For those of you who actually have a job. What do you guys do with your weekends to make life more fulfilling? (self.asktrp)

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This thread is not for college kids and guys on welfare.

For guys on here with a 9 to 5 or any white collar type of job, what are you doing on weekends to make your life more fulfilling?

I feel like I am tired of wasting my weekends going out to bars to get overpriced drinks.

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I bought land in the middle of nowhere and I'm building my own house and permaculture on the weekends

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My dream

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Seriously, how fucking empty is modern life without a family and something to strive for

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Mind if I ask you what you do, without revealing too many details?

I'm making a career change right now and planning on doing the exact same thing. I'm educated in computer science, but right now I'm planning on picking up a trade so I can gain experience with handyman type stuff that will be important on the homestead.

My concern is getting out far enough away but still having enough work to support the lifestyle. And meeting women out there...

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You gotta get out of debt as a number one and never go into it ever again it's not a tool. Second buy the land while working and add your fruit trees as soon as the land is in your name then continue to work while working on the property to save capital for your projects. It's gonna be a marathon not a sprint.

I'm in medical sales and I have jobs on the side. I live a minimalist lifestyle, still renting a small apartment and driving an older sedan. I have a computer, but no tv. Learn how to build your own furniture. Learn the difference of upkeep and repair in your car. "I can fix this for 20 or I can take it to the shop for 150".

When it comes to women know what you want and know where you'll go, age wise. Some guys just put a trolling net out, I only date tall redheads. Once you have a category learn how to weed out BPD and other red flags. Finding a woman in a small town isn't hard if you know yourself and have TRP. It's just a matter of not having a scarcity mentality and taking any and all you can get. You'll age like wine she will age like milk. I never thought I'd date ten years younger yet here we are.

If you're looking for land where there's barely anyone I'd look into Idaho/Montana/Alaska. Try not to have too hard of a winter. It seems cool until you recognize that growing crops and keeping animals turns into a shit show, literally.

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Appreciate the advice, uncle!

You gotta get out of debt as a number one and never go into it ever again it's not a tool. Second buy the land while working and add your fruit trees as soon as the land is in your name

I'm lucky that I actually have no debt and a little bit saved up (plus some inheritance. Not enough to live on, but definitely enough to have options). I have enough to buy several acres, and because of the winter issue, family proximity, and laws, I'm considering somewhere in North Georgia or Tennessee or thereabouts.

Did you buy your land outright, or make mortgage payments on it? I'm weighing buying less land but no debt vs buying more and paying it off over some time so I have more free capital/my money has time to grow (it's growing around 4% per year, so if I eat up too much of the principle the growth goes to nil.)

Buying more sounds awesome because I could maybe do some hunting on it down the line if I get like 50 acres instead of 10-20. And 10-20 might even be more space than I'll use, but I want flexibility to make decisions as I go, ya know?

I live a minimalist lifestyle, still renting a small apartment and driving an older sedan. I have a computer, but no tv. Learn how to build your own furniture. Learn the difference of upkeep and repair in your car. "I can fix this for 20 or I can take it to the shop for 150".

Definitely doing minimalism, and carpentry is my main interest so I can do furniture/sheds, etc. I have no experience at all with car/motor work, but I plan on getting into it. Planning on doing my own fluid changes, for one. Baby steps.

Also good to hear that stuff still works in a small town. I have this fantasy that the girls there are higher quality (less entitled) but until I get there or hear from experience, I won't know if it's "grass is greener" idealism.

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35 acres is the magic number in my opinion, I would honestly recommend making a model on paper and giving yourself margins, Enough for field crops, animals, house and then 20+/- acres for fun. Another thing you'll have to consider is paying the crown(government) his tax and that varies on state, county, land type etc.

