When a girl physically admires (touches) your gym results, it is foreplay and implied consent to touch her back. (self.asktrp)

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No words or language are required. This works with girls all around the world, of every nation, creed and color. Your built pecs, abs and guns are like magnets to them. This does not give you permission to force them, but to lead them. If a man has to force a girl to for him to be satisfied, he needs special corrective attention from guys with their heads screwed on right (which is most of us).

Most girls will just admire the candy from a distance. Some will even smile. A few will touch. And then, the next move is yours. She is waiting for it dude, or she would have kept her distance.

Go and do likewise.

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Agreed. If they're touching your muscles then it's basically an invitation to seduce them.

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What if its not touching, but a completely unsolicited remark about them? This happened to me a while ago, first time in my life my gains are starting to show even when I'm completely unflexed.

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Yea man, either one is a huge indicator of interest. I've gained about 20 lbs of muscle in the year that I've been here, and my god the difference is remarkable. Girls at school randomly touching my abs, shoulders, and arms while talking to them. It's fucking amazing.

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tell her to check and feel your gains

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I've had girls touch my muscles just to show other girls she had leeway in the group (she was new there).

Other times, I've had girls touch me to make it easier to ask me for help later on.

In both of these cases, I could touch them back, so I can confirm your point of view. However, touch them back and grabbing her ass or boob is not the same thing...

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    I'll check the sidebar and get back to you asap.

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    grab her by the pussy! always. trp slogan

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    really should be it's hilarious and will trigger faggots

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    A horny woman will find a way to touch you anywhere its doesnt matter i get touched by women daily and im not even a hugger they seem to like distant men with muscle.

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    When a girl physically admires (touches) your gym results, it is foreplay and implied consent to touch her back.

    Damn. I keep my gym results in a journal.

    BTW: post this thread on main sub.

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      No, don't. Trying to add more content is what's making the quality on the main sub nosedive.

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      What if they know you like them and they're just teasing you?

      Or just feel comfortable?

      Or are just friendly?

      Or all these things people say when asked what "x touching" means.

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      Tease back. Have fun with it. Don't over think things. Body language tells all.

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      Really any compliment can be treated the same. At least in my experience.

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      "She's touching my arms and I don't understand. Let me ask the internet what that means."


      If you don't know that she's into you, don't assume.

      If you can listen to the nonverbal communication, then you know whether or not that's the case without the internet patting your head.