Thanking You Guys (self.asktrp)

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Just want to thank you all motherfuckers for helping me out; I've been browsing TheRedPill for two years and NoFap for 4. It has helped me become a better man, find my true value, and remove women from the pedestal they once were on.

I went from texting paragraphs/essays to girls about how much I love them, writing love poems, and a bunch of other cringe worthy shit to banging a pretty broad on first date. Being afraid to showing my face at the gym to not giving a single fuck.

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You're welcome.

Keep reading the sidebar.

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like reread the sidebar?

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The sidebar is not just a read once and done thing. Sidebar should be re-read every few months.

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Even for people without a goldfish memory?

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I still read the sidebar every now and again.

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You're welcome faggot.

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Keep it up.

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Cool username dude.

And congrats, enjoy the freedom of being unplugged

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Good shit my brother!

I almost considered giving up NoFap today because I'm going through a breakup, divorced a year ago and kinda finding myself.. from your experience, would you say to keep going? I am glad I didn't relapse in the end.

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Keep going; you're going to feel like shit afterwards. That shit is your lifeline, your masculine energy that drives you to go out and do something.

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Good stuff, thanks for the motivation man. Fuck you PMO!

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How'd u work on ur game?

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WRONG SUB. This belongs on r/thanktrp

Just kidding. Good work turning yourself around.

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I am happy that you are enjoying life more. Good job.

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That's not a question.

/u/vandaalen remove this

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LOL. I am not a mod. Pray to our Brodin /u/gaylubeoil that I never get that kind of powers as well...