Is the US society going bonkers? The superman actor getting slammed for his comment about the #metoo, Scarlett Johansson can't play a transgender (self.asktrp)

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Is the US society going bonkers? The superman actor getting slammed for his comment about the #metoo, Scarlett Johansson can't play a transgender

Henry Cavill raised valid concerns, how women have power to ruin a man's life if they didn't like how they had gotten approached, and how they no longer adhere to being feminine, which includes wanting to be courted and chased by men.

Women say "I don't want to be chased, I want to be respected". They play with words, but in reality it all just means that whatever you do, it doesn't matter, the woman gets to decide in the end whether you're worthy of mercy or should be ostracized by the society, with millions of Bluepill males and #metoo followers ready to witch hunt you.

Case in point - Chris Hardwick, popular TV show host, whose life is now ruined because her ex gf got jealous of his successful new life with his beautiful and happy wife.

Why are US males passively accepting this? Isn't part of what makes man a man is to have principles? Where does this defeatist attitude "of I don't care" come from?

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Honestly just let them weed themselves out of the gene pool. Unless you want to be the feminine energy in a relationship you should be striving to be better everyday. People who emotionally masturbate or become recreationally outraged together are finding a tribe so to speak. These people aren't worth engaging and celebrity worship is degenerate.

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Yep, they cant breed of I dont bang them. Let the soy boys propagate, easier for a man like me to rule them

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Hell yeah dude. Best thing you can do is ignore these hysterical harlots.

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Stay woke, fam.

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They won't weed themselves out of the gene pool, because now they can go down to the sperm bank and have a stranger's sperm needled into her egg so she can have as many fatherless children as she wants. Then she can go write a Huffington post article about how empowered she is. Meanwhile her children will grow up with severe mental issues because of it.

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It only feeds the decline and ushers in the fire to be reborn from. I see no problem. We aren't gonna legislate ourselves out of this. You can't put it back in the box. Prepare accordingly.

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Someone coined the term "trial by social media". If you fall out of line then you'll be getting your ass handed to you online, and maybe irl too. Who wants to fight a whole society's outrage? Fuck that man, let someone like JBP point it out

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Cavill just moved himself out of the I don't care what he does to me category. Before, women probably wouldn't care what Cavill says or does with them... but he opened his mouth.

Boys, this is an example of how straight talk gets you in trouble. He spoke openly and candidly about the underlying game that society plays and chooses to ignore when it's not explicitly mentioned.

That "game," in this case, is that men like Cavill don't have to play the poundMeToo game because they follow rules 1 and 2, have social proof, and automatic pre-selection. All of society plays it and all of society lets men who follow rules 1 and 2 slide by... until they talk about it. At that point, society has to reconcile the fact that they've been ignoring it and now have to show that they aren't ignoring it by lambasting, in this case, Cavill.

And his only real crime here is that he spoke openly about how, even for him, navigating the waters of the sexual relationship makes one uneasy and nervous.

His second mistake was apologizing for it.

I can't believe how many don't understand what "chase" means in context of sexual relationships... One guy even likens it to hunting the woman, with the obvious extension that she is an animal or for sport.


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Is the US society going bonkers?

Yes. After Trump's surprise election, the American Left, which has been executing a soft demographic coup, freaked out and tipped their hand.

Now everything is progressing at triple speed, as the Left fears that people will wake up to their plan before they pass the point of no return.

Why do we take it? An excessive amount of manipulation and propaganda is levied at your average American male, who just wants to get laid and get by.

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a lot of people have too much time on their hands...

and they for some reason think that people give a shit about their opinions.

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Saw that news about Henry Cavill's point. He did declare about women having the power to ruin everything and better off 'calling an ex' rather than meeting someone new, but also apologize and putting women first because feminazis are offended.

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Men have lost complete power and women have entire power at this point.

Chris Hardwick example is case in point, Because he has physical evidence of her begging to get back with him, yet she was still immediately believed by the media and readers in general and he has lost everything.

evidence means nothing at this point. nothing. Think about that.

A female can literally make up any story and a concrete alibi will mean very little. haven’t heard of anything in history since, oh, Salem Massachusetts that compares with the insanity underpinning this dynamic.

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Wow that Chad Hardwick text...lmao. Beta ass cuck.

Hmm. This is an incredibly deep question that many books can be written on. Unfortunately one of the only real motivators for men is women..and in this case...you would basically be fighting all women + media + government...in defense of...other men (aka your competition to be quite honest).

It's a noble fight, but also absolute martyrdom. It's why MGTOW has a legitimate argument.

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I said the same at first but in hindsight this worked to his advantage. He kept it as proof that he's a sensitive caring guy or whatever which goes completely against her claims. Anyways, doesn't matter, he's married to a model and expecting a kid apparently.

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I'm surprised you were able to get through that wall of text.

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Yeah I wrote a text like this once cringe cringe cringe.

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Definitely something in the water...

