Looking for an old TRP post about a man who met his father for the first time after his mother's death and the crazy transformation he had during that period of time (self.asktrp)

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His father was living in some african country and had helped hundreds of people who were living with him -- people who had been raped and whose families had been murdered... and OP was fascinated by how they still managed to be joyful and happy while people from his society got depressed over the smallest things.

I will never forget a quote from OP's father: "In life, by the end of it, you are either a warrior or a victim. Nobody will ever understand your potential. Nothing is owed to you but death."

Does anyone have a link to the original post?

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God that was a beautiful post, I had forgotten about it. I have that same quote written down at home from it.

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post here to

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No, but I hope someone finds t because I would lke to read it

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It's really annoying that guys would remove their posts, like why the heck did you post it in the first place?

Here's my post about a guy from UK who got locked out from his apt. and spent the day with a girl who (later discovered) already had a bf. The op of that thread also deleted the thread.

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I would like to read that post. Sounds like a life story we can all learn from.

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Was a good post

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That’s not comparable at all. That’s just an example of how black people act like children. They don’t take anything seriously in life. Everything “crackas” do is either boring or something to laugh about.

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Seriously man?

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    shut up nigga