Cardinal rules for when girls ignore you (self.asktrp)

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Short excerpt from blogger Blackdragonblog's article

  • If a woman wants to meet up with you, she will. She will make the time. If she’s being very nice to you but constantly giving you excuses why she can’t schedule a meet, she doesn’t want to meet up with you. At least, not at this time in her life. Stop wasting your time with her. Place her on the slow track (or forget her completely) and focus on other women.

I had to bold this part and comment on this section because many men get stuck on this and 90% of the questions on here can be answered by this. Girls find time for you when they wanna see you. If they don't respond to you and don't find time for you, THEY DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU. Charge it to the game, move the fuck on, and focus on new women. You don't need game, tricks, or to do extra shit when a girl actually wants to see you. She'll make it easy for you.

  • If a woman is being nice but blowing you off, this almost always means there is another guy in the picture. This very, very common, especially in online game, where those chicks on the dating sites may not be quite as “single” as they present themselves to be. It could be a full-on boyfriend, or an ex-boyfriend, or a fuck buddy, or a new guy she just started dating, or something completely different, but trust me, there’s guy in there somewhere. She will NOT tell you this.

Because of ASD and societal programming, the fact she’s even talking to you is “bad” in her mind. So she’s just going to keep being nice and stringing you along, keeping your attention for as long as possible (since attention is what women crave most in life). Again, move on.

  • Years ago when I was a young AFC, a hot blonde chick I used to work with told me a joke while she was bitching about her boyfriend. She said, “What do women and computers have in common? They always have backups.” I don’t care how much your girlfriend/lover says she loves you…if she’s not already cheating on you then at least there is another guy she’s got in the “backup” box that she’s hiding right around the corner whom she’s going to fuck as soon as you piss her off. (Whether or not she breaks up with you first depends on the woman and the circumstances.)

This is normal and you need to accept the fact this is how women work. And let’s be honest…if you have a girlfriend (or similar) you’re probably doing the same damn thing.

  • If a woman you’re working on suddenly gets into a relationship with a guy, don’t worry about it. Remember, monogamy doesn’t work. People just want it to work. It won’t last very long, especially if she’s under age 35 or so. Just make a note of her, ignore her for a few months, and re-acquire her later after she breaks up. I have done this many times with many women of all ages and it works extremely well.

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100% agree. Women will always make time for you if they want to see you. If only more men would get this through their heads. If only I was able to internalize this when I was younger, rather than pedastalize unicorns.

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The funny part is if they think youre too available to them they'll shit test the shit out of it. It's like a cat "I want out, oh im out? Now i want in! Oh you're letting me in? Maybe now I want to stay out... just until you close the door."

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That's why you're the owner. You throw the cat outside, lock the door and forget about it.

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There's a reason why they share a common nickname -- pussy.

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I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a running thread of what girls text when they actually really like you.

It would be eye opening.

Would have saved me a lot of time when I was younger.

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Remember the shit you used to do when you were a beta? If a girl does those things that means she likes you.

Any combination of good morning texts or "this funny thing just happened and it reminded me of you", basically they'll find any excuse imaginable to talk to you because simply the act of talking to you or being in your presence makes them happy.

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damn I did some cringe worthy shit back in high school and such.

But yeah basically that's what they do. Girls have zero game.

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They'll usually message you first. That's a good indicator.

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Just a couple of things I would add:

Stop wasting your time with her. Place her on the slow track (or forget her completely) and focus on other women.

This is the true meaning of "spinning plates" (it does not mean literally dating multiple women).

You should have so many "irons in the fire" that you barely notice the flakes. Because there's going to be a lot of flakes. That's just the nature of the game.

The majority of your effort vis-a-vi women should be in expanding your social circle (and by extension, your pool of prospects). Most guys focus on one woman and it's almost always wasted effort. Instead, put effort into making that first contact with lots and lots of women, and you inevitably (unless you're unattractive as shit) meet some that just fall into your lap.