I saved up and bought my 35 outright and even haggled 15 grand off the asking price because we could literally drive down to the bank/courthouse and sign. It really all depends on what you want from the land and for the land. I'm attempting to be completely off the grid in the end therefore I needed farming land, multiple water sources, forest etc. You will have a hard time getting a loan for naked land bc the banks see it as high risk.

I'm glad you know to invest. Once out of debt one should spend the money they were using to pay off debt on investment, ik you aren't or weren't in debt but for others.

That's a good area with a mild winter, unless you go up the mountains, MAKE SURE when you buy the land it is yours all the way, minerals, trees etc. Make sure you have legal access to it.

You most likely won't find a "squared" property but that's fine so long as it's not a dog leg or a long rectangle. know your property line for certain so you don't get into legal trouble building or taking. Replant the trees you cut down. Anymore just Google. I'm long winded because this was and is my dream that im finally achieving and will continue to achieve through death.

Women come and go and there are pretty ones everywhere. DO NOT get married they can take the property from you. Know about common law marriages. If you want kids make sure it was her idea "first" and give some resistance before "caving in" (this is years past the LTR status btw) I'd recommend further sidebar reading.

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Another thing you'll have to consider is paying the crown(government) his tax and that varies on state, county, land type etc.

"Property tax! Paying for stuff you already own? Now that's a scam."

I saved up and bought my 35 outright and even haggled 15 grand off the asking price because we could literally drive down to the bank/courthouse and sign.

Nice! I'll consider that. Gonna keep in mind that it's a power play to be able to get the money right then and there, no financing complications.

I'm long winded because this was and is my dream that im finally achieving and will continue to achieve through death.

No worries, it's my dream, too, so I could go on forever about it, but I won't because this isn't the sub for it. Fully off grid.

I just got excited to find someone at the intersection of RP and off grid homestead life.

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42yo guy here

Bought an awesome motorbike and go riding as much as possible

This weekends trip - https://reddit.com/r/tasmania/comments/92qs5f/motorbike_trip_to_cockle_creek_28718/

Just riding solo is great fun and a good chance to just blow away the worlds problems for a bit.

$20 for a tank of fuel @ ~300+ km it's a cheap day out.

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Nice - fellow Taswegian here. Also ride. Tassie roads and scenery are sensational?

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Hell yes :)

Everything's so close. Long time QLD'er and was used to 2-3hrs drive to get anywhere but here everything's right down the road.

Drive one side of the state to the other in a few hours with the 1050cc roaring. Good way to destress.

Camping at Bicheno and the bay of fires is a winner too.

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Awesome man! I'm, 24, thinking about getting my first bike in the next few months. Been thinking about a 300-400cc bike but for some reason some people have recommended a 600-650cc bike to start with. Shit's scary, son.

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My first was a 250. Seemed huge to start with but you outgrow it very quickly and find that it's very underpowered once you get comfortable.

I think that, even conservatively, I'd outgrown the 250 in 6-12 months.

600-750 is a good sweet spot for power, size, and weight.

My questions would be - 1) Why do you want it? 2) Where do you want to go (on-road, off-road, or a mix)? 3) Are you looking for performance (road bike) or a multi-use vehicle (dual sport)

Check out /r/motocamping as an idea?

Happy to chat more on that though :)

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On Friday I went out on my buddy's sailboat. Ate indian food. Drank prosecco cocktails

On Saturday my buddy came over. We made dinner together. Did some boxing training on my heavy bag / double-end bag. Lifted weights. Swam. Played vidya

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You sound like a chill ass, dude.

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Definitely struggled with this as well until I realized that I was the one who had to put a group together and do something. All it takes is a few texts, a commitment from people to meet up, and then doing that one thing.

If you are a true leader, getting people together on the weekend shouldn't be difficult.

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I play in a band so I'm in the bars most weekend but I'll rarely spend more than 10 bucks on drinks. Outside of that I've gotten into kayaking with a couple groups of friends so its pretty easy to kill a Sunday afternoon on the water a little MJ. The occasional long weekend trip that could be camping at music festival or hunting / fishing or driving out to somewhere like Louisville or Gatlinburg or Chicago and doing touristy shit.

