Newly Unplugged - WTF is the point then? (self.asktrp)

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Fine. I get it: women are hypergamous, and the court system will fuck you when she starts fucking someone new. You'll lose the kids and some of your assets if that's what you've invested.

So then what the fuck is the point of life then? I don't want meaningless sex or N hot plates. I wanted a wife and kids, and I now understand that's not a wise choice, but fuck, I don't want to become nihilistic either. I still need purpose.

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You need a mission. A wife and kids is not a mans mission. Woman are accessories that are meant to improve our lives they are not meant to be the focus.

Men build go build something!

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Okay, fair enough, women are accessories, not an end to itself.

What is your mission? What are you building?

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Everybody talks about mission here but no one really has one. That's why no one will ever answer that question.

Lift, make money... wow great, great missions.

Lots of motivational BS from FB.

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Everybody talks about mission here but no one really has one. That's why no one will ever answer that question

I'll answer your question. I have two missions.

First mission is music. I have a career in an office, that pays the bills. But I compose and record albums as my hobby and passion. I'll be listening to my recordings on my deathbed with a huge smile on my face.

Second mission is propagating my ideology. I work to spread my way of thinking, online and in person. I've done volunteering for political campaigns, and brought legal challenges forward to advance my ideology. I've had some success so far, getting a politician I support elected, getting more than one ideological enemy fired, and converting some friends and family to my way of thinking.

(Note my second mission violates the Rules for Power #3 and #38, but it's important to me so I disregard those.)

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Mission is improving your self mentally, physically and spiritually. Read philosophy, study and meditate. Work on your will power and sense of self. Personally I think the ultimate development of the human being is enlightenment- Buddhist concept. So embrace everything on the path towards that, be it wife/children, your work and your suffering/successes.

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Can you suggest any books that changed or altered your mindset? I want to start reading a book a week.

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u/Sunny_07 Try something by Ryuho Okawa or Rudolf Steiner. Both are very helpful in guiding a deeper inner purpose.

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Will look into these! Thanks a bunch.

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The Rational Male

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I'll do you one better, I have a mission that sounds like motivational bs from fb.

My mission is to sharpen my edge so that when I make my mark on the world it leaves a scar.

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I love it, thanks for sharing!

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NO ONE has a mission, they are ALL just BSing!! You know what you should do u/Bruchibre ? Just ignore everything on this sub, get married, try to have as many kids as possible, and make sure you work hard at you rjob and try to keep in untill you die!

Don't worry about lifting, or eating right, all that is "BS from FB!" Im glad you FINALLY saw the light!

No one has a mission, we just want you to give you hope in your meaningless life! You shoud get married ASAP, don't talk to or game women anymore.

Of course,

I'm being sarcastic you dipshit. "No one will answer that question" because that question it itself is the problem. We told you what to do, and instead of shutting the fuck up and...doing it, you try to challenge the person giving you the advice. I'm sorry, but it is NO ONES job to try to convince you of shit. The information is here Take it or leave it.

"The Question" is more of an answer. When you ask that question, it's obvious that you really aren't ready to learn. If you were, you'd get started on figuring that shit out, no one can hold you hand through all that shit, nor would you want them too. You and u/untitled56 are either too lazy to REALLY make the change, or just afraid to take cotnrol of your own damn life. This is an indication that you DON'T LIFT. If you were lifting, you wouldn't be afraid and you wouldn't be askign probing slap in the face questions like that when getting advice.

It's obvious that both of you have never had much interaction with a master of...anything, becuase that question would have gotten you thrown out of their face. No one has time for ingrates, which is what both of you are being.

So MY advice to you, since you don't want to do the work or are too afraid to, is this: Make a profile on E-Harmony, look for 33-35 year olds, date, marry, then have a few kids with any woman there. That's it, as that's all you deserve right now. Just. Give. Up.

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Boom, I triggered a wanker.

That's exactly what I say, you claim you are on a "mission" like God's gift to Earth and your mission is... lifting. OK fair enough, becoming a better man is a perfectly relevant goal in life. But still... you sound like the guys who post motivational quotes on FB with pictures of lifting in the background.

