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This guide is for your benefit, so please read it in full. I've broken it down into several sections for easy consumption. In the event the replies below aren't in order, use the Table of Contents below.


Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • KISS
  • Desires
  • The Red Pill
  • The Sexual Marketplace
  • Improving Sexual Market Value (SMV)

Note: if you're looking for the red pill handbook, that thread can be found here.


What did I make this guide? All too often guys grow up hearing the typical dating advice of:

  • “Just be yourself”
  • “Be confident”
  • “The right girl will come along some day”

As just about everyone who's found TRP knows, those statements aren't real advice and are at best little more than platitudes. So why don't they work? What are the alternatives?

  • Not realistic and overly simplistic
  • What good is it if Ms. Right walks though the door if you don't have the skills to get (and keep) her attention?
  • What's the alternative?
  • "Become the best version of yourself."
    – Neil Strauss

Keep It Stupid Simple (KISS)

  • Approach and Stay
  • Don't leave until they tell you to leave or they themselves walk away
  • Hit the gym
  • Old fashioned lifts are best
  • Eat right
  • Minimize fast food
  • Dress your best
  • Get into a habit of talking to everyone!


  • Goals <-- Before you go any further you should take a few hours and go through the steps in that thread and really think long and hard about what you want out of life, relationships, you name it.
  • Standards & Expectations

What qualities do you want in a mate?

  • Personality
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Economic
  • Cultural
  • Screen for qualities you seek
  • Speak up! Let her know what you want
  • What happens if they fail to measure up?
  • If there are consequences then you MUST follow through


  • Come up with a few goals and think about how you'll achieve them
  • What are some standards and expectations?
  • What happens if they don't measure up?


  • What is the Matrix?
  • Terms and Theory
  • Women like sex!
  • Rational Male's Iron Rules of Tomassi
  • Heartiste's 16 Commandments of Poon

What is the Matrix?

In other words:

“Seeing reality for what it is is the first step in changing it.”
– Tom Leykis

Terms and Theory

This section presents core ideas and theory found in TRP:

1st Rule of Relationships: In any relationship, the person with the most power is the one who needs the other the least

Alpha, Beta, Omega, oh my! You often see talk in our community regarding alpha and beta males, but it's important to understand this is merely a framework for understanding the social pecking order. Ultimately the goal is to find balance.

  • Alpha = Dopamine = Exciting
  • Beta = Oxytocin = Bonding


There's no quick blurb to quote to put this into context. You've got to read the sub articles. Once you do you'll see why this is associated with risk taking and excitement.

More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dopamine


Oxytocin is a powerful hormone. When we hug or kiss a loved one, oxytocin levels drive up. It also acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. In fact, the hormone plays a huge role in pair bonding.

More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxytocin

Alpha Widow: A woman who's past lover was an “alpha” male

  • May still fantasize or have lingering feelings for him despite being in a new relationship with a “beta”

Anti-Slut Defense (ASD): Women’s internal fear of being judged as a slut by her peers, family, or society. It is also why the creation of plausible deniability before sex is often important so not to appear as if having sex was in any way "her fault".

Approach Anxiety: A combination of fear of rejection and stage fright, aka “Love Shyness”

Body Agenda: Body agenda is a shorthand for describing our instinctive sexual desires and instincts that shape our mating habits and sexual strategy. They differ between men and women and that's okay. To quote Athol Kay:

...your body has its own agenda that it’s pursuing… it wants to make babies… and your highly intelligent homo sapiens brain is in fact a tool it uses to get that job done. To be sure, we can think logically and make decisions, but we’re not nearly as in control of ourselves as we’d like to think we are. Hormones and neurotransmitters are our bodies’ way of telling us what to do.

Boobs vs Booze: Men looking at attractive women have the same parts of the brain activated as when drinking

Briffault's Law: The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

Dark Triad Personality, aka why “chicks dig jerks”: A catchall phrase that describes the personality types MANY women are naturally attracted to:

  • Narcissistic
  • Machiavellian
  • Psychopathic

Why are women attracted to these “bad boys”?

  • Power-driven (status)
  • Low neuroticism and extroverted
  • Low amounts of empathy and agreeableness
  • Not prone to being needy or over investing

In other words they're a challenge and tend to live life by their own rules. Some research on the subject has also shown that Dark Triad personality types are more likely to be successful in business. Furthermore:

  • Works best for short-term mating strategy
  • Being disagreeable (an asshole) is attractive to women
  • Being power-hungry is attractive to women
  • Never sweating the small stuff is attractive to women

In other words, being an aloof, uncaring asshole — an amalgamation of all the above traits — makes you optimally attractive to the greatest number of women (in the short term). However, these traits are NOT conducive to emotionally healthy long-term relationships.