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The Chris Hardwick thing is extremely weak. He released texts from her showing her BEGGING to get back together with him after she cheated on him.

I hope he sues her and every media company who uncritically reported the allegations into the ground, and then salts that ground so nothing can grow in it.

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US society bonkers

Yes, and all the West with it. Lacking credible invaders the West is fighting itself.

Why are US males passively accepting this?

Indoctrinated from birth. They all instantly believe women (because women are better than men). They instantly hate abusive men (because women are better than men). And it must be true.... because women are better than men. Women told them this, and women are better than men, so it must be true.

90% of men are weak gullible betas.

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Here's everything you need to know about the West circling the drain:

A Love Letter to Conservatives

The West is fucked. Life here has been too easy for too long. Men have grown weak and they think it's ok to let in every fucktard loser from every shithole there is - why? So they can turn the West into a shithole too? - when what we should be doing is dropping the portcullis and making sure that the alligators in the moat are hungry.

Do you think the MEN who tamed a continent - and really, let's not pretend the natives were using it - would put up with these fuckin' retard losers demanding to treated like they're normal? Do you think that the MEN who won WWII would say, "Sure, let in all these fuckin' Muslims who want to rape children. No probs." Do you think the MEN who created the Space Program would call a man in a dress "she"?

That's the problem:

Hard times create Hard Men.

Hard Men create easy times.

Easy times create soft men.

Soft men create Hard times.

So keep your bayonet sharp and your guns polished and clean, whistle a happy tune, and be ready for the coming storm.

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Eh business as usual.

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Is not like he is going to be called a rapist. Not today, maybe when he is old.

Also, all those "i feel" answers are the problem. Feelz change.

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Kind of fucked up that your only real defence against rape accusations today is being wildly high smv.

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Some men are passively accepting this. Other men are speaking out and get labeled "whiners" for their trouble. Feminists only see one perspective, one objective: their own.

Cavill points out the absurdity of their recent actions, and the glaring irony here is that all it took to prove him correct is one cunt on Twitter trying to paint a bullseye on his back.

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I think getting Scarlet Johansson to play a tranny is kind of fucked up to be honest. You can't tell me there aren't any freakshows in Hollywood that would kill for that role.

Anyway, no society isn't going to hell. Masculinity is just going underground. As a man, you are not allowed to talk about reality. Women don't like explanations of things, even if they're right. You're "just supposed to know," and that's that /jbp. Explaining reality to guys who can't figure it out is interfering with natural selection.

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"I think getting Scarlet Johansson to play a tranny is kind of fucked up to be honest."

I'm not tracking the outrage. It makes sense to cast a cisgender female as this shows RANGE. I was pretty sure that's what "acting" was all about - turning something that is not believable into something believable or causes the audience to suspend disbelief...at least temporality.

Surely - there are transgender folks that could be cast in supporting roles and as extras throughout the movie.

Hilary Swank presented an Oscar-Winning performance in "Boys Don't Cry" - basically portraying a woman living as a man. Is this NOT the same thing or is it different with this particular biopic?

Can someone with theatre experience please clear this up?

Also - Henry Cavill is your basic Hollywood Pretty Boy. He's good as long as he doesn’t rape someone, avoids interaction with drunk women and women high on drugs, and ensures consent. He's "pretty" - most women will overlook and forgive his comments. They all want to be Mrs. Cavill.

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They're lumping their outrage in with the fact she also recently played what was understood to be a Japanese character. I generally agree that acting is about becoming a character, not being a person who happens to fit exactly the traits of said character. However, the politics behind transgenderism is so heavy that any narrative should have some connection to the real world and the fact they still are not accepted in many areas including hollywood. I think it's more of a misstep from the director, they chose to cast a straight woman, she simply accepted the role, she is "accountable" as far as accepting a role that clearly was going to go to a straight woman regardless.

I agree with Cavill, it will blow over and nobody will remember. They still want to see him shirtless.

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Even if I was an actor I don't think I would be able to bring myself to play a trans character.

It would be bizarre and insulting to my own body.

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The thing about that is you can hop in a bathtub filled with 5 million dollars and it's supposed to help alot

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Yeah, to the average person, not when you're making literally 4 times that with Marvel.

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Because unlike some people, I don't want to see the decline of society into a bunch of SJW bullshit.

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    Yes there is my boy, that is some cuck mindset you got there.

    All it takes is one person to start a movement, there just needs to be someone to lead it.

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    This is why I frequent MGTOW more than any other sub.

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    MGTOW has cancer of it's own in that most men on there are replacing real girls with internet porn or giving up on lifting because they're no longer following their biological imperative.

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    There are two halves to MGTOW. The good half shouldn’t spend their time on Reddit at all.

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    You're of course free to have that opinion. My opinion is that, legally speaking, it's just not worth the risk of dealing with women. Not when an accusation of any misdeeds is instantly enough to derail your life. For poon? No thank you.