Anyone else get this feeling that they can tell whether or not a woman is interested by even a second of eye contact? (self.asktrp)

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I feel like there is a whole other look in her eyes when she is into you, and it's so distinct that you can see it from just a second of eye contact.

And in other women who aren't interested, you can see the disinterest reflected in their eyes, thoughts?

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Sometimes a women makes eye contact with you not because she’s interested it’s just how they are wired to get validation and attention.. especially if she’s giving you the side eye

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Surely a girl would seek said attention from a higher value guy such as myself? Thanks for the reply

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Yessir my SMV is high so I get the side eye a lot. I used to think the girl was interested and I would always approach but it never worked. Later learned it’s just validation.

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Maybe your SMV isn't as high as you think.

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Its not straight math. Lots of other variables. Rejection is not always about you.

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I agree.

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I hope thats the case cause I really feel bad when I got rejected by someone once

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It's about hyper gamy.

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Yeah this is definitely a possibility, I admit that I do think of myself maybe too highly, but I don't think it's all irrational

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Aw man, I would've hoped it was a sign of interest, confusing... Thanks anyway

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Hmm nope it's totally reasonable to assume that if a girl gives you quick fleeting eye contact than it is meaningful. This is a classic indicator of interest.

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I can tell a lot about a woman just from looking into her eyes. Probably sounds silly but I feel I can tell exactly what kind of person a woman is by her eyes, so your response seems accurate.

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Judging character by eye contact applies almost to everyone not just girls

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When I’m walking and I see an attractive girl I always look at her until she makes eye contact. It’s fun seeing their reaction. If she smiles you’re good to approach. If she looks away quickly she’s either: 1. Shy or 2. Not interested. You’ll be able to differentiate the 2 with experience.

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Yes, you can. A lowering of the eyelids (imagine Marilyn Monroe's face in an ecstasy of pleasure), a "sparkle" in the eye (a product of eye lubrication when viewing something pleasurable), and context matters immeasurably. What do I mean by context? Whether a smile is playing about her lips, her head is tilted downwards, she blinks fast, and many other subconscious cues that signal her interest. But don't go around obsessing over these small signals. Just escalate.

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In my experience strong eye contact means the person finds me attractive and the chances of seduction are favorable. Of course one must properly seduce said woman by following protocol unless you happen to be her type of Chad to where you can skip certain steps. The eye sparkle usually means your doing a good job so far but remember that its easy for her feelings towards you to change in a blink of an eye....

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I don't think the eye contact is that important, some people just suck at it, others look everyone in the eye. The first few seconds of conversation however, are telling as fuck

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I mean that other peoples eye contact is more 'intense' even if for just a second, not factoring the duration of the eye contact

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You are correct, it’s not really about the duration of the eye contact, more about the intensity. When a woman looks at you in the eye and you can see that intense look & her eyes slightly widen..... thats an indicator of interest.

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I don’t either. I always give eye contact. I try do the Kanye eye stare where I don’t look away no matter what. To me it a mental win and I find it funny. I think women do the same for validation. I don’t think eye contact means anything I find a smile way more valuable. I’m drunk so I have no idea if what I wrote even makes sense lol.

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Haha you're nuts I want to give this a try, thanks for the response

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Haha yaaassss queeen youre so nuts!!!!

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Could you elaborate on the “first few seconds of conversation are telling as fuck”? What kind of response are you getting in those few seconds? To tell interest/disinterest

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Look at their body language. Do they open up towards you, do they unconsciously primp themselves, push their chest out, touch their hair, make eye contact, smile. There's a whole list of things they could do to indicate interest, if you see more than one, that's basically the sign you need.

Everyone should study body language, it adds an entirely new dimension to your game and you won't need to ask questions like this

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high 5 to you sir!

/this bro knows!

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Think of when you see an unattractive girl and your eyes just kind of scan over her as if there's nothing there like she's just a tree. Girls do pretty much the same thing.

[–]Medusa1849[S] 2 points3 points  (3 children)

I'm not talking about that sort of scenario man

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These dudes are stubborn as fuck lol

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Yes. Nobody wants to admit that spontaneous eye contact means something.

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Explain then

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Yes, I call it, the "sparkle in her eye"

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nope but I can smell the pheromones when they are horny.

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I think the second eye contact occurrence will tell you. that whole "brief breakaway and then bring the contact back + Fix hair/clothes."

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Yeah. As others have said here, sometimes it’s eye contact. Other times it’s that initial conversation or their body language.

I don’t know about others here, but once I learned to pay attention to the cues evolution has instilled in both sexes I was no longer mystified as to who I could pick up and who I’d be rejected by. You can see the latent attraction, regardless of their words.

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I get where you're coming from and I do agree. Walking down a street, you can tell which eye contact says she fancies you and which doesn't. I think, in my own experience, that if a girl breaks eye contact by looking down, that's the better eye movement for displaying interest. If this is followed by preening or a smile etc. then that's about as good a clue as you can get without talking to her.

If she breaks eye contact up or sideways, I've never really felt the feeling that she was that interested. I whole heartedly think eyes aren't the be all and end all, but it can inform you of how easy or difficult an approach might be, but never cock blocked yourself just cos she looked up not down.

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Sometimes they look at you if you are hot but doesn’t mean they will bang

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I agree to an extent... Some women are really transparent with their facial cues. Those are fun. The seductive, "it's on", look.. I always approach and game. Even if it goes nowhere..

Then there's resting bitch face.. I knew a chick that looked like she had the fucking stomach flu 24/7 she was a great and fun person, her face just didn't say so...

Now the other thing is unknown variables... Is the chick having a bad day? Did her cat just die? Did she just get into a fight? Or maybe she was just trying to get away with ripping one of those paint peeling farts and you caught her mid act... These all can be misconstrued as lack of interest, but you never know. 😉

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I have this feeling for a girl I am watching, same as for another one that had a crush on me. Should I try it?

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Go for it, you'll learn from whatever happens no matter if it's good or bad

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I feel like there is a whole other look in her eyes when she is into you, and it's so distinct that you can see it from just a second of eye contact.

If you feel this but don't know it to be true you are not escalating.

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I don't think so. I mean you would obviously see a difference between a girl who is into you and one who really isn't, but there is a lot of in between and you can't really tell unless you get other signs.

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Nah I'm the guy who likes to stare, can't help that I'm a Steve Buscemi looking mutha fucka. Doesn't mean anything.