I've read dozens of comments with people talking about "mission", even some posts asking about it, no one give a more precise answer than the one you are giving one. "Find your own mission". Actually some other people tried seriously to answer the question right here and it's quite enjoyable, everybody coming with their own vision. Not giving shit answers like yours.

Don't worry I'm perfectly happy with my 40yo wife whom I met on Tinder and my two stepchildren she got form her first wedding, I love them like if they were mine. That was sarcasm, dipshit.

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Right. It seems like a shallow existence. And he wrote a long ass reply criticizing us because he needs the validation. I'm new to red pill, and even I can see through that.

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What are you trying to get out of lifting?

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Better shape, more success with women, artificial sense of mission.

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Your mission should be a creative outlet. Create something that doesnt exist, and doesnt need to, but because you can.

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Don't listen to some people here. You can definitely have wife kids and still follow your dreams and mission. Most people here are all guys who have been burned and are pissed.

That doesn't mean you are correct either. Your mission shouldn't be your wife and kids either. They should be part of your life. Makes sense? Find hobbies passions etc that you can dedicate time into to. Life is about trying to experience everything you can imagine.

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Let me explain my mission as an example. My mission is to be a high value man with as much freedom as possible. Basically I have this vision of myself in the future, and I build towards it.

This mission motivates me to get good at all areas that I want my future self to have. Making money, having a healthy and fit body, being succesfull with women, having fulfilling and challenging hobbies are all part of my mission.

Being a high value man with good social skills, a high net worth and a lot of women gives you the freedom to do whatever the fuck you want to do. Then if you want to, you can also have kids without having to commit to a woman (look at Cristiano Ronaldo) and you've basically beaten the system.

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The question of your mission is one you own yourself.

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What the fuck are you saying

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I think raising children and passing on your genes is a fine mission. In which case, women really are accessories to it.

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You don't have a guarantee of raising your children if she decides to take them away, and you're left with child support payments.

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You're an accessory too, because you're not the one playing the game.

Your kids are only half you. Your grand kids one quarter. Your great grand kids one eighth. After a long-enough time scale, your "genetic contribution" becomes meaningless.

You're just a chess piece in evolution's game.

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And yet here we are, attempting to break and cheat the game in our favor, often times at the expense of evolution's eventual singularity.

There is more than one game at play, a game that not even most of us on trp are privy to, that is far larger and all-encompassing than even evolution itself.

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    I cannot necessarily agree nor disagree with /u/HumanSockPuppet's assessment.

    What I can say is that when we talk about "the matrix" we often think of the binary place displayed within the movie, because this was the example that was the most accessible, simple, and digestible to the beta, Hollywood-raised worker drones that "they" were attempting to unplug.

    If I had to posit, I would say that some reverse-style of inception would be a more accurate illustration of our current condition.

    Their aren't simply two worlds-

    There are multiple levels of perception.

    And they're layered upon each other.

    "We must go deeper."

    We must go higher.

    Our perceptions can be manipulated, and our perceptions can literally interpret alternative realities that are essentially every bit as real as the world we deal with today.

    Before there was the internet and TheRedPill.

    There was another form of internet.

    The subconscious internet, the internet we cannot see, but it invariably connects all life in one way or another.

    I'm not interested in going off on a tangent and inadvertently prove to everyone how crazy I am. Rule zero and all that jazz.

    But I will say this- it was no accident that men such as us have congregated together on this forum, and speak an unspoken language that we can all understand, and that language seems to exceed the grasp of evolution.

    Randomness as an explanation is our way to hamster away the fact that we still cannot perceive all the events that go into a certain event manifest.

    Evolution is simply the "fail safe." If you don't figure out why you're here, then you will at least give the next batch of souls a crack at it- and maybe they'll be better at figuring out why we're here than you were.

    Break the cycle of your ancestors.

    Rise above it.

    Focus on science.

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      The question of your mission is one you own yourself

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      own your mission.

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      Endearing. Have an upvote

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      upvotes all around!

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      Everyone is different. For me in not 100% sure what career I want to have or what exactly I want to do. I'm 21 years old so planning out my entire life isn't something that's on my mind.

      I know the industry I want to go into and am working on getting my degree and learning different aspects of that field.

