I made a pdf containing asktrp's sidebar. (self.asktrp)

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Not a question, I know... but I thought it would come in handy. The fact that the main subreddit has been quarantined makes me think that this one also isn't very safe, so here it is: The ASKTRP Sidebar. Here's the .docx file if corrections are needed or if anyone wants to make .epub and/or .mobi files (I don't know how to do it).

Eventually, it might be added in here.

EDIT: As u/rudolf323 said, an index was needed. So, I added page numbers, an index and additional material*. The links above have been updated with the new links.

(*namely, the "Plate Theory" series by Rollo Tomassi. I didn't originally add it in the file because it's published on a blog, not on reddit, so I didn't fear for its removal. But I felt it was too important to set aside. Enjoy your almost-six-hundred pages beast!)

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Thank you for your contribution, we appreciate it. :)

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Thanks bro

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This needs an index on the 2nd page.

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Is there something similar for trp's sidebar?

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Yes, in the website I linked at the end of the post.

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Lmao i spent yesterday doing the same thing .. haha thx

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I updated the links with an improved edition: I added page numbers, an index and additional material. More info in the original post.

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In term on content, how does it compare to the one in there spill handbook.com?

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To be honest, I think it's as important as the main subreddit's sidebar. However, the last two sections (CorporateLand and OmLaLa's threads) are more collections than strictly required reading. Read everything nonetheless.

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Awesome work! Such good karma!

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Thank you! There should be trp handbook vol 3 to

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Thank you

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Da real mvp

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This is so awesome didn't even know this asktrp sidebar guide existed. I downloaded it to my phone and gonna start chipping away at it.

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Thank you

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You're a hero, this better not get deleted

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Cool, thanks!

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Pdf not working?

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I don't know, the link works for me... Can't you reach the file at all?

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Figured it out

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Can I ask how you fixed it? I'm getting an "invalid format" error message.

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what is happening to the main trp?

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It's in quarantine. Its contents are still accessible (you just have to confirm you're eighteen years old or more), but, almost certainly, in a short time it will be banned.

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Whenever I search it it says I don’t have access to it or it’s been removed, but I was subscribed and everything. Do you know how I can access the sidebar?

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You need to go there on the desktop version of the site to accept the quarantine warning.

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Thanks brother

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You guys a fucking awesome! I'm printing this and sending it to some friends in jail.

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Going to print these out for a primary school, thanks.

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Yeah, don´t do that