Redpill podcasts? (self.asktrp)

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Looking for some redpill or seduction podcasts to listen to while driving

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Beige Phillip deserves its own recommendation. It's the path, and an actual weekly podcast.

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Just posted

This guy gives such good advice.

I also like how he stresses the importance of credibility and how being a "good dude" is actually very rare and valuable.

It feels like I'm listening to my super cool uncle haha

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Dante has a lay count over a thousand. He's a stand up comedian and a close friend to Patrice O'Neal, RIP. His advice and commentary are generally on point and deeply red pill though he probably wouldn't describe it that way.

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Jordan Peterson's podcasts are super insightful and you'll learn about a wide variety of topics.

If you're doing a lot of driving you should get an audible subscription so you can listen to books.

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Bill Burr. Joe Rogan.

But, if you want the real truth, download all of patrice O'neal's shit. There are hundreds of hours on YouTube. I have YouTube Red for $9/month. No commercials, play videos while doing something else on your phone, and you can download 3 hour videos while on wifi and play them later in your car or at work without using data.

Patrice was the GOAT in a lot of people's minds. Rightly so.

Start with, "We're better than you." Builds your confidence right now.

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Black phillip

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Black Phillip is the shit. Rogan sucks. He seems like a good dude, but his podcast has gone down the drain.

Maybe check out Legion of Skanks, those guys are hilarious.

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Big jay is hilarious so I'll definitely check it out.

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What's wrong with his podcast now?

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I reckon some listeners would say the guests he has had on recently are below par to what he's had.

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If you're gonna listen start with the old ones. He keeps all of his on his feed on itunes which not a lot of podcasters do

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There is an open source Android app called Newpipe which lets you listen to YouTube videos in the background or watch videos on a pop-up on your screen.

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Here's the entire Black Philip Series tagged. I figured some of you guys might wanna download this to your phone or something. Patrice is a legend and he changed my view on relationships. He flipped me over to the red pill and I'm so grateful for him. Rip to the truth.

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Wow thanks for this!

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Biege Phillip with Dante Nero carries on in the spirit of black Phillip

But yeah, burr and rogan

Some art of manliness eps are good too.

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Double support YouTube red is awesome and of you get "google play" it's included.

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and of you get "google play" it's included.

What is Google Play?

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Its google music service.

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How much is it?

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$9.00 & change!

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Jocko podcast

One of the most manly podcasts out there

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Stefan Molyneux's podcast is thoroughly red-pill. He calls it a "philosophy" podcast but really it's just about calling women on their bullshit

The podcast is called "FreedomMain Radio". Which is a stupid name but it's a great show, especially the call-in episodes.

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His newest pod "FDR3673 Professional Victim Culture | Tommy Sotomayor and Stefan Molyneux" is fucking great.

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Listening to it now.

Stefan's podcast is great and he mentioned "hypergamy" in one of his shows.

Pretty sure he reads this sub. Never heard anyone mention it except for Rollo, Stefan and Mike Cernovich.

I will definitely check out his interview with Dave Rubin.

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He really looks into the feminist movement and all these leftists and things like that.

Some may seem like they ramble on, but some great discussions are had.

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I've seen some things from Tom Torero and Tom Lykis, but Patrice is boss. Beige Philip is around too (Patrice's old co-host hosts this).

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Old Tom really did it for me.

If you're ever in doubt of womens' true nature, listen to his show.

There'd nothing like a stupid whore calling up the show and bragging about how her man's not evem the father of her kid and that she's fucking his best friend while he's at work. Like cold water splashed onto your face in the fresh morning to wake you up.

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His approach to them as well is great, really puts them in their place. I've spent hours listening to a heap of shows. For those wondering, Time Travel Radio have a heap of video's on different topics.

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which Tom is old Tom?

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Tom Lykis. Dude is no Brad Pitt, but he's switched on with RP.

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alright ill give it a listen. thank you!

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Woops. Meant Tom Leykis.

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Yeah I didn't bother editing :/ haha

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Jordan B Peterson.

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I can't believe no one has mentioned Sandman on YouTube.

He has a MGTOW/Redpill channel and releases a video 2 to 3 times a week with hours upon hours of content. I think he might be a Redpill poster as well. Really great content.

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Do you have a link?

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(in order of red-pillness, but not necessarily quality)

  • Beige Phillip
  • Anything with Patrice O'neil (i.e Opie&Anthony)
  • The tasteless gentleman
  • The Dick Show (featuring the guy from this video)
  • Jordan Peterson podcast
  • Bill Burr podcast

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The Sharpe reality in Soundcloud

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Good suggestion.

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He's pretty good but seems to deviate sometimes from TRP principals. I started noticing it when he mentioned something about having a chick helping him in the studio. From there his podcasts seemed to be directed at her but he does have some gold.

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The way I see it trp is a very organic thing. It's not set in stone. People should do with it what they want. No matter who's talking you should always form your own opinion.

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When he is talking about making a girl check in with him every hour or that managing an ltr is easier then gaming new women I have to wonder. He's still my favorite podcast and unless something brutal happens I got a feeling in a month or so he'll be back to the Donovan I find it hard to disagree with. The one thing I agree with is his 5th level or red pill accepting that he will most likely die alone and being ok with it.

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Joe Rogan is hilarious, and fairly red pill.

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Yeah but he gets on some really weird tangents.

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Tom Leykis

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Beige Phillips show

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Bill Burr. That guy (and to a lesser extent my father) broke me out of the beta mindset and got me spinning plates before I even knew what TRP was.

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Bill Burr has gone a little soft but he is still good.

His podcasts from 3-8 years ago are gold.

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Jocko Willink.

He has a podcast titled "Jocko's podcast".

Former Navy Seal and an ultimate bad-ass.

Read his book about Extreme Ownership. A lot of concepts are preached here.