I was just placed on a list of rapists at my university that is circulating twitter. How should I take action? (self.asktrp)

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A girl at my small liberal arts college made a post on twitter saying she had compiled a list of people she knows to be rapists at my university. She asked girls to dm her for the list, so it can be sent privately, and I got a screenshot of the list from a friend. My school is very small, and I know or know of almost every guy on that list.

My name was specially marked, because while she did not have evidence that I am a rapist- she believes I (and a few others who were given this special marking) are at risk to be rapists based off of things we have said. I cannot think of anything I have ever said around the wrong people that would justify me being placed on this list. Not to mention- while I do get around sexually... a good bit- I have played it on the extremely safe side. I have never had drunk sex, only fuck girls from a nearby college, and make sure everything is entirely consensual, to avoid the drama brought on in this almost dystopian college environment.

I just found out about this so I am still planning a course of action. At the moment I am at the very least going to take this to title ix. I am considering going to the law and dropping the fucking hammer with a defamation lawsuit. There are so many potential routes to take. While hitting back with title ix or a lawsuit might make an example out of her or stop the slander, it might also bring more attention to the accusations against myself and the others who have been falsely accused. And I know ignoring shit has worked in favor of some people before.

Advice on this is strongly appreciated. Especially from the red pill vets who have life experience dealing with crazy bitches trying to destroy their reputation.

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I fucking hate lawyers, but to everything there is a season. And for you my friend that time has come. You need to be aggressive and preemptive here. You need to contact a lawyer. The details will vary from state to state, but when you meet your attorney discuss 1) Defamation 2) Filing a police report 3) Title IX and 4) Any other avenues, such as restraining orders. Again, be proactive with the lawyer. Don't expect him to be your white knight with all the answers who will unerringly do the righteous thing and lead you to the promised land. Take the lead and be clear with your lawyer about the direction you are trying to take this.

If the lawyer is a cunt and provides no useful information, which happens more than you might like to think, ask about having him draft a cease and desist letter. It will be worth the investment. And contact the police to file a report all the same.

This should go without saying, but in no way are you to interact with this cunt on any level ever again, and especially not until this is resolved.

Good luck

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Solid advice, thanks.

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You will need to pay some money here OP.

Your reputation matters, guard it with your life.

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I hope he gets that bitch’s money on the court.

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    It's a small liberal arts college, I think his best bet is to consult a lawyer before doing anything.

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    They are more likely to suspend him and all the other guys on the "rape list" if they are a liberal college.

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      When I was at uni there was a similar situation and he reported the issue to them first, they suspended him whilst they looked into it. College policy (UK shit tier university) that they always suspend the males for the safety of the females.

      It got proven to be BS but the suspension was a strike on his record.

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        In the UK? I doubt that.

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        A lawyer writing a cease and desist letter will be more serious.

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          Do you talk to the cops before getting a lawyer? No you retard. Don’t make statements before consulting an expert. Sheesh.

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          I would go even further. Don't ever talk to police in the United States other than to say "what can I do for you officer?" "Here's my license and registration, etc." "Have a great day.", or "Officer, I appreciate you're just trying to do your job, but I'm going to have to wait for my lawyer. Sorry for the inconvenience"

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          100% contact a lawyer. Lawyer should send a cease and desist to university and/or get a judgment against circulator.

          Expect to spend $300. Worth every penny.

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          update us, i love hearing about karma biting someone in the ass.

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          A lot of people have been asking for updates so I’ll post the update as a reply to the top comment here. I found out about this on Saturday so I couldn’t do anything about it until today when everything is open. As of now I already have a separation order in effect- so if she tries to contact me or posts about me at all she will be violating the order and face serious consequences, even possible expulsion, title ix is meeting with the twitter false accuser in a few days to investigate, and multiple people have already reported it. I filed a report with the university police and will be filing a report with the city police soon. I was given contact info to a legal service that works with situations like this and I will be contacting them soon as well. A cease and desist letter from me is in the works and will be sent out within a few days. Other people on the list are being contacted and encouraged to report her. I plan on getting a group of these guys together to file a joint suit and sue the fuck out of her for defamation. Title ix is getting twitter to remove the posts from her page. This is all within the first half of Monday. Many moves are being made from many people across the board to incriminate her. I plan on making this the biggest mistake of her life.

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          don't be afraid to lawyer shop as well, I've had to engage a lawyer and I was surprised at the number of lawyers that didn't want to know me.