Feminine Imperative: The tendency of media and culture to put women first, excuse their misdeeds (see also: rationalization hamster), and criticize any holding of accountability or pointing out of double standards as being “anti-women”.

The greatest threat to the Feminine Imperative is men becoming self-aware of their own sexual market value and the dissemination of information about how the imperative uses this lack of awareness to perpetuate itself.

Feminine Imperative: Example
Feminine Imperative: How it happened

The feminine imperative is also why so much of what we discuss here rubs people the wrong way. Humans have same-group preference for many things, but when it comes to gender all bets are off. What scientists have found time and time again is that women have same-group preference, but men do not. Furthermore, a large portion of men in fact prefer women's group preference over men's when the two come into contention. There's some interesting theories why that's the case, namely that those who kowtowed the feminine imperative line had better odds of reproducing.

Ultimately we challenge the status quo. As such we face mountains of opposition both online and in the real world, and it will challenge your resolve at times. Those who stick it out and come full circle with the self-improvement process will see lifelong improvements in themselves and interactions with others. However, a common result of which is that you will quite possibly lose some friends along the way, and for two primary reasons:

  • Your successes are a reminder of their failures
  • People resist change, and you moving up the pecking order is exactly that

Friend-Zone: Mental frame used primarily by women to disqualify certain men as sexual prospects

Kino: A pickup artist term for haptics, or non-verbal communication through touch, the purpose of which is her becoming comfortable with growing levels of intimacy between the two of you.

Last Minute Resistance: Contrary to feminist sloganeering, no doesn't always mean no. Often times “no” simply means “not yet”. Simplest advice is to back off and try again later, or if she's adamant and clearly shutting you down. Some people in the red pill community have also made the point that LMR is the female equivalent of approach anxiety for men.

Humblebragging: Covertly bragging by making good aspects of your life seem bad. For example:

Girl 1: “Can you believe it, I've been hit on 3 guys tonight already. We just got here! What a bunch of losers, I wish they'd just leave us alone so we can dance in peace.
Girl 2: “Yeah, totally! 4 guys approached me already too! I hate that.”

They are both bragging about how many men have hit on them, with the additional subtext of girl 2 saying she's gotten more interest than girl 1.

Hypergamy: Commonly referred to as “marrying/dating up”. In a dating sense this translates to being attracted to men of high(er) status than that the women hold themselves. The grand irony of feminism is that the more successful a woman becomes, the fewer desirable men exist above her on the socioeconomic ladder. Translation: women's success = smaller dating pool.

Indicators of Interest/Disinterest (IOIs & IODs): Cues a woman is interested or disinterested.

Mere-exposure effect: The more we're exposed to a product or idea, the more likely we'll prefer it over lesser-known alternatives.

Nice Guys Finish Last: Being nice isn't itself an attractive quality. In fact, being nice often turns women off; they must be attracted first! If not you risk coming off as needy, clingy, over-investing.

  • We value more what we have to earn

Oneitis: An intense romantic obsession with one person (“the one”) to the point of being counter-productive.

Orbiter: Men who are friend-zoned, but kept around for a variety of reasons:

  • Resources
  • Validation/attention
  • “In case of emergency, break glass for dick”

The main reason most men allow themselves to be friend-zoned – biding their time hoping they still have a shot to have sex with her.

Peacocking: Drawing attention to yourself in a positive way so women have something to initiate a conversation about. There are good and bad ways of doing so.

Plate Spinning: When spinning plates, a man will have a natural, subconscious (but not exclusively) understanding that if one prospect does not work out, others may. This perspective change often manifests in a man’s behavior that women key on covertly.

  • Opportunity and options makes the man the prize
  • Confidence is derived from options
  • Gives men the ability to NEXT women without worrying about “what's next?”
  • Women would rather share a high value man than miss out on him entirely, or worse...be stuck with a loser
  • Monogamy is a byproduct, not a goal
  • “Dating around” gives you experience to know what you want and don't want
  • Be honest; never imply exclusivity
  • Develop buffers
  • Women freely spin plates, we're usually just oblivious
  • They're usually more adept at hiding it; ASD
  • Metered attention
  • Spinning plates can help divide your time and attention so you don't over invest with any one woman
  • Created scarcity

Preselection: Females tend to prefer males who have already been chosen by other females of their species.

