Why do I always become unattracted to women once they're into me? (self.asktrp)

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This has been a recurring thing for me and is super frustrating. Anyone got any rationale that can explain this?

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Other's have noted this is typical of people to want what they can't have yadada.

But I think there's something else you should take from this...note that feeling of the sudden loss of attraction and remember that exactly what women feel when you pull some beta shit.

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note that feeling of the sudden loss of attraction and remember that exactly what women feel when you pull some beta shit.

This is an excellent point. I hadn't thought of it, but will remember.

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What do you mean by this? Like how in context of women?

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I’m assuming you were into these women at one point, and once you say that they were into you that attraction died abruptly.

This sudden loss of attractiveness is how women feel when you exhibit beta traits, it’s the mind way of telling them that they could do better.

So next time you, or anyone reading this thinks about slipping back into their beta ways, remember the feeling you had, and know that’s exactly what women will feel if you slip up

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it’s the mind way of telling them that they could do better.

Yes.. that clears a lot up. Beta is a way of telling them they can do better.

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He probably came off as needy, clingy, desperate. He either did something verbal or non-verbally that gave them the queue to exit.

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Usually what are the things people do which fall into this category?

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There's no chase.

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Because you know you’re fucked up, and if they can like something fucked up, you’re disgusted.

Try not being fucked up.

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Uh ok.

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Seriously. It’s the “Why does she like me? I don’t even like me” problem. Why aren’t you worth liking?

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I disagree with that. I objectively have a lot more going for me than a vast majority of dudes. Maybe I don't believe that deep down. You put this in better words though the second time and it makes more sense now.

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Liking yourself is very subjective. The objectives may not matter at all.

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God damnit you keep getting wiser. Got any advice to curb that kind of thinking?

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If you’re still in the “fake it til you make it” stage of internalizing red pill behaviors it’s quite hard because you KNOW you’re faking it. However, there are things about you that are true, and that you’re proficient at, and even if those things have nothing to do with your game, you gotta remind yourself of them, and remind yourself that mastery of all things (except world of Warcraft) is attractive.

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100% still in fake it till you make it. However I've had quantifiable success doing so. I think having some reminders of what I'm good at would help. Thanks!

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Sounds like the "Madonna-whore" complex.

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I don’t see the similarities, please elaborate.

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Text book case. It's cognitive dissonance arising from his disdain from them. When he meets them their image/appearances untarnished. Since he views himself as someone "slummy/low" when they start revealing their "true colors/nature"(i.e. Thotts).

His unconscious goes, "Yuck, what a low quality girl, if she was decent she wouldn't be into me" is turned off.

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This. Much this.

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It's true. There has to be something about him they are DISCOVERING that they don't like, lose interest and on to the next guy.. aka poor, personality issues, something physical, other.

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Real wise words there 👍

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They're no longer a challenge

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Humans always want what they cannot get. I bet if they show signs of desinterest, you'd suddenly want them

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    After you swallow the pill, you won't love women as much as you use to.

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    Sad truth

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    Ah human psychology gotta love it!

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    That makes a lot of sense. Appreciate it. Any thoughts of how I can curb this quality?

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    Usually this is a sign that you seek approval because you lack confidence. Figure out why you want these girls and what exactly you want from them.

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    What if I want them just to show off value and power to everyone else? What it say about me? How fucked up am I?

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      Phew thats good.

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      This is good insight. I definitely enjoy the thrill of the chase.

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      I can relate. Get into therapy for it and unpack it. Helped me out. Could be deeper issues at work (abandonment, boundaries, self-validation, mommy issues, etc.) Or it could just be that you're going for women you don't actually want, and you don't realize it until you have them.

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      Did you get into therapy? If so, how'd it go?

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        Seriously good advice. Untangle the knots that you are unable to see in your own life. These people can serve as a way for to make breakthroughs in your life. But of course you have to open the doors and make it happen. Therapy I've heard nothing but good things about. Helps you everything off your chest, especially if you don't have many people to talk to.