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          yes. some are bigger sharks than others. you may want a more aggressive one in certain situations

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          If he's in the US, he needs to be very very careful about suing her. Our freedom of speech laws are strong enough that if he has a flimsy case she can very probably make him pay her legal fees to defend herself.

          So if the lawyer he gets pushes back on this at all, that's probably a sign that it's a dumb idea. As in potentially harmful, not just a waste of time.

          Edit: formatting with new the site

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          Our freedom of speech laws are strong enough that if he has a flimsy case she can very probably make him pay her legal fees to defend herself.

          US lawyer here. Can you please explain why you think this?

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          (Anti?)-SLAPP state laws? Really depends which state you're in.

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          Mostly from reading too much popehat I think. The tone there tends to be rather gleeful whenever someone oversteps or missteps and gets subjected to anti-SLAPP rules.

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          Go scorched earth on her

          1. Contact a lawyer (multiple even) and discuss how you can set up a defamation lawsuit as well as a cease and dismiss letter

          2. Go to the highest power in title XI and the college asking for her to be kicked off college campus and if they don't expose them to as many local media out there

          3. File a police report and get a restraining order on her.

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          This x1000 times.

          Destroy her and burn her to the ground.

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          This is the only acceptable response, get in contact with legal counsel.

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          Another bit of advice I could use from you all: I know the state offers free legal services to defendants. But could I access the same free service? Full time student, have a little chunk of cash but I can’t afford full on legal help. What is the best course of action to get help from a lawyer without totally draining my pockets? That is unless I win a defamation lawsuit

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          An initial consult with an attorney to just give them the lay of the land is normally cheap or free (think of it as the sales pitch: they want your business but they need to hear what that business is then give you options to buy). From there the lawyer will give you your options and projected price ranges for those and you can decide from there. A cease and desist letter will likely be pretty cheap. Full on defamation case without easy settlement very expensive. Probably lots you can do in between.

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          Those are questions for the lawyer. You should be fine.

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          Universities often have free legal services for your first time. At least my uni did

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          Lol talk to a person who works for the fucking university?

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          No way would I give the university a heads up that I was coming with this. Next thing you know, you'll find yourself expelled. Find a GOOD outside lawyer who has YOUR side.

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          Thats what I was thinking

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          Talk to a legal consultant for free that’s completely confidential. Yes

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          Never mind I mis read the post I thought the university posted it.

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          Maybe you’re school might have a legal aide division. Wouldn’t her to look into it.

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          Call the cops on her. Have the other guys on the list do the same, everybody get restraining orders. She's no longer able to be anywhere on campus.

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          A restraining order can't prevent someone from attending school, it can only make them try to stay away from you to the best of their ability without getting in the way of their class, job, etc. If you are standing in their way to class, they can get close to you as long as they attempt to go around you.

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          Get a consultation with an attorney. Before meeting with them research a range of options to pursue such as a C&D letter, restraining orders, Title IX, defamation etc. See if you can get in contact with the others named on the list and recommend they take legal action against her as well. The wild and unsubstantiated claims she is making are extremely damaging to your reputation and others as well.

          She wants to play stupid games and now she can win stupid prizes. What a retard.

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          Take these sluts to the cleaners and throw everything you can at them. Please keep updating. I want to watch them burn.

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          I plan on it.

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          Above all, godspeed

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          Lawsuit. Defamation of character and possibly libel.

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          Check out the Anti-SLAPP laws in you state:

          Unless she has money though, your financial situation will probably be considerably burdened through action.

          In any case, keep backup copies of evidence on usb sticks. Archive.is and all that.

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          Thats fucked up man. You got some good advice here, stay strong and destroy this fucking bitch. Please update how things turn out

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          Don't take this shit, it'll become more ground into common thought as an ok thing to do.

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          As long as you aren't guilty of anything you are being accused of then you will be just fine.

          No, not really. Expeditiously start a dialogue and grievance against what you have learned.

          Document, report, follow up, ????, profit.

          Don't be those guys who is too passive then gets bit when the authority at leather wants to settle the matter.

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          This is fucking unacceptable. Show no mercy to this bitch. And if you can, give us an update with whatever happens. People need to know what the right course of action is in situations like this.

          Stay strong brother.

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          I'm not able to offer advice. but you should keep us posted on how things turn out.

