I hate tats and piercings on a chick, am I in the minority? (self.asktrp)

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College aged sophomore here, I and a girl were interested in each other back around February and then when we chilled at my place, I saw her have this ugly tattoo on her back when I escalated so I just wrote her off mentally and made some excuse and basically kicked her out.

Idk why, I just don't even want to hook up with that staring at my face the entire time. She's nagging me since then to hang out with her and Idk if I should be honest or if it's such a minority opinion I'll be ridiculed like crazy?

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Trash/herpes radar.

The fact that you've internalized these things is a good sign.

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I like them, they give you the instant knowledge the girl in question is only good for fucking and will most likely be batshit insane in bed.

But never for something else.

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You must have fucked my ex. Then again, most people did.

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Damn Daniel.

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Back at it again

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With the cheating ex.

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Eh. It was pre-TRP. She was a good lay, but she was the poster child of every red flag in the book. Without her, I'd have never started my RP journey.

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The only thing I have to add, because this guy said the most important bit, is that I really hate that the cleavage tattoo is becoming the new tramp stamp. As a boob man, I think it ruins the view.

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I agree, boob tats are terrible. But not all are that bad.

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    I burst into laughter when I saw "warning coloration"

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    I just feel I'm in the minority, like some leftover relic. Everytime I get with a girl I like lately, I find she has some stupid tattoo someplace like some unwanted easter egg. Even my 19 yo cousin showed up last Christmas, some shy but rather airheaded girl, with some stupid ass sayings tatted on her forearms. I was wtf, it's even invading family.

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        Plz add a NSFW warning on that broski. Though...I'm sure the articles I read from TRP at work are probably seen as worse than that by IT....

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        NSFW warnings should be used, please.

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        Those tattoos


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        It's like sone autistic kid paint over a Bob Ross painting. She had the perky tits en skinny frame ruined by the chemical she injected between her skin.

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        Goddamn amen 100%. It's like playing Russian roulette every time a piece of clothing comes off a new girl.

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        You know, that used to be true, but it's just not any more. I read somewhere that almost 75% of women aged 18-26 have at least one tattoo., and over 92% have more than one piercing.

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        92% have more than one piercing ? What ? Are those stats for America as a whole ?

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        I mean, one in the left ear and one in the right makes two. The 76% seems dubious to me though.

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        So pretty much 1/100 women is good enough to be considered for a relationship. Sounds about right...

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        75% of women today are definitely good for fucking and nothing else. Ear piercings don't count.

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        I think they do it more as a rebellion against being attractive in the way their fathers' would like them to be. I don't think most of them actually think guys like them.

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        I feel the same, really not a fan of piercings other than earrings. I see facial/body piercings as kind of non-feminine, same with big huge tattoos; smaller tasteful tattoos are not a deal-breaker.

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        Belly button percing is okay.

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        That one is my least favorite. It's irritating to feel.

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        Hoe alert

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        Yeah I approve

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        Dislike. I call them "graffiti" and "shrapnel". They are, very often, an expression of emotional pain or other fuckedupness. No thanks.

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        Will use those synonyms now instead of Bumper Sticker

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        Yeah but those girls fuck the best. God damn sluts. Ruining us decent guys.

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        Upvoted for "fuckedupness."

        I've always called the shrapnel "fishing tackle."

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        that bullring.....what inspires girls to think its attractive? i just dont know..

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        Modern "fashion" is getting pretty lame.

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        fashion can forever be changed, body art not always the case.

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        Dudes like me. I'll hook a leash to that shit and lead them around the bedroom.

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        I don't like them at all, but I'm old (mid-50s). When I was growing up the only visible tattoos we're smudgy-looking anchors on the forearms of WWII Navy men. They somehow seemed appropriate considering what they went through. And some of those guys were sorry they got them. "Yeah, well, we were in port in the Philippines, see, and me and my buddies were falling-down drunk...."

        I don't understand the mindset that causes women to want them. Is is just herd mentality? I don't get why they'd want to ink up all the beautiful, soft, feminine skin. It isn't even slightly attractive.

        I ran an auto parts store for a while. One day a chick came in to pick up something for her boyfriend. She was extremely good looking; magazine quality. So good looking the whole store went quiet while everybody stopped what they were doing to look at her. When she turned to leave there was a tat on the small of her back the size of a dinner plate.

        Fuck that. She instantly went down about five points on my babe scale.

        Lose the tattoos and grow some muff hair, then I'm all in.

