Cheated on GF yesterday, feel empty as fuck (self.asktrp)

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My female friend (we kinda fucked a few years ago) just got her degree and took me out to celebrate.

The moment we entered the club she started indulging herself in alcohol and started dirty dancing with me. I knew what's up but decided to have some fun. We danced, flirted, and I felt good and manly. After club she offered me to sleep at her place since night busses were not driving yet, and I took her offer.

She said she is too tired to make me other bed so we can just sleep in hers. Again, I knew what is up but decided to have some fun. I just wanted to fuck something and go to sleep.

She did that annoying female crap, denied my advances while shivering from excitement, and we ended up having sex. First time in my life I made a girl scream.

Today I feel empty as fuck. I know telling my gf would be stupid, but I feel the burden. GF is better in every way then her and I just cringe when I remember last night.

I have a ton of missed opportunities with women and didn't want to regret not fucking her some day, yet I feel empty and retarded. Is there some standard protocol in this situation? I would break up instantly if my gf did this to me, yet I did it to her. What to do boys

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My philosophy is this. If it happens once, don't bring it up. This is YOUR cross to bear. Learn from it. If it happens again, you need to stop LTRing and just spin plates.

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I improved a lot since I found this sub, I think I cheated because I wanted to give my old beta self some kind of present. It is weird but I want to make up for my years of failures with women.

The gf though is good as fuck, I don't want to leave her yet, having a really great time with her.

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    exactly, he is not a woman, so he can't just rationalize it all away and just forget about it, but I think it could certainly be possible for him to move on from it and still have a healthy relationship with this girl, but, he'd better hope things are alright with this "friend" of his, that is the real problem.

    girls be catchin feelins

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    I think if you're going clubbing with females youve fucked you aren't in a LTR. That's just hella disrespectful to her and the relationship if I found out my girl was doing that even if she never cheated if drop her ass so quick. I honestly thing being a hypocrite in a relationship like that is some punk shit.

    I know that's going against TRP ideals but shit, don't absolutely wreck the girl. That's just bad people shit. You're conscious is making you feel bad. That's good. It means you're a decent human being.

    If you got to lie about your commitment to lock a girl down that's some little bitch shit. Don't commit.

    You made a mistake though. Learn from it and be a good person in the future. Don't make the world a worse place then when you got here.

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    "The gf is a good fuck I dont want to leave her yet" bro stop forming ltr you honestly sound like a piece of shit right now. Thats the shit that females say. Part of being man is having accountability and having respect for yourself and the people around you. You are even going so far as using cognitive dissonance like a female to justify what you did. You are literally like the girls we talk about on this sub reddit. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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    You read that part wrong "The GF is good as fuck" not "a good fuck"

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    'I dont want to leave her yet" what type of neanderthal says this. He sounds like a girl that cheated but wants her beta bf because hes nice

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    The gf though is good as fuck, I don't want to leave her yet, having a really great time with her.

    Like /u/Apollo908 said, the hiding and lying is a poisoned pill. You telling her probably leads to breaking up. You not telling her also probably leads to breaking up.

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    This is YOUR cross to bear.


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      It does seem somewhat white knight like, but I understand their intention. They've rationalized to themselves that by being redpill they're somehow intrinsically better and morally superior than others. They're having difficulty with the fact that Redpill is Amoral and people can use it however they see fit. It's difficult to see something you identify with used in a way that's repulsive personally, so they're dealing with a bit of cognitive dissonance.

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      What's most important to her is having a monopoly on your comittment and resources. As long as nothing has changed in that regard, and you didn't contract any STDs, you'd only be hurting her by telling her.

      This is spot on.   My LTR got all serious one time and told me that if I cheat, just be careful and to never tell her. While I have not cheated, I keep my eyes open and my mouth shut.

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      Great explanation but what about the following recommendations of action?

      Have you been in this situation, if so, what did you do or would do?

      Sure everyone is their own man but he was more asking for guidance for the next actions.

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        Easily inferred by whom? You?

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        I think part of being a "real man" is owning up to your choices and mistakes. I see so many butthurt boys/men on here saying how they can't trust women and AWALT, just to read the exact same hamstering these children come on here crying about.

        Man the fuck up and own it. If you had abundance mentality, it shouldn't matter anyhow. We all fuck up. How we handle it separates the boys from the men.

