Is there AWALT for men? (self.asktrp)

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We talk shit about women and their natural flaws but I notice men naturally do very similar things. Like are we not hypergamous? Obviously we are more polyamours than hypergamous but arent women polyamorous too? Would you stay with a 5 when a 7 is begging for you? Do we not hide, lie or trickle truth when we are caught doing something? Are we sometimes as irrational as women? Are subpar women as disgusting to us as subpar betas are to women? Are we not as guilty of being shallow? Do we not lie to get laid and fake it til we make it? These are just some examples off the top of my head, I'm sure there are more.

I've known some real piece of shit men in my life. Are we just more capable of realising and choosing to be better or what? What separates us from AWALT?

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There is no AWALT for men. But AMALT.

Jokes asides, I would say that here the Blue Pill / Red Pill distinction makes sense. I have lots of Blue Pill male friends who would stay with a 5 when they could be with a 7, just to use this as an example.

While I have the impression that women would always look for better because they deserve it.

Men are like Bluetooth , he's connected to you when you're nearby, but searches for other device when you're far away. Women are like Wi-Fi , she sees all available devices but connects to the strongest one

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To be fair you have several things in the balance. If the 5 is submissive, supportive, loyal and devoted, I wouldn't leave her for a 7 who may not give me the same. I'd rather go home and find my 5 all dolled up presenting her ass on the floor after she cooked a good meal than a 7 who won't bother.

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True, I agree with what you say.

I used this example because it's a funny one but I was referring to all the examples OP has listed.

Also there are lots of things in the balance but in this particular equation the only hypothesis is that one is 5 and one is 7 :) so we consider the rest irrelevant = let's assume that they are both all dolled up presenting her ass on the floor after she cooked a good meal (or both won't bother).

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The correct question would be, will you bang a 7 chick for one time, when your 5 wife is waiting for you at home with her food on the table and pussy on the bed ?

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Answer is yes ! I might even bang a 5 for one time when my 7 Wife is waiting home.

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Answer is yes ! I might even bang a 5 for one time when my 7 Wife is waiting at home sucking off my neighbour.


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Haha in your dreams

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I randomly found this on another post but it applies here:

Ceteris paribus or caeteris paribus is a Latin phrase meaning "other things equal". English translations of the phrase include "all other things being equal" or "other things held constant" or "all else unchanged".

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Equality! :)

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It's a matter of options.

They only settle with a guy when they believe they have no other options

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AWALT means that there is no unicorn. That given the right circumstances, any girl would cheat.

It's true for men as well. Given the right circumstances, any man would cheat.

Of course, there are people out there who are able to hold their principles higher than others so while there are no unicorns, there is a whole spectrum of quality.

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I agree with this reply. It's not a comment on us as men, AWALT is to open our eyes to the realities of women's nature.

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Given the right circumstances, any man would cheat

The right circumstances for me are usually a bit of alcohol and a girl showing me some interest. Or being horny and alone and an ex FWB being available.

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Now this is a sensible way to discuss hypergamy .

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AWALT is just the acknowledgement that all women share traits and behavioural patterns which are ingrained. The same goes for men, of course.

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Yes - if a woman is above a 5 she is considered fuckable.

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Men are honest. Women know we only want them for sex and food prep.

And we really only want them if they’re hot. The rest of the time we’re settling for what we can get.

It’s women that make us lie to their faces because they can’t handle the truth.

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Too bad most men act like they want women for everything but sex, then get upset when they don't get sex. Women don't make men lie... Men make themselves lie because they refuse to acknowledge what they reslly want and pursue it.

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Too bad, when men asks for sex they has to pay

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Women make men lie.

If you said “you’d baby, great tits, lets fuck” you wouldn’t get anywhere.

So you have to pretend to care about what she says and hide your intentions.

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You could just as easily say men make women lie because men value promiscuous women less so they have to put up the facades of ASD and LMR. Men aren't honest with their relationships with women all the time. The whole niceguy thing is a manipulation tactic. It doesn't work but using covert contracts is not being honest.

You're right... If I walked up and said "nice tits, let's fuck" it wouldn't work. But if I express my intent without being so vulgar it doesn't mean I'm lying. You don't have to directly state your intent beforehand. You wouldn't lead a first date off with "I'm trying to fuck you tonight" but that doesn't mean you're lying.

