If you're about to post about "this one girl", you must answer this question in your post: (self.asktrp)

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How long has it been since you got laid?

Seriously, every time I see posts about "so, I have this friend, and I kind of like her, how do I get her to like me?" and then see a lot of great advice in response, all to be met with "but I just feel so good around her" or "but I really do like doing all that romantic stuff for her!" I just can't help but roll my eyes in disbelief.

The PUAs knew this fact for years: go fuck ten other women!

Ask yourself this: think back to the last time another woman actually, directly flirted with you, or asked if you're single, or reached out to touch your arm unprompted, or obviously tried to find excuses to be near you or spend time with you. If you can't remember this happening in a long time, or ever, then you're just fooling yourself, and deep down you know it.

You're deluding yourself in to thinking you like all this romantic shit. You've been conditioning yourself since childhood to think you want this shit. Your hormones will play stupid tricks on you. They'll convince you that she's "so smart" or "so nice". You'll start interpreting every polite smile and every gracious response as, just maybe, a sign that you have a chance with her!

Stop it!

Stop being a time ho!

So, from now on, whenever I hear a question about "this one girl", I'm going to ask you:

Jesus, bro... How long has it been since you got laid?!

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A friend of mine (who I would consider a natural) will usually say something like this when I talk to him about a specific woman:

Me: "So I got this girl's number and—"

Him: "—did you fuck her?"

Me:"No, not yet—"

Him:"—I don't want to hear anymore."

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I think a big thing to, is the fact you're posting a big story, on a anonymous board, about one girl shows a HUGE AMOUNT OF INVESTMENT INTO THIS ONE GIRL.

Try and do stuff yourself from stuff you've read and past experiences. Trying to do everything right 100% of the time, especially when you're getting the help of more experienced people, doesn't seem like you'd be learning as effectively as possible.

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Fucking ten other women is easier said than done

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Just approaching 10 new women would already help the guy out in not being as invested into one girl.

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Yes, we know. That's not the point. The point is that getting the girl you want is much easier if she is: A. One of 10 girls that you are pursuing; B. The eleventh notch on your belt rather than the second or third.

For the one millionth time: oneitis is not sexy. Abundance mentality is sexy.

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I have a friend, she calls me a friend. but however as the OP but she flirts first. She touches me for no reason, like my face. She makes up silly excuses to get me to touch her, like she said a rat had a bite of her leg, and made me stroke her leg.

what do you guys do with a girl like this?

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So have you tried to escalate further?

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The very last time, very early on when have drinks I moved my face close to hers, she moved her chin. But stayed close. A while later when walking I was holding her hand, and with my other hand I had my hand on her ass. Didn't try anything after.

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You need to see how she acts with other guys. Is she pulling the same shit? Then she's just a tease enjoying her feminine powers. If she only does it with you then she wants you, but she wants you to work for it.

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I haven't seen her in a night time situation with other guys such as clubbing/drinking. From what she tells me she does dance with them but she never takes it further. Once I overheard her taking to her flatmate cos guys touching her, she seemed very angry and upset.

In day time situation, she seems very shy around guys, body standing side wards, avoiding eye contact. She distances herself from them. With me its all touching, sitting close to me. I sat next to her in a lecture, she sat close with her legs crossed towards me, so her body faces me.

I just need help on going all out with this girl, I want to flirt so much and escalate that she will give in or she will slap me in the face, and put in a rape claim or something.

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Then that is what you need to focus on, not this one girl you're crushing on.

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That's the point.

If you're working on fucking other girls, you aren't going to invest the time to care about one random one.

It isn't some sort of punch coupon.

"I got my fucked ten other girls card all filled out, now I can oneitis and orbit again, YAY!!!"

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fuck one other women, even go on a date with another women, and you'll be over your first bitch in no time.

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That would be a good title for the next piece: YOUR Time

Lesson: If you're not herding, you're probably being herded.

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Don't think I have read one of your posts before but I like this.

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I need a deeper answer. I've had the tingles of oneitis creep up on me even tho I was sleeping with 5 others in the same time frame and had 10 others in the previous month.

What do I do when I wake up and actually WANT to stay in bed with her instead of running out the door?

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Stay in bed with her then?

If you're fucking 10+ women a month and you stll thinking about one girl then you ARE NOT fooling yourself and clearly actually care for her.

A lot of people do marry and despite what the media says some people are happily married.

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The point of my post obviously wasn't meant for guys who have lots of options to choose from.