      My main goal is to be a little better today than I was yesterday. Whether that is accomplishing goals, learning skills, growing my body through lifting, or mind mind through learning.

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      The only real mission is to spread your genes on, every organism on the planet has the same goal. In Cupcakeville, aka present day Western society, you are free to chase whatever illusion of happiness you desire but they're all dead ends. People here talk a big game about 'mindfulness' 'meditation' and 'finding your purpose' but truly all of it can be done in a weekend or two and then you're just another loudmouth on Reddit. At the end of the day it's all about you and what really makes you happy. If you have a bad habit or two look beyond it, but don't feel guilty if it truly makes you happy. The people I feel the worst about are those trying to impress other and be a 'high status male' - whatever the fuck that means. If you're interesting, maintain a healthy lifestyle, have your own life experiences and opinions you will get laid regularly and if you get laid regularly, you lose interest in that too. Yes, I'm fun at parties.

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      This comment should be added to that post from the other day called “Red Pill gems”

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      You need a mission. A wife and kids is not a mans mission. Woman are accessories that are meant to improve our lives they are not meant to be the focus.

      Men build go build something!

      Biologically this could not be further from truth. I do not know your stance on religion but if assume what we know to be the truth and what we do not know for certain to be false, then biological existence in itself does not have any purpose or meaning without reproduction and continuation of the species. So OP's desire to have family is a natural, normal and quite healthy.

      So talking about getting a mission is mental masturbation and male equivalent of hamster "Oh you don't need women or family because you are so much more than that and it is this elusive mission that will make you happy!". That is hamster.

      Now OP whoever tells you that having family is not a mission is bulletining you or are just butthurt faggots. It is perfectly fine to want to have a family and children, you just need to be smart about it and know what you are getting yourself into.

      When people speak of mission what they mean in reality is you need to have a passion that will make you want to get up every day in the morning to accomplish something related to that passion, but in the evening it is fine to want to have someone to come back home to.

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      Disagree, having a family and raising kids and generally being a great dad is as good a mission as everything else. @op: TRP will give you tools and options to achieve what you want.

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      What if your mission is to be a strong husband and father? Are those guys useless?

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      All of your accomplishments are meaningless unless you have children to carry on your genes. I would rather be a homeless bum with a kid than a childless and infertile CEO.

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      The only way to have your cake is to not eat it.

      You can't play to win if you don't even know the rules of the game.

      TheRedpill is about showing you the rules of the game, and helps you develop the tools you need to win.

      You should be grateful- you could've lived your whole life as a useful idiot, a slave and a prisoner in a cage you couldn't even see before. After the best years of your life were extracted from you, whether voluntarily or by force if necessary, you'd be discarded and die alone, full of regrets and unfulfilled dreams.

      At least now, you have a fighting chance.

      Ingesting TheRedpill isn't the death of your dreams.

      Those dreams were implanted within in through careful layers of propoganda to make you into a productive tool.

      Now you get to actually have real dreams.

      Dreams that you can actually own as your own.

      Not carrots on a stick that were tied in front of you your whole life.

      Build a life worth living.

      Be free.

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      Be free.

      This was about half possible in the 50's. Today they don't even give you jobs with a diploma, #meetoo and femcunts using social media to spread false propaganda ensures humans no longer touch one another and that women take most of the jobs, the one world government is keeping everyone in chains with debt and tax, there is no way to get off the grid, we are all cogs in the machine working for our governments and the banks.

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      So then what the fuck is the point of life then?

      Women were NEVER the point of life. The are, at their best, a pleasant accompaniment to a well-lived life, never the purpose of life.

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      Nietzsche would say that you get to decide the purpose. Jung would say that you have biologically driven purpose. Your purpose just isn't the lie that you were fed from the time that you were born.

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      Plenty of people want a significant other and kids. RP teaches to live in an abundance mentality to not catch Oneitis and live your life how you wanna live it. Date girls.. a lot and and eventually you’ll find someone who is LTR material. You’re about to go through the first initial phases of RP, you’ll get over it.

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      What should I read to develop an abundance mentality?

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      The wrinkled lines of women's labias.