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        I've got a question about the pussy hair. Do you like to eat pussy? I love eating pussy, but if she's hairy then not only does hair get in my mouth, but it holds smell and moisture so it's harder to keep clean. So it's a far less enjoyable experience. Clean shaven, very short hair, or a small patch above are all vastly preferred over the bush.

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        I'm 45 and have eaten my share of pussy. My preference is trimmed. Next is waxed. I hate shaved.

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        Fuck yeah, clean pussy is the best to eat. Trimmed hair and she tastes like lemonade, sounds good to me.

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        Is is just herd mentality?

        Nailed it.

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        Lets review your current situation: On any given night you could be balls deep in her throat but thanks her bad decisions you'd rather surf Reddit and finish your evening by jacking off into a sock.

        Last night you came here for advice, here's some now: Never pass up a good thing.

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        IKR OP is such a snob

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        Thirsty mentality, Psy. It's easy to get new chicks in college. OP will be fine. He has standards, he doesn't feel like fucking everything that moves, and that's fine.

        I've kicked girls out and never called them again for various reasons. One didn't smell great. Another couldn't stop singing. Whatever. Don't care.

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        At some point few of us transcend the need for women on a nightly basis.

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        Tell her. I would. I don't find it attractive either. To me it screams "I'm desperate and want attention". Phuk dat bich.

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        Depends on the tats and piercings.

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        No you're not the only one. Tats just look too masculine to me. I can deal with a small symbol or some cheesy text tattoo that some girls do, but a big tattoo or mutiple medium sized ones really turn me off. Basically it shouldn't be very obvious. I always feel like it throws off the symmetry of the female body. Theres just suddenly an inkstain somewhere.

        I've said this to friends in real life and most of them just think I'm some weird dinosaur. I don't get it that even guys circlejerk about girls with tats. Maybe they like their women to be masculine, maybe their just looking for validation from tatted girls.

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        I agree with you completely. It's like they are intentionally making themselves less beautiful.

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        I agree, tattoos & piercings put me off.

        The cutiesie butterfly on your ankle has the opposite effect

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        It's hardly avoidable nowadays. I'd say that the biggest red flag is when a girl makes constant impulses to put down tattoos in a short time frame. It means she's mentally unstable.

        I know chicks that put down 1-3 tattoos in a 4 year span and called it quits. Then again, those were mild sluts as well- just settled down is all.

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        Many chicks i dated told me they want a tattoo, i think that's just so they qualify

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        Wanting and having are two different things. I met a girl that only had one small tattoo, no big red flag. Everything else was though. And I had tattoos so she started getting bigger ones like mine- but at a faster rate.

        Eventually she had 5 within a year. We broke up, that girl turned out to have BPD. Fucked me up for a short while to.

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        Yeah that's totally fine, found a hot girl with no tats and now I think I have a sub unicorn. I swear every girl has tattoos these days

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        Probably depends on your geography. In the midwest, tattoos are not rare, but there are definitely more people without them than with.

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        I love it, but I'm older than most people here.

        Also, I have piercings myself, so maybe that's it.

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        My niece has gone on a tattoo spree the last few years. As far as I have been able to determine. She is trying to express how she thinks she feels. And she is doing it in a anti authority girl power way. Problem is, she has no real sense of self. So it has ended up just being a bunch of random thoughts.

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        I agree. Tattoos look trashy on women in my opinion. I have not encountered an exception.

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        You're not alone. I've always loved top quality art, yet tats are rarely such.

        I refuse to do anything more than plate a tatted girl, unless it's obviously a very expensive, unique, intricate design. (these designs rarely cover the heel, tramp stamp, or new age tramp stamp (across the boobs)

        But there's always the other side. Tats are a simple way to vett. Have= plate max, none=potential

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        I dislike them as well.

        I used to fuck a girl who had a giant tramp stamp, and it had big ass eyes. Doggy style, they'd be looking right at me. It was off-putting to say the least.

        My current LTR has a small, fairly hidden one, and I'm not a fan. Tattoos just fuck up beautiful skin, imo.

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        I used to fuck a girl who had a giant tramp stamp, and it had big ass eyes.

        What was her name? I knew a woman a while ago that got one of those. One of the most hideous things I've ever seen. I can't remember her name but if I heard it I think it would ring a bell.

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        Like what you like.

        I like skinny girls. Some guys like curvy girls.

        I like younger girls. Some guys like older girls.

