Can we get those “Shit Test Buster Round” threads again on the main sub? (self.asktrp)

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For those who weren’t around here at the time, there used to be weekly threads on the main sub called “Shit Test Buster Rounds” or something liked that.

They consisted of maybe 5 shit tests, and people would reply with their most cunning responses. We would rate them, discuss, etc.

I feel like this might be actually something useful that we can contribute to game, as things are ever so evolving.

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Put one together on the main sub and I'll sticky it. Drop me a line in modmail when you post.

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I haven’t seen them but that sounds super useful for inexperienced people

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Even experienced peeps as well, there’s always more to learn, an edge to gain.

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I agree

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Nice name there friend

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It’s cool when people recognize it

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Guessing PIHKAL is on your bookshelf.

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T = tihkal lol

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I would support this.

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Just make one.

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Why is someone in here using on gaining more knowledge pertaining to one of the main reasons why we get into problems with females. Personally, I'd really enjoy more ammo for my arsenal vs my quick thoughtless responses from time to time. I mean even some links to those previous posts would be equally helpful so I can save them and mentally practice.

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When is someone make an app for shit test responses?

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That would be hilarious.

*girl shit-tests*

"Hold on let me check my phone real quick."

*alpha response*

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I kinda meant it in a quiz like format. But that's another option.

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*Speaks to app* "Hey Chad"

*Phone dings on*

"HB6 just said she has a boyfriend, but she's giving me fuck me eyes. How to approach?"

*Phone Chad trying to impersonate old Chinese man* "oooooh, ask her if you can have his numbah, and smirk"

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While it feels good to live vicariously through Alphas by watching them smack down shit tests, I don't see how this is going to help Game. A Beta guy could parrot all of this and it would just fall flat. Clever lines don't work when they come from a place of weakness. You just end up looking phony and the girl will know instantly. In any case, I fall more into the camp that says you can pretty much do or say any dumb shit as long as it comes from strength.

It would be fun to watch, though, and would be beneficial for those who have already internalized Game.

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Shit testception... what if this is a shit start itself? Hmmm nah

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Check Ilimitablemen's blogs.

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I think this is an excellent idea

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Consensus seems to be positive - who wants to fet the ball rolling?

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The mod team is not receptive to new stickies unfortunately

Edit: turns out they were - just not to some weekly new theory threads.

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They were weekly threads? I can only find the one called "Shit Test Buster Round 1"

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Ever since I found TRP 2 years ago, I always felt like real examples were a huge help when trying to internalize these principles vs. just reading the theories and trying to figure it out on your own.

Even the hard to believe field reports still helped out a lot. When I would read a post about a guy who gave a random girl strong eye contact and she walked over and kissed him on the neck I'd be like, "holy cow, I want to be this awesome, I'm gonna go approach!"

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I concur.

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I’m not so sure if it’s going to be that impactful—fun, but not impactful enough to make a major difference for newly exposed men. Sure, it can give men answers, but it’ll be of memory and it will come out corny, stiff, and uncreative if women have already heard it before. It would be like shitty knock-knock jokes if shit-test answers are planned.

It’s better to come up with shit-test answers on the spot with women and with friends, rather than think for minutes for a clever answer on the internet. Plus, a lot of shit-tests and shit-test answers are contextual. And although shit-tests are contextual and could possibly change over time, the foundations of shit-test answers are easily adaptable, especially agree&amplify.

Shit, it would be fun if there was another one though.

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I think people struggle coming up with shit test answers if they never seen one.

I get your point, that memorized answers are worse than original, on the spot ones, and that they'd hold more sincerity surely to them.

However, to someone starting out, if you knew some, that could help.

I see the problem also, someone who could've just started their dose, might have 0 skills, and their response could come across creepy or robotic rather than being a sailing pass. Levels on responses could be a good idea then, especially for those who may not be comfortable saying something which sounds remotely distant to their old state.

Idk. I just think if someone wants to improve, give them the ammo, and allow them to shoot. You gotta miss to improve.