stole my favourite baseball cap a few months before Christmas, then gave it to me as a present. I was so fucking happy to see that thing!)

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Trolled her hard the other day....she's been sick and said because of her sinus, her face hurt.

I told her it was killing me.

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okay, you gonna have to explain that one to me.

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When someone says their face hurts, you say "yeah and it's killing me," implying that they're so ugly their face is killing you. One of the oldest tricks in the book haha

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I love playing jokes on my LTRs and Fwbs. It's called being fun.

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I troll everyone.

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That was gold. I don't overly "troll" any girl, but I do often tease them. More commonly with plates and prospects than fwb's, since I'm forced to set the frame.
Yesterday I was meeting with a prospect, and I decided to call her childish, due to her room decorations included a pink koala candle and some weird stuffed animal. With my fbw it's more "We can't keep seeing eachother like this, people are going to get the wrong idea" when we're in public, or "I hope you're not putting me in the friendzone"

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For a valentine day I bought a vibrator. In my mind it was hilarious.

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I bought her a vibrator and trail mix for her birthday. She wasn't happy, but she still has the vibrator in her underwear drawer for the past 2 years.

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She is tripping, a big bag of trailmix is lowkey awesome. I usually am disciplined in eating but trailmix is a weakness.

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10-30 times a day. Lol

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Next up - dick in a box

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Every God damn day!