Is Conor Mcgregor and his relationship the best redpill story out there? (self.asktrp)

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The man is an inspiration. He's went from welfare to mega star in just 4 years. He's an MMA god and fighting Floyd fucking Mayweather in a few days and I honestly think he has a 15-20% chance. The man oozes out confidence, charm and charisma. He's one of the best modern examples of how a man should conduct himself during conflict.

However here's a little known fact about him. Since the age of 18 he's been with the same woman (now his current wife and mother of his son). She's stuck it out with him through thick and thin. During the times he was poor and on welfare till now. Unlike most athletes surprisingly they are still together even though quite honestly Conor could get any amount of hotter women. Conor openly talks about how he owes most of his success to her and wants them to have a better life. He's a very family oriented man.

What do you think about this relationship? We know Conor is definitely not pussy whipped or anything and seems to be happy. I know the redpill has a tendency towards number of women, but honestly if you can find a woman of that calibre who's willing to stick it out with you then isn't it worthwhile to commit? Isn't that the eventual goal of the redpill to find someone like that? What are your personal opinions on such a relationship?

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I don't trust what the media says, we never know what goes on behind the curtains, (for example Chris Pratt and his wife.) The only other example I know of would be Hugh Jackman so I do believe this is possible. I once read that a loyal super attractive millionaire Chad is the equivalent of a unicorn. Not only that but Conor seems like the type of guy that wouldn't give a fuck if he's broke, his wife would have followed him either way due to his confidence and his leadership skills.

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What's with Chris Pratt?

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He's getting divorced

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I would like to hear more

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Him and his wife had a fairytale marriage but it turns out that after he got buff and famous he cheated on her with Jennifer Lawrence of all people, and now they're getting divorced and the fantasy shattered.

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Hugh Jackman

Wasn't he gay

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Nah he's just got a fuckin ugly/old wife but tbf they've basically been together forever

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Ive read in another trp thread that hes gay and wife is a facade

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In the days after his fight with Chad Mendes in 2015, photos surfaced of him partying with hookers in Vegas and some guy said he saw him smoking weed and doing lines banging random broads. I'm sure he's had his moments but yes he is a great example of hard work and success

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He definitely cheats on her. Most rich and famous athletes cheat.

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And women don't care. They'd rather share a highly valuable man than have a mediocre man all to themselves.

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Unju. Can confirm; AWALT.

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Wouldn't you rather date/fuck a super hot girl that also fucks other guys than date/fuck an loyal ugly chick?

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no i wouldnt, but then again im a man and not a cuck

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you're telling me you'd rather date plane jane hb5 than a hot, rich actress hb10 just cause she fucks other guys? I said DATE not marry. I think you're not being honest with yourself. Loyalty cannot create attraction, it merely communicates it. Instead of hamstering hard to rationalize your reply, swallow that pill.

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Youre projecting . You can get loyal hot girls and cheater ugly girls.

Ugly for me, btw, is a 5 and below.

Also, date to me = steady.

FWB? Yeah ill take that whore of a hb/10

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no, I'm mansplaining

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You know somehow I never thought of it that way. I'm sure there are differences at play but you're right. Although, to be honest, I don't care if they're loyal to me or not, since I'm not loyal to them. All I care about is their youth/attractiveness.

Still, interesting thought.

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you must make a habit to analyze these type of things from both a male and female perspective to truly internalize TRP aka the truth about the world.

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Same doesn't apply to men.

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Yes it does, swallow that pill

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Not that some guy again.. he's always blabbing shit the bastard

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"Some guy" is always the best source for news.

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Yeah that seems most likely now that I think about it.

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He's loyal insofar that he's probably not going to ever leave her, but you're not going to tell me that you believe he isn't also banging other women?

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Well for starters I think some of you guys underestimate women in general. There are no unicorns, but there are nice/cool women out there who are good people.

I'd say she recognized his potential, that fire he's got.

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Simple: it's part of his vision. He embodies RP because that lifestyle is what he wants and he has achieved it. RP isn't male hypergamy. It's maximizing your autonomy. He's done that beautifully, and he CHOOSES to stay loyal. Once a man commits to his vision, loyalty is a masculine virtue (in direct opposition to female hypergamy), when we make promises, we keep them.

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    WHOA. Maximizing your autonomy. Holy fucking shit.

    I'm recently coming out of a hazy obsession with getting laid, slowly realizing that while sex is awesome and I want to do it as much as I can, it is secondary to my actual mission.

    I've been being told these very words on this sub for the 3 months I've been reading theory heavily, and it's finally starting to take root.

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    Read the comment above yours (order by top comment)

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    He went from poor to rich, not the other way. She didn't stick it out through anything.

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    She was the one supporting him when he quit being a plumber and started hitting the gym training MMA.

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    He was a plumber...plumbers arent poor in the uk/ireland...look how much gas safe plumbers make

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    Who da fook is dis guy?

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    The chad you'll never be.

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    He's not married yet they just had a kid that's all

    But yes I've used Conor as my personal RP Role Model I've been following his philosophy and guidelines for a year and have had the best results imaginable.

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    Can you share of of his philosophies and guidelines?

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    I'll make a long post soon but one of my favorite lines of his is "Be cocky in prediction, confident in preparation and humble in victory of defeat" Get in the mindset that the girl is already yours, be confident when you approach it and keep your composure if she sucks your dick or turns the cheek

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    I think it's a better indication that decent women do exists.

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    No. AWALT.

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    Oh ok

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    Dude is packing serious heat too. No homo.

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    Conor Mcgregor is a red pill hero

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    Dee Devlin is very, very pretty and has a great body. Great girlfriend/wifey material, especially her loyalty.

    I'm sure Conor shags on the side but so long as he keeps his feelz for her, he's golden.

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    He was an alpha; doesn't matter if he was broke. What else is there to it? Now he's rich, even better for her.

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    He wasn't an alpha. He was a spotty ugly broke cunt. Even more kudos to him though

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    How does that prevent him from being alpha? He had strength, ambition and frame. Broke, ugly and spotty are irrelevant.

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    Conor mcgregor is not married. Dee Devlin is his girlfriend and babymama

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    "Conor openly talks about how he owes most of his success to her "

    Best redpill story? Nope.