Favorite plate broke down crying after sex (self.asktrp)

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She had been a bit distant lately. Usually always hits me up once a week to come over.

She went 3 weeks without contacting me to hangout. So when she did come over, the sex was insanely good. She was really passionate, and eager to please.

Then afterwards we're sitting around cuddling and she breaks down crying super hard. I put my arm around her and asked her what's going on.

She says shes super stressed because her best friend just tried to commit suicide, her boyfriend is long distance, and she's having a hard time keeping it together because her internship has her working 55-60 hour weeks.

I'm unsure of how to handle this, so I go quiet for a few seconds and she immediately starts apologizing for her behavior.

I literally don't know what to do at this point. So I just said "really sorry to hear that" and kiss her on the forehead.

We end up cuddling for another 10 minutes and then I got up and called an uber for her.

What should I do with her now?

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Like nothing ever happened, you’re not her boyfriend. You handled it flawlessly.

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You handled it flawlessly

He was the safe harbor that withstood her emotional storm. You can't handle that any better.

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Indeed, you’re her rock. If she can’t wash the waves over you then you might as well sink. You did good, mate.

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Lol she’s crying because her boyfriend is long distance?

Not like, because she’s cheating on him?

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No Hamster left behind!

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It requires a gigantic amount of rationalization to be able to tell your lover after fucking that you are stressed because you miss your long-distance "boyfriend". That hamster is a world-class athlete.

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I would love to see a compiled list of all hamster jokes. Over the last years they evolved tremendously from the concept of the hamster to comments like

"we are about to witness the first hamster setting up a colony on mars"

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They exist in their own fantastical universe

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Shit like this is preventing me from leaving anger phase lol. At least acknowledge the fact that you're a slut right?

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"Long distance relationship" means he's her txting buddy and possibly touched her titty once.

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Exactly, if you're keeping a long distance relationship going you're a fool and sympathy for fools only goes so far.

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Probably just one titty.

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Agreed. LTRs are just validation. I can’t imagine anyone takes them truly seriously.

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You mean LDR or LTR?

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I guess l

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People dont like to criticize themselves

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It's entirely his fault for entering into such a bullshit contract. Hopefully homie's getting his own side.

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I know bro. My mind keeps reeling back to, “damn these hoes ain’t SHIT.”

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“Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks!”

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No need to anger when you're not committed. Stuff like this reminds me that plates/FwBs are much better than LTRs.

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Long-distance relationship is not a relationship so technically, she has no boyfriend. It's just that the poor guy doesn't know.

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Continue being the alpha rock you are and fucking her brains out. Alpha dick is a natural stress-reliever for plates.

As for her problems, they are that, her problems. Let her deal with them. If she brings them up again, don't encourage the conversation. Go silent, switch topics, and move on. You don't want her to take you for an emotional tampon.

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You did perfectly. You acknowledged her feelings, indicated understanding of them, but didn't try to fix them.

You're not her boyfriend, and if you started acting like one, you'd be breaking the casual relationship rules. Frankly, you'd be making things harder on her. She already has a boyfriend. You're there for fun, sex, and attention. Acting like you're there for something more would just confuse her.

Keep an eye out to make sure she's not letting herself develop feelings, but go on with business as usual.

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beta bait. LOL at her crying to her 'other guy' about her distance boyfriend. World's smallest violin.

You did well. Understated, perfunctory sympathy. Don't bring it up again, act like it never happened.

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If she is strictly a plate, then you don't do shit all dude. You're in it for the sex and that's it. If you're FWB or GF/BF, that's when you start to act like you care and comfort her.

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I'm unsure of how to handle this


I don't mean to be unkind here, but she's a FWB. Don't take on her problems. Beyond listening to her a bit (not too long!), don't try and help her too much or fix her life, you'll be beta-bucks security-blanket before you know it (with no sex and cheating on you with a guy like you are now).

and she immediately starts apologizing for her behavior.

This is good.

I literally don't know what to do at this point. So I just said "really sorry to hear that" and kiss her on the forehead.

This is good too.

What should I do with her now?

Carry on as usual.

Look, every girl has problems. Every person has problems.

She's got a lot of hours (probably doesn't work too hard) doing what she's chosen to do.

Her boyfriend who she chose and is cheating on is long distance by her choice.

The suicidal friend sucks, but if that friend is female it's most probably a needy cry for attention rather than a real suicide attempt (this is statistically true for women). A friend she chose. Sucks, but that's life.

Don't get sucked into her problems - she'll just dump them on you and won't appreciate it.

