How do you treat women like children? (self.asktrp)

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I hear this all the time but what's the gist of it? I'm hardly ever around children, can someone go into a little detail with this analogy?

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Take charge, don't take anything they say seriously, do the things that you want and bring them along for the ride.

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That's a pretty good summary. Also:

  • Don't try to convince her with a logical argument.
  • Don't get angry at her for acting childish
  • Don't be surprised if she easily gets distracted. Use that to your advantage.
  • Don't make her in charge of your finances, or anything that requires serious adult thinking and decision-making.
  • Just get her to have fun. Make her giggle.
  • Tease her. Tickle her. Play with her. Tell her hey let's go on a magical adventure!
  • Overact like you're really impressed by her achievements. Pin her drawing on the fridge.
  • If she's creating any drama, don't get involved. Just roll your eyes, give her back to her parents and get out of here. Not your circus.

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And don't make her responsible for anything - she'll crash your car and blame you for lending it to her.

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I’d blame myself for lending it to her too. Only time she drives my car is when I’m drunk

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haha right

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and she won't stop trying to make you think it's your fault as long as her mind is on it. but if you accept fault she will resent you for letting her do so.

Be calm, be strong, it will pass.

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😆 Yes! I love having her drawings on my fridge

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You missed an important one, have clear boundaries and enforce them when she passes them. Kids and women do well with good boundaries.

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do you explicitly establish these at some specific time in the relationship? (i.e. "i have a few things id like to address by the way"). or do you do that whenever a topic comes up where itd be appropriate to do so (i.e. while she expresses how she'd NEVER do anal or what have you, you follow up with "oh, speaking of boundaries, blah blah")?

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It's situational.

Some boundaries are hard, unwritten and assumed. Fidelity for an LTR, for example.

Some you approach as they arise.

I could see some boundaries being discussed ahead of time with an LTR, but framed as a value discussion. "Oh I want kids." or "I expect to move a lot for my career"

She may even force the discussion about them, "What are we? I want a committed relationship"

You may have to force the situation, say in an cohabitation she's not holding her end of cleaning, "Hey, I'm not here to clean up after you. Fix your shit or it's time to move out."

A boundary is simple. What's your go/no go point, and what are the consequences of passing that? The real key is that you are a man of action. If you set a boundary be prepared to enforce it however you see fit.

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Wow this man know some skills

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Great summary. A question about point number 7, if we act really impressed or overreact, won't we look less too nice/ unworthy of respect? I've never seen men praise women on their achievements like this.

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No you don't look too nice or unworthy of respect. You aren't being instructed to coddle her feelings and tell her that she is the most special snowflake in the universe. When she actually achieves something you should reward her, just like you give a gold star or allowance to kids who do their chores. This reinforces good behavior through a reward system. You don't tell her she is hot and the most beautiful woman in the universe. You instead reward her for actually doing shit. This helps her with her need for self validation of her looks and vagina. This helps her become an actual person in the long run and that her self worth is because of her skills and talents. This is also what you do if you intend to keep her LTR. You don't compliment her looks or coddle her feelings. You pin her drawing on the fridge, or take her out to eat for that new promotion she got at work.

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Alright this makes more sense, thank you for clarifying.

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No problem Jasper! you gotta be careful in here. Some of TRP is straight Autist Chad mode, which can be effective, but there are more approaches to avoid blue pill life. Like what are your goals? Plenty of Red Pilled men have marriages. It's the truly Red Pilled that don't get divorced and if a divorce happens it was on their terms. Most marriages that end with it being on the woman's terms was because the husband was a blue pilled beta bitch. You gotta keep frame no matter what and be good with your responses, if any, to her constant shit tests for the rest of your life, if you intend to commit to oneitis... not recommended, but it's not out of question and I wouldn't judge someone for choosing that. An endless sea of revolving pussy sounds like a great option as well, even better.

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It does sound nice to have an endless supply of new women to choose from, but I'm more drawn to finding a woman I really like and sticking with her. I believe in Marriage and try to look at the bigger picture. Marriage is a representation of something beautiful while casual sex hurts a man's self value and the value he places on others. Even though most women probably deserve to get pumped and dumped these days, they're just as confused as us men are about how things should work. Men think they have to be macho/abusive and run through as many women as they can. Women think they have to be whoring around, cunning, and accepting of the abuse to be normal. Everything's outta whack and I tend to set things straight In my life.

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You ply them with candy and fuck them in your van.

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Oh my god... 😂

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As RDJ teaches you ''smile,nod,agree and keep doing whatever you were doing anyway''.
She tells you ''Omg, you're always so distant/you don't love me anymore/you never help me with anything'' you look at her,nod,agree and reply with ''Yeah,I agree,we should definitely do something about it '' and go back to that new cool push up progression routine you were reading about online.

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What are you, decaf TRP?

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what do you mean ?

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Sorry, poorly executed joke. Your advice is good.

Just breakin' balls.

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Np bro, I enjoy some good trolling from time to time too

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Then I'm your Huckleberry!


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You guys should really think about meeting up.

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I’m your huckleberry

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Ohhh. You don't get the reference...

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    Memes, mostly. And Hipster 15 yos sharing ''deep-yet-dank'' links on fb. Kidding aside, it's just something he tweeted one day and got retweeted all over the internet.

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    You gotta internalize to not take the brunt of what is said seriously

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    You don’t take them seriously. At all.

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    There was a post the other day called “Don’t DEER, just DARE” or something along those lines. It’s by LiveAFTSOV. It should give you a good start on how to treat women like children.

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    You have your principles and you know your principles (and all associated actions and words) to be right. this is why you never apologize btw (unless you truly truly should for your soul's sake)

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    It's a delicate balance of being a man and remaining in charge of all situations at all times, leading everything they do, and also being childlike yourself by not really caring that much and chasing things which are fun to you (first and foremost).

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    Read on Amused Mastery.

    The core is to not take them seriously and treat them like a bratty little sister, playfully, teasing, fun, light.

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    Instructions unclear, punched bratty sister in the face.

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    Bonus points if you broke her nose.