does someone have "Übermensch Mode" post? (self.asktrp)

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few days ago, an account that has been deleted since posted an interesting article called "Übermensch Mode". I've started reading it (it was this week's top post) and now it's gone. does somebody saved it anywhere?

thank you all

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kind of curious is this like a caching machine someone made? hmm pretty cool, would be crazy if it saves everything reddit produces

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Here's the archived link.

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Does anyone know why it was removed?

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The user who made the posts said that he recently ended a relationship and his ex was aware of his reddit profile so he cleaned the most "sensible" post. Cuz you know, we get judged on the solely fact that we post here.

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He only posted it like a few days ago. And he said he was deleting it old posts and reposting them after a clean up, but now even the repost are diqappearing and his profile is blank.

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Yeah, that’s kind of fishy...the author was really enthusiastic about writing for red pill. Some people were asking to sidebar it and moderators shut that shit down fast, makes you wonder.

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Heathcliff wiped his entire history. Mods can't do that. Either he's being paranoid or some shit went down IRL (got doxed or sth)