Propinquity effect: The tendency for people to form friendships or romantic relationships with those whom they encounter often.

  • “Like attracts like”
  • The higher people's propinquity level, the more likely they'll form some type of relationship. For example, living in the same city is higher than different cities, same neighborhood is higher than different neighborhoods, and so on.

Rationalization Hamster: Analogy for the thought processes used by women to turn bad behavior and bad decisions into acceptable ones to herself and her friends. When a woman makes a bad decision, the hamster spins in its wheel (the woman’s thinking) and creates some type of acceptable reasons for that bad decision. The crazier the decision, the faster the hamster must spin in order to successfully rationalize away the insanity.

Rejection: Good game takes thousands of approaches. You'll eventually become acclimated so that it doesn't bother you.

Sexual Marketplace: The sexual economy of supply and demand for sex and relationships.

Sexual Market Value (SMV): One's worth in the sexual marketplace; often conflated with one's attractiveness.

Shit Tests, aka Fitness Tests: Subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) tests women do on purpose or subconsciously to test men.

  • Typically a congruence test
  • Occasionally as a rapport break as a hamfisted form of flirting
  • How to handle shit tests
  • More often than not women actually have pretty bad “game”

Social Proof: Perceived value of someone in a social setting

Women like sex! Just look at women's advertising – the media gives them what they want:

  • How to get sexy
  • To attract the best possible mate
  • To have more sex
  • Sex tips
  • To secure their “alpha” male
  • Enjoyment

And it's not just Cosmo! Look at the last picture above, the media directed at jailbait is no different! On that note, know your state's Age of Consent.

  • 16 is the most common
  • Crossing state lines becomes a federal issue and the age of consent automatically bumps to 18

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Improving SMV

  • Fitness & Fashion
  • Social Attributes
  • Status
  • Game

Fitness & Fashion

  • Being fit is itself an attractive quality. It evokes feelings of safety and protection and overrides height issues for short men
  • Body fat should be under 20%. 10-15% is attainable AND maintainable
  • Obesity epidemic means 33% of American's are clinically obese and another 33% are clinically overweight. This translates to being at a healthy body composition nowadays is effectively a form of peacocking. And being 10-15% bf plus being jacked most certainly is!

High Intensity Interval Training (sprints)

  • Tabata protocol -- 8 rounds of 20 seconds maximal effort + 10 second recovery
  • Prowler sled
  • Stick to the core lifts

Diet -- “You can't out-train a bad diet”

  • Keep it simple = Paleo or Zone

No such thing as “cardio” (intensity is key)

  • James Steele II
  • Doug McGuff

Weight training – Stick to the big lifts

  • Squats
  • Deadlift
  • Press (bench, overhead press)
  • Pull (pull-ups, rows)

Beginners: stick to the basics!

  • Starting Strength is a fantastic program for beginners and intermediates alike
  • New Rules of Lifting
  • Forget the high volume workouts found in muscle magazines!

Stick to a schedule

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Routines help stay on track and avoid slips
  • Pick a gym that's on your route to/from work
    -- Morning person = closer to home
    -- Afternoon person = closer to work

Rest and Recovery is critically important

  • A meal following a workout is advised
  • Most people do well with somewhere in the 7-9 hours of sleep range
  • Many people overtrain and have no idea they're doing it until an injury occurs

Fashion tips:

  • Shoes AND belt should match each other and your outfit

Black vs Brown

  • Clothes should properly fit; avoid bad fit disease

Example 1 (bad)
Example 2 (good)
Example 3 (bad)
Example 4 (good)
Example 5 (bad)
Example 6 (good)

Here are a couple before and after pictures of what is achievable just by getting your fitness and fashion in order:

Before After

Before After

The pictures speak for themselves.

Women do the same too, only their tools are a bit different

  • Fashion
  • Showing skin
  • Faking hallmarks of fertility, which are the cornerstone of what men are attracted to
    -- Pushup bras
    -- Implants
    -- Makeup
    -- Corsets
    -- Hair coloring, wigs, and extensions

All of these things are analogous to men lying about having a high status job or any other way of emulating high status.

Before After

Yes that's the same woman.


