Do I live in a hellhole, or are girls like this everywhere? (self.asktrp)

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I'm starting to become so jaded over dating. For the past two years I've been completely disappointed with the quality of girls I've met. I'm trying to find a feminine, traditional woman who has a modest past and wants to have kids. Instead, I'm meeting girls with sexual pasts that rival any prostitute, SJWs, feminists, etc.

The last girl I went on a date with told me 15 minutes into the date that she hooked up with a famous musician on his tour bus, as if that would impress me. Another girl let it slip that she has a sex tape on the internet and lost count of how many guys she's been with. One girl seemed like my type. She was in a PhD program and really beautiful. I showed my friend her picture and he thought she looked familiar. A few minutes later he sent me a link to her seekingarrangement profile. Another girl seemed decently feminine, but then told me she has herpes. I've gone on 30 first dates within the past couple years and without fail they've all had substance abuse problems, eating disorders, mental health problems, money problems, or daddy issues. I just don't get it... Where the fuck are the decent girls at?

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I'm trying to find a feminine, traditional woman who has a modest past and wants to have kids.

GL with that.

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Let me guess... you're meeting them online?

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Mostly. I thought I'd give meeting girls at church a shot. That's where I met the one with the sex tape and a thing for MMF threesomes.

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The odds are good but the goods are odd.

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girls at church

Lots of folks to go church on Sunday to get forgiven for what they did on Saturday night.

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    modern evangelical churches are utterly corrupt. I get that the ideal for many TRP goys is to pull some qtpatootie virgin sweetheart and mould her to their beliefs, but 99% of TRP is not willing to commit to a religion to acquire that. If you can't handle not getting laid for a long time and committing to an ideology that challenges you, you're in for a tough fucking sale.

    Well-spoken post, though. Finding a quality church these days is a challenge. Hillsong needs to die a quick death.

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    It's a numbers game, bro. Not much you can do about it except go on a lot of dates and weed out the weird ones. Eventually you'll find what you're looking for. Keep dating, and write down a list of traits your ideal woman would have. When a girl doesn't have at least 5 of your top 10 most important qualities on that list, drop her.

    For example, my list is:

    Dark hair, between 5'0'' and 5'5'', dark eyes, feminine, ambitious, sexy, fit and active, generous, good cook, and funny.

    Every time I meet a girl, I do a mental check for those qualities. It helps to know what you want.

    And this is just my opinion, but I wouldn't worry too much about how many guys they've been with. Women can get dick anytime they want, so if they're over 25, most of them are going to be in the teens or 20s even if they're "good girls". Look at it like this: the more sex they've had, the better they're likely to be in bed. You're not going to find a virgin, bro. On the off-chance that you do, she's probably going to be a nutcase.

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    Look at it like this: the more sex they've had, the better they're likely to be in bed.

    That's like saying the more crashes a car's been in, the better it'll drive.

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    That's the thing, there's nothing special about a chick that's been around. She's just more of the same. Why hold your standards at the bare minimum?

    When living standards make overindulgence easy, it's much more respectable when someone can say "no, I won't do that." and follows through with what the believe is better in the long term. This doesn't even have to apply to sex, it applies to just about anything.

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    Is there a girl that hasn't tried online dating?

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    I am guessing you’re mid to late twenties, possibly older.

    You’re looking for a traditional girl who is still available and modest.

    Here’s what you sound like:

    “Yes I’d like to buy a used car made in the late 80s early 90s with one owner and hardly any miles!”

    And you can’t believe that all of the cars you’re looking at have been in accidents / scrapes and bruises along the way?

    Sounds like you can’t afford a new car. Level up or buy used. Hit the gym.

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    I like your analogy. I know I can upvote and leave it at that but I wanted to put it in words on how mind-opening that is.

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    Are you saying he is dating mid to late twenties girls, can't date younger girls, or that girls after high school become used up?

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    yes to all of that

    he’s saying OP is complaining about shitty quality because his target age range is 98% shitty quality

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    i like your age guess of him being around 23-100. Youre a damn solid guesser if you're correct!

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    That's a good analogy. What's also similar is the business triangle. Money, time, quality. If you want something quicker and good quality (young) it will cost you, but instead you can get something slower and poor quality (old) it will be cheaper. A lot of this stuff really does come down to economics/business exchanges.

