Long Live TRP & Thanks (self.asktrp)

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Just now entering my 3rd year of a long and incredible TRP journey.

All I can say is thank you. This censorship was inevitable which is why TRP.red has existed for something like the last 2 years.

You will learn, over time, that the louder and longer the degenerates scream the more Righteous and Productive your path has become. Hate and anger is the natural result of fear and ignorance in the face of a superior adversary.

"With every step I take, I strip away another illusion. I sense that death will be the last." ~ Alexander 2004

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Hell yeah

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Wait there's trp.red too... Hopefully we are not spawning off too much.

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its the same site

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Joined! Thanks!

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This is a tragedy We need free fair open forums in the internet.

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Wow they actually nuked it, that sub changed my life.

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But it's still here... We have posts from 2 hours ago meaning it's not quarantined.

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It's quarantined for mobile access. Only PC users can get into the Sub now unless you use some fancy workarounds on mobile.

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I thought I was booted. It was inevitable, as the gold glimmers, the lead will seek it in slander.

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I cant believe they actually did it

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TRP will emerge stronger than ever. We will build anew and better.