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What should I do with her now?

Same as before.

You are not the emotional support guy, you are the sex guy.

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Use tears as lube

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You displayed excellent plate management skills. A touch of comfort but no burden shouldering.

Act like it never happened.

But why aren't you hitting her up to fuck?

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I'm working 50 hours a week Web Developing and between lifting and BJJ and my other hobbies, I don't have the ability or energy to contact her and make shit fit with both of our schedules.

So when she wants to come, she can hit me up and if I'm free and at home that day, then it's a go.

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Boyfriend?!??! What the actual fuck.

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You must be new here.

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No, just never seen a plate openly admit it

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Yeaahhhh you're in for a ride my friend. You'll be suprised the things they tell you once they know you're openminded and non-judgy/dgaf.

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Your answer would have been flawless even if you were married. Acknowledge her feelings and move on. Don't fix.

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If you were married wouldn't there be some level of comfort game you would be running?

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That was comfort game.

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I don’t really care either tbf. I dunno why I’m arguing about it lmao. Basically both parties are cunts but obviously the cheating party is more of a cunt.

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everyone has emotions. there's nothing you can do. just relax and don't say too much. everyone's lives are filled with suffering. there's nothing much we can do except listen if we feel called to.

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She'd be out banging the next Alpha dude, totally not his problem. This isn't a morality sub this is a sexual strategy sub and OP's doing it right.

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Admit it. Some Chad fucked your girl while you were at home jacking it to Fortnight, amirite?

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We aren't trying to make women and men equal. We are trying to maximize sexual strategy. FOR MEN. MEN. MEN. This isn't a suffrage meeting.

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Ldr doesn't even count as cheating lol

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Who‘s complaining about women not understanding honour? Maybe some butthurt incels who pretend to be TRP, but most redpillers just acknowledge that 80% of people don’t care about honour when they get an opportunity to fuck.

And of course we don’t owe that guy anything. We don’t even know him. Probably his fault for getting in a relationship with that girl, and it’s not like she wouldn’t eventually let herself get fucked by someone else if we don’t do it.

If you think fucking a stranger‘s girl is immoral, that’s your opinion, and I respect if you really stick to it and don’t fuck any girls in a relationship

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If you aint fucking her, the dude next door will. Shes not yours, its just your turn. Take it or go home and jack off to her pics while she gets fucked by the dude next door.

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Yeah cheaters will cheat, better it's you then some other dude.

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Well leave her be for a while.

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Search "Tears" by Whisper on the main sub

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Ahhhh, had me at the “long distance. Lol AWALT

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and she's having a hard time keeping it together because her internship has her working 55-60 hour weeks.

Off-topic but I hope she's getting paid for that bullshit.

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LOL are you saying she's lying or saying that she better not be working for free?

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Idk if it's an unpaid internship or not, but if it is that's modern day slavery esp with those number of hours.

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Where's that post on the main sub about when she complains about something, it talks about just picking her up (physicality) and responding by being exciting and focusing on having fun?

I keep searching for it every once in a while but can never find it. Should this just be an asktrp?

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Keep doing exactly what you're doing. Keep fucking her since it's not your problem.

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I don't know if I can link it but look up the TRP post "tears" by whisper I believe

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Would saying something like this be good:

"I find its important to relieve stress to handle life challenges... healthy eating, exercise, and good sex"

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It’s kinda ridiculous tbh. One second we’re complaining women don’t understand honour and the next we’re saying it’s fine to fuck someone else’s girlfriend.

That’s not honourable either really, is it?

We rationalise it saying “we don’t owe that guy anything”, but with that in mind how are you any better? There’s plenty of single girls out there. These guys doing this shit are just as bad.

[–]NameUser18 -2 points-1 points  (7 children)

It’s 100% immoral. But likewise it’s also 100% immoral on the girls side too. Both parties are in the wrong.

No reason at all to fuck someone else’s girlfriend or wife. Plenty of single girls out there. Unless you’re that starved.

If guys didn’t engage in this bullshit then the girls wouldn’t be able to cheat. You can’t complain how girls aren’t worthy or an ltr or marriage if you’re the one contributing to them cheating.

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This isn't the morality subreddit.

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Some girls are in a ltr forever, how do you think this happens hmmmm. She's fucking the next one while with the previous one.

Try some "single girls" almost all of them have multiple strings attached, abusive exes, first loves that they can't get over etc...

They just label things differently.

Also most girls don't even tell you that they have a bf, once you know it's too late.

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Exactly. That’s why we should be better if we’re really going for self improvement here. Think about it - is the best version of you relying on taken girls?