        I aesthetically love tattoos and piercings. You don't.

        It's cool

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        The VAST majority of women (and this doesn't apply to men due to reasons explained below) who get tattoos are incapable of expressing their emotions properly. They are at a point where their mental capacity has stopped developing past a teenager, and this could be anything from childhood trauma or whatever. And because women are slaves to their emotions, you can guarantee their tattoos aren't just some fun experiment, it is their fucked up way of expressing some deep down hidden secret(s). So they would rather stand behind a label and try and identify through it rather than finding their own identification and being comfortable in their own image that they would need to put time and effort into developing. Tattoos are totally different than things like makeup because makeup is generally accepted as hygiene, a default social standard.

        Now, the reason why it is different when men have tattoos is because when you think of a bad boy, what do you imagine? A dude with tattoos. What about a bad girl? A slut. Both of these aren't negatives either. In fact, women like bad boys. They would rather have a bad boy than a passive or indecisive or pushover guy. Men get tattoos for many reasons, but none of it is because they can't express their emotions and feelings normally. Women get tattoos because they expect you to know what they mean and NOT what they say or show or do. In most cases, women want to portray the bad boy image themselves.

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        I don't mind them as long as they're discreet but it's kinda hypocritical since I have a full sleeve myself.

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        Don't like 'em tatooed. And I like 'em having pubic hairs. I don't like little girls, I love women (even if they tend to drive me insane, thus TRP).

        Yep, I'm a dinosaur !

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        if she has a vagina i'm not touching her eww

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        I like my sluts/side chicks to be covered in tats but I like my mains to have virgin skin. If a girl will let some strange guy penetrate her skin with needles she'll probably let strange men penetrate her with something else. If I ever brought a girl with tats to my mom's place she would clean the bathroom after they left because girls with tats were "disgusting" and "promiscuous" words of wisdom mom.

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        Nature abhors a vacuum. Just as some people are annoyed by silence, others are annoyed by blank space on walls (taggers), empty space in a home (hoarders), blank skin (tattoo fanatics). Represents being uncomfortable with themselves and insecure if not self loathing.

        Unless one exception: the word/symbol is so meaningful to them it's a matter of life and death. In a rather bad movie, Soldier, the main character had the name of each battle they had been in tattooed on an arm, I could imagine any soldier, or even an astronaut getting each flight tattooed. I knew people that would get tattoos over cancer scars which is cool. Saw pictures of women who got tattoos over c-section scars which was also cool. Joked about getting do not resuscitate tattooed.

        A fucking fairy over your ass is a problem....

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        You're definitely not. I personally can't stand those septum rings shits.

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        Idk if I should be honest

        Absolutely not.

        But do follow what you want. Just softly next her. Do not explain why.

        See also https://www.reddit.com/r/asktrp/comments/4dqav9/are_girls_with_hair_dyed_unnatural_colours_a_red/

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        I remember I would see pictures of tribal Africans with bones through their noses and lips, and these self inflicted air bubbles on their backs. It would disgust me and I would wonder why anyone would do that to themselves.

        Then I thought, well, people here stick meddle bars trough their noses, nipples, penises, libs, tongue, gauge their ears to the point that it sticks when they take it out, and they get tattoos. How's that any different?

        So I say, I can't sit on my high horse and criticize those that put bones in their noses and then put metal in mine, or get tattoos. To me, it all seems like primitive cultural practices that humans should stop.

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        Same here. I fucking hate that shit. Ex-wife had it and I made an exception (special snowflake right?) And paid dearly for it emotionally. The upside is that I got to divorce-rape her instead.

        But as George Carlin said "Nothing says high self-esteem like poking, perforating and inking yourself up."

        Tattoo skanks are just cutters with a better budget.

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        I don't like them, and reject so many prospects on dating sites if they show tatts. I did have one plate with lots of tattoos; it was a FWB situation and we clicked in certain ways. Even in the dark, I could tell when I was caressing a tattooed part, and it felt... unnatural.

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        Just means she's a slut. Use a condom. They're freaks.

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        Minority. Majority. Doesn't matter. A man leads even if nobody follows.

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        I think I'm the only one here who is a fan.

        Although I have to keep those types away from my professional and family life.

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        I'm on your side. You should be honest with her. Tell her the reason.

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        I'm the worst sort of hypocrite when it comes to this. I'm working on my sleeves and I have a few others but I hate tats and piercings on women. I like my style on me, and a sundress and heels on women.