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        If you had abundance mentality, it shouldn't matter anyhow.

        This is utter bullshit.

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        If only it was that simple. If you've been with someone for years it's not that easy.

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        Isn't the whole point of the Red Pill to avoid the easy choice? That's basically the exact essence of the metaphor.

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          Right. And choosing to proceed on that path, rather than returning to (self-deluded) comfort is about making the more difficult decision.

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            I agree.

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            And you simply don't put yourself in situations where something like that can happen.

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            Ideally. But here we are commenting on this post. You can be a "real man" and "man up to it" and tell her and flush years of relationship building down the toilet or you can just shut the fuck up about it, keep it to yourself, and move on with your life and try to not do it again.

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            i do understand that. People fuck up.

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            Telling her is selfish. It isn't to make her feel better, it's to soften your own feelz and guilt.

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              Wow. An adult emerges.

              Obviously, being open and honest is generally the selfless route. Exposing yourself to your partner's judgment and possible rejection is putting the ball in their court: the exact opposite of being selfish.

              I don't really know what OP should do, but purposefully obscuring the ethics of his decisions is not the answer.

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              Agreed. Telling her because you feel guilty will only destroy her and make you feel even worse. Own your mistake and move on. Don't tell anyone.

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              I am not telling her. I think she would be mad that I told her, and if she ever finds out I will take what I deserve and move on.

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              Get tested first before you have sexual contact.

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              It can take months for sti to show up on tests. Going a few weeks without sex would be suspicious and she may even cheat in that period.

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              With action, comes responsibility.

              If one is to disapprove a suggestion, one should offer suggestions not paralyzing statements. Also, from the sounds of this man's opinion of his LTR, it doesn't appear that his LTR is promiscuous and easily distracted.

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              I am not telling her. I think she would be mad that I told her

              No shit. You'd be pretty mad too if she did the same to you.

              and if she ever finds out I will take what I deserve and move on.

              Lel coward. Own up to your mistake, tell her she can either get over it or get lost, and let her make her decision. If you've got tight enough game then shell forgive, if she doesnt then go find another one. But dont hamster it out like some fags are saying that its your "cross to bear", that advice is literally no different than a wife who fucks 10 cocks and keeps quiet as its her cross to bear.

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              Sure, it's not different at all. Redpill is Amoral, about achieving your goals for yourself. At the end of the day he should take care of his best interest first, and if he can live with not telling her than that is undeniably the action that's in his best interest.

              Women aren't wonderful, but neither are men. We're all filthy animals figuring out what works for us. Don't get all high and mighty.

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              You forgot the 4th option: tell her, she forgives you and secretly finds you more attractive because of pre-selection.

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              First, this is a girlfriend. If you cannot live in the light with her now, any future marriage you are doomed to betadom.

              You cheated, live with it and the consequences, move forward like a man, with or without her.

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              Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

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              Guess you have to figure out what kind of man you are

              Choice: tell or don't tell Now if you don't tell, you need to either forgive yourself or get eaten up by guilt. If you do tell, be prepared to either ride the shitstorm or realize you're obviously too young for committed relationships and end it

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              Came here to say this.

              Be a man and take care of your shit. All there is to it you dork.

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              Well honestly, don't tell her, just break up with her. if i was cheated on i'd rather not know but have the person break up with me ASAP. Yeah, she's great and all that shit but obviously not that great if you did what you did.

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              I like the machiavellian mindfuck aspect of her never knowing why. Have an upvote

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              Never happened. Forget and move on

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              Fuck nah. Be honest and break up. Everyone hates cheaters on this subreddit now you're telling him to lie to his LTR. Imagine if a girl cheated on op and her friends told her "Never happened. Forget and move on", everyone would be angry here.

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              His life his choice if she don't catch him then he's free.

              Maybe she cheated too at some point and has not said anything.

              He should do what's in his best interest.

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              Yeah but dont give advice like that. It will give people a toxic mindset. If you're a cheater, you're scum. Not "Never happened. Forget and move on" bullshit. That's female hamstering...

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              Nah morality doesn't exist just personal.

              He feels guilty but he cares about her take it as a lesson learned and apply it in the future.

              Why ruin something cuz of sex

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              Morality only exists for women here.

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              If your girlfriend cheated on you and she never told you but you know inside she did. Could you still stay with her? That's unfair, you can't have a LTR with a fucking liar. So would you accept that?

