How do you have abundance mentality about girls when you have no girls? (self.asktrp)

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You focus on taking the things you want and need from life that are important. Establish yourself as dominant in your trade, create value for yourself by lifting and investing. Have good habits, vision and drive. These are the things that are important. Girls are nice but not necessary, but girls are attracted to men who are and will be successful. Focus on making yourself the best version you can and the girls will come.

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Why is it that some girls are attracted to drug dealer losers with no future? But not successful guys

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Because they can get free drugs. And those people are dangerous. Danger excites her. Not a stable wonderful future.

It's like saying "why are moths attracted to flame knowing it's dangerous?"

But then the question we must ask you is, why are you attracted to violent movies and video games? Why are so many men into motorcycles and firearms? Why are you not instead attracted to some news show that's calm and collected and factual? Well it's a bit boring and intellectual.

Instead you see this danger as fun.

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That’s true, but if she says she’s attracted to professional guys but clearly her face shows she’s attracted to dangerous things we shouldn’t believe anything she says?

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Yes, women say things that are socially acceptable or what they realize is sensible... which is not the same thing as what they fantasize about and hide from the public.

How many times have you heard women say "I actually watch this reality TV show, I know it's embarrassing but it's a guilty pleasure..."

It's like they are proud of their guilty pleasures. They damn well know, in the front of their brain, that reality TV is stupid and retarded and a total waste of time. They do it anyway.

It's a conflict between the rational side, and the irrational, emotional side.

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create value for yourself by investing.

so far it's having the opposite effect lmao

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having 100% of your portfolio in crypto isn't investing.

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If I could buy puts on crypto, we could fuck with it.

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Diversify. Try wealthfront. They manage first 10k with no fees. They will build you a portfolio of low cost ETFs based on your risk profile. They charge .25% over that but once they build you a portfolio you can buy the same funds on your own in the same proportions to avoid the fees.

Just don't dump all 10k in one swoop in case there is a 30 % correction next month. Set up a weekly deposit and average over time.

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Thanks, needed that "eyes on the real prize"-reminder.

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You cannot, unless you actually get girls. Confidence is the byproduct of success, not the cause of it. That whole "fake it til you make it" isn't reliable, because you cannot fool your subconscious mind.

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Fake it?

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Fake it til you make it is good advice.

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It worked for me

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Yes, don't lower your standards in order to have abundance. Just try to build up your confidence by being comfortable with who you are.

Worst than anything is if you start chasing chubbies and uglies, and then THEY reject you. That will destroy your fragile emotional well-being.

Abundance is not going to happen to a lot of men. Let's just get that out there. You just can't let that dictate your charisma and life.

I assure you, assure you, with 100% witnessing it myself, there are hot girls out there who can find a guy within an hour--but instead will date absolutely no one for months. Part of the thing here is, girls are sometimes not that sexually motivated as men are.

Men are addicted to a drug that they rarely get any exposure to. While women have an abundance of the drug that they rarely care about. It's not an accident, it's biological evolution, women are the choosers in human evolution. And it's no accident.

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Start low on the totem pole and work your way up. Get a fatty fuck buddy. Then get two. Then upgrade to a skinny butter face. And so on

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Yep, you have to start somewhere. 1. You keep it strictly sexual 2. You continue to scout for new pussy as you dominant the first plate. 3. New pussy will come because you aren't as thirsty. 3. You sexual ability will improve as you get use to treating your plate like a slut 4. You eventually get an opportunity to upgrade your pussy which you'll be more prepared for subconsciously 5. If you manage to bang the upgrade, you'll set a new bar and treat the first plate like a whore, which will build your subconscious mind up, you wont care about the second plate when she tests you and you aren't easily available to her, because you know, fatty will swallow your load, second plate likely hits you up 2 weeks later and ypur in control just like the first plate, you sense that and start treating semi good looking plate like a slut, she loves it..and so on and so forth...

I call the process "scaffolding." In order to remodel a new building, you first need scaffolding to reach the upper levels...that is what people are suggesting here with faking it and fucking a hb5 etc..dont take her out, she comes over to fuck and she leaves..

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Feel like im gonna have to do this.......... fucking shit.

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That's about where i'm at. Guess you gotta eat the shit sandwich sometimes.

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Doesn't have to taste like shit, it's your perspective. A hole is a hole and a well used hole is a happy hole. Women love attention and many if not all of them have the capacity to be exceptionally enjoyable despite not looking or being perfect 9s.

The world fucks, all those women on the street fuck, suck dick, take it in the ass, love being called a little slut, getting choked and treated like a wild fuck toy.

All of them. The thing holding you back? Pride? 'Standards' or some shit?

Chad fucks because he wants to fuck. He fucks 9s because there are 9s around but you think Chad beats it in a closet and cries that he didn't get a 9 because he could only grab a 5? No he fucks the living shit out of that 5 and treats her like any other hole.

These are not women you take home to mommy, but they have a purpose and it can be wonderful for you, and for the woman. Your goal is to become great at making a woman love being around you and they all deserve it, because you deserve the experience of giving that to a woman.

The old bull goes around the proverbial fence and fucks them all [with a condom plz]

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Yup, seeing the same story for myself

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You speak facts

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Good stuff man, consider making this into a post office the main sub...

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Think I'm gonna have to start doing this, gotta start somewhere I guess

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Belong in the dictionary. Nice.

