Why is everyone deleting their posts after they get help? Keep it there so people with similar situations will learn also. (self.asktrp)

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Just seems many posts are getting deleted after the op gets his answer, just sucks since other people cant learn from them. If youre worried about people that know you finding out,just alter the story slightly.

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Also tired of catching hell just for asking a god damn question

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exactly. I've deleted posts simply because half the answers aren't sincere, it's just some faggot dick swinging on the internet. I don't want to read more after someone provided me with a good, sincere answer.

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Too much personal info placed out in here

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I think there's also an 'autodelete' if you don't have 'x' number of posts, so when guys use throwaways, that's what happens.

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aw makes sense, mods should find a way to keep them there.

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perhaps we can autoarchive them with the user names expunged from the record.