Is it me? or are girls today more on that "princess" mindset. (self.asktrp)

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like girls will act like they are princesses and what not, expect you to bend the knee and do whatever they want. then act shocked when someone tells them no.

its funny low key but christ . after a while its annoying that more guys dont set a boundary on that BS, so now the girl feels that its okay to keep doing so.

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This is nothing new and will only get worse as social media is just getting bigger and bigger. Online dating apps getting bigger and bigger. Overinflating HB3-5's making them feel like 10's and HB6-10 making them feel like goddesses.

Accept it and move on. If a girl acts like a princess, drop her. Your value as a man will appreciate and a woman's will hit a wall. You will get your pickings if you follow TRP teachings, it will take time and effort.

Please refer to the book the Rational Male and Rollo's SMV graph regarding men & women.

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Overinflating HB3-5's making them feel like 10's and HB6-10 making them feel like goddesses.

I know someone already replied, but this is so true. Before trp I used to mindlessly sift through my insta feed and like all girls' photos. Now I realize I was merely a beta orbiter, and of course likes from "Chads" on their photos were rarely to be found. Showering girls with all this fake attention and boosting their egos is pointless.

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I call them 69s.

6s who think they're 9s because they're too stupid to know that being hit on merely means men just look for a hole and that's all these are.

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Thank you for this. Perfect little mantra to keep me grounded and laughing when they try to step on their pedestal.

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You’re welcome.

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Very correct. Was plating a girl for a while who I met on tinder. She was probably a 6.5 or a 7. I'm a bit above that. She straight up told me she matched with over 1300 guys in the one week prior to meeting me. She was pretty average and boring, yet she had this many guys thirsting for her. She also told me about her past ex's who gave her gifts like jewelry and stuff, and I was like "lol, I don't do gifts unless its a birthday". She would try and kiss me in public and even at the gym too (we went separately and she blindsided me while there), so I had to set up a "No PDA rule". What's funny though, is that not doing romantic gestures like getting gifts or being lovey dovey in public only made her want me more. Most girls want what they can't have, so being unattached makes them lose the princess mentality, and try and do whatever they can do to get your attention. I'm not saying to be an asshole though either. There's a golden line between being a scumbag and being a beta. I try to treat most women as I do my guy friends, sending a text or two every other day and meeting up maybe once every other week or so. Treating girls like regular humans is neither sexist nor mean, and i think most women would rather be treated like a normal human than a princess.

Anyways, I feel like once you meet one of these princess girls from tinder in real life, reality crashes down and the true smv gap shows. It's not really the girls faults though that they expect to be treated like a princess, as there are 1300 guys in her contacts treating her that way. It's the fault of men being desperate which causes women to have this mindset. The best way to combat it is to ignore it.

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Online dating apps getting bigger and bigger. Overinflating HB3-5's making them feel like 10's and HB6-10 making them feel like goddesses.

I been saying that from before I swallowed the pill. it's really sad going on some apps and watching women who would NEVER get attention outside get showered with it online with everyone everyone for their love.

and yea I read and saw the chart. and yea I started dropping girls who felt like the world went around them. nah.. fuck that

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i live in eastern europe and the amount of bootlicking here is off the charts. even the alphas need to be like "you know i luv u baby let's get some icecream".

meanwhile we have the highest rate of girls doing cam work, underage mothers, people trafficking victims.

i've always wanted to study the guys doing this but i guess we're not running in the same circles...

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Women want to be princesses, let them!

Who fucks the princess? The prince or the servant?

Obviously not the servant so that leaves us with the prince.

Now picture in your head how a princess would treat the prince.

Carry yourself like a prince and expect her to treat you thusly.

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You are incredible my friend. Thank you.

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social media helps to gas-up their egos, but when they get out in the real world, the attention they receive doesn't match what they get online.

no matter what, guys need to approach. if their egos are out-of-hand, at some point, it will begin to hurt their chances of being approached.

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The problem isn't that chicks are acting like a princess.

The problem is that men aren't acting like the King.

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Not anything new. Maybe a little more prevalent, but not new.

Remember, she ultimately wants to be a queen, but that means she needs to be fucking the king and submitting to his rule in his kingdom. Thats the part left out of the fairytale. Make sure you're the king of your kingdom and that she's worth of the benefits it offers.

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Uggh hate the filters too.

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Just don't partake. It makes it a lot harder to get sex from dating apps or social media unless you're hot. But I can't stand chasing after randos who want me to do the dancing monkey.

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Accept you are the “prize” and ignore it.

Move on

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They will act differently with different guys. Every princess is happily sucking some Chad's dick and at the same time treating BB like a cuck.

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It requires a complete reframing of your own mental state and values.

Men have been conditioned through media, politics, pop culture, books, movies, social media and laws to pedestalize women.

I see this now and realize that at times I also slip into being intimidated by some...SOME women in certain situations.

These situations are usually social and it's when my guard is down and i'm gaming and they react strongly or resist or start virtue signaling.

It hasn't happened in quite a while but has happened.

It happens in social situations when I get rejected in my Latin dance circle for inviting a woman dance overtly rather than through eye contact. Virtue signalers treat this as thought it's a crime instead of a mistake or uncalibrated or even bold move.

So you have to start thinking of ways to increase your value, approach women without fear, be prepared to smile and walk away or even laugh off rejection.

Learn to tease, know when to tease and neg and when you're dealing with an unstable nutcase.

Above all there are days you're going to be rejected and other days where you'll be swimming in pussy.

Understand the Red Pill and learn Game.

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or resist or start virtue signaling

What is the explanation of this?

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Virtue signaling is when people act sanctimoniously as if they are better than everyone else (showing their virtue) not as an act of genuine goodness but to put other people down.

In the case I'm referring to it shows it self as: "Guys who dress badly shouldn't be allowed to ask girls to dance" ---written by a guy it's aimed at trying to make himself look better than everyone else.

it's fake.

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expect you to bend the knee and do whatever they want. then act shocked when someone tells them no.

Yup, this is the society we live in. Women are endlessly told they can get everything (from men), men are told it's sexist not to supplicate to women.

. after a while its annoying that more guys dont set a boundary on that BS, so now the girl feels that its okay to keep doing so.

Yup. On the other hand, it's easy to get her to see you as more alpha/dominant than other men just by saying "no".

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I have my experience with this, pre- and post-RP.

Pre-RP, I had been attracted to my cousin’s boyfriend’s sister. She’s definitely an HB9, and I was always thinking of how I could get with her. I acted super nice in a poor effort to win her heart.

Post-RP, I realized how fucking entitled she feels she is. Last night, I had gotten up from my seat at a party and she went and took. I didn’t care, laughed it off, and sat where she had been sitting. When she got up, I moved into her seat and took it the same way she did to me. When she got back, she commented that I took her seat and I returned the comment she had made to me when I had returned to my seat the first time. She got so mad that she went and switched tables and decided to eat alone. When I would point out an open seat at the table I was at, she would give me a stern look and look away. She got over it, but I realized how entitled she feels about herself. Not only this, but her friends are also mostly entitled, self-centered bitches, and so they reinforce that attitude. I only opened my eyes to this after having educated myself on The Red Pill and now that I am capable of seeing this behavior manifest itself, it turns ugly.

Sure, I’d fuck her, but I don’t think she is someone I would ever keep around with her attitude. It’s terrible.

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I do have the impression that girls are very entitled these days and expect the best to happen to them anytime because... they deserve it, because... because...

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You can influence their mindset more than you think. So to answer your question, yes its you.

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It's you. This shit has been around forever.