Her differing opinions on my improved physique. (self.asktrp)

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I’ve been lifting for a couple of years now, my physique has shown some noticeable improvements. Throughout that time I’ve been with the same girl a few times. We hang out a little bit and she’s accused me of being “obsessed” with lifting, told me I’m going too far with it etc. But last time I fucked her she drunkenly told me I was “out of her league”. That same evening she admired my torso while I stood in my kitchen, commenting on how I can eat so much food and still “look like that”.

I suspect I know what’s going on here but it’s actually becoming annoying. She clearly likes it, is she just trying to discourage me from improving because it attracts other women?

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Drunken minds speak sober hearts.

She's trying to keep you in check. She's being manipulative.

It always comes out when they're drunk.

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This is what I suspected.

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This is the vampiristic nature of them. She will suck the soul from you while at the same time telling you how much she loves the taste of it. Then, once she sucks your alpha juice dry, she will leave you and do it to another guy.

"You dont need to work out, you are sexy enough for me.

You dont need to go out drinking with your friends and have fun, you have me right here at home to fuck you.

I think (your friend) likes me.

You spend too much time at the gym. You should be here sitting on the couch getting fat with me.


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Blows my mind how often AskTRP dudes see chicks as these master manipulators. The girl feels insecure and doesn't know what to do about it. I doubt very much there is some diabolical scheme here.

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Manipulation isn't always conscious.

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Yes, but the way manipulation is described here often reads as "master manipulation", at least somewhat conscious you need to be to reach a mastery at something.

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Sure they can be conscious of what they’re doing, but they know it not to be manipulation and instead they see it simply as “something that works to settle my emotions so I’m going to do it”

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I think by definition it is. Otherwise it's just "behavior."

EDIT: redefining well-established concepts is such a sophomoric, easy way to signal "cleverness" when it's really just bullshit

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Lmao. Manipulation can definitely be subconscious. I see it all the time with kids and babies.

Now that I think about it, the hamster is literally subconscious self manipulation...

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No, manipulation by definition requires intent. If kids receive the attention or affection of their parents due to certain behavior, it's because the parents like that behavior (or feel a strong response to negative behavior like crying).

Unless the kid is consciously behaving in a certain way to receive a certain reaction, he or she is not "manipulating" anyone.

Just consult a dictionary.

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Most manipulation is subconscious. Literally Google subconscious manipulation and come back.

I used children as an example because I thought it was an obvious example. Use your brain more.

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It is also because girls can get away with it so they never learn how miserable it is. If a men has that attitude with his friends, he will quickly go down the hierarchy even to the point of being outed of the group. So we men learn quickly to cut it out (most or a lot of us at least). But women get away with it, don't get the same strong feedback and keep doing it.

But, even if we can understand the circumstances and not blame it on "women are pure evil", it is fucking manipulative and you should react accordingly.

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I totally agree that women get away with this easier, but that does not mean that every last woman is some scheming crocodile tear producer. I've known some fairly even-keel, stoic women. And some women are actually pretty emotional. Always assuming ulterior motives is not going to be all that helpful when it isn't warranted.

This doesn't mean we should give in to all emotional outbursts. Not at all. But assigning more malevolence than is actually present is also counter-productive.

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Crabs in a bucket. Keep lifting and plowing.

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She's scared about how you're improving and as a normal basic bitch in western toilet clown society she's probably just getting fatter and older.

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western toilet clown society

I'm gonna save this

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Yep remember men start at 0 smv and go up. Women just keep falling

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Other people have said it already, that girls deliberately drag you down, but I'll just add that the solution is a bit of dread.

"Yeah, I've been getting quite a bit of attention lately <grin>".

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She wants to secure you, because you are improving your SMV to a level thats higher than hers. This new Potential and the chicks you could pull with it are a threat to her, so she's trying to push your Mind down.

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My LTR has been calling me a douchebag since I changed my haircut, my clothes and started lifting.

I guess she likes douchebags because she's been fucking me more. Who woulda thunk it.

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Jealousy and projection.

The worst thing you can do to the lazy and complacent is show that when you put work into it you actually get results.

See it as a compliment, means you're doing good work.

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Sounds like she talks too much. I recommend putting your penis in her mouth.

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Yes, you have answered your own question.

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She’s saying it because you are out of her league. Usually, women doesn’t want a man to be better looking than them. They usually only accept men who have a higher status, as women understand they only bring looks to the table.

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Guys, calm down.

This is a classic shit test. Amused mastery. Agree and amplify.

Her: You're obsessed with lifting. You: If you feel that then you ought to ditch me and hit up one of your boys that plays videogames and disc golf.

Or any other thing. Or just say that's right you little slut because I can caveman fuck you. Then throw her over your shoulder, throw her down on the bed and fuck her.

ALSO. Big point. THIS is why you lift. It's one thing that is guaranteed you inherently up SMV and dread.

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Laugh it off with teasing, A&A etc. Even if you are 'obsessed with lifting', that's a good thing (but don't let her know how much work you put into it...girls are more attracted to the fantasy of natural automatic Fabio muscle genes than to hard work).

Her confession was truthful - that she is worried you're out of her league. But she won't ever leave b/c of that, she'll just be your love slave.

All of her BS antics are signs you are on the right track

Don't ever let you convince you to be a couch potato

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You just got a helluva compliment friend. The alcohol suppressed her ego enough that she revealed one of the hardest things for a woman to admit, especially in this eat-pray-slut society, that you're actually too good for her.

But if you're looking for a "why" it's them admitting you're too hot to handle so they put themselves out there hoping you choose them because they've already submitted.

Keep improving till you get these compliments from a good looking sober chick. It's a nice hit of raw ego boost.

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You are, coincidentally to your self-improvement program, DREADing the fuck out of her.

Keep doing what you're doing.

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I think these are fairly cynical responses. She's complimenting you. The results of your behavior are attractive to her and she's verbalizing it to you. I don't see the problem. Maybe she'd like to feed you.

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She’s feeling dread. The better you look, the more women will be interested in stealing you from her.

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watch what they do, don't listen to what they say...everybody is full of shit. do you dude

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We hang out a little bit and she’s accused me of being “obsessed” with lifting, told me I’m going too far with it etc.

Shit test, doesn't want you to improve and lose you.

But last time I fucked her she drunkenly told me I was “out of her league”


That same evening she admired my torso while I stood in my kitchen, commenting on how I can eat so much food and still “look like that”.

Yep, sounds all fine so far, what's the problem ?

She clearly likes it, is she just trying to discourage me from improving because it attracts other women?


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At this point you should realize you can fuck (even) hotter girls. Your SMV has surpassed hers. Instead of going to the gym herself, she wants to keep your SMV in check or else you'll start fucking hotter chicks.

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How is she trying to discourage you? All her words were compliments to me (in the usual women gibberish, but still).