  • If you're not working out already, why not?
  • If you think you are fashion savvy, why didn't you dress sharp for class?
  • How does this section apply to your goals? Take a few minutes and modify them accordingly


  • Reading People
  • Body Language
  • Verbal Communication
  • Eye Contact

Reading People

  • IOIs & IODs: 3 most important are:
    -- Laughing
    -- She touches you
    -- Re-initiates conversation
  • Proximity
    -- Women stop somewhere in roughly a 10' bubble -- You have about 1 minute to approach

Body Language

  • Think about your posture & take up space
  • Slow down body movements
  • Be mindful of where you are facing
  • Mirror body language (and height)
  • Eliminate fidgeting & pecking – mood killers
  • Keep your hands out of your pockets!
    -- Sign of insecurity and nervousness
  • Hand gestures should stay about waist height or slightly below
    -- Hold your drinks at this level

Verbal Communication

  • Tone, pitch, projection, pacing
  • Slow down!
    -- Take a moment to think about what you're trying to say, not what you're going to say – there's a difference
    -- You're important, they'll wait
  • “Pregnant pauses”
  • Eliminate filler words as best you can
  • Rehearsing helps immensely
    -- “Perfect practice makes perfect”

Eye Contact

  • Far too many people are afraid to make eye contact these days
  • Stare people down as you pass them to get in the habit of making eye contact
  • Try to notice their eye color
  • Pause for a second before looking away
  • If you're hesitant or insecure, look at their nose or imagine you're checking to see if they have unibrow – they won't know the difference!


  • What did you just learn?
  • How can this help achieve your goals?


Status is KING!

  • Education can take years, so focus on areas that will have solid ROI
    -- No guarantee you'll move up the corporate ladder
  • Far easier to build fresh social alignments (with elevated status at the start) than changing your status within existing social circles
  • Host events based on your interests
    -- Invite women out to these events so they see you at your best / most attractive


  • What drive social alliances?
  • First impressions
  • External vs Internal
  • Breaking Rapport
  • Qualification
  • “Gift of gab”
  • Training Wheels

What drive social alliances?

  • Propinquity
  • Mere-exposure effect
  • Investment – Second most important element
  • The person least invested controls the relationship
  • Build investment mutually like a layered cake
  • Qualification drives the process
  • Start out investing slightly less than the other person
    -- Helps get them to “chase”
  • Investment
    -- Example of what NOT to do -- How many of you text like this?
  • Scale back how much interest you're showing (3:2 ratio)

First impressions

  • You have roughly 6 seconds
  • Forget the “3 second rule” – it burns up half this time just standing there
  • How you move plays an important part
  • Being rejected: They don't know anything about you as a person, they're just rejecting your approach methodology


  • What you say to break the ice (open) isn't actually all that important
  • How you say it is what matters
  • Should not put them on edge or make them defensive (build comfort)
  • The entire point is to transition into a real conversation

Direct vs Indirect

  • Each has it's own merits
  • Direct is better for situations where time is limited and/or seeing if they're naturally interested
    -- See also: Bell Curve

External vs Internal Game

  • External Game, aka Outer Game is all of the things you do and say
  • Techniques / Gambits (pickup)
  • Structured approach

Internal Game is your beliefs, self-worth, character

  • Disabusing yourself of “blue pill” thinking
  • Understanding of the sexual marketplace

Breaking Rapport

  • Saying “no”, back-turns, playful teasing, getting physical, they all fall under a larger umbrella of something called “flirting”
  • Break rapport as soon as you have comfort
    -- Bigger the rapport break, the more comfort is required to smooth things over
    -- Longer you wait to rebuild comfort, the more comfort is required
  • Statement of Intent – “sexy”


  • Touch her with something cold
  • Pick her up and spin her
    -- Displays strength which evokes feelings of safety & protection
  • Playfully push her away
  • Stop speaking and just stare
    -- Builds tension which itself is a rapport break
  • Physical and verbal escalation are forms of rapport breaks


  • Give her a silly nickname
  • Mimic her in a funny way
  • Tell her she's old if she's really younger


  • Say “no”
  • Say “I bet you can't xyz”
  • When asked to do something, don't comply and instead ask “why?”
  • Cancel a plan you made
  • Dislike something she likes


  • Take a sip of her drink without asking if you're holding one for her
  • Ask for some form of compliance before doing something she requested
  • If she's not investing, challenge her on it
    -- "Come on, don't be gay”


  • If she's teasing you, just look at her and say “Weak”
  • Verbal mind-games
    -- Ask her which sentence is correct, “The yolk of the egg is white,” or “The yolk of the egg are white.” When she answers explain that the yolk of the egg is yellow.