And it's an amazing experience when it's easy like that. I bet most guys go their whole life without ever being with a woman who is totally head-over-heals for them. I had been in relationships almost constantly, with only a few months in between, since I was 16 years old - and yet I didn't really experience this (a girl this much into me) until just a few years ago.

Talk to more women. Don't worry when they flake on you. The effort is worth it.

monogamy doesn’t work

Well, it works as evolution intended - it works for long enough to bond two people together for the purpose of weening a child. It's not supposed to be life-long. And people who have been married for 60 (if they're honest) will tell you that they fall into and out of love. And that's fine, but in today's relationship climate, it's not practical.

So, as a red-pill dude, a "relationship" is the process of maintaining a woman's attraction for you. When it falls (and it will), it might fall because you fucked up (and you might have a good excuse, like your job got stressful and you got complacent) or it might fall because that's how evolution designed it (her hind brain is saying, "this guy was supposed to have put a baby in me by now, but he hasn't - let's drop him") - when that happens ...

don’t worry about it

Don't take it personally. Don't react like a child. Just go find another girl.

Great post. I think this is very positive red pill advice

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This is the true meaning of "spinning plates" (it does not mean literally dating multiple women).

Spinning plates can mean both - nothing wrong with literally dating multiple women simultaneously for those who can do it and are so inclined. Otherwise agree with you, spot on.

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It's so true.

Contrary to much angst on here very few chicks are raging bitches. The vast majority will be nice which is what trips up guys.

But if you look at her actions it becomes obvious.

You invite her out for drinks and she can't? Shell say hey I can but I can on ____. Or if she doesn't know an actual date or time she'll ask you in a few days or whatever.

It's why I don't even bother asking for a number unless I know she's really down. Unless she's already verbalized she wants to spend more time with me I don't see the point. Like 90 percent flake.

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Whenever I read Red Pill knowledge I feel like Luke Skywalker in the "Who's yo' daddy?" Scene when he screams "NOOOOOO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!"

And then Red Pill tells me to search my feelings because I know it's true.

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Excellent post. Can verify everything stated through personal experience. Have had plates tell me theyve gotten into relationships, and i being an abundantly-minded individual, ended things on positive terms (as you should ALWAYS try to do no matter what, because analpha is a source of positivity, hope, strength--you get the idea). Lo and behold, not even 3 months pass and this one plate starts trying to get my attention again with seemingly innocent texts. I play along, and probe/escalate things a little. Sure enough, she's game. Spun her back in rotation. Girls WILL give you signals when/if they want their cunts robbed, you just have to know how to interpret the signals, and if theyre not positive, to know to move on.

Thanks op!

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if she’s not already cheating on you then at least there is another guy she’s got in the “backup” box that she’s hiding right around the corner

And you have probably already met him. He's been in your house, he has eaten your food, he has drunk your wine...and he shall betray you.

Hat Tip: Chris Rock

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That is some straight up RP shit.

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Post this in the big sub

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Sl what's your question?

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If this aint the fucking truth. Asked out a girl a few months back (before I found TRP) told me she had a bf and my beta self fell for the shit test. She tells me she feels bad and thought we were just friends. LOL no bitch. Now I pursue this HB9 in the same class as the first chick and low and behold as soon as I start chatting up the HB9 the other one comes in and tries to interrupt. I couldn't help it with the shit eating grin I had on my face.

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Nice try bud.

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I don't need a gf. Or sex. I got friends and family. But I don't have backups because people are not clones of one another. If she can't put a bubble around her relationships and simply bounces from thing to thing, why would i delude myself with emotion just for tail? I don't need a body, so if I see the girl finds boys swappable she's a nobody. Sry to wholesome for you jaded motherfuckers.

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I don't need a gf. Or sex.

I call bullshit.

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Good for you. This is r/asktrp not r/mgtow

Nobody gives a fuck what you do lol.

Also ironic that you call us the jaded ones when you're the one who claims they don't need a gf or sex.

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Why is this on ATRP?

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Why don't you find a big strong man to tell on him and try to get the post remove. Fag.

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Stay golden pony boy, stay golden.