Try to plan different things outside of your normal routine / comfort zone. New memories and experiences beat getting drunk at a bar, even if you have a shitty time you'll remember it (fondly even), you wont remember the night at the same old bar a few weeks later.

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I am trying to bartend on the side.

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Hiking, hunting, rafting, shooting - anything outdoorsy.

Have made a fair number of lake house weekender trips lately. Keep making friends with people that have them and keep getting invited.

House projects. They never end.

Dad duty to a 14 year old.

Fuck the tits off my wife on a regular basis.

As long as we're in town, I make time to go lift at least one day each weekend.

I've got a fair sized friend and family network, we go out and meet up with lots of different people.

Or occasionally I engage monk mode light, sit around, read a book, watch a show, and otherwise recharge my introverted ass.

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I write. I work on my Jeep. I work on learning music and instruments. I paint miniatures and put together metal models. My first and second novels should be released before December. (I've already published a bunch of nonfiction.)

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I try to go out with friends on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday is usually with a plate, and then one night is for me. No work, just my passions and hobbies. Lifting, reading, writing, meditation.

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I don't work 9-5 ... rather it's a high-"prestige" 70+ hour a week type of job; but weekends are off limits for me, and made only for fun.

Here's what I get up to:

This is what a good weekend looks like for me assuming no going out and hangovers. If I'm hungover I only surf and maybe play golf; none of the other stuff as I feel too rough.

  • Surf every Friday morning before work, and Saturday and Sunday with friends
  • Motorcycle (got a 500cc bike, like to drive up to the cliffs and watch the city skyline about a 15 minute ride away, generally in the evenings)
  • Golf (generally in the PM after surf)
  • Soccer (play friendly Sunday games)
  • Skateboard late evenings sometimes along the beach (I'm 30 now but grew up skateboarding and was pretty good, so I picked it back up with some friends here ... I live on the beach so it's surf/skate culture here)
  • Cooking whilst watching a movie in the evening or go play pool with friends

Edit: this is stuff I do every weekend. On top of this are the occasional things like camping, hiking, travel, wake boarding and anything else physical and fun

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As someone who works a terrible office job, I typically do Salsa/Bachata after work, and mostly on the weekends. Ever since I signed up, its like my approach anxiety and fear of being rejected has been cut in half.

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Ever since I signed up, its like my approach anxiety and fear of being rejected has been cut in half.

What do you attribute this to? Putting yourself out there and not being embarrassed to engage in an activity where most of us will probably look dumb to start with? Or just the general socialization?

[–]DavidEagle68 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I attribute this to being forced to learn basically... out of the dozens of women that come in and out of the studio, I've pretty much danced with them all during instruction. You get used to the anxiety, and if you fuck up, you fuck up. You just keep it moving, and it definitely gives you a reason to approach someone and can use it as an opener.

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I try to stay on top of as many chores as possible on the weekends to keep my weekdays as free as possible to do my daily routines. I do yard work, do laundry, go grocery shopping, clean up any little bit I slacked on during the week. When my chores are done I like to go play ball, lift weights, watch the fights if they’re on that week, hang out with friends, game chicks, get plenty of rest. If all else fails and I have free time I like to write, or find some good articles to read up on.

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I too would like to know. I'm 20 and just started a full time sales job last week. Last night I spent 4 hours on youtube wasting my night. Feels bad.

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I try and wake up as early as I can to make the most out of my weekend. I go to the gym early to get myself going. I ride my motorcycle, hang with my boys and smoke dope and game chicks. Pretty tight if you ask me

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Lots of great suggestions here. When I swallowed the pill, I realized I had given up a lot of my past hobbies and friends.

Pick a couple of things you always wanted to do and go try them; activities where other people will be involved if possible. You’ll make new friends, discover their hobbies and your options will grow exponentially.