  • Saying you like a trait she doesn't have
    -- “I like blonds” and she's a brunette
  • Have her see you talk to other women
  • Preselection plus the rapport break is mighty powerful stuff
  • Mention your “girlfriend”
    -- Can later recover by explaining your girlfriend is actually a girl...friend and that you have lots of them, just like she probably has lots of guy friends
  • Powerful tool for mitigating problems during an interaction
    -- Disqualify objections before they are made
  • Also useful for breaking rapport (flirting) and can be used to frame others (3rd parties) in a negative light
    -- Useful for getting others to want to fulfill expectations and getting them to qualify themselves to you


  • Large physical escalation
  • Saying something about her is “sexy”
    -- As a rule of thumb I always do this so she knows my intent – avoids the “friend-zone”
  • Turning the topic of conversation to sex
    -- People → Relationships → Sex

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GAME Continued...


  • Arguably the most important long-term aspect of Game
  • “Don't stick your dick in crazy”
  • Screens for women who are a good match
    -- Remember the Bell Curve
  • Drives investment
  • Combats ASD
    -- You are demonstrating interest in more than just her looks!
  • Prince Charming is discriminating because he has options
    -- Is a type of preselection
    -- Being choosy shows you're not afraid of her
    -- Beggers can't be choosers
    -- Gets the rationalization hamster going -- Does he have options? Do I have competition? (built-in dread game)
  • Best when based on real things about your life
  • Don't punish investment, even if it wasn't up to your standards – change topics
  • Reward with some form of haptics, aka “kino”
    -- This is the basis of escalation!

  • Qualification statements and hoops are two methods I like to use because they're simple and effective
    -- Qualification statements can invoke the natural human instinct to want to live up to expectations

  • Small qualification hoops are typically yes/no questions
    -- Are generally boring “interview” questions
    -- Build minimal investment
    -- If she answers and then goes into a longer answer, that's an indicator she's interested in the subject and might like you

  • Medium qualification hoops typically follow yes/no questions

  • Large hoops are open-ended and/or very personal questions

Note: If they won't commit to answering a question, shrink the hoop down a level

Also, qualification and disqualification used in tandem is extremely powerful.


  • How do rapport breaks and qualification correlate to your goals and desires?
  • Come up with a few examples of each

“Gift of gab”

  • Goal of conversing is to develop investment
  • Guys usually do the heavy lifting at first
  • Vertical vs Horizontal
  • Horizontal is surface stuff that doesn't dig deeper
  • 4WH
  • Thoughts & Emotions
  • Check-ins
  • Have a few topics in mind and screen for common interests
    -- Common topics for professional types are Relationships / People, Hobbies, Career / Job, and Travel
    -- Younger women typically are interested in Beaches, Shopping, Movies, Partying
    --Choose topics that will be of interest to your type of women
  • Don't be afraid of the occasional awkward silence -- Can be thought of as rapport breaks
  • Build commonalities
    -- You give a little, they give a little
    -- Multilayer cake
  • Statements...then questions
    -- Texting should flow this way too
  • Reward, statement, question – in that order -- Essentially qualification and escalation
  • Personal stories should focus on the topic, not yourself

Training Wheels

  • Keep it simple: revisited
  • Approach and stay until they tell you to leave or they walk away
  • Embrace awkward silences
    -- They're a form of rapport break
  • If they break the silence with “sooo....” that's a form of investment on their part
    -- You broke rapport, now they're seeking comfort with you!

Instigate – Isolate – Escalate

  • Approach
  • Build comfort
  • Break rapport
  • Build comfort
  • Lock-in
    -- If doing so is a rapport break, then build comfort
  • Qualify, qualify, qualify! -- If it's a rapport break, build comfort immediately after
  • When they jump through hoops, escalate
    -- Escalation is often a rapport break, so build comfort afterwards
  • Build commonalities
  • Builds comfort & rapport
  • When you have comfort, break rapport
    -- This is the building blocks of flirting; it's emotional stimulation
  • Seed reasons to stay in touch
    -- Swap contact details by calling back to the above reasons you seeded earlier in the conversation
    -- “What's the best way to stay in touch?”

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can you expand on what you mean by building comfort and how the relation between comfort and breaking rapport works?