      To really actualize an abundance mentality as your default point of origin in life decisions, you need real abundance.

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      That #edge

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      Read a begginer's lifting routine, The read the contract to the gym in which you will be lifting weights at.

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      I’ll disagree with everyone so far and RP in general that you can have your family be your mission (though I do think you should have another purpose as well). Everyone here’s talking about like women should be accessories, but obviously bringing in a family changes things.

      I think the most important thing if you want a family is to vet a woman most seriously. Wait a while to settle down and do it with a much younger woman. We may want to be married at 24 and then start having kids like our grandparents but that just doesn’t happen anymore. Even people I see getting married young - the woman is usually just as ambitious as the guy and that’s a recipe for disaster. So vet carefully.

      The other thing is when you do get married, keep your frame. Abundance mentality doesn’t mean you’re fucking other women or even acting like you could because I honestly think that’d be a shitty thing to do to your wife (unless it’s part of dread game and she’s not fucking you). Be a high status man that holds frame. When you look back at our grandparents or past that, they were of a higher status than their wife and had to hold frame. They were the Kings of the house. Sure, the culture helped them a lot in establishing status and frame, but it was still there. Betas still existed back then. Granted, we have to push back against an entrenched culture, but that mindset you’re looking for is a 50s mindset.

      RP doesn’t have to be spinning plates and easy sex. It’s a way of being. Not in some philosophical sense, but just the way you carry yourself.

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      For me - family is the point. And by family I mean the kids, not the wife.

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      Do you plan on adopting?

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      If for some reason I cant make kids, yes.

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      You need to radically try new things and intimately discover who you are as a person. Then, find something that aligns with your predisposed pleasures (not drugs, but being an entrepreneur because you are confident and an extrovert, for example) and go be the best at it. Go down the rabbit hole, because you’re predisposed to enjoy the work and can’t help it, and create value to society. Pure purpose. Women are support, never the root purpose.

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      That's up to you. Do what you want to do.

      Learn? Sure

      Indulge? Go for it

      Help others? Why not

      The list goes on. The key is that you aren't bound to another's expectations, but are seeking your own dream.

      If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.

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      Learn shit. Create shit. Build a house. Rebuild a motorbike. Get drunk. Get high. Go diving in Alaska. Become the best at something. Destroy an enemy with your wit. Destroy an enemy with your hands. Sign a billion dollar contract. Go to the world series. Lift 600 lb off the ground. Drive 200 mph then hit the brakes. Bet your rent at the casino.

      There's lotsa shit to do that doesn't involve vag.

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      Half of that is a delusional fantasy, the other half will either get you killed or put in jail.

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      Welcome to the redpill

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      Ok, How about this?

      Don't Lean shit, Don't Create Shit, Sit on your ass doing nothing for as much as you can eating Tubs of Ice cream because "Life's so Meaningless Boo Hoo." Don't learn how to talk to people, Don't learn a martial art, enter an mma fight ring or join the military, Don't sign a billion dollar contract because you will never amount to anything, Don't go to the world series because you will never afforded or never be good enough to play in it. Dont lift as you will never lift 600lbs of anythign anywhere. And most importantly. . .

      Don't stop being a semantic cunt, Stopping that attitude will only get you friends and pussy once in a while. We ALL know you don't want, need or deserve THAT.

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      You can still have kids without being married by the way. Women are not the focus in life as other people have rightfully mentioned. If you're as a man is solely focused on women, you're gonna live a pretty boring life.

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      Build a company, help people in need, explore space. It’s your decision. Self actualize.

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      So then what the fuck is the point of life then?

      To go on and succeed although the society you live hates and punished basic human behavior.

      Since you just unplugged it is forgivable that you don't see how you can have that. Keep on reading, learn and understand and you'll find out how it can work.

      [–]eonikman 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      I was having a hard time when unplugging as well. Here's a comment i made earlier with advice that helped me deal with it, may help you too.

      Good stuff. Some of it may give off a nihilistic vibe which may not help those who are in the stages of being recently unplugged.

