Women are hating aziz ansari for what he did but don't they love Christian grey from 50 shades of grey for doing the same shit? (self.asktrp)

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Can anyone explain this to me?

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Their image of Christian Grey is as the perfect 10. Aziz Ansari is beneath him on the SMV scale.

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    This pretty much sums up the whole incident. Bravo.

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    help me remember, which one is the indian manlet comic and which one is the perfect yet mysterious tall white billionaire chad

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    Attractive men get away with shit unattractive guys can't.

    Where are all the rape allegations against Pitt and Clooney?

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    I recently read a YouTube comment: "MeToo dies when DiCaprio's career ends due to allegations of sexual harassment."

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    DiCaprio survives because his celebrity persona -- and by all accounts his real life persona -- provide a frame that suggests he's gonna pump and dump.

    Aziz's doesn't. His celebrity persona, as others have said, is pretty much "manlet". That's a hard position from which to initiate a ONS.

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    Won't happen, DiCaprio makes models sign documents if they want to be near him, he plays it smart.

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    So what kind of advice would TRP even give to aziz at this point. He's rich and famous and still shit out of luck?

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    1. Lift
    2. Learn to read social cues
    3. Kick out and cut off girls who object to his advances

    1 should be harder than 3 since Aziz probably has several plates and a hundred women lined wanting to be the next one. As much as people here seem to think he’s famous Billy Beta, I would guess that he handles things well for the most part but slipped up one night.

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    And be prepared to take the pile of challenges to his frame changes that came when Dave Chappelle got big.

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    Counter point: James Franco

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    Alternative strange bisexual kinky guy?

    He doesn't play by the rules, so he's a target.

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    That's a stretch considering those are all considered bonuses these days

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    He doesn't play by the rules, so he's a target.

    I think that the only reason that he's a target is because he's fucking a 16 or 17 year old. That pisses off the ladies that consider themselves more appropriate for him.

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    It’s not assault when he’s attractive. Then it’s welcomed.

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    It’s not just that Aziz isn’t as attractive.

    It’s that he has no game.

    You gotta read the girl before-hand and decide if she’s ready for fingers being jammed down her throat today, or is today more about tender pussy fucking, because she is desperate to look good in front of your celebrity ass.

    He fucked that up.

    All she needed was some foreplay, but he wasn’t doing that. He thought ‘fuck this I’m going wild tonight.’ Well that was stupid. You could’ve had her eating from his hand and did the crazy shit another day.

    But he wasn’t patient.

    Every girl is different on different days. You gotta be smart.

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    Truth. Game would've made a world of difference here. If she felt that he went too fast, that was it.

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    My main thought when reading the account was "damn is this dude thirsty or what? Jamming fingers down the throat in the first encounter?"

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    Some dudes never lose the thirsty attitude, even after they've established themselves.

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    This is seriously apples and oranges and a pretty bad argument.

    First of all, yes, a Chad and a gomer. Sure.

    Second, if I recall from that time I watched that shit movie: Christian grey took the girl out on a few dates. Wined her and dined her. Then had sex with her after awhile and demonstrating smv. He was a bit rough but no more than the sex god stuff. He made her really force him into tying her up and red room.

    Aziz is being chastised as "selfish" because he bought her dinner and then immediately expected sex persistently which was "selfish". If nothing else, Aziz was more of a blue pill who thought the way to pussy is dinner and that's it.

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    Not so much selfish as lazy. And unoriginal. "Here's some food. Let's fuck."

    Women like experiences. He had her cooking with some initial disinterest and then got things simmering with the photography thing (read the story).

    He seems utterly lacking in creativity past that point. Take her out. Get her revved up. A little dancing, ferfucksake.

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    "Grace" - and that name was chosen on purpose "Look at meeeee! Look at all the equanimity and, dare I say it, 'grace' with which I am handling 'L'Affaire Ansari' with!!!!" - is an entitled SWPL girl - and you KNOW this bitch is an entitled white liberal girl - who had big dreams of a celebrity boyfriend accessory who was going to be her ticket to a walk-on role on his show, a bi-coastal lifestyle, and a profile in Vanity Fair.

    Once she figured out that she was just his cum dumpster for a night it only took her a week to figure out that she'd fucked a brown guy who offered her the wrong kind of wine by accident, therefore He Must Be A Bad Person Who Deserves To Be Shamed.