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The qualification part was confusing. If you expand it, I think it would be helpful. I say this because I've read quite a good amount about these topics, and found that section to be the most hard to understand as I was reading through.

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You need to find much better before/after pictures, in my opinion. Those ones you use are definitely not the most effective (the clothes ones are fine, it is the before and after for fitness and fashion)

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The Sexual Marketplace

  • Defined
  • Fantasy vs Reality
  • The Bell Curve
  • Hidden Realities of the Dating Paradigm


  • Gary Becker was the first to describe human behavior in terms of economics
  • Roy Baumeister further refined the idea
  • A heterosexual community can be analyzed as a marketplace in which men seek to acquire sex from women by offering other resources in exchange.
  • Societies will therefore define gender roles as if women are sellers and men buyers of sex.
  • Societies will endow female sexuality, but not male sexuality, with value (as in virginity, fidelity, chastity).
  • The sexual activities of different couples are loosely interrelated by a marketplace, instead of being fully separate or private, and each couple’s decisions may be influenced by market conditions.
  • See also: Briffault's Law
  • Economic principles suggest that the price of sex will depend on supply and demand, competition among sellers, variations in product, collusion among sellers, and other factors.
  • Prostitution is illegal and Age of Consent laws were created in order to raise the cost of sexual access by lowering supply. Artificially props up older women's sexual market value, which (surprise, surprise) are the very people who demanded those laws
  • Research findings show gender asymmetries (reflecting the complementary economic roles) in prostitution, courtship, infidelity and divorce, female competition, the sexual revolution and changing norms, unequal status between partners, cultural suppression of female sexuality, abusive relationships, rape, and sexual attitudes.
  • Male and female sexuality not valued equally. This is what allows for money = sex.
  • The sexual revolution considerably lowered the price of sex (to women's detriment). See also: women in college and those 30+ respectively bemoaning hookup culture and “no good men”

Fantasy per the Feminine Imperative


  • Supported by and propagated throughout the mainstream media.



  • SMV is not equal; changes as we age and differs dramatically between men and women

Hidden Realities of the Dating Paradigm

  • The entire paradigm flip-flops as we age. By mid to late 30s men have the power and continue to do so for the rest of our lives.
  • Settling down in your 20s is a mistake as you don't realize your full potential until your 30s
  • Sexual Market Value (SMV) can be improved manually

The Bell Curve


  • Green represents women naturally attracted
  • Yellow is where most women fall; game matters!
  • Red represents women who no matter what you do they're just not going to be into you
  • Goal is to minimize the red and maximize the green sections though self-improvement

I wrote more on this here.


  • Think back to your goals and standards & expectations. How does this section apply to them?
  • Take a few minutes and refine as needed

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Iron Rules of Tomassi -- This is not a full list of his "rules" and are merely those I felt were core ones to grasp as quickly as possible for those freshly freed from the Matrix.

Frame is everything. Always be aware of the subconscious balance of who’s frame in which you are operating. Always control the Frame, but resist giving the impression that you are.

  • Always be on the lookout for Shit Tests, aka Fitness Tests

NEVER, under pain of death, honestly or dishonestly reveal the number of women you’ve slept with or explain any detail of your sexual experiences with them to a current lover.

Any woman who makes you wait for sex, or by her actions implies she is making you wait for sex; the sex is NEVER worth the wait.

NEVER allow a woman to be in control of the birth control

  • Always use protection and CYA
  • Paternity fraud is a real issue—get paternity tests!
  • Child support is a ridiculous system you do NOT want to suffer, not to mention there's no guarantee/requirement the money will even be used on the child's needs. Tom Leykis calls it “vaginamony” for a reason.

Women are utterly incapable of loving a man in the way that a man expects to be loved. What this means is that women are incapable of loving men in a way that a man idealizes is possible, in a way he thinks she should be capable of.

  • Don't buy into the Disneyesque/rom-com version of relationships
  • See also: Briffault's Law

It is always time and effort better spent developing new, fresh, prospective women than it will ever be in attempting to reconstruct a failed relationship. Never root through the trash once the garbage has been dragged to the curb. You get messy, your neighbors see you do it, and what you thought was worth digging for is never as valuable as you thought it was.

Always let a woman figure out why she wont fuck you, never do it for her.

Never Self-Deprecate under any circumstance. This is a Kiss of Death that you self-initiate and is the antithesis of the Prize Mentality. Once you’ve accepted yourself and presented yourself as a “complete douche” there’s no going back to confidence with a woman. Never appeal to a woman’s sympathies. Her sympathies are given by her own volition, never when they are begged for – women despise the obligation of sympathy. Nothing kills arousal like pity.