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        Is there a book I can read about this? Or conduct self therapy?

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        yes, and it was worth it. Helped me more in hindsight than I realized at the time. I carried a lot of childhood BS into my adult life. I still do a lot of self-work to process it when it comes up. Life-long process, I'm sure.

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        I am considering this. I know I have some child BS too. And want to understand it better. Some things I never truly got past and moved on from. Could you help me understand how you went about it? I've been accepting mediocracy and sub-par from my life. I allow people to keep talking to me disrespectful/take my energy, and have been for most of my life and I am tired of it. The bullies from my childhood are now the managers and co-workers at my job. It hasn't stopped. And then there is women who I have no success with. I want to understand why I allow this (and hate myself have no self-confidence).

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        Usually some fucked up psychological thing. Like you think you're unworthy or something like that.

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        Some dudes love the thrill of the chase

        Do what makes you happy

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        For sure. But I guess the thrill of the chase is kinda pointless with nothing to chase to. It's a bit of a catch 22

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        "I wouldn't want to be a part of any club that would have a guy like me as a member."

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        Question: do you become I'm attracted after you know they are into you or after you have sex with them. Very big difference.

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        It happens to me too. I hook them in with some interest and eventually it falls, maybe in a few weeks. Others in a few days. They lose interest. It's like a normal curve on a graph. It rises then peak then declines. It does just stay steady, always that pattern it seems. Think as they find out more about you you may be revealing things to them they don't like. Remember less is better. The less they know about you the better.

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        1. Thrill of the chase. Lesson - don't get oneitis. It's a fantasy.
        2. You want what you can't have. Lesson - if you give yourself to a woman, she won't want you either.

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        I've always had this too.

        I've never really delved into exploring the underlying psychological reason behind this since I've always seen it as a benefit, it keeps me from remaining in stagnant relationships.

        Conquer, plate, and move on.

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        You’re probably pursuing the wrong women. This behavior is typical of women on the CC. Going after guys with only one quality or a few that produce tingles. Then growing bored after realizing what should have been evident from the start. That this person,in their totality, is not a great person for them.

        Contrary to AWALT, not all women are equal.

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        Contrary to AWALT, not all women are equal.

        This is more parallel to AWALT rather than contrary. AWALT is in regards to basic biological and instinctual nature but there's definitely hotter women who behave differently for different men and are mentally comfortable with submissiveness.

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        I usually lose interest with 99% of women once I bang a few times

        Not even interested in the sex anymore, on to the next one....

        I personally think all of this is tied to how we as men are biologically wired. it's not secret biologically we're wired to spread our seed as far & as often as possible. so I think naturally we get (at least for me) "disgusted" by these hoes after a few times and it's time for the next seed spreading event.

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        Could be you have standards. Or could be you thought they had standards and lowered their SMV when you realized they would be into a guy like you.

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        The brains release of dopamine at orgasm is correlated with the perceived value of a partner in relation to yourself. This shows a clear relationship between the brains reward mechanisms and rather you find a person more attractive than you. Attention disorders are usually related to dopamine as well. People with add or adhd are much more likely to end up in divorce and usually because they lost interest or the spark in the relationship as they do with everything else.

        This is all said to demonstrate that as you see someone as lesser than yourself SMV, either your perception of their SMV dropped or yours of your own was raised, your brain rewards you less and you are no longer driven to seek them out like you would be emotionally pulled toward anything else addicting due to reward pathways. Instead it takes thought, even effort to seek them out.

        You have to use logic and decision making to retain them, no longer having this great dopamine release to keep you emotionally enjoying and resultingly seeking out the relationship

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        Mostly because you are used to that no good woman is going to feel truly attracted to you. So when they are - your subconsciousness tells you that they are fucking crazy.

        On a serious note tho, take it easy. Learn how to enjoy having fun with women.

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        Are you sure that is the case and not the fact that you're secretly attracted to men? 😁😜