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    Decent girls? You won't find decent girls anywhere unless you are looking in a society based on strict religion. Religious girls are your best option but even then you will likely be surprised how much just like every other girl they are. Some career focused girls can be this way like the ones studying for Med school but you're shit out of look if you are looking in a bar or tinder to find a decent girl. AWALT.

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    In my country theres a ton of girls who were promiscuous sluts that join a church/religion and then all of a sudden shes a born-again-virgin in her head. Of course if she regrets it it doesnt count, the hamster does all the job. I know a handful who now have a BF/fiancee who they would only fuck after marriage, after years of being party-sluts.

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    Your comment reminds me of this: https://therationalmale.com/2013/12/03/saving-the-best/

    It's a great read. Not sure if it's in the side bar, should be tho.

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    Like I said. You would be surprised how similar religious girls are like every other girl. But I was mostly referring to girls that have been very religious their whole lives. Your point holds true though but if a guy can't see through a "born-again" virgin than he is beyond saving.

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    This usually happens in time for them to jump the wall.

    Guys think they are getting virgin Mary when they're really getting Mary Magdalene.

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    Welcome to the Kardashian generation, where thottery is the new normal.

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    Unrestrained and undeserved sense of entitlement abound!

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    Yup, this is pretty much the norm of today's society.

    This is the result of generations of women raised without a masculine figure in their life, albeit, there are still "unicorns" who were raised by a masculine father to have self confidence.

    There are a few daughters of masculine men at my gym (men who are still lifting into their 40's & 50's) who you can tell have self-esteem that is just head & shoulders above all other girls. You just have to look in the right place to find girls like this.

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    Step 1: move out of America

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    The last girl I went on a date with told me 15 minutes into the date that she hooked up with a famous musician on his tour bus, as if that would impress me. Another girl let it slip that she has a sex tape on the internet and lost count of how many guys she's been with.

    Many girl I see on social dating apps have this kind of autism. They have no idea of what are good qualities and bad qualities in a girl and think that having sucked miles of dick is okay, or worse, attractive.

    As someone else has said here, it's probably due tot the lack of a masculine figure.

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    And I say this is a good thing because it makes it trivial to weed them out. The main difference to 20 years ago is that they used to shut up about this stuff and you had to make good guesses yourself. But don't for 1 second belief that there were no sluts 20 years ago.

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    Don’t give autism a bad name like this... 98% of autists are male regardless. These hoes are just common thots regressing to their primordial behavior without anyone giving them boundaries. Since the boundaries they can set on their own are as permeable as Internet Explorer firewalls and based on “feels”, we’re just seeing what was bound to happen

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    We are out there, go on RPW and you’ll see :)

    No insinuating your gender either. Everything else after that was just attention whoring. "Look at me the trp ideal of a woman who overcame the feminist beast teehee".

    No one cares, except for the 15 thirsty guys in here.

    /u/bsutansalt, temp ban please.

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    Looks like it was already deleted.

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    You are searching in the wrong places.

    Y'know, what you're doing is akin to going to an electronic music concert then complaining why aren't you hearing any rock. No shit dude, you're in a wrong spot.

    You don't need to go to the church explicitly to find the girls you're looking for, but consider what kind of girls are going to be looking for men in the places you visit.

    If you're dating Tinder, do you want a girl who would install Tinder? Think of the multitude of women who believe the sole idea of having Tinder is degrading to them. They won't be there.

    You are already screening the women by the places you look for them in.

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    True, it's like a self-filtering/self-organizing process. The good one's will be in certain places, and the bad one's will be in others like dating apps.

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    It is impossible to find girls with the values you desire in post modernistic shithole countries. My recommendation? Work hard earn money then move to Poland or similar country and live as a king. Those kinds of countries still have family values.

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    Downside: Need to learn a new language with one of the hardest grammars

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    I do know one thing though, bitches they come they go

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    Saturday through Sunday Monday, Monday through Sunday yo

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    Maybe I'll love you one day, maybe we'll someday grow

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    It's called the decline. It's pretty universal in much of the west although there might be pockets here and there, with the internet getting less likely all the time.

    Some say enjoy it... there's really nothing else positive you can do other than seek outside countries. They might be better but no utopia.

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    Girls like you want do exist, but they are few and far between.

