[Serious] I just won the 60$M lotto max draw. I need advice. (self.asktrp)

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First off, I am not a troll. Believe me or don't but choose now.

I am 23, not in school, was working a shitty 9-5 but today I won the lottery. I was a loser until about 8 months ago when I found TRP and lost 30lbs, gained 15 of muscle, dumped my ex and got a new apartment and car. Now I have this ton of cash, which wil be about 30-38M after taxes. I don't know anything about finance... do I hire a financial advisor? If so how do I know I'm not being screwed on prices, policies, etc.?

I don't want to end up like every single lottery winner ever. I'm freaking the fuck out... My first idea is to not drink or do any drugs for 1 year, to buy a small house and to invest most of the rest. I was thinking of setting aside 1-2 million to spend on anything to rid myself of the temptation... but I don't know if that's a good idea at all. I haven't told anyone yet, and I am thinking of not telling my family. They are all poor or middle class and I know they'd be asking for some constantly. I am not going to be putting my name out there as the 'big winner' for obvious reasons.

I need advice on the financials, on privacy, on anything really..

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Find that Reddit post that tells you what to do when you win the lottery.

Here it is:

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Op, please don't be stupid and follow these guidelines. It will save your ass.

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I completely agree with this post. When my mother died I was left with a few hundred thousand dollars via an insurance policy. I was 19 and blew nearly half of it before I started investing. It still makes me nauseous. By the time you figure out how to invest it yourself, you'll have probably of pissed away a lot of principle. Plus running a fund that big without experience sounds like tragedy waiting to happen. Follow ops advice. Persue an education in whatever your dreams are made of. Don't tell a soul about your money and you may want to get a good psychologist. This is a very stressful event. Also I'd book a starting strength seminar just for fun! Good luck bro.

PS Don't piss away your early 20s chasing bitches and drinking, even if you have the $$$ to do it. Also, think about moVing to a different locale.

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I think it's really fucking important to link the parent of that post, where /u/BlakeClass explains that OP is really really unlucky and basically fucked. (Although he does seem to be very sensible.)

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Trust fund seems like a good idea imo. Good luck op, be smart man, and don't ever get married lmao.

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If you ain't no punk, holly "we want prenup..."

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id go store a years supply of cum and go get a vas, asap.

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Thinking outside the box, but yeah actually what a fucking great idea.

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any chick that finds out is going to see nothing but 00000s if she can lock him down

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saving this comment, I never thought about that and should prob be on the sidebar for anyone who UPs their SMV to ridiculous proportions.

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Lets say this is real. It's within the realm of possibility.

First thing is first. Take multiple pictures of the winning ticket and hide them in different locations. Keep the original ticket as safe as possible.

Consult a law firm that has dealt with lotto winners beforehand. Figure out if it's possible to cash the prize money anonymously.

Pay off any debts you have.

From there, I would take a long extended break/vacation while simultaneously educating yourself in how to manage your new found wealth.

Picking a financial advisor is like trying to find a suitable wife. You will probably be unsuccessful unless you know what to look for.

I would avoid letting anyone know for as long as possible.

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He should also send the original ticket to me for safe keeping. I'll keep it in my um, vault.

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Solid advice, but learning to manage this level of wealth in a short period of time is like going from grade school to Harvard MBA over night.

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I hear it's also a good idea to take like $100,000 of it right off the top to blow on whatever you want, just to get that spending spree itch scratched, and then put the rest of the money to work asap.

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Probably not in a position to give advice, but I'll put in my two cents anyways. First off, I really hope you aren't bullshitting. I would do exactly what you said and keep that shit on the down low. The less people know the better.

As shitty as it sounds, I would try and keep your 9-5 just to avoid suspicion until you can find something better career wise. If someone finds out you quit your job, and then they start to see you buying things like houses and cars, it's going to seem odd. Don't rely on the money that was given to you just to make it in life. I believe in working for the things you want. Still lift like your life depends on it. Don't get lazy just because you are Oprah rich now.