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          Try contacting the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. They deal with false accusation cases. Www.thefire.org

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          Make sure to pull screenshot, urls, and any other evidence. You probably have a decent defamation case here. I would crosspost to /r/legaladvice.

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          The sad thing is that this is slander and if university policies weren't so fucked up, anti-men and liberal, she could get potentially expelled for this and face serious repercussions.

          I'd be careful having the school investigate this. One of my friends (he might have posted on here recently about this) had one of his "friends he knows go around telling everyone he raped a girl because he was made at him and got everyone to believe him. If he had gone to the school they would've investigated the whole incident and because he's not a girl, it would've likely no gone in anyones favor despite the fact he is innocent.

          I'd consult an attorney with this and let them take it up with the school or with the girl individually. You can deal with her without dealing with the school first.

          Also consult with the other guys in the list so you can make a joint case.

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          There is no defence against defamation of this nature... Pleas of "no I'm not" are futile. It won't get her to stop spreading lies, won't deter other women from passing along this list, won't clear your name.

          Your only viable option is full offence. Use every legal avenue available to you to thoroughly and publicly destroy that false accuser. Only her and her list being publicly discredited and punished can clear your name and restore your reputation.

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          I would say contact the other guys on the list and press charges together in a single law suit for all of you and share the costs of the lawyer with the other guys so you dont have to pay much.

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          Sounds like Libel.

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          I still can't believe that stuff I'm seeing after I had my eyes opened. What the fuck has the world come to, where any women can ruin a man's reputation... no, scratch that, many men's reputations in one shot just because they feel like it? I'm not MGTOW, but when I see something like this...

          Crazy, backwards times man. I wish OP the best of luck.

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          Thanks bro, my friend is also on this list, as well as many other competent and innocent individuals that I know. We are going to strike back really fucking hard.

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          Defamation/ damages lawsuit.

          Make her pay.

          Pun intended.

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          Isn't that slander?

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          I really like that idea, will probably just have to stick with c&d as I can’t afford to pay for a full defamation lawsuit. Unless I get everyone else pn that list on board and will all chip in. Waiting until after I talk to a lawyer to find out if I should contact them about it, but nonetheless I will do everything I can to fight back

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          Sure you can afford it. Most of those attorneys will work off a cut of the damages. They will probably also sue the school, who has depeer pockets, for allowing this to happen.

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          You will probably need proof that she sent a file which contains the list with your name on it.

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          I have proof, and a number of other screenshots showing her talking about the list and her post getting retweeted

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          Nuke her man. And update.

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          Also consider reading Vox Day's treatise on surviving attack from SJWs. Though your case is a bit different, it'll give you some insight in the kind of push back you could expect from defending your honour in the current modern context of witch hunt against men.


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          Yeah I will

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          Defamation suite towards her for sure, and possibly the school. Did they take active steps to prevent it once they knew, or reasonably ought to have known, of the tort occurring?

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          There is a ton of advice here. I think there is one additional thing you should do: contact the other guys on the list and give them the same advice you were given.

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          Nuke this cunts entire life and future

          [–]Sisu6972[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

          That’s in the process of happening right now. I’m doing everything I can to fight back and there will soon be about 15 other guys all doing the exact same thing.

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          I would sue for slander and defamation. Talk to the dean of the university first.

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          Definitely let all others on said list know about it and strike as a group. Try to find out names of all the women involved. Get lawyer to supenia all their social media accounts pertaining to the list.

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          Definitely don't listen to the guy who can't spell subpoena... you'll never find out all the women involved but you have a much better case targeting the university for not taking any action after you telk them.

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          Autocorrect and typing on my phone is going to lead to mistakes, kind of like how you 'can't spell' talk. Your advice is weak.

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          Supenia isn't a word, so it wouldn't get autocorrected. And he meant tell, not talk.

          It's OK to have shitty spelling and reading comprehension, but it makes you look like a bitch when you can't own your flaws. Own your shit.

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          Yawn. Learn to focus on the topic at hand, rather than try to attack the person you disagree with. You'll go a lot farther in life when you stop acting like trailer trash.

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          rather than try to attack the person you disagree with

          stop acting like trailer trash


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          Call a lawyer asap. Don't listen to anyone here. We aren't legal experts. Call a lawyer now!

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          Thats bullshit! sue her.

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          OP, I'm with you on this. You need to save your reputation and in order to do this you need to burn her unsolicited actions to the ground.

