Ever noticed girls acting shy around you after you bulked/got bigger? Is this the kind of reaction I should expect from now on? (self.asktrp)

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I've noticed this with women who used to "look down" on me in the past, or would only be nice for niceness sake.

Others get kind of conscious about their body, and it's actually funny to see them trying to hide their defects.

Is this normal with girls that used to know you as the "unfuckable beta"?

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I noticed a LOT more IoI's like more touching on the shoulder, more hugs, blatant compliments (where before there were none) and waaaay more eye contact.

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I had some friends in town recently and was teaching them how to dance. One kept interrupting dances with the others to dance with me. So funny to watch the dynamic with them all.

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Isn't it funny how it's always the sub par women who are bold. Or the ones who used to be fat but aren't anymore. Or still are.

The hot ones never usually are that bold.

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    One legged squats, flat-footed and on toes, lunges; all these exercises are done while holding 100 pounds.

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    Yea man, walking lunges do wonders for dat ass. My woman grabs my ass now - she never did before

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    Even men might start catcalling you in the street bro, be careful.

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    what do you feel about women grabbing ur ass? I personally find it kinda weird and jarring. I always tell them "hey that area is off limits" with a huge grin.

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    That's right keep those standards

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    Nice! Mind if i ask what lifting program you used?

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    It’s called the “make it up as you go along” program ;)

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    You increased smv and appear now on their radar.

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    Precisely. You may now be a potential mate, so the feel the need to manage their image around you.

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    This is to be expected. If anything it’s a sign of encouragement because they are adjusting to your new image of yourself and are probably gaining attraction to you from it.

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    Yes. A big set of veiny arms is liable to blow some life into the driest of pussies.

    You also are probably carrying yourself better. Your newfound gains give a confidence boost that girls can smell.

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    Exactly. I experience this at a larger scale when I got cut instead of bulked but I know what you mean.

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    The word is coy.

    They act much more coy around me.

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    Man since I got jacked women don't know how to react around me. I love it. I'm attractive to begin with so I have always got reactions from women but since getting jacked it has been kind of funny to watch.

    Women will constantly stare at me. Whisper and giggle when I walk by. Some are very shy. Some will blatantly say "wow you're hot" (mostly less attractive women). The hot ones are more slick about it.

    Men even treat me differently. I used to think it was just hogwash until I really experienced it first hand. So yes it is normal

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    much better to be intimidating than harmless. Being invisible to women means you're harmless. Enjoy this and let it motivate you to be the most alpha you can be.

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    As far as women acting shy, most of them turn to jelly and can't form a coherent sentence, i just attributed it to them being idiots, I guess in hindsight it was partly that, and also them attempting to make themselves appear childish and thus more attractive.

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    Dude. facepalm

    I had a run in like this. HB7 waitress on my way out of a dead bar, smoking a cig. She did a double take.. looked at me for 2+ seconds, looked down, looked back up, smiled. I approached and got a cig. Tried to start a conversation.

    She was giving 2-3 word answers and then nothing. I assumed she was uninterested. UGH

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    It's the inverse of what most guys do around women. Unlikely they are doing it on purpose. If they are, run, cause that's a sociopathic trait.

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    If they are [doing it on purpose], run, cause that's a sociopathic trait.

    Too true. A woman who actively manipulates and knows it, and can still mask it as cute/sexy, is the scariest fucking thing around. So fucking hot though!

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    I was married to an NPD/Narc for 15 years. It's called "hoovering", and every man should know about it: http://www.yourtango.com/2016285104/12-big-signs-someone-you-love-hoovering-narcissist

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    Wow, would you elaborate?

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    Essentially this is a vampire who is feeding on you. When you walk away, the vampire does ANYTHING to bring you back, because it wants to feed off of your resources.

    Being a man, vulnerable to appeals of pride, you may think, "this woman REALLY wants me!". No, she doesn't. She wants the resources that you provide. That is usually money and security (ie. continual money). Maybe it's social, or potential. It doesn't matter; it's not you, it's something you provide.

    BPD (Borderlines) have a lot of red flags. Guys go for them because they are exciting. But before you know it they are sleeping over, unless you're a dick about it and kick them out. They will shit test the hell out of you, and you'll either be the master or the servant with them. That feels shitty to me. I'd rather have a fling, and part as friends, but then again, I'm romantic.

    Narcs are impossible. They want what they want. They will use any means necessary to extract what they want. Beware of the woman who promises, but fails to deliver. You can see this in small form with women who promise good blowjobs, but quit 30 seconds in. Or women who "starfish" in bed, after jumping on top of you. If you feel confused and vulnerable with a woman, run!

    Honestly, if you have good boundaries and a mission (ie. FRAME -see sidebar), then this type of woman will naturally slide off your radar.

    As always, concentrate on your mission, and the women will appear. Study game, and lift so you are prepared to take advantage of those opportunities.

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    As always, concentrate on your mission, and the women will appear. Study game, and lift so you are prepared to take advantage of those opportunities.

    I am sexually starved right now but I've been through sexless periods before, I can do it again. Ty, yo

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    Right on. If you work on yourself, and also keep taking to all people (not just women), then you will always win; you will become a better person. Be interested in people. Have your mission. See where people fit that mission, or where you can partner.

    And man, when it comes to sexless, just pick a wank day, and have at it. Don't underestimate porn: You pick the girl, it's free, and there is no time limit or drama.

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    Yes actually, but more or less this is goes farther beyond someone noticing the changes you make. As you know it's all about confidence, and after I started hitting up the gym and just bettering myself in general, I noticed little things start to happen more and more.

    For example girls at work all of sudden started saying hi to me, trying to hug me (hate this random shit), and just making themselves known to me in general.

    A good example for me would be this one chick who works behind the counter at my place up front. I used to think she was out of my league and what not, up until I stopped giving a fuck. Yesterday she casually mentioned how I laid into this other co-worker, due to him literally being the biggest cuck there and annoying me. To the normal eye this wouldn't come off as anything, but realistically, she took notice to something I did that happened almost a month ago, and then reciprocated it to others. Just her mentioning this small and insignificant event only shows that she noticed my presence, even in what seems to be the most minimal way.

    Point is, keep at it.

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    As you know it's all about confidence

    Yep - when you feel better about yourself and more confident about what you can do, people around you notice. We all want to be around confident (and nice) people - its invigorating if not sexy.

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    Others get kind of conscious about their body, and it's actually funny to see them trying to hide their defects.

    Game better women. Most women are somehow insecure but typically they are able to hide it.

    Is this normal with girls that used to know you as the "unfuckable beta"?

    It's simple attraction and it doesn't have a context. A girl acting relatively shy is almost always in some sense attracted to you.

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    Indeed i did. but after the attention i got i started to become to much beta and now i'm dealing with an relationship that made me into BETA boy..

    So here i am on TRP to Strive for greatness.

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    Yeh somewhat, when I grew in height and weight I had girls treat me differently. When we stand up close or when they are sitting it's even more extreme. You can see their pupils dialate. But yeh, nothing special.

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    I not only got bigger but over the last few years got scarier looking. So some people, women included, are intimidated by me. I see photos of myself and go "whoa, I don't feel scary looking... but damn". It's funny because I'm actually a really generous, caring person.

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    I got that too, "you're really intimidating now", the hell? I wasn't intimidating before, guess not, back to the gym.

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    People have sensed my demeanor as that of an asshole for nearly all my life. Im the opposite. Usually to shy to have much to say and an eagle scout