Financially I would try and limit your spending. Buying a small house and a decent car isn't a bad idea. I would just do it in good time (to avoid suspicions again). A financial advisor might not be a bad idea. In the long run maybe you could start buying up property and renting them out. That could work good with you buying the small house after you have lived in it for a while. I think not drinking or doing drugs is a smart choice. They will cause nothing but problems for you in the long run. Some bitch could get you nice and drunk and have you cum inside of her, unknowingly in your inebriated state. Then you're fucked for the next eighteen years.

Now for the million dollar question. How do women play into this? I think the ultimate thing to do is look inside of yourself and figure out what you want out of a woman. If you are looking for a LTR than say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT THE MONEY YOU NOW HAVE! It's borderline worthless to be in a LTR with a woman if they know you are sitting on piles of cash. They will be simultaneously sucking your dick and taking money from you while your eyes are closed. Now if you are looking for a bunch of young hot sluts to bang then that shouldn't be an issue. You could be the ugliest fuck in the world, but as soon as you have the million in your bank account you shockingly start getting more women then Brad Pitt. Ultimately the decision is up to you.

I'm actually interested to see how this one plays out. Honestly you are kind of in a shitty but awesome situation at the same time. I would suggest not taking anything for granted and enjoy the rest of your life smartly, but also happily. If possible PM with what you decide to do and how everything plays out for you.

TL;DR: Spend your money modestly, don't tell women about your money unless you just want it to be strictly physical, and for baby Jesus' sake don't cum inside anybody, not matter how attractive they are. Good luck, internet friend.

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You don't pay taxes on lottery winnings in Canada.

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Don't get married.

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There are a couple "best of" posts that answer this question. Also, you might want to start a post in personal finance.

Generally, don't tell anyone yet. People are going to come out of the woodwork asking for money. Tell them it's already tied up in investments. If you want to give away some money, then set up some trusts. Consult a trustworthy accountant and get a decent lawyer.

Edit: read top comments on the "You just won 656 million dollar" askreddit post.

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Wow dude, small world, I just won 300 million in the powerball.

We should start up a club or something.

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Don't spend it on crack.

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Crack is awesome. Dont worry I'll make it last at least a few years.

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Good news - you dont pay tax on winings in canada.

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i agree

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Call all of your friends and family... anyone you know or are related to. Tell them that you have an emergency... you can't tell them what... please don't ask... you need $1000 tonight.... cash. Can you please help me... I won't forget you. I'll pay you back and then some.

Whoever comes through for you... take care of them. Everyone else who turned their back on you at your darkest moment... fuck 'em.

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aha, there are also people who would like to help him but can't afford the $1000....

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Check out /r/personalfinance also learn to save and invest.

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Unless you're in poverty or something, don't change your lifestyle for a while. A lot of lottery winners wind up broke. Find bank to keep your money, I don't know how investing works or other places to keep it but until you figure it out a bank is a safe place to keep your money that won't screw you, even if there might be some more profitable place. Use some of it to make sure you can eat healthier food and all but don't do anything crazy.

Btw, consider pming /u/abdada. He seems like a guy who'd know better than me.

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Unfortunately one of my income streams is windfall recipients so I'm unable to provide consultation on a public forum.

But be aware that the myth that lottery winners go broke isn't true. Yes, some do but most do not.

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Most people driving cars don't have accidents, you still need insurance.

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You don't buy insurance from people who have no way to pay out claims, though. Free advice for something serious is a horrible idea.

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Can the Maxmillion draws be used for the main draw?

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So....this guy really did win 60 Million. 23 Year old from Brampton Ontario. You lucky bastard unreal.

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Tell no one.

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Buy some piece of farmland and develop it/farm it so that you learn how to become independent of modern society. Why? Because there is an economic and environmental collapse coming and soon all that will matter are your skills, resources, relationships and property.

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    I've downvoted you because you didn't contribute to the discussion.

    Do you honestly believe that the US economy is heading towards the right direction or that the effects of climate change won't be felt in our lifetime? How much punishment do you think our complex global civilisation can take before it gives in? Just some food for thought.

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    half the money went for taxes? jesus, even luck is taxed.