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There’s little correlation between her fucking you and promiscuity.

If I’m not directly stating my intentions and have to put up some pretend bullshit then it is forcing me to lie.

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That last part is so fucking true. I’m transitioning now from being a beta-bitch who always lied because I didn’t want my LTR to leave to being honest about everything. It’s still rocky because she doesn’t really understand what’s happening, but I’ve noticed an increase in sex, devotion, and silence (best fucking part) from her.

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What separates us from AWALT?

Nothing. Men also have flaws. TRP, despite what some people think, is not a misogynistic board. It's not that women are all soulless bastards driven by emotions and hypergamy and we're somehow the rational, perfect sex that would never cheat on a faithful partner or act questionably.

AWALT gets more talk than AMALT because, simply put, this is a sexual strategy board. We're talking about scoring women, not men, and we're already men ourselves so we already know about our imperfections, there's no point in discussing about AMALT; it's off-topic, so to speak.

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All men want sex

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Women too

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I always thought of AWALT as applying to negative female traits which females routinely deny having.

In other words it's a response to NAWALT.

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Men are hypergamous when it comes to their career. You can look at female hypergamy the way you'd look at a mans career path. Lots of overlap.

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Great analogy

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I'm not quite sure the other answers–while all good!–actually answer the questions you asked.

What separates us from AWALT? Biology does, my friend. If you accept the premise that women and men are not the same, then the same dynamics will not be applied equally.

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I think there are several behaviors that fit the AMALT idea. Since we see AWALT from a male perspective it's only fair to see AMALT from an imaginary female perspective, so just take some things that women always criticize:

  • You're emotional unavailable

  • You're trying to fix things and your're always so rational

  • You're trying to get as much sex as possible

  • You're attracted to busty young women

  • You're ...

This is our nature (AMALT). But if we act accordingly or not depends on a few factors (such as RP/BP mindset).

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Definitely - a lot of people have mentioned them here.

Truthfully, a lot of redpill concepts would work for a woman trying to secure a man... but the game is so different for them that there's really no need

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It's irrelevant. We have flaws, absolutely, we do. It's just that intersexual dynamics are never fair and just as women could freely use their inherent advantages to get the best out of the intersexual dynamics, so should we. Nobody here says men don't have inherent flaws, nobody here says that there aren't many bad traits or amoral that most men share. It's just that it's irrelevant - we need to win and if something works for us, be it amoral or not, we gonna use it cause you can be damn sure that a woman would use all she has in her arsenal to get the best deal she could possibly get. Then again, there are men and men and there are women and women. There are many typical traits but there are also many individual traits, humans are both the same and different depending on how you look at it.

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You are all over the place with this reasoning, in fact I highly suspect you are either a woman or a 14 year old boy. Many people have already provided good answers so I dont repeat them here. I know asktrp tend to attract certain set of , let's say, no socially aware guys, but it is funny how every day there is a new post asking if a concept which was created to exemplify sexual dimorphism can be applied fruitfully to other gender.

So to save time, my dear spergs. there is NO:

  • Alpha Females -Alpha Bucks from Females -Rationalization Hamster for guys. -Hypergamy for guys (as a useful concept) -AFBB for guys (as coming from girls) -etc etc

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Well, with 90% of the 50 upvotes id say that this misunderstanding isn't just limited to me.

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Of course, you are proving my point, not refuting it

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I play in a coed sports league, one girl I’ve know for 5+ years (and honestly consider a good friend) will just punctuate conversations with “Men are trash” to which I counter with “Ya, and AWALT”.

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No, there's no AWALT for men. There is sexual strategy, with a same end-goal, but completely different means. Redpill tries to identify which means are more effective than the feminist-approved shit test, but men are very easily able to rationalize things to themselves that they don't need to do what redpill says. Women don't have different sexual strategies, this is visible by how they are all going for the top 10% until they hit the wall. It's all conditioning, now there are some women who have a different sexual strategy because they are still conditioned into the "old way" of doing things from their overprotective father, but by and large, women are free to follow their hard-wired objectives without a need to adjust their sexual strategy.