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See I did that with some Chinese skank and I got an sti, so wrap your shit up pump, and then dump the hoe and let her blow up your ogone

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I kept that concept a long time. Every hole available to me can have attention as long as it behaves. You just keep working your way up and enjoy people as you rise instead of being a snobby vain fuck.

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Correct but if You were already at below hb6 dont go back there when you dont Have anything around You during silly season.

That is a good advice for someone Who never Have a Dick in vagina or it was so far from now that you broke your personal record in no pussy time.

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Pretty much MGTOWed to take care of an ill family member 24/7 out in the country.

I get looks, numbers, an occasional nude here and there from hb5 and up. I don't have a current roster of plates.

No point in having dessert if you don't have a sweet tooth.

Short of taking care of a dying relative that requires full-time care, stop making excuses, go out there and get laid.

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an occasional nude

Maybe I'm old or don't get it, but how does this work if you aren't hooking up already?

Edit: fucking autocorrect

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I don't close the deal due to logistics. I live in a trailer I converted into a home with the sick family member. I can be gone, at most, an hour to run errands. There is nobody who can relieve me of my duties.

It's not really worth the hassle. The girls just want attention at that point.

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I get that. I'm asking how do you get the nudes in the first place?

I had just assumed asking for nudes from strangers on dating apps was a joke. I mean, what lunatic would send nude photos to a stranger they hadn't even hooked up with? But it sounds like I'm wrong.

So how does that happen? Do you request them or does the chick just send them unsolicited?

I get one match a day on Tinder and none have spontaneously sent me nudes.

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It's a numbers game. Talk to enough women and you'll eventually find the one who sends her nudes as an opening if your SMV is high enough.

Edit: I don't deal with women online- only face-to-face. Don't expect nudes on tinder as an opener.

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I mean, what are the numbers, 1/20,000? I have hundreds of Tinder matches and this hasn't happened yet.

I'm just curious how common this is. I'm surprised to learn chicks would open with a move this crazy and desperate. And I'm curious how hot the guy has to be, like 9.5/10? In other words, is it even possible for me to get to that level or should I not even worry about it?

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If you're at a point in your life where you're hesitant and embarrassed to take your shirt off in public, it's probably safe for you not to expect to receive nudes unsolicited.

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Yeah I wouldn't say that. I'm 5'9", 165 lbs, 12% bf. I'm not super jacked obviously and kinda narrow shoulders but I look fit and athletic. I guess getting a bit bigger could help.

But I didn't get the impression OP was any kind of big stud and he mentioned getting occasional nudes pretty off-handedly.

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But I didn't get the impression OP was any kind of big stud

It was implied.

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women just want attention

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I just focused on myself and women started to come. It worked the same way as abundance cause I was so busy with my busy schedule that I didn’t care wether or not I had a woman around

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There’s some good advice here and there but the first answer is the best answer.

Also, you need to learn to be alone. Whether you have a girl or not you should be comfortable with who you are and how you spend your time.

That comes down to having a clear direction for who you want to be and making the steps on a daily basis to get there.

Abundance comes from a lack of wanting.

If you’re life is complete on its own (through self improvement) girls will feel that wholeness, your confidence and calm, and will be attracted to it.

Abundance also means having the courage to walk away from things that aren’t working. So if you’re dealing with a girl (even if it’s your ONLY girl) and she’s on some kind of fuck shit. Walk away and return to the wild.

It’ll keep you sharp.

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Be abundant of other shit to do other than woman.

They will know your attention is valuable and will seek it

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There are simply other, better things to have abundance of.

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Not care.

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Less you want them
More they want you

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Fake it till you make it.

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Abundance mentality doesn't have to be about having a harem or even having a girl you can go bang at will. It has more to do with making yourself so valuable, interesting, desirable, whatever that you can live your life happily whether you have a girl or not. You let the world know that you don't need anyone else because you already have everything you need.

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Don't feel bad if you don't achieve what you want. Actually, don't feel bad about anything, it doesn't worth. You're quite nice and you need to know it! And you need to feel it too. Increase your self-esteem doing what you like, and try to be as social as possible. Get into the habit of talking to everyone and convey that self-esteem that I told you about. It's just a little advice, from a guy who hasn't gotten a lot of girls, but who knows how to enjoy it. ;)

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Here's the real, actually relevant, answer. When you approach enough girls and get shot down enough times, you won't care if she stays or goes. You'll know the next hot girl you see, you're going to flirt with her so the one you're talking to doesn't matter. She's just who you're talking to right now. It's a form of abundance.

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Watch alpha make strategies. You care more about women then your purpose. Find your purpose, and don’t even focus on women at all. Wants you find you purpose by working out, getting money, etc these bitches will choose you! Women approach me now. They won’t introduce yourself or no shit like that but women give out signs of interest you should pick up. If you’re in your purpose girls will walk by you, smile, twirl hair, etc. when they do shit like this they fucking chose you! Just gotta read the shit and really be on your purpose. Also don’t give women validation. Focus on yourself and the shit WILL come. This process takes a bit longer then the typical approaching but will attract higher quality women imo.

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In pua circles there was this common advice given to all rookies - fake it till you make it. Of course feminists and wknights hate this. They want only best men to reproduce and leave nice guys to helping single moms with 2 kids from 2 different men. But the truth is already out of the bottle.

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Bro just go on your fucking way without being needy, that's all

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You get some girls.

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Dont care.