      Here's a message for those who recently unplugged and may be having a hard time going through the phases. If anyone here is feeling down taking in all the info and realizing it, it may help to focus less on the reasoning and "way things just are" and focus more on applicable strategies rather than the logic and philosophy behind it. Don't focus on why things are and don't think about the fact that they are that way. I was finally able to overcome the unplugging stages after applying stuff from the trpgame sub. Browse top of all time.

      Seeing progress from applying strategies put simply like in that sub helped me get going after realizing TRP.

      Basically, make sure you apply what you learn. That sub is great for seeing a lot of condensed info.

      It will feel much easier accepting it when you start navigating success from action.

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      You do not want wife and kids. That's what society tells you to want. Also government, school, parents. You don't know what you want and have no idea. Your purpose should never be your wife or kids. Otherwise you become mindless drone.

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      Op Wants to be a mindless drone though, hes oen of those guys that has to experience something before he believes it, rather than use common fucking sense.

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      If you make her (wife) your purpose or mission then you are putting her on a pedestal, and she WILL leave you for this due to her innate hypergamy. She wants to admire you, she wants to swoon over you and for you to lead her, but she can't do this if all you do is admire her. She is hardwired to seek the best man, the moment you stop being the best version of yourself is the moment she looks for a better man - and she will destroy her life and yours in the process to branch swing.

      Think about it: the moment she realizes that she is better than you is the moment her love turns to disgust, and she will be willing to do anything (divorce, shame, etc) just to be with an alpha, even if it's just for one night in a motel.

      Marriage is RP on hard mode, you can never quit, never stop because hypergamy never sleeps, it's relentless.

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      Wife and kids are still a choice, its your choice to get raped in the arse when it comes to child support though.

      Your purpose on earth is probably to procreate and I think redpill kinda ignores that, you're not going to be happy unless you meet a stage of acceptance, anger is very easy to let you consume you but redpill isn't your life, it's a tool kit to understand what the fuck is going on

      [–]FlyingSexistPig 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      Why do you want a wife and kids?

      This isn't a trite question. It's an important philosophical question.

      Is it your immortality project? To have kids is to influence the world after you are gone? You can still have kids without being married. Common Law marriage doesn't exist in most states any more.

      Marriage is a contract. It's a contract whereby you exchange a lifelong commitment to support another person in exchange for their fidelity to you. But here's the rub: She doesn't have to remain faithful to you. In fact, she can cheat on you, and then go to our corrupt court system. The courts will award her half of everything you own (and sometimes half of everything you will earn in your lifetime, including any 401k or pension benefits), while she takes your children from you.

      You might think that half your stuff is worth a lifetime of companionship, but I think you would agree that's it's not worth a lifetime of supporting another person who you hate (and who hates you back).

      You can have a surrogate mom with donated eggs. It's expensive up front, but you can have genetic kids that way. For many of the more wealthy, it's cheaper in the long term to do it this way than it is to put up with a wife.

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      You were told you exist only to serve women and nothing. You were told your whole life your own life has no meaning and that you were expendable. Your mom told you this. Your sister told you this. Your teachers (97% female) told you this.

      It is time you started finding meaning in your own life. Build up yourself first, and ignore your programmed urge to help women. Because the irony is you can't help women if you can't help yourself.

      So focus on you. Do you first. Find hobbies, spend money on yourself. Find what you like, and get job that can fund these likes. Once you do this, you build up yourself, and as a result build up confidence and drive and all that shit that women look for. Then women will come to you.

      [–]zboo1h 2 points3 points  (1 child)

      There isn't one, we all die eventually and life is pain and so on.

      Meaning is what you need to find. That's not something anyone can shove you towards or hand to you. My meaning comes primarily from my career and friends/family - I find meaning in building my status and money and skills and doing special things for my friends and family that matter to me.

      A lack of meaning is as close to hell as a person of value can get. You just drift along, bobbing on waves of chaos and pleasure seeking, occasionally get your dick sucked and do drugs, play some video games and so on. Just kill time, the only time you've got, because why not?

      You need meaning.

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      Yeah, I think you're right. I need meaning rather than purpose.

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      Women shouldn’t be your purpose anyway. You must find your purpose outside of material things and women should just be a complement to your great life. You can still have wife and kids, but at least now you will know what you are getting yourself into and can act accordingly.