Heartiste's 16 Commandments of Poon

  • Never say ‘I Love You’ first
  • Make her jealous
  • You shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority
  • Don’t play by her rules
  • Adhere to the golden ratio
  • For every 3 texts or “I love you”, reply with 2 of your own
  • Keep her guessing
  • Always keep two in the kitty (spin plates)
  • Say you’re sorry only when absolutely necessary
  • Connect with her emotions
  • Ignore her beauty
  • Be irrationally self-confident
  • Maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses
  • Err on the side of too much boldness, rather than too little
  • Fuck her good
  • Maintain your state control (Frame control)
  • Never be afraid to lose her


  • What risks do we take becoming Red Pill aware?
  • How does this help us?

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One day you guys might have a daughter and if she dates a guy who is 'red pill' I guarantee you will want to kill the bastard. Just bear that in mind guys. Peace.

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God bless you bsutansalt. You've basically explained everything. Doing God's work for this subreddit.

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Sure it's a great post but it's in the sidebar. Everyone posting in this subreddit or our main one should know this already.

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IT IS?! Holy shit. Overlooked that warrants me rereading the sidebar again.

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If you don't mind. I'm gonna steal everything from here and translate it to spanish for my blog (about the red pill in spanish, since there seems to be no one talking about this... in spanish)

It's more detailed than the last one. Great writing!

EDIT: So here it is, in case anyone needs it in spanish: http://laredpill.com/?p=60

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Solid effort. Now we just need a way to organise this info with anchors so that specific parts can be linked to. Would also be good to be able to link good askTRP posts and answers to various subheadings as nothing helps you learn a concept quicker than seeing it in a real life example. E.g. Thanks for your question, here is a link that explains a concept you need to understand, as well as 3 similar questions with great answers and discussion we can all learn from.

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Hey i'd appreciate if someone could help me out

I've been hitting the gym 6 times a week for almost a year now and I have internalized alot of the redpill truths. But I am wondering how to get started with game as I find it very overwhelming.

I have been getting into the habit of talking to people a bit but its usually just a hey and how is it going and that's it as I usually feel awkward and that it's out of place to be getting into deeper topics.

What do you guys recommend on getting started with game, as this is the one I struggle with,which I attribute to my poor social skills

Do I have to go out and hit on girls ? I dont like that thought as first its scary (I know thats a sign that I should be doing it ) and 2nd I never go to clubs and as I said I have super sucky social skill. (tips on developing them?)

23 male from europe here o/

Edit: yeah I feel silly haha thx anyways

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Just wandered into this... Dear God if any of you blokes are dumb enough to believe this shit then you've got bigger problems than not getting any sex!!! Here's a tip FROM AN ACTUAL GIRL: we are human. We like to know that you are human too. You don't need to try to impress us, you just need to be kind, genuine and not smell like a) you haven't washed in a month or b) an entire can of Lynx deodorant. And if you spend all your time working out and worrying about meeting girls then you probably won't meet many. Find something to do that interests you, then you'll always have something to talk about, and you've more chance of meeting someone with similar interests. Try something new, try something that scares you - these things will instantly make you more appealing and are great conversation starters. Sure, get healthy, get some self-confidence, but don't assume that just because a girl is wearing a push-up bra that she wants to sleep with you, or gives a shit about whether you're a CEO or a street-sweeper. Weirdly (and I know this complicates things for some of you) some of us are not that shallow! And if you think anything on the "Commandments of Poon" thing above is good advice then good luck finding anything more than a casual shag because if you're looking for love, it most definitely ain't amongst any of THAT! Nothing against casual sex but it should be for the right reasons, not because you're "working on your game"... I'm off to copy and paste this whole page now to let my single girlfriends know what they're up against. Damn!!

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Your comment is falling on deaf ears. AWALT and give it a rest.

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What the frak is AWALT?😒

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All Women Are Like This

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Oh wow, you have a vagina, why/how does that make anything you say any more important? You wouldn't need to state you sex if your arguments stood on their own.

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Well duh! Because this is really crappy advice about picking up GIRLS! If guys are going to believe this utter tripe then they obviously don't have much experience with girls - so I'm giving them a genuine PoV from a real GIRL - not some guy high on his own testosterone who thinks he's gods gift to women and blatantly doesn't have a clue... How many guys reading this have ever actually talked to a real girl openly about this sort of thing? Not many judging by the other comments on here... Just sayin'!

