GF getting food delivered to a brothel? (self.asktrp)

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TLDR: I found a email on my gf's phone that was a receipt for food to be delivered to a brothel. Packed my stuff and left. Packed her stuff and dropped it off at her place. Sent a text 'i don't think we should keep seeing each other'.

So my GF said she's was hanging out with her sister on Thursday night. I asked some general questions the next day and the answers just seemed off. Early the next morning I woke up and it just didn't make sense, so I grabbed her phone and had a look. Last time she called or texted her sister was 5 days prior. Recent messages to her BFF roomie were deleted. Messages to her other BFF were deleted a few days ago, but new ones had come in. I searched her email and found a receipt for food, to be delivered to an address which it turned out to be a brothel. I packed packed and left, got her stuff from mine and took it to hers. Sent her a text and that was it.

She blew up my phone in the morning, but I didn't respond. More messages today. I haven't responded.

I'm really doubting myself. I just don't want to believe. Maybe it's for someone else. Maybe she's just a receptionist. I know she's been having trouble with money lately since we went on vacation for 5 weeks late last year and she freelances, so she didn't make money over that period. It was quiet over Xmas and new years too.

I lent her some money while we were away and she said she'll pay me back right away. Week after week I'd ask and she'd say yeh she's wired it but it never came through. It became obvious she was avoiding it so I asked her if she was having money troubles. She just answered with questions and gave me a weird answer. I also know that she's taken out a personal loan (which she didn't tell me about).

I didn't bother confronting her about the brothel because she has a tendency of answering questions with questions and just being dodgy. Plausible deniability.

So all of this paints a really fucking bad picture. It's bad enough that I can't get straight answers for simple shit, let alone the brothel bullshit. There is fuck all trust.

After all this though I just can't help but doubt myself. That there is a very good reason she was ordering food there. But I just don't fucking believe it. I don't think I'd believe anything she'd tell me.

I'm reading over what I've written right now and I have the 'you dense motherfucker' meme in my head. I want some sort of closure. It's over because I don't trust her or it's over cos she's a prostitute.

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It's over because you noticed red flags and you don't want to deal with that shit. That's the only closure you need.

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You're right, thanks.

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She is escorting. Probably has a burner phone that you don't know about. The email was a goof up. She did not anticipate.

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"Maybe it's for someone else. Maybe she's just a receptionist. I know she's been having trouble with money lately"

Dude, she is either friends with a whore or john enough to order them food, unbeknownst to you. Or she a receptionist at a whore house, unbeknownst to you. Or she is a whore, unbeknownst to you.

Any of those 3 things, if true, are enough for you to leave her. Of course, they vary in their severity, but are all pretty bad.

Usually, the simplest and most logical explanation is true. She's having money trouble, as you said, and enough said.

Do not go back with her. This shit is forever broken.

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Yeah I'd say if she's withholding information about where she works, dump her. If she's dishonest about her employment or where she is spending her time, then you know she will lie about anything and everything. She seems to lack the most basic character qualities that would be necessary for a LTR.

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Dude stop needing closure. Your gut is telling you correctly. Your closure should be "I don't trust this girl" and that should be enough for you to end a relationship. Trust me. When I got vibes like that once, and I ignored them for 2 months, found out she stole a credit card and ran up 2800 bucks worth of stuff. Ended up paying it and canceling the card because I didn't want her to go to jail. (It's also only 2 weeks of income for me, but I'd rather lose 2 weeks of my life slaving for her, than 20 years)

Men have evolved thousands of years of that "gut feeling" to not become cuckolded. Because men that don't get that feeling... don't reproduce.

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I get what you're saying but emotional attachment does exist for men. I mean imagine a guy with the love of his life for 10 years and expecting him to pack up one day and literally just leave no contact and that's some sort of closure?

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That's true and I know it well but the first thing I learned when I came here was learning that it is a weakness for us and here are a bunch of theory's and tools to help us manage that weakness.

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Your last paragraph is correct.

Also reasonable implication that the BFF is a whore and helped her get the job.

So that's over. Move on.

The awesome troll move is to go to that brothel in the evening on the same day of the week as that food delivery. Rostering. Ask the boss/receptionist if they have any athletic brunettes around 20y/o (or whatever specifics will narrow it down to your ex without describing the tattoo on her butt and always 20 though). When the ex appears, say to the boss "No thanks, she isn't my type" and walk out.


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Pure genius.

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You have to write up some kind of field report if you decide to go through with that

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This would be epic.

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    If he decides to go through with what Kalidane wrote out, then he should come back here and tell us what happened and how it went down

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    The question is will you be able to do that without punching her in the face when you see her in the brothel?

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    savage. OP do this

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    I mean you did the right thing. It's over, closure is for women.

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    Well said. 'Closure' is bullshit for women too. It's really a chance to see if they can extract anything else out of you and to validate that they made the right decision when they jumped on another cock.