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    Just FYI lottery winnings aren't taxed in Canada

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    Don't have a lot to add, with that money I'd invest a majority of it in safe treasury funds, buy a modest apartment, get a MSI GT80 specced to the top, a C7 Z06, and find a mentor for trading the markets.

    Congratulations OP, I'll write a blessing to burn in the fire for you to be avoided by misfortune, leeches and opportunists.

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    I would hire two or three financial advisors.

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    OP if you won the 60 million I will see it on the news tonight. If the headline doesnt say you are 23 etc, TRP should ban your ass.

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    If this is real get a financial advisor ASAP. You need to manage that shit before you lose it, they will help you budget and invest. Also I would sit down and spend a day thinking who you friends truly are because you will never be able to truly trust anyone anymore.

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    Set $2.5 - 5 aside as your "fuck you" money. Get a nice house, car whatever you need, live off the interest.

    Put alot of it in metals, commodities. Also use some to have some fun. You probably won't be getting it in one chunk. They'll offer you payments, or a smaller "one chunk" type deal.

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    Unless you really want kids, talk to a urologist to setup a vasectomy.

    Other than that, don't tell anybody besides a lawyer that you now have on retainer. Good luck.

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    FYI depending where you are, lottery winnings may be non taxable.

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    If this is true, first let me say good for you.

    I won't delve into financials much, as some good posts have been linked. I will echo, however, some of the posts below on how you should carry yourself.

    You need your trp learned skills now more than ever. Most specifically, how to say no, both gracefully and forcefully. Don't burn unnecessary bridges, but poor family and friends down on their luck will shame you and create all manner of excuses to get at your newfound wealth once they find out. Resist this.

    Be wary of women, and do not show your wealth. My thirs stop after the attorney and whatever financial route you choose to take would be to a urologist. You've become a golden ticket for each and every fertile woman. Do not allow yourself to fall victim to them.

    As others have said, learn the ways and mannerisms of the wealthy, as you are now one of them. Think as you like, but behave like the others.

    Enjoy it responsibly.

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    I would get your shit in order (whatever that involves for a lottery winner, I dont know) and then just go off and travel for a while.

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    I guess your an elderly woman eh? Get the fuck out of here dumbass the winner was already announced.

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    What is this?

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    Go to the personalfinance subreddit and see the "Handling $$$" post in the sidebar on how to manage a windfall.

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    I think more peeps need to pretend like they won the lottery..

    Imagine the freebies you could sponge of the jealous scheming bastards...

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    Hey so theres a boom called the millionare fastlane. it describes what you can do with a large sum of money and how to keep that money to get you more money.

    if it were me and i won 20-30 million i wouldnt invest at all. Rather i would buy and then rent out all the lots i could, you know like if you build a condo/apaetment complex that houses 10-12 families, or buy lets say 10 one million dollar houses, and then renovate them and then rent out the houses for 1800-2200 a month you would in a very short amount of time be able to aquire 18000-22000 a month . thats a lot of money and you wouldnt just blow all the money you got. it would regenerate itself. seriously i would do something like that if i could.

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      you might know a lot more about housing than me, and may be much older and wiser for all i know, but i will just say all those things you mention are worse case senarios, if you do it in nice upscale neighborhoods, your not renting to a majority of people that are going to do much of those things you said. I would says its not as bad a move as you make it sound, but what do i really know

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      Congrats man. Just take it slow. Pretend its not there. Then, just give a million to me for no reason.

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      Lol I don't believe you for a second, yet if someone did win the lottery YES 100% hire a financial advisor. You'd be a fucking idiot not to.

      Then I'd invest half into property, being in Australia all our major cities or booming. Then I'd set a yearly allowance to spend with.

      Boom done, enjoy life forever.

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      He won it man.

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      In Canada the Winner is announced. So his name will be in the news soon along with Photo. Its the law, but not really. So his parents, ex-gf etc are going to find out.

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      Lotto Max is tax free, I call BS.

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      DONT BUY ANYTHING EXPENSIVE. Until you have a long term plan on how this money will last!!!

