How safe is TRP from being shut down? (self.asktrp)

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TRP has drastically improved my life and gives me a sort of "home" to go to when I want to learn about the struggles of men and find gems of wisdom and self-empowerment. BUT it almost seems too good to be true, this place makes me so happy and empowered that "the powers that be" must want, Nay, HAVE to take it from me (and everyone else) eventually. What safety nets are in place? Where could I find TRP men if it was banned? Seems the MSM is catching wind of the 263,878 men unplugging

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Here. Keep in mind that everything is archived and no need to worry.

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Honest question. Since that is a private website, any chances of it ever being shut down?

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If shit hits the fan who knows, but I doubt it. Pretty sure admins have backup of the db and contents, so if that happens, all of the data would be transferred to new servers.

As you know on the main sub, there is initiative to develop new light functional script like wp or reddit in order to protect the freedom of speech and anonymity. For now, as I said, there's no need to worry.

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No since it is a private website, you can't really shut down the hosting in the long term.

But what can happen is that you lose your domain name. An example where the domain registrar censored a website is "thedailystormer.com". They had to jump domain names several times until they found a registrar that wouldn't ban them.

But I suppose that our admins are aware of that threat and probably choose an anti-censorship domain registrar. Even if not, TRP should be safe because afaik as I know the daily stormer was a nazi website and if domain registrars where to ban something relatively tame in comparison then shit would hit the fan.

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Thanks, what I was looking for. Hopefully that website is safe too.

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I don't see a tenth of the posts there... what I am missing?

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What I learned from TRP :

Men and women are very different

Focus on improving yourself and building healthy self esteem and the women will follow

Respect yourself when dealing with women and never sacrifice your self respect for anything

Eat a healthy diet and lift weights regularly

Focus on your career from a young age and don't drink or do drugs

Read books and educate yourself, focus on self improvement

The reality is that nowhere else is pushing this kind of message for young men. Modern society hates us and wants us to be weak and submissive. Fuck that.

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> how safe

Not very. We'll be on trp.red when it gets closed down.

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Does it have a forum? If not, it should.

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good man

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It's 263, 887 unplugged men now. Men are flocking to TRP because they see the bitter but liberating truth that society and the media seek to suppress at all costs. And one way the feminist elites seek to silence red-pilled men is to dump us together with the incels like the van driving killer

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Goddamn I remember accidentally stumbling across this place when it was 60,000 strong. It's blown up since then, in major chunks after every time some website or media outlet spoke negatively about us.

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263,887 unplugged men? Lol. If only unplugging was that easy. Being subscribed doesnt mean ur unplugged. Far from it.

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Not unplugged. I wrote unplugging.

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Should we tell him?

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Fortunately or unfortunately, most people don't actually look at TRP, they just assume it's a wretched hive of scum and villany, that everyone is a bunch of nerdy pickup artists negging women and eroding their self-esteem until they sleep with them.

I think they think it's some harmless circlejerk, and therefore I hope it is pretty safe.

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This is actually a good thing. Think about a kind of selection where judgmental cucks keep their pathetic lifes (DB, low SMV...) because TRP is ''too offensive"

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And the ones who do read it properly immediately get it and silently switch sides.

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The manosphere in general should be safe as long as posters don't threaten any one or group with violence, as far as I understand. Places like r/incels got shutdown because they were threatening wome. Again, as far as I understand it.

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There’s loopholes to everything.
One red pill site/blog/channel/account goes down, another will take its place. If red pill guys are truly alpha, they will defy the rules and stick around somehow.

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Very real possibility that the Red Pill subreddit gets shut down. No chance that as it grows the feminine supremacy and beta orbiters will let a growing group of men ruin woman's ability to optimize hypergamy to the fullest extent.

With that said, the Red Pill is not just the subreddit. It exits all over the internet and is pretty decentralized. Even if it the subreddit gets shut down there's plenty of other blogs and sites to continue.

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Does the Pirate Bay ever end up getting shut down?

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I was considering data hording and archiving all of TRP. All posts and comments. If anyone knows of a place where it’s automatically archived I’d greatly appreciate it. Somewhere off Reddit so it doesn’t get deleted or erased.

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I want to do this as well. How do I copy pages exactly as they are? So i can view them offline in the same way as they look now. Not just copy the text.

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On Chrome? Right click somewhere not text or images and click "save as" and save the whole webpage as html.

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Thank you

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Bingo. I have all my favorite posts.

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There's more to life than "reddit"; there's more to "TRP" than reddit. Presumably if this message board goes away, you'll still lift, still be focused, still keep improving yourself, etc.

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very true. but i feel better knowing i can come here for questions and help desperately blue pill men seeking advice to problems that seem so hard in their mind but so easy for me now to guide them in a helpful manner. Thankful I have devoured all the sidebar and internalized all the important aspects of trp. Im on my way to self improvement in a really good way

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If it's valuable to you I would recommend side barring religiously, remember what Pook said about Manual the dictator..

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Most of the MSM coverage I've read seems to get the difference between the hardcore InCel types and TRP, at least in terms of the idea that InCels are hopeless dead-enders with fantasies of violence while TRPers are at least looking for practical solutions to life's problems.

There's a huge gap between "kill all sloots and whores" and "women respond to X, not Y".

The biggest thing that porbably insulates TRP more than other manosphere communities is the money. TRP has a strong profit motive -- often a bad thing, but in this case it does provide an incentive for mods to clear out weird little creeps who stew in their own anger.

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We are fine...

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I like to hum the Cantina Band theme as I check in to TRP 😊

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True. My concern is that the subscribers is blowing up and any reporter who pops in for 5 seconds can frame us as being misogynist by feminazis with selective quotes in an attempt to make a story to boost their own worthless career.

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Lol, I get you like TRP, but the sub and its ideas are far from perfect. Just join the mailing list on r/TheRedPill. It's not like your life will be over if TRP is shut down.

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I understand what your saying but im the type of guy who never forgets when someone helped me. TRP gave me this help when I was at my absolute worst, So i dont want to see the thing that saved me go down because I know its helping others in the exact same way. If it went down I would still be ok because I have already understood all the important values of trp (LIFT). what about the others who havent though?

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Main Stream Media

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The end is probably near for TRP.

I'm not too concerned. I have all of the rational male books sitting up in my closet.

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But what about the other beta losers? they dont even know what the rational male is. They will still need to be helped

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The red pill is full of very powerful knowledge and can be used to manipulate women and other men (if you subscribe to the machiavellian side of the manosphere).

I have no issue with very few people attaining that knowledge. What's the first rule of fight club?

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Solid point. It just feels good to help people or at the very least, know that this place exists for them when they decide they finally want help. I dont spread it around for sure, but its nice to know that it is here. Gives me a sorta peace, Like Im part of the brotherhood in 1984, although that didnt work out so well for Winston in the end.

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I use evernote to capture what i consider the most valuable things from TRP, just select the text and run the Web Clipper, works like a charm.

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thanks man. never heard of it, will look it up