    Also, the ones that are good are taken by the high smv alpha guys.

    So, it's difficult. What in life that's worth it is not?

    Keep improving yourself and look for girls in everyday life.

    The good ones are usually 'hidden in plain sight' and not initially knock-outs.

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    I think that the unfortunate reality is there are plenty of girls like that. Only problem is they are smv3-5...

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    Try going to a CrossFit gym. You’ll be thoroughly disappointed.

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    Isn't the gym, shitting where we eat?

    Yet I contradict myself, because it seems like some of the best tier of women, are found @ the gym.

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    focus on your social circle game. become that cool guy who knows everyone and is always doing fun stuff. plan events and get-togethers. tell your friends that they're welcome to invite any cool friends/co-workers/roommates/cousins/whatevers. keep doing this and constantly upgrading the quality of your social circles and you'll start meeting more and more single girls aren't looking to slut it up and ride the CC.

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    I had one of those unless your LTR game is tight, they will leave and cheat like any other.

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    First of you are doing fine if you get them to reveal their dirty secrets albeit I'm not sure we are already that far that they don't even get these are dirty secrets. Anyway, you are able to weed them out and aren't falling into the trap.

    What can you do?

    Whatever you are doing isn't working. So change how you get these dates. Online? Stop it and move to daygame. Barsluts? Stop it and move to day game and/or online.

    The type of women you look for almost certainly isn't on tinder. If you must go the online route use a paid site. Yeah sucks but it's a numbers game. You can only hit up that many girls each day with day game. Importantly is to continue approaching in real-life.

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    I honestly think were just fucked. Im 33. Which means that I dated 18-25 year olds pre-smart phones, and continued to ride the wave all the way through today. When I talk to guys my age that have settled down, they dont really see it because they stopped dating when they were 24. I talk to younger guys, and they dont see it because they didnt start til after facebook and texting was part of everyday life. These bitches are DIFFERENT now, in just a few short years.

    No one can deny that social media on steroids (I was a junion in college when facebook came out but you had to be a sorta homebody sitting on your computer to use it) changed womens expectations.

    Also, my last serious gf accidentally let out that the last guy she was 'seeing' was an NFL player. Same as OPs example, she said it as if she was bragging... these bitches are retarded.

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    Their options have broadened because access to top tier men is more readily accessible through social media. They can be pickier and choosier because they see all this information on social media, if she can keep stalking alphas on social media that give her hints of a relationship or even fwb, well, anything below that will just falls short. The expectations for your average guy are insane. The incel community get's a lot of hate and for good reason but this point they talk about I have to agree with.

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    Ah, you live in the Zone of Mandatory Social Purging, such behavior is pretty much mandatory there

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    Agree with those who have said religious girls, but that comes with its own can of worms and I'm not sure it's all that much better.

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    Not sure where you're based OP but try looking for country girls. They grow up on the farm helping their dad so you know they won't have daddy issues.

    I really think the lack of a father figure is one of the biggest problems in today's society.

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    Absolutely. The statistics on this are pretty damn clear. Fatherless households spell disaster for many people.

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    I suspect it is the type of girl for which you are attracted and where you are meeting these women.

    No all women are not drug addicted, musician fucking groupies....

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    Good women are few and far between. It's easier just to bang and bail.

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    Well this is hard to accept but maybe AWALT and you are better off putting effort into other faculties of your life?

    Jack it, don't jack it, have casual hookups It's your choice really but nothing good comes of relationships.

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    I think it’s unfair to say nothing good comes from relationships. One would argue consistent sex-on-demand is a benefit, along with learning to calibrate yourself/habits to keep that going.

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    Usually the "nothing comes from relationship" dudes are those who playing a part to get in a girl's panties so the relationship falls apart when that shell breaks...whether that relationship is two weeks or two months.

    It is like they forget that the reason they came looking for help with women was to figure out how to develop the ability to connect with womenpeople in their lives. It seems that they learn a few behaviorsmaneuvers which allows them to trick a few girls into dropping their panties, then simply stop growing. Those girls start ejecting out of their lives as they learn that the dude wasn't what was projected, the dudes get caught in the same loop over and over again....find girl, use behavior, fuck girl, girl ejects, repeat....dude then blames the girl and get even more bitter...but having found something comfortable which "works" they just become stalled.