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              If I knew I'd dump her in a second and if op gf finds out that's what she should do.

              Everyone lies guess no ltr for anyone.

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              Now tell me, how'd you feel if your LTR told you 5 years in the relationship she cheated on you? You'd feel betrayed and wasted 5 years in the ltr. So its better if OP comes clean and tell his LTR he cheated. Then they can decide where they go from there. If they decide to break up, great they can move on in life. Not make each other life's miserable.

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              I'd dump her and move on I don't dwell on the past. Shit happens.

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                When you're in a LTR it's impacts both lives. Diseases could be spread and maybe testing needs to be done. If you are not capable of admitting your actions then you need more training on how to be a red pill. Honesty and integrity.

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                I would never cheat but I'll always condone someone doing what's in their best interest.

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                If this post was written from the opposite point of view everybody would have their panties in a bunch and be yelling AWALT. If it's not okay for your girl to cheat, it's not okay for you to cheat. Either tell her, or end it. Simple

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                Yes, but the sole purpose of trp ideology is to act in the best interests of men. Not society, not relationships. Just men.

                In this particular scenario there is nothing to gain from telling his girlfriend or breaking up. Therefore, carry the burden and keep the frame.

                Nothing happened.

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                Correct for sure

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                I agree that cheating is not the same but if a man cheats he is defenitely not high status, because if involves hiding and lying.

                Like some other dude here said: If you got to lie about your commitment to lock a girl down that's some little bitch shit. Don't commit.

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                You "kinda" fucked years ago?

                The male hamster.

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                Mine dick was too big for her so we had to stop. Bit of a whiskey dick this time so it worked.

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                Women are way more concerned about emotional infidelity, whereas men care about the sexual part. If you're a good catch, your LTR will not leave you even if you cheated on her. Going to her crying about how you're sorry will prove that you aren't such a good catch.

                Now, there's a few things to say about the whole situation. First, why did you sleep with that other chick, if your LTR is so much better? You said you "kinda fucked" in the past, so there was nothing to be curious about. If it's just opportunities missed, you have to rethink your mindset, which is where half of the guilt comes from. The other half is because you allowed her to toy with you like that and engage you emotionally.

                Here's the deal: your LTR wants emotional exclusivity, so if you're going to fuck chicks behind her back, it has to be purely for sex, and you CANNOT feel bad about it and think about them for longer than the time your dick is in one of their holes. If you cannot do that, don't fuck other chicks. If you don't like this arrangement, do not get into an LTR, and just have different chicks with various levels of investment. As for what to do right now, that depends on you. If you confess, it is the fact that you're confessing that is going to displease your girl the most. If you try to hide it, you're being a coward. So the less worse course of action is to deal with your feelings on your own, not volunteer the information but answer truthfully if questioned. Obviously not an ideal situation, but then again, you fucked up getting there in the first place.

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                Your mistake was feeling bad about it.

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                It's some hamstring going on in here. It's up to you man. It depends on your morals.

                You'll respect yourself more if you tell her or break it off. But the relationship will be forever damaged. If you don't tell her or break up, then the guilt will eat at you and you'll lose some respect for yourself.

                I can tell this will be the outcome because otherwise, you wouldn't be feeling so bad about it right now.

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                Keep in mind, women don't need your loyalty as much as they need to FEEL like they have your loyalty.

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                Here's what I would do.

                Primo, I'd keep the GF around, that's easy pussy, and easy pussy is better than your hand.

                Secundo, I'd completely forget about that night. It happened, nothing to fret about now. Keep it casual with the other girl. And if it ever comes up in later conversations, it's no biggie.

                Tertio, I'd probably do it again, should the chance arise. Some chick got me aroused, and she was down for it, so fuck it, I'm having sex with her. Girls would rather share my dick than lose my resources.

                Ultimately, if the relationship breaks, fuck it, there's always some other chick (possible upgrade) willing to have me.

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                You let her lead.

                You did not make any decision.

                Blah blah blah "I knew what is up but decided to have some fun"


                You are just having a hard time rationalizing all this.

                Swap the gender, then it will be clear as night and day that you've made your decision with every little one along the way.

                Here is my philosophy: Either be 100% remorseless bad guy or 100% good men.

                Both will get genuine respect in their own circles, but those who decide to dance around on this decision are the scum bags puss that we despise.

