Wrong panties (self.asktrp)

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Stupid but hilarious, oh well

New girl left her panties at my place after fucking

This morning I see one on the floor in my room and snap her a picture saying “ I found it “

She snaps me back “ that one is not mine”. Haven’t replied yet

I look around more and yes, this was a regular plates panties that usually has a habit of leaving her bra also.

Well fuck, how should I react to this ? I was looking to add this new girl as a plate but does this change the dynamics


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You did brilliantly.

Now ask her what hers looked like.

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LOL. I'm definitely taking note of OP's awesome involuntary trick and that awesome come-back for my personal use.

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Back in the lost & found basket for these then

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Hahahaha. You guys are quality sometimes

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Oh... You want these too then?

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It's not what you say from here, it's your attitude that matters. Dont apologize or appear apologetic. Own it and make it a joke.

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Thats the right answer.

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never let a bitch leave anything at your house my guy...it starts with bras & panties bt usually ends with clothes & shoes.

then before you know it, she’s moving in !

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this is known as the "Costanza Leave-Behind":


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Costanza is an amazing human being. In many ways I believe he is the literal female hamster. There is a tiny Costanza in every girls mind justifying and rationalizing everything she does.

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Actually I’m fine with it personally... easy indicator of abundance

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There are a couple of bobby pins on my bedside table, left there by a girl a long while ago. I keep them there permanently. Absolutely vital accessories, subtly but quite clearly communicating preselection, abundance, and my complete disinterest in commitment.

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Brilliant. What do you say when girls point them out?

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Not one ever did

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i personally feel like “abundance” is simply knowing rather than showing.

it’s akin to telling everyone that you’re an Alpha as oppose to showing that you’re one.

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You completely misinterpreted the point of my comment.

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perhaps i did.

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Well fuck, how should I react to this ?


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you and your threesomes smh

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Dudes have to learn to think outside of the box....

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...and think their way inside of two.

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Or more.

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Vasiliy, tell me from your experience, is it possible to seduce two girls at once on the first meeting? say youre flirting with two different girls, suggest they both come over two your place, kino both of them like you do this kind of thing every night, bam. I'm seriously considering trying this after I move into this nice place im looking at right now, got any advice?

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Possible? Yes, but....

They have to both be bi or bi-curious, you have to normalize it for them and you have to catch them at the right time. Isolate, get some booze in them (like the "enough to loosen them up" amount, not a "rapey" amount), get them talking about their fantasies, and if they are both bi or bi-curious get them kissing each other. Have a bottle of wine together and then play "spin the bottle" with just the three of you. Be creative.

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brilliant! thank you

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Accidental alpha

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Living the dream 👌

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she now loves you....

you fucked up kid...

nah but seriously she more turned on now that she knows there's other girls. play that how you want.

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Unintentionally tried to return the wrong pair of panties to a plate once, she feigned being pissed about it then proceeded to give me a mind-blowing blow job. They're so damn competitive.

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Haha, Gold. Done something similar with a bra I found in my room once. Think nothing of it. Laugh it off. You are not exclusive so you have nothing to apologise for.

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act as if it never happened. if she ever brings it up, game her, have fun w it. doesn't really matter what u say, just don't let it get serious.

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lmao you accidentally showed abundance

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Will make this new girl even more attracted to you. Just be playful and joke about it. Like the “lost and found“ comment.

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How can a girl leave without wearing underwear lol wtf

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Shush now this definitely happened

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Yeah this was my thought. I’ve never had a girl “forget” her panties. They’ve left plenty of earrings, bracelets and other trinkets, but never panties.

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I gotta do this

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Oh god I have made this same mistake a few times before. Don't acknowledge it any further. Just carry on like nothing happened.

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How did it turn out ?

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She will seize it as opportunity to press for upgrade or get some juicy drama. If it doesn't happen now she is saving it for later.

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It was never an issue. One time the more brazen girls made a joke about it that went something along the lines of how she knows she can't act up or try to make me jealous because I'll just replace her with one of the bitches swarming around my place. I don't remember exactly how she put it, but it was funny af.

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You're on fire, don't sweat it... the only mistake you made was squandering your time second-guessing yourself with this post. It may be worth considering, however, that there has never been a bitch born who ever 'accidentally' left her gear anywhere... sometimes this is a basic shit-test, sometimes it is merely base territoriality. Regardless, in the unlikely event that she turfs you for your 'sins', this is exactly the kind of shit that makes her friends want to fuck you. Victory.

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You should be giving advice here, not asking for it lol

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Well fuck, how should I react to this ?

Looks like you've scored some points to the plate game :)

Just laugh it out, "Oooops sorry" should do the job

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Never say this fucking word unless you've seriously shit the bed.

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      Don't back pedal. An "oops" isn't what your original comment stated, nor was using sarcasm.

      Keep apologizing, especially over text and report back on how well you're doing with women.

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                  There is a difference between “ooooops, sorry... 😏“ and “i am so sorry, please forgive me 😞“.

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                  Don't react to it. It isn't important at all. Just let it roll off you.

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                  Did this but with a couple black dresses left at my house. Well done.

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                  "Sorry I think those are your mom's"

                  "Sorry I think those are your grandma's"

                  "My bad I think those are my wife's"

                  "My bad I think those are my husband's"

                  "Nevermind, I forgot that I wore these last night"

                  I always give my guests a hard time when they leave something, accidental or not. I had a girl leave a hair clip in my room and I sent her a picture saying, "Is this your way of getting invited over again?

                  This past Saturday my guest said that she couldn't find her ring (not wedding lol) and she was certain that she brought it when she came over. I busted her balls and said very sarcastically, "okaaaay. You just happened to lose your ring. I'm pretty sure you planted it somewhere for the next girl to see it"

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                  Why would any female leave her underwear behind? Do people really forget to put on their underwear after a night of sex? I've never forgotten to put on my underwear. Seems a bit of a story this one

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                  I've had it happen quite a few times. One even bothered to take them off while using (or pretending to use) the toilet and then carefully buried them in my laundry basket.

                  They do it to either mark their territory or have an excuse to come back.

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                  Shit like that happens to me all the time... I'll can't for the life of me remember which movie I watched with who so it gets awkward haha
                  Earrings is a big one... actually happened last weekend.. then same girl left her freaking sandals yesterday.

                  The funniest is I'm big on blondes and have blonde's shampoo in my shower and always joke about it haha

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