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Given the recent quarantine, why isn’t there a centralized location for TRP-friendly developers, app makers, API ninjas, and software engineers to gather and work on a good TRP forum?

In it’s current state red.trp & forums.red are both so confusing that it’s a turn off for the average user.

By crowdsourcing ideas and development, we could quickly put something better together than Reddit should the time for a full ban to occur. For example, a group of remote engineers would collaborate and could use telescope/meteor to make a nicer looking version of the old style of Reddit (which is still very popular) on sleek looking fast software which end users would appreciate.

We need a centralized place for development.

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Your feedback has been heard. Please be patient.

We have a lot on our plates.

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I agree that trp.red is a confusing disaster. They're hearts are clearly in the right place, and they have the best content creators and mods from /r/TheRedPill and the rest of the manosphere, but the UI/UX is awful.

The fastest way to a successful new community hub will probably be to just hire a professional UI/UX person.

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I am a User Interface/User Experience designer. I did consider designing a red pill application after finding out about the quarantine, however an app like that would be swiftly removed from the App Store if it gained traction. I am happy to collaborate with some others and redesign the horrible front end of the trp.red website.

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I think keeping it online hosted elsewhere instead of an app would be better. With a better UI it would gain traction.

There's too much friction in using it to read let alone post.

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Let’s do it. Software engineer here.

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Ok, I will start working on some basic prototypes later tonight. Do we know what functions the owner would like it to have? It seems there's currently a lot of clutter and unnecessary stuff on the site. Do we want to keep every function available on reddit? E.g. upvote system? Then add some extra functions? E.g. that Tipping system, Blog and Podcast links.

I can take a stab at redesigning it, but if all functions were clarified it would make it much easier.

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No offence, but that is completely the wrong approach.

You shouldn't start by 'working on some basic prototypes' for a large community project. There is no specification, design brief, functional requirements etc. Designing and building a new system from scratch will take a large amount of time, and far longer to polish to the point that the public should be let anywhere near it.

Instead I would suggest that the most critical requirement when migrating the community is a smooth transition for the average user. This means no custom websites with bugs/missing features/uncomfortable ux at launch.

The best approach is likely the simplest: review and select an existing open-source reddit/forum clone, deploy and customise that.

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No offence taken. As I stated in my recent comment, this would just be taking a stab at designing, as I have not been provided with any specifications or required functions.

I completely agree with you about the most critical requirement for community migration is a smooth transition for the average user. This means the design has to be as intuitive as possible, therefore it would make sense to simply use the reddit functions and design layout with some added features.

I created some rough screen layouts to give an idea, but theres not point going any further until we get some function specifications.




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I would say take this as an opportunity to make a redesign UX/UI proposal. Let’s keep it simple at the beginning and let’s add a document with the list of your design proposal features so everybody can see what is going to be implemented and can make comments to it.

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A properly designed mobile website provides the same service as an app.

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I wonder how much we could raise to hire someone..

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I’d do it for free. (Am a UX designer / developer)

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I agree, the Trp website is awful and the UI is awful. It needs to be streamlined into an easy to read website or app, so that men from /r/TRP can migrate off of Reddit and not be split going into that website/MGTOW sub/AskTRP sub

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I'd delete reddit competely before I resorted to browsing mgtow.

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That’s a stupid mentality to have, they are a branch off the same tree. I’m not MGTOW but considering TRP’s website frankly sucks, MGTOW and AskTRP are the only two RedPill subreddits left in the manosphere.

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TRP is about implementing sexual strategy to navigate the sexual marketplace. MGTOW is about abandoning the sexual marketplace completely. We're on two completely different trees.

TRP and PUA are two branches off of the same tree. MGTOW and incels are two branches off of a different tree.

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It is called github. Start a project yourself and get people together, put the word out on here. Then all the mods have to do is link it and away they go.

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Hello full stack engineer here with experience in graphic design willing to help

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Yes please - if I had the skills then I'd be all over this.

A nice sleek app would be fantastic. Also, a more accessible way to crowd fund it - I'd set up a standing order if there was something official set up

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The mods could make a post requesting TRP subscribed devs who are interested to report ("I'm a ...") in the comments, qualify themselves in the comments with a mini resumé (only users reporting for the job would be allowed to comment). then do the first filtering in the post's comment section, have the chosen ones PM them more info and so do another filtering, get in Skype contact with the selected ones that remain and pick out the best, however many are necessary, there's the team, appoint a project leader who's part of the team who reports to the mods. Raise a pool of money and pay them.

TRP nerds get to have a mission, not any mission, but saving the community that is saving the world and that saved them. And they get paid.

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Why don’t someone just create a trp app for iOS and Android. Which contain all these sidebars just like the reddit.

[–]ThatKidinAfrica 8 points9 points  (3 children)

Because the stores are controlled by Liberal companies that will remove the app as soon as it gained any traction.

[–]_Icarus_Reborn_ 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Android you can side load the app. Just need to make the APK file available and install.

Not sure about ios.

[–]ThatKidinAfrica 2 points3 points  (1 child)

That's a good idea, Now to implement it.

[–]_Icarus_Reborn_ 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yeah, that's it.

I'm in software development, but as QA, so not super technical yet. Android development is on my list of stuff to learn.

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Senior software engineer here.

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I made a python script that downloads all your saved posts from TRP as .txt files. If anyone is interested just dm me and I'd be happy to share!

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I am full stack developer, React/Redux and Nodejs. If you put something together I'm more than willing to participate.

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Will be donating to the site once I restart my internship in 2 months.

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I don't know how the app store works to be precise but wouldn't it be easy to upload the apk and install it that route?

Hosting shouldn't be a problem I suppose.

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RemindMe! 6 moths "new TRP website"

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reddit started as open source project hosted on github.

github is sjw infested. contributers will probably create alt accounts and git identity to commit/push.

trp.red devs if they wish they can self host git repo via gogs/gitea or gitlab community version.

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Why not build something off of Reddit’s open source code? I’m sure there are other reddit like code bases as well which can be used.

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Meteor/telescope is like a slick ass modern version of the old Reddit. But good idea

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I have an idea... How about we just use the old reddit source code and set that up on a server somewhere with a new domain? Sounds easy right? Reddit used to be open source so it would be totally legal would it not?

[–]SalesOverEverything[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Meteor/telescope is like a slick ass modern version of the old Reddit. But a good idea, someone else suggested something similar. The mods will surely read this when things settle down

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I think reddit is over anyway. I’ve watched it’s decline since it’s been closed source and more centralised. It’s been horrible. The place is more like Facebook now than reddit. It makes me ashamed that I even still frequent it.

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Right? I am 100% stopping my visits to the hockey subreddit because of this bullshit. Can’t support a website that filters to the extent this has