                Chew on that.

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                Full disclosure: I'm religious.

                I don't really consider non-marital bonds legitimate tbh. I see it all as sinful fornication. But we live in a different society from my ideal one, which makes me wish I could travel back in time.

                I don't really know what to tell you... if you were married, I'd have you punished for adultery (assuming I was king).

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                This happens at first if you like a girl. I think you knew what you were getting into though bro so don't bullshit yourself. Perhaps ask yourself why you cheated? Are you sexually/emotionally unfulfilled? Why do you feel bad? In the past I've routinely used my girlfriends to pull in hot side pieces and the sex was always great, however it comes from not being able to feel vulnerable and intimate with one woman, for me anyways. If you're going to do it then do it and don't feel bad but you may way to dig deeper and find the real cause to see if it's something that is impeding your happiness.

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                You should do what you'd want her to do in your place.

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                Fuck more random women until you become desensitised to it.

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                Shut your trap and continue going for what you want, whether it be the relationship you have with your GF or fucking around. If she finds out, you have to own up to it and suffer the consequences. If she never finds out, then take this as a huge learning experience and don't do it again unless you choose to demote your GF to plate status. Think it through, make a decision, and make sure you hold frame with respect to your decision.

                I've been there man. The feeling right after you finish, it sucks doesn't it? I got with a girl I had a history with before meeting my then-GF. She knew I was in a relationship, figured I wanted to cheat, and was down to help me do it. I came and rolled over, exhausted and feeling a little... not like I expected. She sat up, lit a cigarette, looked me dead in the eye, and said "Feels shitty doesn't it."

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                  I'd say. We were both in shitty places and after a couple drinks decided hey why not, fuck it we're all going to hell and started taking our clothes off. It was hot at first, but then again it was just another poke. They're all just another poke, fuck us for thinking they're anything special.

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                  You've just described, in part, the way most women conduct relationships (they do what they want and excuse it away afterward, if they can).

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                  Then you have nothing to worry about, you're speaking their language so they'll understand.

                  Get over it. You had an experience, and you learned a lesson. Take responsibility and choose the path you want to take. If you're angry or you want to complain, go do some exercise to blow off the steam.

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                  Funny how the top comment is the same thing women are being accused of in TRP. It's not his fault. It his cross to bear. Whenever there's a post in trp or mgtow with these words by a women we seeproof of our theory but we use the same explanation for a man? Man the fuck up, take responsability and move on.

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                  Hmmm. Depends. Have you intentionally chosen monogamy? If so, you let yourself down, didn't keep to your own standards. Of course if it's your clear decision to be monogamous, you would know why you chose that, so think about that reason, compare it to the reason you fucked the other girl, decide what you want to do, and act.

                  If you didn't actually make a real decision to stay exclusive with your gf, but you feel bad because you've done something you shouldn't have, now is a good opportunity to decide how you want to manage sexual exclusivity going forward. There are no right answers. Figure out your own way.

                  Your problem isn't last night btw. If you fucked the new girl well, she's gonna want more. How's she going to play it when you dump her?

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                  I think you should probably tell her. If you were the kind of ice cold asshole who could live with this, you wouldn't be asking anyone for advice. Since it sounds like you have an actual conscience (like most people), hanging onto this secret will probably fuck up the relationship and/or you in some way down the line.

                  If you don't care about relationships as a serious project, it doesn't really matter what you do, right? If you do care about them, honesty is definitely the best policy.

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                  Cheating can be immoral and it can be amoral , the main difference being that immoral is wrong and amoral just "is". A Machiavellian would rather consider it being "immoral" , because of principles. Do to others as you would have them do to you. A Machiavellian man would not want to get cheated on and he would follow that fundamental truth. He also would not want to cheat , if he had nothing to gain from it.

                  You cheated because of the adrenaline , the danger and because you wanted to enhance the pride of your old self. You have not yet killed the beta. The question is did you gain more if your LTR was to fail tomorrow? If I were in a situation where I would cheat , I would at least take care of some main cautions. Under no cicrumstances must the girl know that I am in a commited relationship. And if there were indicators that I would fail , that someone would fuck me over or the girl herself , I would not do it.

                  Because of a different view of morality , the Machiavellian would keep his girl , given that she was a good one. He would not feel guilty and he would not look back but will always have something in mind.

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                    Sorry if I offended you

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                    It gets much easier the next time.