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      Just do your own thing, when you get horn go to the brother / hire an escort - they are likely hotter than most girls, fuck her, pay her - get on with your day.

      What's so complicated about that?

      [–]untitled56[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      Fuck that.

      [–]room_303 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      Great conversion.

      [–]BusterVadge 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      The meaning of life is defined internally, not by external circumstances (wife, kids, money, etc...). Once you understand that concept the Red Pill will really resonate with you.

      [–]RaughKee 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      Enjoy your life, woman are a great compliment to that. Use the Red Pill to understand their motivations and behaviors. Structure your life accordingly. BTW having children and raising them well is a very noble goal, you just have to know with no illusions the risks you are taking in the current environment and how to mitigate some of those risks.

      [–]TheStumblingWolf 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      That's up to you to figure out. For some it's a hobby, for some it's a business idea etc.

      [–]RedHoodhandles 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      Your purpose? Lol. Fuck your purpose and anybodys purpose. I'd rather as myself 'What lifestyle do I want?' and work from there.

      [–]dulkemaru51 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Whatever you want.

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      You know how the game works. Ofcourse you can have a family. Just dont get married, because it will not work in your favor. You can have kids. Just choose your partner wisely. Be of such high SMV and keep your life at #1, use dread and your woman will most likely never fuck you over at all.

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      When i became unplugged i decided to use all this grim newfound knowledge to my advantage, instead of dwelling on how grim it was. Simply, just better yourself to use hypergamy to your advantage, and when you get older (35-40ish) have a kid. Gotta further the bloodline somehow.

      [–]SkippyBoyTx 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      People have been asking this question for thousands of years. Read Eccesiastes chapter 2. Not pushing religion, but there are some nuggets of advice buried in the Bible. Personally I believe in science, but it helps ease my mind to realize that I'm not the first or only person that struggles with this.

      [–]Plazma_doge 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Optimistic nihilism is my favorite way to look at life.


      [–]wriley 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Do what makes you happy. I am happy being married with kids. I have a great wife and a great life and I’m not going to let someone online what makes me happy. I couldn’t imagine going through life without a Family.

      [–]mrHappyPotatoe 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Red pill doesnt give you lifes mission nor anyone for that matter. Red pill only shows how sexes fight.

      [–]thebadmanpuntdbaxter 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Lol he thinks there’s a magic answer

      [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      You raise a very good point, one I've raised in my own mind. Do you know why a lot of women live fulfilling lives? It's because they have created kids and they can see their little creations running around at all times as a reminder of what they have created. Men tend to amass things instead of create. We amass money, or guns or collections of things... or knowledge of sports or stocks. But I rarely meet men who 'create' things.

      I am a legitimate idiot. I am too dumb to learn how to even measure a block so I can cut it properly and nail it together. I am terrible at learning even a guitar, which morons learn every day. It doesn't matter. I am starting to force myself to learn how to build. It's painful. I am that dumb. But women respect men who create. Men who can teach. Men who can foster things into the community. That is why they are attracted to men in uniform. It is a sign of someone with a purpose. An official. One who keeps the gears of society running.

      You have to create these purposes. And the women will come. Of course you want the women, but you have to learn to create for your own sake. To stay sane. Because everything you said is true. It's a fucked up system for men. It takes huge amounts of work and courage to overcome it. But that's what makes us men. We can't just skate by through life because we have tits.

      [–]RedPilledRoaster 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      there is no point. Just make your life as fun as possible

      [–]JustChopItOff 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Welcome to life

      [–]Abeham10 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

      Sidebar. Or google Abundance mentality red pill. It’s about gaming women my guy.

      [–]sampson158 -1 points0 points  (1 child)

      I wanted a wife and kids, and I now understand that's not a wise choice, but fuck, I don't want to become nihilistic either.

      Become Mormon.

      Caveat: I am not mormon, nor do I believe in their dogma, but as I understand it they are one of the last bastions of traditional family values left in the US (that you can find women who believe in that too, anyway)

      [–]untitled56[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      That's not a bad idea, but no. Well, maybe...

      [–]2comment -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

      So then what the fuck is the point of life then?

      There is none.