I understand about doing Push/Pull with women. But whens the right time to do Legs? (self.asktrp)

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Top quality shitpost. I approve

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Lmao. Same

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lol'ed, have an upvote

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Deads on Monday with back. Squats Wednesday and Saturday. That way if things get messy in the weekend shuffle legs still get hit twice.

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Push/ Pull day between legs.

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forever chest

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Succulent shitpost

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This is like shittyaskscience for redpill haha

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Leg day is a rest day brah. Zyzz

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If you have to ask, you need to do them right the fuck now, Johnny Bravo.

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i usually do leg day on sundays and pair it up with abs, but thats just personal preference

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Stronglifts 5x5 means it's leg day three times a week.

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Never skip leg day.

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I treat my legs as I treat my girlfriends. I ignore them until they dissapear.

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Although in theory talk push kinda = negs no?

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yes but shhh

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Never you fuckin nube

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When she's mensing.

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Leg days are always curl days.

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After her panties come off you spread them.

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Who the fuck trains legs

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Always skip leg day.