                    You can either move on confident you don't need other pussy around, or you can downgrade and get foreign pussy.

                    Sounds like you want the former. Under no circumstance tell her.

                    [–]Nyquil-Junkie -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

                    She will find out. Sooner or later, she will. The more time that passes before she does, the more she will hate you for it.

                    Make your choice, how many months or years do you want to spend wondering if this will be the day she finds out. Personally, I find it more admirable when people own up to their mistakes as soon as they make them. Maybe she will too, who knows, you're the one who knows her best. But she's gonna find out. Don't kid yourself.

                    Are you a man, or a rat?

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                    Telling someone this is selfish. Because it does them no good. This is to only make yourself momentarily feel better while making them feel shitty for quite some time

                    [–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (5 children)

                    Main reason why women are counseled by their BFFs to never tell their boyfriend after they fuck Chad.

                    Just saying...is their line of reasoning legit?

                    [–]returnofthemackX 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                    no reason to stoop down to their level

                    [–]deville05 0 points1 point  (3 children)

                    Yup it is. Fucking Chad is the crime.. You did something wrong. Fix it.. Dont make it worse

                    [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (2 children)

                    I disagree. Folks have the right to know what type of relationship they are in. For instance, if a girl hides herself totally from me to the point where I waste time being with her, then she is doing me a great disservice.

                    [–]deville05 0 points1 point  (1 child)

                    Then you were too naive and trusting. It's your job to get to know the truth. And mostly no girl is gonna Jason Bourne you. They will drop so many hints but if you don't pick up on who she is and caliberate your feelings accordingly, then that's on you

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                    Based upon normal morality, it is obviously wrong to deceive someone. Full stop. If you have some alternate morality based everyone being selfish as fuck, well then that isn't morality at all. And you shouldn't be discussing morality, other than maybe what you are doing which is to say it is all bullshit.

                    I guess we are instead discussing "how to get what you want and avoid shit from totally immoral people". I get that. I will believe that about others but won't be that person myself.

                    I guess it is topical because a woman doing these things is simply viewed as being a woman. A guy doing the same things is seen as a sociopath and is socially ostracized. The take home is that women are amoral, for the most part.

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                    I think it's a stupid thing to worry about. Don't stress about it. Its an asshole move to cheat but it's already done. It differs from person to person but if you can stomach it, don't tell her. That should be a signal to you that you don't want to be in a LTR but maybe that's just me. If you can't handle it, come clean ASAP. You really shouldn't be in a committed relationship if you're going to cheat. What's the point of making a relationship exclusive if you don't hold yourslef to the standard you agreed on? That's weak. At the end of the day, just do whatever is in your own best interest. Interpret that in any way you want. That's what TRP is all about for me.

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                    You're responsible for your choices. Tell her or don't is up to you but it's obvious that whether or not you do, this will change the relationship dynamic forever.

                    If you can handle it, great. If you can't, no point to stick around and try to make it work.

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                    This is exactly why you should never promise monogamy.

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                    As you can see, some TRP people are scum. They have no morals, double standards, they use knowledge in a bad way. TRP is a tool, it does not dictate your morals and goals.

                    You're already a scum I guess for cheating, but it's never too late to do the right thing and not be a scum from now on. Don't waste her time, she should decide what to do with it.

                    So you have to decide, are you a scum or are you not? The answer is obvious either way.

                    [–]SetConsumes 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                    Haha, cause good people aren't scum.

                    [–]ThisIsMyPotPie21 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

                    My philosophy is you're a fucking dick and you should tell your girlfriend. People on here might shrug it off and say whatever, but generally those kinds of people are wasters anyway who are just good for nothing, and people who cheat eventually get what is coming to them. You can either hide it and be a fucking pussy, or admit to it, break up, and find someone else.

                    If there's one thing I fucking despise, it's a cheater.

                    [–]samuraiBR777 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

                    "She did that annoying female crap, denied my advances while shivering from excitement, and we ended up having sex. First time in my life I made a girl scream."

                    idk why females seems to be always behaving like that, despite her age.

                    my advice would be telling your GF about your cheating only in the future, when you are about to engage. because until now, nothing is sure whether she is really your special one or not. so she doesn't need to know it

                    but firstly u need to forgive yourself, despite that grave mistake. nobody is perfect. or even pray to ease your mind.