WTF is happening to men nowadays? (self.asktrp)

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Plate just forgot her FB logged on my computer and I fancied checking her inbox out of curiosity

dudes, i'm really fuck*** surprised (especially after being on TRP for so long)

there actually are random guys she doesn't know asking her on dates, wtf

Is this thirst? LOL

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The real question is why the fuck did you write fuck but then asterisk 'ing'?

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Jesus christ. Could of just been a typo, leave him alone. You guys are all a bunch of fuck*** cunts.

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Hey hey hey watch it pal, I'll fuck*** knock your block off!

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I think he mean ****ing...

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Stop that you fuck*** ass****

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I was wondering that too.

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This is hilarious

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"Hey! You! Where the fuck do you think you're go***?!"

"Can somebody please explain to me what the fuck is happen*** here?"

"Watch your fucking language - we have children sitt*** right there"

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I'm just trying to gauge your psychological response to it

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Have you seen the movie ***glorious Bastards?

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Okay guys, we get it. The guy said a swear word and censored the 'ing part. Haha, so funny.

Stops circle-jerking and get to the fuck*** point.

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I believe they're playing the numbers game, or as Seinfeld once said, "the sign of a man that's run out of good ideas"

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it's actually pathetic to message randoms at FB just looking for some cheap pus**

what surprises me even more is how people don't notice this

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Could be for most guys.

If youre super hot it might work.

Its like those tinder experiments where a model guy says something ridiculous but the girls are still into it.

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Numbers game implies that given a sufficiently large number (of messages in this case) they'll find a girl willing to fuck. Unfortunately for these men, the number is likely infinity lol.

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dudes, i'm really fuck*** surprised (especially after being on TRP for so long)

You shouldn't be. You must have missed the part where a sliver of men (roughly 20%) are drilling an overwhelming amount of the available women (roughly 80%).

What's happening to men nowadays?

Complacency. Mediocrity. A gradual embracing of their feminine side inner basic bitch, usually from a young age (thank you feminism!).

Does this sound like a buffet a choosy customer like a woman would salivate over?

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Ah. Every time someone brings up the 80/20 truth. I always end reconsidering my ltr. But pussy is pussy and I’ve drilled plenty of it.

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It's the reason we say pussy is overvalued. plenty of men would do whatever it takes to get a sniff at a woman . while your plate my be decently cute there is a fatty somewhere who gets just as much if not more validation for that sexy filtered angle shot she puts everywhere.

this is absolutely thirst and it fucks up women realizing how valuable ...or really not valuable they are because they can ALWAYS get a cock to fuck them .... it just may not be a cock attached to man they respect or are attracted too.

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Dude you can bang hot ass chicks from fb and insta if you're good looking enough.

Source: done it.

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did you not know this was a thing? how naive are you?

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Were you living under a rock?

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It's a numbers game. Asking for dates? That will never work. Being attractive, friend requesting hot randoms + 3-5 messages spitting game = Ultra Tinder.

Find out for yourself just how creepily powerful fb search is. Put this into your fb search bar: "single females in [YOUR TOWN HERE]".

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my country use to have this website before FB, that was based around schools. What was possible - looking by first name, last name, school, age (!) and of course city. The search feature was basically as powerful as if zuckerberg itself searched for people. If any girl I fancied was near some uni or high school bus stop, or if I heard girls gossip about some guy or girl - I found those people in minutes. My brother found his next girlfriend by looking up like 500 girls with the same name with age set to 18-19. Damn, I miss those times.

Also, you must realize that facebook search shows you first not the most relevant people, but most popular. If whole class of 19 year olds have each 500 friends, and u find this one girl in the class with 2 photos and 100 friends - bam, virgin unicorn detected.

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she doesn't know

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those really are random guys

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Yeah chicks on FB get random unsolicited messages. My gf showed me her filtered message list on FB and there were a bunch of foreign Indian guys haha

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I'm a female and can confirm. I get random guys that I've never met sending me messages and friend requests all the time and I'm just average looking. This happens to every female.

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It's the truth. I'm a female and it happens to every female, all the time.

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The thirst is real

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They want pussy to be as convenient as ordering a pizza.

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Yes, that would be nice. The day sex becomes the same as food is today. I understand some guys love to chase and seduce but I certainly don't.

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thirst and lack of skills and attractiveness.

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Depends on how you look at it. If messaging a girl over Facebook is your only position towards acquiring pussy, then I would classify that as thirst. However, much like a balanced financial portfolio, diversity and options help expand growth.

The whole "messaging random broads on Facebook" is fucking gambling. It's the equivalent to holding penny stock or buying lotto tickets.

I'd put my money on the majority of guys using Facebook as a platform for pussy as their only position, though there are some that are simply using it as a diversified option.

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They have grown up without father figure in their lives.

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Numbers game. Works better on tinder.

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Be attractive and it works BETTER than Tinder. You don't even have to MATCH; you just CHOOSE.

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why censor yourself?...
anyways, who cares, just know your better

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Is this thirst?

It's a mix of things, with thirst being the easiest and most obvious answer.

There's also a form of persistent harassing behavior, sort of like when fat, creepy, weird dudes hit on chicks way out of their leagues. It's a form of intimidation. A bit of a cheep thrill, too.

Then you have the bots, spammers, etc.

Prob a few Nigerians running the old school lonely hearts scam as a numbers game.

I'm sure there are 20 other dumb reasons, because the internet is fully of dumb shit.

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Meh. Don't get butthurt because guys are approaching your plate on social media. Attractive women will get approached often, in person and online. She's just a plate, so why do you care?

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yep. random guys on facebook messaging random girls on facebook and women do it too when they see a guy they like. its sad and desperate. I also personally knew a top commericial "pick up artist" who did this and bragged that he met them out and about. lying idiot but it impressed enough idiots to make a living.

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Shit like this makes women overrate themselves and believe they the hottest shit when they arent. Fuck thirsty guys