          Be machiavellian about it and stab your attacker who tried to stab you in the back in her back. She already gave you the evidence.

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          Holy shit, sketchy stuff. Please make an example out of this bitch before she fucks over more innocent men. Best wishes, stay safe bud.

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          OP I think the above comments already suggest to you what you should do. Please keep us updated though, would love to hear this tall tale. All the best mate.

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          Well I was going to say lawyer but a bunch of people already said it. Also keep us updated OP and good luck!

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          Everyone here has given phenomenal advice, please use it and update us.

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          Pretty sure that is defamation, I believe you are within your right to file a lawsuit and win.

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          Im really hoping for a follow-up thread. My justice boner wants to come out

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          my small liberal arts college

          Deserved it

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          sue that bitch

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          It seems someone watched season 2 of 13 Reasons Why... Good luck my man.

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          And MGTOW

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          Any updates?

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          I received an email from the person in charge of title ix at the school. They said (paraphrase) “due to policy we can not tell you the nature of the punishment dealt to the student but we can say that it was very serious” hopefully she was expelled but i don’t know yet. When I reported it to the school I mentioned in passing the potential for me to file a defamation lawsuit- I think that may have swayed them to act quickly on this. The whole case is not yet closed though- possibility for teaming up with the other guys on the list for a joint suit is still open. I have a separation order against this girl now so if she speaks to me in person, contacts me on the internet, or posts about me she can be expelled (if she hasn’t been already). Also reported her to the police. I have screenshots of every person who liked or reposted the tweet so I know who to cut off completely next semester. Preparing to go back to school with a lot of people hating me, fuck em. I’ll at least be polarizing. But yeah that bitch got what was coming to her and she’s gonna be hit with more shit.

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          Keep up the good fight m8!

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          What happened at the end?

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          Since you mentioned that you don’t know why you were placed on the list and others have already answered your question, I can think of some reasons why you were on the list:

          • She knows about your sexual promiscuity and lack of commitment to women. She’s doing this to consciously “protect her sisters”/subconsciously regulate the SMP since women’s imperative is to gain commitment.

          • She thinks you’re alpha so is attracted to you but is trying to hamster it away by labeling you as a potential rapist

          • She is friends with women you’ve slept with who want to get revenge on you

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          You need an expert. Get one. time is invaluable, money is made up and regenerates, spend both wisely. Separate the facts from emotions, and make a judgement call with a balance of both.

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          Just wanna say that from what I've read on your updates you were very brave and a great representative of TRP. One part of my mind says that you should call media attention to these fake accusations issues. On the other hand I don't know if that would be a the correct course of action for a proper man. I do find some value in taking this public considering other men might face the same problem as you did.

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          A lot of advice here, and you probably should contact a lawyer. Here’s my advice/questions for you.

          1 - Why the FUCK would you be on this list? Even “Alpha Chads” know the value of their place in society and wouldn’t find themselves on such a list... what have you done to cause this? Is it honest mistakes of you being fucking autistic? Bringing PUA tactical school into the wrong setting? Been too aggressive with a girl? Made assumptions? Really ask yourself questions. This can’t all be because of “crazy bitches.” While it may not ALL be your fault. Own the part that is and make changes in your approach to women & life.

          2- You should no longer date anyone at your school. NOONE. This will A - make it so no one at the school had any more material to judge you and B - make you more mysterious and show that your world is bigger than your super small school.

          These are in addition to the other advice your getting.

          [–]Sisu6972[S] 6 points7 points  (2 children)

          I didnt do shit to be put on this list. I am EXTREMELY careful when it comes to sexual encounters with anyone, especially those who go to my university. I keep almost all of my sexual partners at the college that is near mine. Girl who wrote this list is known to be crazy. Even though I don’t fuck with almost any girl at my school, a lot of people know I fuck. My friend had consensual drunk sex with a friend of the girl who wrote the list. Girl interpreted that as sexual assault (even though her friend that fucked was fine with it... and baked fucking cookies with him the day after). The girl who wrote the list put my friend on the list too, she probably associates me with him. I don’t give her or any of her friends any attention at all so she may also be salty about that. But I promise you I’m not a dumb fuck who would act in a way that would cause me to be on this list, just a crazy bitch out for attention happened to put me on there.

          [–]maxofreddit 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          Well then...