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      Buy me a used cruise liner and I'll create a new nation state while living as a poor person. I'm not kidding. I'll only eat rice (and whatever supplements for health), wear a body cam 24/7, and live in a small austere room. I'm a crazy person who wants to make a new government.

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      First off congratulations to Brampton Ontario.

      See the financial independence thread and what do to with a lottery. Because of your age u would recommend tying it up in gic's or government bonds asap to protect yourself. Leave yourself no more than 2 million and lock that money up so you can't touch it for 5 years.

      MoMost guys will recommend getting a vasectomy and I would do the same. Asap. Freeze as many swimmers as you can, get a house, a nice car then live off the 2 Mil while the rest earns you money.

      You'll get a lot of advice to invest in the market, don't do it. You're young enough that you can keep pumping into guaranteed returns and live off the massive interest. If someone tells you it'll earn more than 2-3% run the fuck away.

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      Congratulations OP.

      I hope you stick around in the red pill community and add influence in any capacity you desire.

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      You should buy us all reddit gold. Haha, welcome to your creepy new life.

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      Holy shit, your that guy from Brampton. Congrats.

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      I once lost the lottery by a single digit, so I did some thinking back then.

      This isnt in the US so keep this in mind.

      In my country, lottery winners are anonymous. IF you don't tell, nobody has to know.

      But how do you explain the sudden increase in wealth?

      Well - my plan was to tell my family the company downsized, but gave me a good amount of money (say 1 years pay) and I was going to start my dream business - in my case a small recording studio, music production company.

      After that, even if my business was losing money, I could still claim that business was good and I was making a lot of money producing "stock music" and selling it online etc. and licencing fees were paying for my car, house etc. Of course, I would build this up in say 5 years or so.

      So, maybe coming up with a "front" for the money might be a good idea in your case also.

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      Hire me to fly to you so I can train you in my life long passion of fitness, weight lifting, street fighting and all round bad assery.

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      Happy for you, good luck.

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      This thread make me go and buy a lottery right now. Good luck OP and spend it wisely.

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      You need to buy TWO places. One to live in, one to take girls back to. Don't let anyone know you've got the money or they'll be lining up with their hands out.

      Caveat: I've never won the lottery so not speaking from experience, but that's what I'd do.

      Also, congrats man, best of luck to you.

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      Good idea wrt not drinking or doing drugs. There are LOTS of people who are only alive because of their poverty. Was a £1.3m winner in the UK that drank himself to death in a couple of years. Coroners verdict was death by self abuse.

      In your position I'd be looking to build interesting life skills. Musicianship, painting or woodworking etc. You can afford the best in equipment and teachers.

      Could tell your family that you've won a few million and share it out more or less equally. That will explain your new house and car. First do your research so that the prize amount matches whatever lottery you tell them you have won.

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      You can't cash it anonymously in Canada. Part of the deal is they get to take your picture and splash it on the front page.

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      Cocksucker you didnt win the 60 Million.

      What a loser you are for posting this fake submission.

      TRP should ban your ass.

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      Congratulations. Spend the next few months educating yourself about wealth management.

      Check out WallStreetPlayboys. You need to put your money to work for you.

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      The easiest thing you can do is buy houses around the world (of course after some research on the area) then either give them out to rent or just live in them for a while for the fun of it! Travel as much as you can and you'll be inspired what to do with it. You gotta figure a way of telling your parents sooner or later they'll find out.

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      Pay your taxes

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      This is a troll post

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      You should marry me... hahahaha

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      Prove it.

      You can still maintain anonymity by posting a picture of your ticket (and a piece of paper with your throwaway username on it in the same picture) and showing us where the winning numbers are posted.

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      There are no taxes on Canadian lottery winnings. If you really won the $60M lotto max, you will get every dime.

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      Give it to me. I will never tell anyone.

      Or put all the money in an account that gives you a 5 % return annually and live normally for 5 years.

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      There's no way in hell this is real. Prove me wrong by taking a pic of the ticket with a timestamp next to it and send it to the mods. You won't though.