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    Men are not robots, able to just shut down and delete a program from memory with zero emotions or feeling and to advocate the total suppression of emotions I believe is anti-RP. Mastery of emotions yes, but lets not act like we don't have them, and that we don't feel them when certain events take place.

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    True. However, men are better at putting their emotions in boxes that don't effect other brain functions. Women have a lot more interconnection with how they feel and how they function day to day. Which means that women must justify and confirm/validate that they made the right choice. Women will twist facts to suit their narrative (hamster). This helps them avoid emotional turmoil which isn't as easy to deal with as a women.

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    I feel for you OP. You did the right thing. The only way to get closure would be if you caught her red-handed whoring herself.

    The most likely scenario is that you don't find out what really happened, get entangled in a web of lies and never be able to trust her again. Sounds like a lose-lose situation either way.

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    "Omg someone must have stolen my card or written the info down to use later, thank you so much babe - i never would have caught this other wise"

    "My friends sister works there and said she'd give me 10-20 bucks to order her food because she didn't have a credit card. I know you needed the money you loaned me back and I didn't think it would do any harm."

    or if she knows she's got him

    "well, you did say you needed the money back......I took the job but didn't see any guys. I ordered food and decided I'm not going to whore myself just because you are bothering me about your money, I'm worth more than that and if you can't see it...."

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    Thanks man. And yeh, thats pretty much it. I would need to walk in on her before I was convinced enough . No, fuck that. Like you say, I'm just going to get caught up in a whole bunch of lies that I know I'll never believe.

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    It's weird for us men to realize that women will never admit some things.

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    This is also known as 'trickle truth.' You definitely did the right thing man. Don't second guess yourself.

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    Bro ditch this girl. I know a thing or two about hookers. I fucked dozens last year and got to know a few of them on a personal level. Believe me, you don't want to be her boy/girl friend.

    The fact is that EVERY girl who works in brothel sells themselves. It doesn't matter if it's the bartender, receptionist, cleaning lady, etc. They all sold their pussy at one point and are now taking on extra work in the brothel for 3 reasons (1) they caught an STD, (2) they are on their period and can't work at that moment, (3) they want even more money on top of having sex.

    Checkout my post from last girl about one of the girls I met who lives with her boyfriend. Suck me off and swallowed on day one without even asking but gives her boyfriend hell at home. You don't want to be this cuck.

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    When you get to that point of the reasoning you're doing too much . If she has to pull some miracle reason for delivering food to a brothel out of her ass, is short on money , and has been having a slow time with her regular work I wouldn't call her a whore but he has the exact profile of a whore.

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    Damn, that's sad. Probably had serious money problems and BFF offered a dumbass solution.

    You did the right thing.

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    Not really, brothel hookers tend to make way more than minimum wage in whichever country they are located. The fact is that her BFF did OP a favor by revealing that his beloved is a whore. A hoe is a hoe whether she's working or not. Even if she didn't turn the prostitution now she would later on down the road when she's broke and OP already put a ring on it.

    The way I look at it, it's a win win for both parties. She gets money and OP dodges a bullet.

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    God I really want to know the whole story here

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    So all of this paints a really fucking bad picture.

    You are wise beyond your years.

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    Shoulda said "bitch, you work for me now. I expect a blow job and 50% of your earnings every night"

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    You know this place is a brothel, how?

    Not that it makes s difference, just curious.

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    The delivery address was on the receipt. I googled it.

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    Are they legal in your area?

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    Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. They still have to get customers in the door.

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    A good example of 'always trust your gut'.

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    Let's assume there was an innocent reason for her ordering food at a whore house. Then she still lied to you about her actions over something not worth lying about. Conclusion: If she's willing to lie about innocent things that could be misunderstood chances are she's willing to lie about more serious things.

    Now, let's assume the likely reason she ordered food at a whore house. Conclusion: Go get tested for anything she may have accidentally given to you.

    You did the right thing regardless of which scenario actually happened. Trust your gut.

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    Well even if you disregard the whole brothel thing she's still untrustworthy and shady. You made the right choice, though in a brutal manner, but still you made the right choice for you.

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    I think it would be a good experiment to send a friend in and take a look around. See if there are any that match your ex's description.

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    Get tested for STIs asap.

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    Lol run away don't walk

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    How the hell do guys even end up in situations like this? Your GF works in a brothel and you didn't even have a clue? I don't even know what to say to that.

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    Women are good at hiding shit tho

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    red flag, red flag, red flag...

    Why are you posting here? You've already made the right decision.

    MOVE ON!

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    Block her number.

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    You know the deal. You also know what she means by 'freelancing'. Get an STD test and move on. You'll never get an honest answer from her.

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    Your instincts exist for a reason

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    Most importantly get yourself checked. You never know if anything got transmitted to you.

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    "Maybe she's just a receptionist"

    Lmao this is some real funny hamstering. Oh she's receiving people alright... In her pussy.

    Move on with ur life.