Don’t be afraid to try things you’re not familiar with either.

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I work 8am-4pm usually.

In the evenings, I do personal training. I either have clients or I'm studying for my next cert. I do cardio workouts in the morning so I'm up at 5:30 and in bed by 9:30-10pm. On weeks I don't have training, either myself or others, I go for the cinema or band rehersals.

Weekends, again I either have clients or I do heavy weights workouts. I also have a cinema card that gets used a lot. Other than that, I go on adventures, basically pick a place in the UK that I haven't been to and head there, or gigs, or what have you. Most weekends are different.

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Hey I want to get into personal training, but the only experience I have is ~2.5 years of being very dedicated to my own routine. Any tips on how to start?

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Sure, where are you based?

I got started by literally getting the CPS books and learning. I was lucky in that the PT I had been working with for a long time took me under his wing and that's how I first got work. I studied and took the Levels 2 and 3 and then started working part time at a gym. I initially started as a gym instructor which allowed me to take groups but basically adhere to pre-approved circuit programs. It's a good way to start as it allows you to actually interface with clients. After my L3 PT, I took the L3 nutrition exam and eventually got my first clients. I was under the employment of the gym and it was a nice safer way to start. My next challenge is my L4 cert which I'm hoping to complete before October as I'm starting a sport science degree.

It really depends how quickly you want to do it and how engaged you are with starting. Technically, there is nothing stopping you shooting a load of cash at it and getting L3 certs within a few weeks of full time class-based study. However I don't learn at that speed and to me training as a PT remains a commitment that I want to do. To give perspective, I used to be very obese, beat the fat and felt it was a natural course for me. I'm planning on fully switching my career in about 5-6 years. Right now I manage a tech team as my full time role and I'm really using it to pay off the mortgage.

There are some things to know. First, knowledge is one thing but the ability to train people is a skill that takes people skills and how to deliver that knowledge. You meet a very diverse set of people. I've been at this now on my own for about 3 years and I'm still always learning and I have a comfortable set of regular clients. I have to be honest, it doesn't pay well and particularly when the tax man takes his slice and you pay your rent and insurances at the gym, you don't generally end up with tonnes of cash at the end. IMO this is why some PTs generally go off the idea after a while. I'm different as essentially right now I'm not thinking of the money and when the mortgage is done, I can still afford not to think of the money. It's a vocational thing for me I guess.

I would first recommend looking at the relevant certifications starting with Level 2s. (There is no Level 1 for some reason - I don't actually know why!) The L2 you can swallow from the book so I would recommend self-certifying on that one. Just make sure you choose a proper REPS course. Also, if you go the classroom route, make sure it's not some overpriced flunky nonesense. I did my L3 in a classroom environment but it took a lot of research before I committed to a course. If you're not sure what college to do it at, I would suggest either asking PTs that you know or phoning the colleges and asking if you can visit. I visited three but out of the 20 or so I called, they were the only ones who were receptive to that. The rest wanted a deposit and didn't seem to care about the actual training. Some even said, "Don't worry it's a guaranteed pass..." you know the sort of thing. Not for me.

Not sure if I've answered anything specifically, that's just a general overview of my own path. There are a few ways to get there if that's what you want to do, but don't go thinking it's an easy thing. There's a lot more to it than just telling someone, "Yep, pick that heavy shit up... now put it down... great!"

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30 year old attorney. Get drunk Friday night. Do a few hours of work Saturday afternoon. Get drunk Saturday night. Be hungover and hate my life Sunday:

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I had a ton of hobbies that I now consider distractions. I traveled, learned skills like hunting, scuba, played sports, etc. In the end, nobody is impressed without the story telling / social skills / basically game. I was running away from what I really wanted, which was to improve my game. Despite what some may say, I didn't find the whole "work on yourself", MGTOW, "it'll come when you're not chasing it" thing to be applicable for me.