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    1. Be Attractive
    2. Don't Be Unattractive

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    pretty much this.

    globalization normalized what is deemed attractive and unattractive on a biological level. white men and asian women are pretty much the summit when all else are considered equal, while asian men are on the complete opposite spectrum and black women following but not as badly. this is consistent with the 80/20 rule observed, as the top 20% men of all races combined will never be asian, but a few black women will make her way to the top 80%.

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    as a white man, why do I find Asian women so attractive? I've had yellow fever most of my life, no idea why. Any explanations?

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    cute dainty features = wanna caveman fuck her more

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    Neoteny. Men naturally go for it. Humans are more neotonous than most mammals.

    Asians are the most neotonous of humans. Whites in the middle. Blacks are least neotonous. And that's not racism, that's just a fact of life.

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    It's cause Aziz looks like a dopey dwarf incel dork and Christian Grey looks like an alpha.

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    because he's brown.

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    Deleted to prevent doxing

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    Well and he’s a ventriloquist .. lol

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    So what kind of advice would TRP even give to aziz at this point. He's rich and famous and still shit out of luck?

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    yup. he's brown.

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    Something I've noticed no one is mentioning: frame.

    For good or ill, Aziz's celebrity persona pushes him into a very specific frame. Then he gets a bit pushy in a way that busts that frame to pieces.

    If you go through the story, he's off to a pretty good start when he initially ignores the chick. The problem is that once he pays attention to her, he's begging to be shit tested. And she frankly drops as nuclear a shit test as they come on him in the form of "I'll do oral, but you ain't gettin the pussy, son."

    He has worked himself into a very difficult corner. His celebrity persona is rather wimpish. He then shows aloof disinterest that gets her cooking. On top of that, there's every indication she has done this before to other modest celebs.

    The smart move would've been to play a somewhat longer game. Really play up the disinterest and play it out until she's ready to lose her shit trying to get his attention. In my experience, attention seekers can blow out all their circuits by being handled with a level of barely involved disinterest. If you read the whole story, that's the point where he was in the driver's seat.

    The whole incident -- while positively wrong to publish -- does provide a good study in the power of aloof disinterest and the challenge of asserting a new frame when you've already established a particular character.

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    They are totally different!

    You see, Christian Grey is tall and white.

    Aziz Ansari is brown and short.

    The "rape" was that she wasn't able to use his fame to branch swing higher.

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    Simplified: Our species/society has evolved in a situation where 20 percent of men mate with 100% of females. Monogamy changed that to make it 1 to 1. We've broken monogamy and so women have returned to mating with top males in increasingly higher numbers and bottom males not at all. Christian Grey is part of the 20%, Aziz is part of the 80%. It's all pretty simple.

    There's been so many books written on this, I don't even know which one to point you to. How about Robert Wright's, "The Moral Animal."

    Help me out, what are some others?

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    Uncalibrated. Beta mindset. Comes off as weird.

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    This is well covered here.

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    Christian Grey is stuff in a fantasy, the stuff that happened with Aziz is real life.

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    Christian Grey is a fictional character. Aziz Ansari is a real person. Therefore, Christian can't actually hurt them, and if any particular thing he does turns them off they can flip the page.

    Also, Christian's behavior and Aziz' are not actually very similar at all.

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    How would you feel if the world's sexiest woman grabbed you out of nowhere and kissed you.

    Now, how about some 60 year old fat chick with purple dyed gray hairs, dentures, and rancid breath doing the same exact thing?

    Exaggerated but has to be since Women get hit on all the time, so their perception of hot is considerably shifted skywards skywards since 70% of them can get normal guys without work all day long.

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    It's exactly the difference between a "creep" and not a creep - attractiveness.

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    They don't think logically, but on they think based on their feelings. I had the opportunity to fuck a sexy beast (feeling satisfied) vs I regret fucking a short indian (feeling unsatisfied).

    The only solution is become a beast. Hit the gym hard & take TRT if you have to. There are plenty of benefits: improved health, less chance of depression, long life span, being more attractive, being happier, etc.

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    Did any of you actually read the books? The sex was the least impressive part. Its about her bringing an actual feeling of love to him. It's about his totally fucked up past, and how the mother figure in his life sexually assaulted him repeatedly. It's about the assassins hired to kill him. The sex is entirely justified with a background like that.