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The fact that you think being a girl somehow makes your point of view more valuable, instead of you know, backing it up with facts like the rest of the people on this sub, as well as ignoring and obviously using ad hominem attacks on people who actually have a LOT of experience with woman just shows how right we are.

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Ok, I really can't be arsed to get into an argument with you about something so utterly pointless but, for the sake of my own mental integrity:

1: I never said my opinion was more important, I just wanted to offer a female point of view. Men's "success" with women on this site is purely anecdotal, there is no "fact".

2: There was no attacking on my part, merely defence actually, from the blatant narcissistic chauvinism exhibited above.

3: I actually really like guys, (I'm very happily married to one) I'm not a militant feminist or a manhater, I just fear for the girls being subjected to this testosterone-fuelled behaviour and the guys being naively drawn into it.

4: FYI I also have a LOT of experience with women, and not just coz I am one, I've dated them too. Only difference here is that I haven't got the testosterone clouding my judgement or self-perception. I also have this weird idea that life should be about mutual respect and an equal contribution to each other's lives based on that, not a 'game' or a competition to see who can dominate who - and that works pretty well in the 15year relationship I am currently in.
Even if I was a guy - everything in my first comment still stands as a valid opinion - maybe not in your eyes, but then you clearly have a pretty low opinion of women don't you.

TL:DR: I don't hate guys, I just think women are more than walking vaginas and men are more than money, muscles and 'poon' radars (which this site seems to reduce us to). I don't think my opinion is more important, just more carefully considered.

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Darling, I have a low opinion of everyone who lacks the ability of self analysis and understanding of how things work. I'm not here to explain why you're obviously short a few, the fact you think testosterone clouds judgement or self perception or the idea that understanding and being truthful about human psychology, regardless of how much it hurts your little feelings, is narcissisticc chauvinism.

You literally do nothing for your self but prove our rhetoric, in this alone, you attribute our dominant neurochemical as a judgement clouder, and having self respect, sets of morals, and loving yourself like some kind of bad thing. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's not narcissistic chauvinism to not accept your opinion.

If I can point you to the rules of the subreddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/about/rules/

Try read the points about "No moralizing", "Do not insult or harass members." and most importantly in this situation (And copy pasted, as I understand you feel above the rules already).

"Remain "sexless" while posting Posts & Comments Women frequently use their sex to try and seize special attention on the internet. This does not fly in our community. Having a vagina does not afford your words special weight or wisdom. If you are female, do not say "woman here," or "as a female" or anything that identifies you as such. Your comments and posts should be able to stand on the merit of your ideas alone."

That's all your back up is that you have a pair of tits, but news flash darling, nobody gives a flying fuck :)

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Funny, I thought loving yourself was a pretty big part of narcissism, and degrading women (referring to them as slates, sluts and 'poon') would be considered both chauvinistic and insulting. My bad, I'll go shut my mouth and wait until some guy asks me to open it again so he can stick his dick in it shall I?!?!

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Yes, that would be lovely, thank you.

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My tits and vagina have nothing to do with this; the fact that I studied psychology at uni is slightly more relevant. But it doesn't surprise me that you would hone in on my body parts...

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If they have nothing to do with this, don't bring them up.

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Hi thanks for this comprehensive guide.

Is there any filter in TRP where I could only read only EC's post. For example I wish to read only the Senior Endorsed posts.

How do I do it?


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Good question. Message the TRP mods and see what the others say.

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Thanks for this. I just bought "Starting Strength". I am going to go to a new Gym starting February that has free weights.

I am concerned that the first few times I would want a pro with me to make sure my squat positioning is proper. What's the best way to find a good trainer for 2-3 sessions that does things the way starting strength recommends?

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For an alternative on goal setting, try focusing in sustaining habits after setting a flexible direction instead.

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Sustaining one's habits is what the 30 day challenges are for.

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This post is such a great idea for this thread. It'd be great to have 1 or 2 different "classic" posts stickied to this subreddit every month. Like the month's lessons that members could refer back to on the same page they are asking their questions.

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Like Julien blanc and Greg O'gallagher said in a Kinobody video, don't be nice but be real.

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Link? I wasn't able to find it.

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Is this community about pickup advice? Comparable to reddit seduction and book the game?