But yes. If you don’t know until afterwards that’s obviously different.

I’m just saying I know the best version of myself doesn’t need to sleep with someone else’s girlfriend. Why create more misery for other guys?

If you want to, go ahead. I just don’t see the point. Pussy is pussy. Why not have standards about it?

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No one should rely on taken girls. I agree you shouldn't actively pursue clearly taken girls.

But who are you to say no if some taken girl wants you, there is obviously something wrong in her relationship if she wants to cheat, if not you she'll take someone else.

Ofcourse if I even know 1 mutual person I'd never do it.

"Why create more misery for other guys?"

You'll always create misery for someone even if you fuck a single girl there are always a bunch of other guys fucking her or pining over her that'll be hurt.

Just as we have been hurt, I'm not saying this in a revenge kinda way, it just is what it is. In the end it's about a connection between two people. Be it between her and him or between you and her.

If you want to fuck her and she wants to fuck you, but say you don't do it because she has a bf (you assume it's a good relationship but it isn't else she wouldn't try and cheat).

Then you hurt her instead of him. We are not here to save other people, put yourself first, he's not your friend and he probably wouldn't do the same for you either.

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I’d rather hurt a cheater than some guy who’s done nothing to me. Like I say, if you want to bang a taken girl, feel free. Hell if I’m drunk enough and she’s hot enough then I might. Usually though, I think it’s good to have your own moral code.

“If not you then it’ll be someone else” Fine. Let it be someone else. I’ll go bang a single girl instead.

That’s just me though.

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I'd rather not either! Just playing devil's advocate ;)

My point is no one wants to bang a "taken" girl, 9/10 you'll never know if she has a bf or not.

Just as many girls say they have a bf as first line of defense while it's not even true.

If she doesn't even tell people is she really "taken"? The truly taken ones you don't have a chance with and they don't go out hunting for dick.

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Who the fuck cares. Shit like this is listed as bannable if you read the side bar. Your concern should be yourself, improving male sexual strategy and building power, and thats it.

We aren't here to have a pity party for whoever her boyfriend is for being such a fuck up that they'd LTR a hoe. Op can bang who he wants and good on him for doing so.

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50+ hour/week intership is bullshit. I work at a fortune 500. Our interns are there to learn in a relaxed environment.

[–]NameUser18 -2 points-1 points  (4 children)

I’m just replying to your comment - what do I need to learn exactly?

And like I say, it’s not first hand butthurt, it’s just obvious basic human decency. Are you really that desperate for pussy you need to fuck someone’s girlfriend? Nothing alpha or red pill about that. Screams scarcity to me.

[–]ZeroSixNiner 3 points4 points  (1 child)

No, I don't go looking for taken girls, but if I approach and attract a girl who I have no idea has a boyfriend, husband, or other, and we hit it off, I'm only going to assume she wants it. I don't go out looking to break up relationships; if anything, it's the girls who become attracted and who act on that attraction. It's not my job to keep her relationship intact. It's her's.

Besides, hypergamy goes both ways. Sometimes she swings away from you to another branch, and sometimes you get to be the branch.

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This, it's her job to tell you if she has a bf, if I go asking her she might say yes even if she doesn't have one.

No point in stabbing myself in the foot.

You don't know what their 'relationship' is, might be a 6 month sexless one, long over or other issues.

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GTFO with your moralizing. This is not the place for that.

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Nothing to do with moralising. It’s just obvious that there’s no need to bang someone’s gf unless your operating on scarcity. “Because I can” isn’t red pill.

[–]NameUser18 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Just because some other dude would do something doesn’t mean you should. It’s like talking to 4 year olds here sometimes.

[–]NameUser18 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

I’m just replying to your comment - what do I need to learn exactly?

And like I say, it’s not first hand butthurt, it’s just obvious basic human decency. Are you really that desperate for pussy you need to fuck someone’s girlfriend? Nothing alpha or red pill about that.

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Actually I’ve never had a gf, only ONS and FWBs, nor have I ever played fortnite... try again.

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Well, you're awfully damned butthurt over clear redpill truths. The kind of butthurt that could only come from experience as the cheated on boyfriend. It's pretty obvious. You're taking this way too personally.

Also, learn to use Reddit.

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Just revisited the main thread. No idea why it’s posting my replies as new comments when I’m pressing the reply button - my bad.

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I think what everyone is saying is great, but how about making her laugh? Like don't try too hard to make her laugh but something light to make her feel ok while she's with you. Idk if this is a bad idea or not