          I guess your answer to “Why am I on the list?” Is “Because crazy.”

          Sometimes all the prep work and carefulness we men have to use these still doesn’t protect us from crazy. While you should still lawyer up, I suppose you can take comfort in the fact that if when’s crazy like you say, there’s a very good chance you’re not the only one that knows. Everyone around her knows she’s crazy too. Hopefully that comes out before you receive any damage from said list.

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          "[friend of the poster] baked cookies [the day after brad and angie had sex]" ... do you have proof of this? That's huge. If you're considering taking this legal , you need to have a few proven undeniable points (text , pic, message, anything) that will convince a jury what REALLY happened... I'm not a lawyer and this should not be taken as formal advice, if I were still in school and in your shoes Id find an alumni that is in the law field and practicing in your area.

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          Why would he be on a list a pack of immature stupid hens are sitting around making shit up? Because women are just horrible as men, that's why. Sadly, your second bit of advice is good but also the saddest thing ever. College is supposed to be where you learn to interact and grow with the opposite sex. Everyone I know who got married met in college or at work. Now these places are magically supposed to be off limits? The most fucked up generation of women. You are going to destroy everything you have gained and end up right back in the kitchen.

          [–]maxofreddit -1 points0 points  (2 children)

          Why would he be on a list a pack of immature stupid hens are sitting around making shit up

          I get your point... but even at a very small school there are hundreds of names NOT on the list. While it may be true that a good number of them are totally beta and present no “threat” there are likely a number of alphas that are also not on the list.

          Did this guy stick his dick in crazy? Did he ghost the treasurer of the biggest sorority? I have no idea, but it’s worth taking a second to examine his life to see where there may be chinks in his armor.

          Re: college sexual & partner exploration being the saddest thing ever

          For my generation it was AIDS. We were taught that sex could literally kill you. It formed some weird habits and patterns for many of us. We all have our generational battles. That being said, I wouldn’t want this battle at all.

          [–]Sisu6972[S] 3 points4 points  (0 children)

          You do have me at ghosting. I ghosted a girl who is prominent in the most prominent sorority on campus. But again I have not done anything remotely close to something that should have me on that list. I have a number of girls at my school who tried to make moves on me and I passed on them, so I could see where I made people mad. But nothing to cause me being on a list like this.

          [–]SapperChimo 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          I also grew up with the AIDS epidemic. Wear a condom was the take home message. College was still a lot more fun than it is now.

          I don't give a fuck what chinks may be in this guys as armor. Just because some bitch thinks negatively of him does not giver her the right to label someone a rapist. Its no different than being labeled a petophile or murderer. There are major consequences when people think that about you. Think about how unjust and unfair that is to the OP.

          [–]Original_Dankster 2 points3 points  (0 children)

          Alphas can be dragged into false accusations, don't delude yourself. Usually it's women who wanted the guy but didn't get his attention, but could also be FWBs or ONS who convinced themselves they deserved a commitment.

          [–]Us3rn4m321 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          This is insane. I can't believe this shit actually happens. Awesome that all the brothers stick together immediately and strategise to protect one another. Brings a tear to my eye lol. Good luck brother...push through

          [–]ITouchMyselfAtNight -1 points0 points  (2 children)

          Was this list private? Or publicly posted?

          Devil's advocate - you're talking to your friend via private message and you tell your friend that some dude is a child molester (he isn't). Your phone gets hacked and the message becomes public. Are you liable for defamation? (Genuinely curious)

          [–]Sisu6972[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

          There was a tweet made claiming that she had compiled a list of all the rapists at my school, then asked people to dm her if they want the list. That way she can “protect the victims”. So she has been messaging people a list of names, I have screenshots. It’s still defamation either way.

          [–]ITouchMyselfAtNight 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          I am under the (perhaps incorrect?) impression that defamation has to be public. What you're describing is somewhere in the middle.

          Doing a little more research, if she sends it to people other than yourself, it has the potential to be defamatory IF AND ONLY IF she made a false factual statement. If there's no disclaimer and it states a false fact, then you've potentially got a case.

          If she qualifies the statement as an opinion/question/disclaimer, you're going to have an uphill battle. Any chance you can post the details minus the names?

          Do you recall if Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990? and the Streisand effect that came with it?

          [–]mrHappyPotatoe -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

          This list doesnt mean shit. You can be even child rapist but if you are jacked as shit they dont care.