So now I'm back on track, trying to work on my social circle and cold approach game. Looking back, I wasted years running aimlessly.

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Do you live near a body of water? I discovered dragonboat then outrigger canoe few years ago and my weekends became fulfilling. Those are great team sports.

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I work a blue collar 7-4, but same kind of deal. My job is fairly fulfilling in terms of mental stimulation and physical activity, so I'm actually kind of lucky. If I was in an office I'd probably go stark raving mad from boredom.

Some Fridays I stay late at work to work on my own car or to clean up my work space for the next week. Other times I go out with my girlfriend or we have a fun night in while I cook.

Weekend days I'll do woodworking, camping, gardening, homework for the classes I'm taking, or work stuff for the class I teach part time. I'm getting ready to start working on the project car I've had in the driveway for years. I'm trying to give up drinking as much as I do so I'm cutting out the beer, and need something to occupy my time since I'm a bored drinker.

Sometimes I go out with my brother for drinks, or meet up with a buddy. There's always something to do around the house. I rent, but I help out with it because the rent is cheap. I go and help out my dad sometimes too, since he's getting pretty old and needs me to go to the store and do odd jobs sometimes.

There's never enough time on the weekends, really. So many projects to do.

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I race motocross, ride a Harley, fishing, hunting, golfing, working on projects, cars etc.

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Saturday- went mountain biking with friends then they came over for a bonfire Sunday- went kayaking out of state with another friend, came home did yard work and took my son and dog on a hike.

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Work more. Because doctor. I have no life. I hang out a bunch on TRP during breaks though.

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Board games

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Board games are awesome!

[–]forbesno1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

What do you play?

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I workout and do yoga, bought a used camera and I go out to get shots and then edit them at home. Also spend some time learning other programming languages and working on side projects. Every weekend I try to cook a new recipe and if I have time I listen to podcasts like Hardcore History.

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I read, run, cycle, cook, and play around with cars.

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Whatever I can to keep it on the cheap. Save as much scratch as I can, and get on a plane at least twice a year, preferably someplace where I'll get my passport stamped again. Then again, New Orleans will always be on the list of places to go.

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Whats a weekend? I work 6 days averaging 62 hours a week

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I have a racecar. I have a Jeep. I have a safe full of guns. I have an Olympic lifting coach. Jobs suck. But it’s how you earn money to do all the things you want to do.

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I play guitar in a band. I dj. I go fishing. I go hiking. I go hiking. I smoke pot. I build shit.

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I'm 24 work in commercial real estate. During the summer I work on the weekend. I caddy at a country club. I get a nice walk and get to spend time outside and make pretty good tax free money. Other than I spend time with my friends and do anything i can outside. In the Winter I ski...as much as possible.

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I live in a city so on the weekends usually get out of town with friends and do trips.

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Workout, lift, books, watch soccer matches with friends, plates and dates, ride motorcycle, become Tim the Toolman Taylor and Fix/do some kind of home improvement in my house.

Currently going back to school for my MBA. might as well learn if works pays for it, building skills and resume, meet young women again, and have easy access to college women.

Life’s on easy mode after a couple years of grinding away

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Morning gym fun routine (boxing, or something different. Chill, fun, no pressure. Socialize and meet new girls if you can). Daygame. Dates from daygame.


Swimming, hiking, running, camping, surfing, beach, skimboarding.


Skiing, snowshoeing, improve classes, dance classes. Any other kind of class that isn't male only.

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hey man i usually do these things (if i don't have plans already):

  1. play soccer on saturday evenings / swim on sunday if i'm busy with social stuff on saturday
  2. practice bass guitar on saturday afternoons / sunday afternoons
  3. go for a drive if weather permits
  4. catch up with friends over food/drinks or attend house parties
  5. cook something for the upcoming week

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Tonnes of sports and working out.

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I fuck chicks mostly.