    That goes on for a variable length of time until the dude realizes that finding hole number 31 wasn't what they began the journey about...as nobody was really impressed with them having fucked 31 women as they thought they would be so they were not getting the external validation and even worse the internal validation of feeling better about themselves has not happened either regardless of the number of holes.

    It has happened to ALL the so-called legends of PUA and to most of the dudes who have come thru the community......they realize that it wasn't the number of holes into which they could stick their little wee-wees for which they came searching but the original thing that made them go searching...learning how to connect with people on a emotionalintimate eal level, so they begin the process again and this time do not stop at just finding a couple of cheats to get a girl to drop her panties.

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    I mean consistent really is iffy to me. A high SMV should get you consistent pickups with girls and this can help calibrate habits to keep going. Though you are right it's mildly easier (really depends on the girl in the relationship)

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    This is true, depending on your living situation. When you live in a small town like me, the consistent sex is just a better bet.

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    Where the fuck are the decent girls at?

    you dont find decent girls, you only find girls who are good at lying.

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    You need to practice vetting and nexting.

    First, set some minimums for yourself. "Redhead, big titties, in shape, likes funny guys, no tattoos."

    Run this checklist every time you associate. If they fail, move on. The harsher your checklist the less chicks will fit, but the more successful your interactions will be if you tailor it to your type, and your success history.

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    Try your church

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    Sounds like you need a hand. Literally

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    You're fishing for catfish on a fucking tree. Online=casual sex, as in one night stands and regular fuckyfucky.

    For wife material take the streets partner

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    I know plenty of those. Sadly they're my family members and no, you can't find them on tinder. Besides - who the hell wants to have kids. Do YOU want kids? I guess if a woman offered you a marriage right away, but you must impregnate her today, you'd decline. GL with that traditional woman!

    Also, personality of women that is most inclined towards family and kids is also the most boring personality to talk with. Details, details, details. Also they hassle you about better job/pay 24/7. I had this traditional woman. I'd take medium woman or SJW over that.

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      I agree. My best girlfriends all started with me before 18

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      Additional anecdote to support this post: my brother and I were raised by a "traditional" mother. Did this aspect of her personality contribute to our success? Abso-fuckin-lutely not.

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      Yeah my mother was close-minded witch. Traditional = bigot (on this area I somewhat agree with SJW's). To be honest, ok marriage, while I wouldn't marry a SJW, they're are MUCH more fun to talk with that those close-minded, work-hard, burn-witches-on-stake traditional women. Probably the BEST woman for marriage is one that WOULD be SJW if NOONE snatches her EARLY. Because, you know - people pleasers go crazy with the amount of shit in this world. They are not fit there and just go bonkers crazy with green hair and armpits (sing of idealism). Some people may bash myers briggs when they take the test, but to deny that there are ARCHETYPES of people is plain retarded. If someone is metalhead in his 30's then there is high chance he is a nerd too etc.

      Compare typical traditional woman profile https://mypersonality.info/personality-types/istj/ With typical SJW profile https://mypersonality.info/personality-types/enfj/ with typical redpiller https://mypersonality.info/personality-types/intj/

      of course these descriptions, while true, concentrate on "best sides". I can infer bad sides easily from reading those, after years of typing people

      Lastly, if you are _N _ _ chances you can talk with _ S _ _ and not get bored are small.

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      I got herpes on my first Sexual Encounter, that doesnt say shit, are u retarded? having herpes is like getting a few blisters for a week like 3 times year. Its not leprosy

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      So? Nobody wants herpes if they can help it.

      [–]wisdom_is 1 point2 points  (2 children)

      All STD’s are curable with the Gerson therapy

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      Gerson therapy

      not had an outbreeak for several years now but thanks, good to know.

      [–]wisdom_is 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Good on you. Mainstream media and the pharmaceutical industry keeps us ignorant about humans capacity to heal from so-called incurable diseases. Aids, herpes, cancer and all ailments you know of can be cured by organic nutrition. But this info is repressed. Cause they cant make money off of it. Btw hiv is a hoax. So guys who are always hamering on about std dont really know much about it. Nor the fact that ALL stds ate naturally curable.

      I highly suggest you to read that book.

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      Who the fuck said anything about herpes?

      [–]Ninokun 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      fucking learn to read soyboy